Which Crystal is the Most Powerful?

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most powerful crystal

 Today, I want to address a question that I get often, which is,

“Which crystals are the most powerful to work with?”

It’s a question, at first… I used to kind of say,

“Well, that all depends,”

but now I’ve actually come across some info, done some research + some work on my own… and I’ve changed my answer:

Yes, I have some crystals, or A CRYSTAL, that I do feel is the MOST powerful.

Rather recently, I did a couple of blog posts on some scientific properties of crystals… and they were pretty popular posts. It seemed that people were really interested in finding out more about these properties, and those specific properties are:

All 3 of these are properties that have to do with electricity or voltage in some form or another and I found that certain crystals have two or more of these properties. I also noted that seemed to correspond to how powerful I’ve seen these crystals to be in people’s lives as catalysts for information.

Let’s just do a quick re-cap. I’m not going to dive deep into these things because you can jump over here and over to this blog post where I really detail it out for you.


Piezoelectricity refers to a crystal’s ability to produce voltage when pressurized.

Certain crystals will actually produce a voltage when their crystal lattice is under pressure of any sort and that’s why we can use them in different ways in technology.

Some crystals that are known to do this are quartz, topaz + any type of tourmaline.

When I say “quartz”, I mean all types of quartz—not just clear quartz; so that includes amethyst, agate, citrine, rose quartz, Auralite 23, what have you.

most powerful crystal


“Pyro” means fire, so it has to do with temperature. Specifically, it’s the ability of a crystal to produce voltage when heated or cooled. And quartz, again, has the ability to do this, as does tourmaline…. any kind of tourmaline. Even, indicolite, which is a teal blue or blue tourmaline—really beautiful.

(This piece shown below is a closeup of the indicolite I feature in my above video.)

most powerful crystal

There are other crystals that qualify, but there are reasons why I’m bringing those specific crystals up. 😉 We’ll get to that in a sec.


I demonstrated triboluminescence in a video in this blog post a little while back, which is the property of the crystal to actually be able to produce light when it’s struck.

And it doesn’t just produce light on the outside, like friction blowing out a spark, but internally, as well as externally; it produces this flash of light! So it’s not simply explained away as friction.

It’s actually a property that’s not well understood by science. They’re actually not yet able to fully explain why or how it’s happening.

Crystals that are able to express triboluminescence are: quartz, diamond, and fluorite.

most powerful crystal

So, Which Crystal is the Most Powerful Crystal?

The word “powerful” is a very subjective & relative term. Isn’t it?

But I think I “get” what people mean when they ask me that… and you probably do too.

I do feel that crystals that have the properties that I’ve discussed here are more powerful than crystals that don’t. And that just simply comes from my experience working with them, research that I’ve done and the experience of my 1000’s of students & graduates of my Certified Crystal Healer Course who’ve used them in their practices with clients. I’ve noted that many experience profound transformation in working with these crystals and… bonus they’re all crystals that are relatively easy to find.

If you’ll notice, quartz possesses all three of these properties I mentioned here:

  • piezoelectricity
  • pyroelectricity
  • triboluminescence.

It has other properties as well. In addition, it’s a silicate mineral, which happen to be the most abundant minerals on the Earth’s crust. (More than 90% of our planet’s crust is composed of silicate minerals.)

I feel like that’s no coincidence… that quartz, in all its many forms—rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, green aventurine, clear quartz— is so accessible to us; both plentiful & relatively low-cost.

most powerful crystal

All the jaspers all the agates—these are all quartz-based minerals that we can work with and probably the one mineral we work with most often, because again, it’s one of the most attractive & most abundantly found on our planet; easily accessible to us.

So, to finally answer the question:

In my opinion, quartz (any kind of quartz), is the “A” number one most powerful crystal, and then 2nd would be tourmaline, and then thirdly I’d place topaz.

I feel crystals that have these special properties are the most powerful ones because this allows the crystals to more easily tap into the body’s voltage and polarity. In my Certified Crystal Healer Course I teach more on the physics behind how/why it works.

Again, “what crystal is most powerful” can be up to personal interpretation… it’s a matter of opinion & experiences and it can be very subjective based on the work that you’ve done and other crystals or minerals that you’ve worked with that you found to be very powerful. Maybe malachite is the most powerful one for you? I’m not saying that your experience is wrong; I’m just giving my opinion on this subject here since I’m so often asked this question and I wanted a place to park my answer to refer people to.

I’d love to open up a discussion about this!  What’s the most powerful crystal for you? Please share in the comments below. I can’t wait to read your response. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. I am interested in crystals, but have NO experience. I’ve only used a quartz for helping me with chackras. Would love to learn more!

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      1. What do you suggest for 6 people (all above 16) for EMF protection? I’d rather wear a bracelet than a necklace but we also each have a cellphone and laptop plus wifi router. So what can I get for 6 people in the house plus 6 personal jewelry? I cannot buy alot for all of us so what would you suggest, especially for us having a smart meter and the 5G that’s coming?

        1. Hello, Carol not sure if you will check back to read this or not as it was 6 months ago. But I would recommend shungite, or an orgonite pendant for 5G/EMF protection.

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  2. Hi Brett, Herkimer Diamonds are definitely Quartz based. They are actually quartz found only in Herkimer New York, hence the name.

  3. My favorite and to me the most strongest crystals I have are my chevron amethyst and my Arkansas Quartz. My Arkansas Quartz is really uniquely formed which is why I think it’s so powerful. It’s like a little cave totally covered in small points, like porcupine needles, with a couple large generators jutting from it. 🙂 the inside is all points and druzy as well. I feel it amplifies whatever I do with it by x number of points. Love it!

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  4. I have found that the clear quartz is most powerful for recharging myself and my clients and I tend to work with them more than others. From the beginning of my interaction with crystals I have been drawn to them. I feel their gentle electricity running through my entire body whenever I am near them. It feels so good.

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  5. Thank you, so appreciate your time and Knowlage that you share with us all !
    I personally choose the high vibrations of Celestilite, moonstone and my most resent treasure is a large stunning Brandenberg I’m so grateful to of found !

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    2. Sandie, have you tried eating the moon stones? If you’re looking for a high vibration this is by far the most intense of them all. When the stone goes through your body and exits out the end it creates this out of body experience that will leave you randomly moon walking throughout the day.

  6. Yea, the term “most powerful” is certainly going to be viewed as a subjective term as Hibiscus said. But in my personal experience, when I think about crystals or stones that I’ve felt were powerful (oreven transformative), I have to say that moldovite (even though it’s a tektite) has had the most profound impact, also selenite and various colored adventurine also have a place here with me. Let me explain why I chose these. I’m going by 2 things, first is the fast and deeply powerful transformation that occurred with my spiritual ascension working with moldovite and second are the powerful energies I felt in my physical body when I would actually handle or hold any of the stones I mentioned – especially moldovite and selenite. This is my interpretation of what I felt were very powerful, life-changing experiences due to these particular crystals/stones. Moldovite gave me or helped me to see abilities I didn’t even know I had! That’s pretty powerful!
    What a great topic!

    1. Selenite tower lamps!! I have 4 of them and they are just beautiful and so very calming. They instantly get me to an alpha state to start mindfullness meditation I have to do everyday for chronic pain. I love them.

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      1. Moldavite I have found to be most powerful for self-transformation. This stone has such a high frequency that it took me months of self-reflection and energy clearing to be able to wear it around my neck. Every person I have gifted this stone to has told me of the most monumental life changes that it has brought about. This one is only for the most dedicated though. I have seen it turn things upside down for those who were not ready to commit to transformation. I am so in love with this stone. I have taken on the karma with my head held high and come out a better version of my self with aid of this stone. So grateful.
        Side note: A faceted stone brings more bang for your buck in terms of its expansion of energy. I love your work BTW. Wish I could afford your classes, but until then I continue my own personal journey and relationship with these glittery marvels.

  7. I’m an old student and agree with you on your choice of “most powerful” crystals. But I’ve found it’s more than that. The crystals of themselves are powerful, and like other carbon (that’s an element that forms crystals…) life forms it forms electrical and magnetic fields and memory. We can form relationships with them through entanglement blah, blah, blah – my hobbies incl. physics, geology, neuroscience….I’m a geek. So I’ve found that it’s not just that they are powerful or that I am powerful but that when we develop relationships with them we can work together and experience together despite having very different perceptions – just like we can with plants and other animals. That being said, one person may find that a citrine cluster is like the best friend they’ve been searching for or that fluorine does great things for them etc. Our ancestors knew the how of it and now that our science and tech. are better we know the why and more of the how too. My favorite pocket pals are a herkimer diamond, a piece of striated agate with a transparent crystal inclusion, a piece of tourmilated quartz and a tektite. Last but not least is a 25 lb. mint green single crystal (rhombus) of calcite.

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    2. This is a very old thread but he is dead on. If we research what our bloodline used or what our lessons here are, or what we are here to teach, we’re can choose accordingly. I cannot connect with any crystal, just by acknowledging its beauty and believing in it’s power and believing it’s creating things for me and absorbing my negative energy. Or is that my mind using these crystals for those reasons? My prayers to my spirit guides and angels are real. They came to me in crisis before using crystal therapy. So is it a tool that I use to believe I put my energy into therefore it’s out of me? Our minds are so powerful.

  8. Agreed on all the above and Hibiscus’ choices. I find for me personally Smoky Quartz to be the most powerful. I think that each person vibrates at a unique frequency/has their own energy signature, which corresponds with a certain crystal. Mine happens to be Smoky Quartz. I feel a fizzy buzz through my body when holding/working with it, that I don’t feel as strongly with other crystals, except maybe moonstone.

  9. I love all quartz. They feel amazing. Thank you for the science in the blog. I can’t wait to learn more in your class in Sept!

  10. I totally agree with you on this one, Hibiscus, quartz is my number one favorite because it is simply so powerful and tourmaline is a close second. I LOVE hearing the science behind the vibes! Thank you <3

    1. Two billion years old, I have found Shungite to be my “miracle” stone and the most grounding stone ever. I have troubles with my root chakra and am always looking for grounding stones and protecting stones. I feel like a little tiny piece goes a long way with me. Today I just bought a Shungite wand, I’m curious what that will do.

      That being said, I’ve recently become more interested in quartz and feel that I have underappreciated it and seem to be gravitating toward quartz more when I enter a rock shop now. So it was interesting to hear her discussion on the different properties of quartz I was unaware.

  11. Hi thanks to all for sharing. I had fun reading about it. I’m alway wear my necklace that I use for support of clear mind and spirit and support me in my addiction. Better then pills. Lol. But the ones that I love are Danburite, Labrodite, Apophylite, Tourmaline, Moldavite, Herkimer diamonds, with support of pearls.

  12. As much as I agree, and frequently use the quartzes, I recently discovered a stone that gives me an “oh wow” feeling when I hold it: prehnite. (Someday I can afford some moldavite bigger than an inch long. When that happens, I’ll invest.) I just relate really well to prehnite for some reason (as well as fluorite) and have been hanging on to a black obsidian Goddess-figure pendant for a while. I finally got some prehnite beads to give her a proper setting.

    Nobody’s mentioned labradorite yet! That surprises me. It takes some work to find the one with the most pleasing flash, but it has a lot of press about being magickal.

    1. I like this post Gwyn. There is some good food for thought here. I am not one of HM ‘s sparkly full- time fans yet, but I am tiptoeing into the subject and like what she has put together for her “peeps.”
      I had never heard of prehnite and learned a lot, lot, lot when I went to check it out. When cut into a gem stone it can resemble a kind of lovely milky emerald It has a novel crystal form and comes in other colors. It started me thinking about the yin and yang energies associated with crystals. It seemed as if it should be very yin, or feminine. Although one should not always judge by “appearances.”
      I hope you are successful in your acquisition of some moldavite. I trust that you have researched it and found out that it may just “take off on its own” sometimes and leaving its “owner” wondering where it has gone. I’ve also seen some testimony that there is definitely some sort of “vrroom” effect associated with it in terms of self-development challenges that it is important to be prepared for or it will stretch you in ways that might make you feel uncomfortable.
      I’ve been reading a book (off and on) by Nicholas Pearson on Crystal Architypes. I heard him talk in an interview about his book and thought he handled himself very well. It was a first book though he has been “romancing the stones” since the tender age of six. He is very fond of black obsidian and suggests it is very useful in helping with self-development.
      I haven’t checked out labradorite yet. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Quartz in all its various forms and manifestations is my primary choice for healing applications. I find it to be powerfully transformational on its own. Additionally, in my experience, Quartz enhances the healing qualities of most other crystals when used in combination. To me, it is the ultimate healing ally. I agree that its abundance, accessibility and availability on our Earth’s crust are no accident, but simply reminders that all we need is provided for us in our human quest for healthful, connected, and inspired living. Namaste.

  14. it’s funny you should mention pearls. i read the blog and am making my way through the comments, and thought i don’t really have a “go to” stone. (what’s wrong with me? lol). pearls are not crystals or stones because they are formed from an animal, but i have ALWAYS been attractd to pearls. i find them soothing when I wear them. hunh, how about that.

  15. This is an interesting and I think deeply subjective question. I personally have 4 stones that I put at the top of the list for most powerful, and this has more to do with how strongly they affect me and enhance my meditations, as well as influence the more metaphysical aspect of crystals, with regards to psychic energy and such. These crystals in order for me seem to be Moldavite, Cinnabar, Phenacite, and Brookite (specifically the large Brookite clusters from Arkansas, that look like a large metal single crystal, similar to a magnetite or perhaps hematite, but more raw looking). I just got a 32 gram Moldavite at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, and this lovely workhorse of a specimen literally blasts you right out of your body in a relatively short time after holding it. Now I only have a few pieces of Cinnabar, but I’m deeply in love with this stone’s energy, especially the oval shaped cabochons of Dolomite with bright red streaks of Cinnabar running through it. This stone is not only grounding for the root and sacral chakras, but it also activated the third eye simultaneously, creating a very unique combination of psychic attunement while extremely grounded in this physical reality, without the usual spaciness often accompanied by stones of the third eye, which leads to a stronger connection to the field, in turn, greatly amplifying the law of attraction, but more specifically, our ability to manifest the ideas and wishes/goals in our minds into our physical reality and every day life!

  16. Now the Phenacite is a whole other level of high vibration. I have about 16 of these from about 5-6 different localities. I personally prefer the clearer ones, such as those from Brazil, with facets on the face and sides, the small drill bit shaped clear ones from Burma, which are like small lightning rods of pure bliss, and then there are some even more purely powerful types which are more raw power than pure clarity, and those are the more opaque ones from other parts of Brazil and Russia. These often have Mica or Black Tourmaline attached to them. The ones from Colorado and Madagascar seem to be the least vibrationally powerful of all the different types I’ve meditated with. Phenacite is like electrical stimulation for new neural pathways. It creates connections and visions unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It must, in my opinion, be paired at all times with at least 2 other strong grounding stones to avoid the extreme spaciness accompanied by this stone’s intensity. With the proper grounding however, it can take you to new heights of dimensional travel and exploration of sacred geometric corridors of light, which I feel can activate the DNA to be able to receive and hold more spiritual light, and in turn, raise the vibration of our entire light body, and hopefully set us on the path towards true Vibrational Ascension. Finally, comes Brookite clusters from Arkansas. When it comes to pure power and Astral Projections of consciousness, none can compare to this pure intensity. The first time I held one of these, it took 2 days of trying to ground myself to even come close to bringing my consciousness back down to Earth. It literally sky rockets you out of your body while still awake and lucid. I apologize for the incredibly long essays of comments, but this question and subject is near and dear to my heart and I wanted to share my perspective on it. Thanks!


    1. I totally agree with you, Phenacite is the most powerful, it blows the others out of the water. Even Moldivite, which I find almost as powerful. I think that Phenacite is just clearer, it takes you straight to that zen space, clarity etc. It’s a preference thing. I am surprised these were not the top too.

  17. Lemurian Quartz, a respectable size….clear as you can get it……mega energy! Dow point Quartz is also sympatico. Another powerful Quartz formation is called a “shard” or ET, one side of the Quartz has a point, the other side is self healed, almost resembling elestial patterns or put another way, the entire quartz specimen can look like a rocket ship. Cathedral formations work, as well as spheres of clear type Quartz, they are wonderful! (Clear, smoky, citrine, girasol, see through amethyst, see through rose, ect). All black crystal is good, I favor onyx, jet spheres and chunks of tourmaline.

  18. I too have found every kind of quartz to be powerful, along with selenite, both near miraculously so. I’ll have to try some tourmaline and topaz though. Also, you have a great face Hibiscus Moon. Love your smile!

    P.S. After reading this article I started experimenting with applying pressure to my quartz crystals while using them…it made their effects even MORE marked! Thanks for the scientific breakdown, I love understanding things.

  19. Have you ever heard of or held a Super seven crystal? This crystal is seven crystal in one. The seven minerals in super seven crystals are Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Geothite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, and Lepidocrocite. It doesn’t need cleansing or charging. And chevron amethyst is another favorite cause it was the first one I felt energy from it at my third eye. I held regular amethyst and felt nothing, but the moment I held a chevron, my third eye was lit up with energy from it.

    Thank You,

  20. hey, I am looking to find the highest vibrational crystal and that’s how I got here 😁. I have a smokey quartz which the lady who does reiki for me has seen change in my hand. She only showed it to me by the second appointment because I didn’t notice it, the second time I held it it changed again in my hand and now has a rainbow effect with green/purple/gold in it and clouds and flakes. I also had some black tourmaline which again in a very short time changed to green….I lost that little piece and plan on getting a bigger one.

  21. Hello, Hibiscus Moon!

    The heftiest & most powerful piece I currently own is a Smoky Quartz. A stunner inside and out. He’s my main man 😉 Feel like I need to find him an Amethyst heart wifey real soon! My close 2nd is a Selenite tower that I oddly purchased online. She’s fabulous when communicating with my guides & angels!

  22. Hello, my name is Carla Dubuc and a few years back I thought someone had cursed me, because I was have an unnaturally amount of bad luck. My money was disappearing and my car was always broke down unless it was stolen but I never had the money to just go buy a new one, and i got kicked out of my apartment for fraternizing with some people they didn’t associated with the apartments they said they were shady people but they never done anything bad to me some were even close friends, never judge a book by it’s cover, I always say. Anyway this medium had contacted through my e-mail and told me that I should be living the life kings that this wasn’t right and that I’m supposed to be rich, not just barely scraping by well he warned me that the reason I was having the most unnatural bad luck, was because one day while doing my chart she ran across a spirit or demon she says that they are hard to spot, but never the less there he was she said that I had a vengeful spirit attached to me and he had been with me several years and that I needed to get rid of it banish him. She said that if I don’t then there could be more money given to me and I wouldn’t prosper a thing from it because he was draining my finances and giving me depression while he grew stronger for it. Well she offered to send me a talisman to banish him because she knew I was suffering, well that cost money that I didn’t have, so I told I couldn’t. She told me that if that was the case then i should try getting a smokey crystal or something like that to ward him off and make him weaker. She told me she was really afraid for me. So a short story made long, my Question is what is the most powerful crystal to banish him in, and how do i banish him? See I’m on a fixed income with social security and it don’t even add up to $800 a month. I have never been approved for a credit card or a home loan or car loan. So he’s got to go! She says that I’m supposed to be getting a large donation, but that with him still attached to me I will never prosper. I don’t even know how to cleans the crystal. I need help but I have no money. Can you help me,please??

    Carla Dubuc
    my e-mail address is attached

    1. Hi Carla, be carefull about these healers asking for money & promising you wealth most are not real healers. I was having problems same as you ;the advice I was given too (by my yoga teacher) is use this: Black Obsidian -Protects from fixation, sorcery, and ill fortune. Black obsidian matches the frequency of banishment, which is why it’s such a powerful crystal for witches, shamans, and magical workings that involve the breaking of curses, hexes, spirit attachments, returning of energy to its sender.If you feel like you’ve got a black cloud following you around, or if you’re veiled in dark energy, or have the keen sense that someone’s cursing you, it’s best to wear it 24/7 until such time as you resolve the issue. It’s also a powerful healer in that black obsidian helps you become aware of the shadow aspects of yourself that could be contributing to your situation.
      Also Black tourmaline repels lower, harmful frequencies.
      For cleaning simply cover any stone with salt for 24 hours then rinse the stone in water, throw away the salt do not use it for anything!
      Hope this helps you.

  23. Surprised Moldavite wasn’t mentioned. So far for me it is one of the most powerful. Quartz though can be programmed to do what any other stone can.

  24. In your youtube movie:
    at 7:36 minutes into it you mention a university text book. Unfortunately the video is not good enough to see the title. I am particularly interested in finding out the frequencies of crystals, gemstones, and minerals. Could you please send me the title of this book, as well as the names of any other books that you would recommend that have mentioned the physical (or quantum physical?) frequencies of stones, crystals, gemstones, minerals, etc.

    I would appreciate your help in this matter.

  25. Crystal Connection is founded by Anamika Rana (www.anamikarana.com). We provide crystals for career, relationship and self empowerment in the form of jewelry and healing crystals. Each crystal is handcrafted and energised with positive intentions to help you achieve the desired result.

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