Watermelon Tourmaline Benefits: The Healing Power of Watermelon Tourmaline

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I am so excited to tell you all about Watermelon Tourmaline + share my new watermelon crystal treasure with you in this quickie-vid…

You’ve probably heard me talk about black tourmaline and reference it often (b/c it’s the bomb diggity!) for grounding and protection in many aspects of daily life.

It’s a must for your crystal healing tool box!

I’ve also blogged about pink tourmaline before as 1 of the recent stones being faked in certain markets.  If you want to educate yourself about the fakes you can click over here to learn more about that.

Tourmaline, in general, has some amazing scientific properties.


But…today we’re talkin’ Watermelon Tourmaline…

Healing Properties

What’s so wonderful about this type of tourmaline? Well, let me tell you:

  • it speaks to the heart chakra, helping to clear out blockages & balance; doing this on 2 separate, yet related frequencies; both the green & the pink light frequency; making it doubly effective for balancing this chakra. **A watermelon tourmaline pendant can be conveniently worn over the heart for ongoing work & healing effects.**
  • note the sometimes presence of white “rind” between the pink & green; helps to keep energies of all kinds balanced
  • it’s a gemstone that invites in compassion
  • helps to dampen excessive or extreme emotions through calming
  • and it’s known to awaken and/or attract love

Healers & light workers of all kinds often turn to watermelon tourmaline due to its therapeutic versatility in healing so many different types of physical (mostly directly dealing with the heart) as well as emotional aspects. You can use it in:

  • body layouts
  • meditations
  • crystal grids
  • creating gem elixirs or essences for various purposes
  • emanate energy into a space
  • & of course, jewelry

The Thrill of the Hunt

I’ve been waiting quite a while to get 1 of these babies. You know… to find the “just right” piece for myself. I’ve even hunted for year after year in Tucson… looking for it, but never found one that really plucked my guitar strings. So I waited.

And wouldn’t you know… with all my trips out to the Tucson Gem Shows, I ended up finding this piece in a local rock shop not too far from my home. (I showcase my special piece in the above video).

**you never know where you’ll find your crystal treasures so never stop looking & don’t settle!**

crystal healing

Simply scrumptious & juicy unsliced watermelon tourmaline!!! Photo by Rob Lavinsky @ irocks.com

Oh yes…I’ve had other “watermelons” that I’ve settled for in the past…most much smaller than my PIECE. 💚


Watermelon tourmaline can be found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique & Madagascar.

Tourmaline is actually known as the “chameleon” of the gem-world due to all the various colors & hues it comes in. Virtually every color & healing aspect you can think up…there’s a tourmaline for that.

They can also come in what is known as “Bi-color” or “Parti-colored”…when they express as 2 or more colors in a single crystal!

What I was looking for was the characteristic green rind followed by the white around the central pink tourmaline going almost all the way around. When the green & white rind goes all the way around perfectly…that really drives up the price due to it being aesthetically pleasing & much more rare…so be prepared. 

That’s what makes it “watermelon tourmaline”…is the pink ruby-like center, the white + then the outer green rind.

I’m so excited to finally get a piece that felt right for me.

Plus there’s a beautiful hexagon in the center! Sacred-Geo Deliciousness. 

Have you ever seen Watermelon Tourmaline?  Worn it as crystal jewelry or worked with a piece in your practice?  Please tell me in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. I would absolutely LOVE to get a watermelon tourmaline crystal but can’t seem to get any where I am. And shopping online is pretty risky considering most people are charging $100 or more for the size of a pebble! Any suggestions on how I could get my hands on one??

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    2. I happened to be on here today, browsing around. I saw your post. Don’t know if you are still looking since it was from 2017, but if you are I will be soon today posting the most beautiful watermelon tourmaline point crystal in electroplated 24k gold…it is a pendant on a chain. My wholesale supplier, whom I just spoke with today, immediately said, paulil NONE in stock..having a hard time getting more. don’t know if we will be able to refill your order as it is a gemstone that is becoming rare & costly.
      So if you are still looking, please go to my store on eBay at http:stores.shop.ebay.com/paulibeverlyhills If there is a glitch in the stystem, just look us up under advanced on the right top of your screen and type in pauli beverly hills

      The piece I am listing is $l35 & think it’s a “deal” since smaller stones, not as pretty, are over $l00. It’s a healing stone, good for the heart chakra in Eastern wisdom

      Again, I don’t know if you will see this post or not, but if you do I hope it makes you happy. best, pauli & chacha(in spirit)

  2. I would also like to know where to get a stone like that. I have one that must be the size of my pinky nail. I look forward to all your emails.
    Thank you so much. 🙂

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  3. Hello! I went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show for the first time this year and stopped at one gentleman’s tent outside of one of the main shows. He was selling watermelon tourmaline. The display case had been pretty much baking in the sun, and when I opened the box to look at them, they felt very sticky. That is a sign that they are fake, correct? I had read your spotting fakes ebook a few times before going to the gem show, since it was our first time going. It was so helpful, but I didn’t see anything about watermelon tourmaline. I assume that because other fakes get sticky when heated, that it was sign this watermelon tourmaline was fake as well. Or am I wrong? Thanks!

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  4. Oh my ! You are the lucky one or was the universe rewarding your patience ? I have had a watermelon tourmaline on my wish list for a very long time perhaps soon …….

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  5. I have a beauty I got years ago . It’s a pendant . The top one is a bit smaller than a dime the next smaller and one a bit smaller . Kind of looks like an upside down snowman 🙂 it has all the right characteristics. I adore it ! I’ve been called to wear it lately . Drawn to it .My husband passed away at 64 from a blood clot . It’s been super hard on my emotions because I came home and found him . So needless to say my heart breaks most of the time . I have bad days , this is one . Funny how things happen I just checked my email and here you were . Thank you Hibiscus moon . You are such a help to me . <3<3

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  6. What a stunning piece! I love watermelon tourmaline, it is one of my favorites. A boyfriend of the past gave me one, very nice color, four inches long, pink with green. The tourmaline broke in half at some point along the way, as did the relationship. Reading now the qualities of the stone, I see and confirm the aspects of relationship he and I were working on together. He had been one of my favorites, too. You’ve increased my understanding, and my sense that all was perfect in that past experience. We had our small beautiful friend, the tourmaline, alongside our beautiful time together. Thank you!

  7. I don’t own watermelon tourmaline but I think it is such a beautiful crystal. I’ve always thought it’s one of the stunning ones!

  8. I found my very first watermelon tourmaline two weeks ago in a local metaphysical book store, but it’s tiny! It doesn’t look much like the one you’ve posted but you have to start somewhere, right!?!

  9. Hi Hibiscus,
    I have a watermellon tourmaline that was given to from a friend 20 years ago. It is the diameter of my little finger and 2″ long. I wear it a lot. When I wear it, I feel better.

  10. I have a tiny piece that is perfection. The instant vibration when I use it always causes me to pause. A stunning stone. I had been searching for awhile when a contact I have randomly sent me a photo asking if it was the piece I was looking for. The photo was enough and I knew it was mine.

  11. What are your specific rituals for spring equinox? I know some things from your videos and posts, like the DoTerra balance blend and using sunstone and moonstone, but I was wondering what you actually *do* with these. Thank you for all you do!


  12. I have a beautiful one my husband gave me when we were engaged. ( a long, long time ago 🙂 ) and it’ s one of my favourites. The pink inside looks like the African Continent. I just love it.

  13. I found 2 beautiful watermelon tourmaline pieces of jewelry on Etsy for fairly low prices, if this helps anyone. You have to keep your eye out, but one is a vintage pendant with a piece about 1/2 inch diameter above a quartz crystal. This one is a dark green surrounding raspberry pink with white surrounding that. I recently found a vintage ring with another 1/2 diameter piece that is a lighter green surrounding the pink. So beautiful! The pendant was $65.00 and the ring was $49.00. The pendant was valued by a jewelry store for $550.00.

  14. “Fruit-Named Quartz (strawberry, cherry, pineapple, blueberry, C’mon guys!)
    Fruity-named crystals is usually a tip off of FAKES!”

    I’m learning about crystals and dont know how to spot fakes

  15. I just bought a watermelon tourmaline necklace, large piece and it also has a moonstone piece worked in with the other 3 pieces of watermelon tourmaline. It is beautiful. I live in Virginia and the store I bought this necklace from is called “Alchemist”. Jane, the owner is always shopping and renewing her inventory and had this necklace in her shop. The store is in Stony Point Shopping Center, in Richmond , Virginia. I believe she has a website. Jane has lots of crystals, jewelry, books, singing bowls, and many more spiritual gifts. She also has guests speakers in frequently. Get on her email list to see what she has to offer.

  16. Found my piece today. It’s outstanding.
    The amazing story behind my watermelon turmaline is I had a vision in my mind 10 yrs ago if this exact piece. When I saw it today my vision came back to my memory. And my stone is now mine in perfect timing.
    For so many reasons ❤️

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