The energy of your home is critical. But do you often wonder: WHERE to place crystals to maximize their power and potential?

where to place crystals 

The environment we surround ourselves in is extremely important and crystals can really help us out with this.

About ten years ago, Yale conducted a study where it was proven that if you simply held a warm and comforting cup of coffee rather than a cold one, it caused the test subjects to treat people in a more generous caring manner. So essentially, if we don’t take control of our environment, it takes control of us!

I’m going to take that Yale study’s concept a bit further (because I’ve experienced it for myself and have witnessed it for so many others!) and say that crystals can and DO influence our environment and, therefore, our behavior and well-being in a beneficial way; whether you’re holding, wearing them or keeping your space infused with their energy.

If you simply enjoy just gazing at crystals — then crystals are allowing you to thrive. Of course, many of us know that much more than that is going on!

So, is creating a home environment you can thrive in important?

You bet it is!

7 Places to Use Crystals in Your Home

  1. Home Protection Grid – this consists of 4 black tourmalines buried at the 4 corners of your property
  2. Love Corner – (this is good for Romantic love, Self-love, strengthening Compassion, encouraging Forgiveness) In Fung Shui, the right rear corner from the entrance of the home is your love corner. (By the way, here’s a link to a free Fun Shui map). Stones you may want to use in this corner: rose quartz hearts (the go-to love stone, gentle, compassionate, loving energy) OR Almandine Garnet (inspires love, passion), natural Ruby (builds self-love, reminds you how precious you are, strengthens the healthy physical relationship with your own body or with your partner, invites in sensuality, romance + passion) OR Rhodonite (loving compassion, giving, self-love + self-esteem)
  3. Prosperity Corner– left rear corner from the entrance; a pyrite specimen atop some currency OR you can go with Congo Citrine, Green Jade (vitality, good luck, good fortune) OR Peridot influences the growth of anything!
  4. Bedroom – radiate love and relaxation, amethyst + rose quartz + ruby for passion. ALSO lepidolite, due to its lithium elemental content, is very good for calming your mind and encouraging sleep and ushering in good dreams.
  5. Entryway – rose quartz is a great stone to use here… or if you’re having issues with people bringing negativity into your home, you want to neutralize that with some black tourmaline.
  6. General Living Areas – a beautiful clear quartz crystal cluster is ideal here + you can see that the points go in all different directions. So, when you have crystal points that are natural, you can envision the energy is strongest coming off of the tip, so all these tips going in different directions are going to send energy out in all different directions. The living room then becomes full of vitality and good-feeling energy; you can see why that would be a good thing in a space where there are people coming in from all different directions + a lot of activity in one area. It’s also nice to use a sphere when you have a stone that just doesn’t grow in natural points (like, say, chrysocolla). Having a stone polished up into a sphere allows its energy to radiate in many different directions.
  7. Sacred/Healing Space – (If you want some direction + inspiration in creating your own sacred space + want a sneak peek of my own space — check out the free gift I have for you by entering your email address below!) If you have a dedicated healing or sacred space, it’s great to have pieces like a large geode. The amethyst geode that I show in the video or in my sacred space is great for larger living spaces as well because they’re wonderful for radiating good amounts of energy into a room + really make the space feel good. You may want to also have something for psychic protection like sugilite too. And gridding the space in Black Tourmaline can never steer you wrong for purifying and neutralizing the energy there.

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What’s Your Goal?

So, all you need to do is logically think of the type of energy you want in that specific room. Then choose crystals and stones that can strengthen and focus the energies you need most in that specific space; choosing a crystal that corresponds to that type of energy.

Please let me know if I’ve left any important spots of your home out or if you’ve tried any of these suggestions in the comments below.

As always, Crystal Blessings!

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