Musings from the Tucson Gem Show 2017

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Here’s my Tucson Gem Show Update from 2017!

I’ve been going to the Tucson Gem Show to revel in the crystal energy & share it all with you here on my blog for some years now.

Here’s a round-up of past visits and here are some insider shopping tips should you decide to put this on your bucket list!


Now, on the surface, it may seem the reason Tucson was first chosen 63 years ago as the world’s annual meeting spot for crystal & mineral lovers is b/c it’s been a mining mecca for quite some time. However I feel there’s an energetic component to it as well…

Healing Vortex

Did you know…that there are 5 spots in the Northern Hemisphere near 31.7 North Latitude that are considered to be healing vortices….and Tucson is actually part of 2 of them?

Of course it is. 😉

Specifically, the epicenter of the vortex is located in the Tohono O’odham Nation Reservation just west of the city:

But its energy torus extends outwards for possibly hundreds of kilometers.

An energy torus is a 3D spherical shape, expanding out in all directions with a spiral motion…so that would include the city of Tucson.

By User:YassineMrabet (File:Simple Torus.svg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The 2nd nearby healing vortex is said to extend between Sedona, AZ & Sonora, Mexico (31.7N 112.8W)

and Tucson is right along that path as well.

(You can check it out by zooming out on that map above). But let me just tell you…you can feel it…as soon as you set foot in the town.

You can find out about the other healing vortices here.

Tucson is also home to some really intense residual volcanic energy, having experienced several episodes of major volcanic activity, going back as far as 200 million years ago up to as recent as ~20 million years ago. One of the more recent eruptions was super-violent & quick,  causing the volcano to collapse in on itself to form what’s known as a “caldera”.

That’s what the city of Tucson actually is…

a volcanic caldera surrounded by a healing vortex!

Personal Musings from the Tucson Gem Show

This year I noticed a spiritual theme that was happening for myself & seemingly everyone I was surrounded by.

It seemed there was an immediate manifestation of crystals we needed or wanted in synchronistic ways! This kept happening over & over for almost everyone I talked to. I love being blown away by synchro-mysticisms like that. 🙂

I know I’ve talked about this in the past…however, it hit me harder this year than ever before…perhaps getting older makes this part of it more intense?:

***I feel that the immense power of so many crystals on planet converging & concentrating their energy in 1 spot like this makes it a very intense place to be. So much so that when I go home I have a hard time re-integrating back into “reality”.  A sort of mild depression takes hold. This time for longer than usual. And I talked to others that this happened to as well. You better believe I employed some crystal depression-busting techniques for this.***

In the past , I’ve even felt hungover on certain days while there.

To avoid feeling like that this time I listened to my body & rested when I felt like I needed it. BTW…it’s extremely hard for me to stop & do that while in Tucson (Hello FOMO!) But I did it. This trip it hit me about 3-4 days in to the trip. I started sleeping like a log for 12 hours each night! I don’t do that ever these days due to hormone fluctuations so that was really surprising, but I know doing this allowed me to integrate the intense energy while also uptake any & all energetic & info downloads or DNA upgrades (yes…I feel those were happening!)

2017 Trend

And just as a geo-geek observation, I noticed A LOT of the fake green quartz this year.


And people were buying that shiz up. In case you have no idea what it is & how to spot it, I have a blog post here on that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my share of Tucson 2017 … what’s your favorite part of the video or favorite picture?  Tell me in the comments below. Perhaps you got to go to Tucson this year?  Did you spot any fakes? OR see any mind blowing specimens?  Please share in the comments.

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. First of all: that rose quartz moon!! So cool.
    I wanted to ask what is the difference between cactus quartz and spirit quartz. They look similar. That triangular shaped one is GORGEOUS, by the way. And I’m SO jealous of that enormous garnet. That is on my wish list big-time!

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  2. Thanks for the great info. Since I think you used to live in South Florida, do you know of any gem shows that come to that area? Also, any recommendations about local gem shops in South Florida? Blessings.

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  3. Regarding ‘sunstone’ there must be two components to its energy. One is natural and the other is spiritual. The natural manifests from the spiritual. The two make one and correspond to each other. Earth as a planet has an energy frequency of 7.8 hertz and the human brain has an energy frequency of 7.6 hertz. When man releases earths energy through the use of his intension, earth energy then supports ‘the good of life’ in balanced harmony. Energy from crystals are elemental ‘earth’ and also release their energy according to man’s intension.
    The natural ‘sun’ is fire – energy that consumes; the spiritual ‘sun’ is pure love conjoined with wisdom. Earth receives life giving light from the sun because it is filtered by an electromagnetic field surrounding the earth. Without this field earth would be a dead rock. Sunstone corresponds with wisdom or ‘good use’ which comes from our intension.
    Yes, energy is in the crystals. How it is used is in the good intensions of the human mind.
    To think that a crystal can choose to act is not true. To will anything is exclusively human, which comes from an image and likeness of a Divine Human.
    If I send Reiki from atunement or if I send gaia from dowsing, it’s all energy released by intension for the ‘good of life’. I believe the same is true for crystal energy. Except that the frequencies of crystals seem to be unique to specific intensions. This is what I want to learn about. I want to test what is known about crystals with my own intensions.

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  4. Ever since I saw the incredible sugilite with hematite crystal that you picked up at the gem show, I have become obsessed with obtaining a piece of my own, but so far I cannot find it anywhere. Do you happen to remember the vendor you bought it from and if they can be contacted? Sugilite and hematite are my two favorite crystals and to see them married like that spoke to me. Thanks!

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