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Let’s talk about crystals we can use to work with moon energy. Whether it be for the full moon, new moon or any phase of the moon.


I feel that when you’re working with different phases of the moon, it’s not so much about the specific crystals that you choose to work with, because there are several different ones, but more about your intention of working with that particular moon phase.

There are several crystals that have vibrational frequencies that align with the moon in general, no matter what phase the moon is in at that particular time. Which is great b/c it makes uncomplicated work of it.

Again, it doesn’t matter whether it’s full moon or new moon, what I feel is most important is that you be very clear on what your intentions are & that you align them with that particular phase of the moon.

Here’s a very general summary of those energies…

Full Moon Energy

  • It’s a time when you reap what you’ve sown.
  • It’s when you’re grateful for whatever lessons you’ve learned in last moon’s cycle, or for whatever intentions and seeds that you planted that actually came to fruition.
  • It’s about completion.
  • Yang energy.

New Moon Energy

  • A time to plant seeds and a time of new beginnings.
  • Starting and growing something new.
  • Great time to set intentions.
  • Yin energy.

** If you’d like to learn more about setting intentions with new moon energy, I created an earlier blog post on setting intentions at the New Moon over here. And if you’d like some tips on working with the Full Moon & Your Crystals head over here. **

The crystals I’m recommending here resonate very strongly with moon energy at all phases.

My Crystal Recommendations for working with Moon Energy


1.  Selenite

Selenite is a beautiful crystal that actually has a sort of iridescence or sheen to it that reminds us very much of the moon.  It’s got that tell-tale moon beam glow.

selenite wand2

Selenite embodies goddess energy, and it’s a crystal that allows us to more easily communicate with our higher selves.

Selenite often comes in many different forms.  It can be polished, like a heart or a palm stone, or shaped into a wand. Sometimes you will see the natural selenite towers, which come in a range of sizes from small to large.


You may have even heard about this beautiful, magical selenite crystal cave in Mexico.  Have you heard of it?   It’s called the Cave of Giants, where these huge selenite, (actually, gypsum; gypsum is selenite) humongous crystals have grown.

It’s not a place we can visit. No, not a place we can go.  Too dangerous. It’s very difficult for even the geologists to go down there, but it’s just so magical to even think about and even know that a place like that exists on mama earth!  Ya know?

It’s like the fortress of solitude that Superman went to while growing up and he learned all his stuff and all his knowledge and connected with his higher self. 😉

2.  Moonstone

The next crystal for working with moon energy may come as no surprise to you, it’s moonstone.  I have a moonstone, that I show you in the video, that  just so happens to be carved into a sphere, so it looks very much like Luna herself.

It doesn’t need to be white moonstone, it can be any kind of moonstone, there’s even peach or black moonstone.

Some of them will have a  flashy iridescence to them that you can see in certain light which is quite beautiful.


moonstone tumbled stones

Any kind of moonstone is great for working with lunar energy at any moon phase.

It’s all about goddess and feminine energy. Makes sense b/c the moon itself is actually known to embody that goddess feminine energy.

Moonstone is also great for allowing you to more efficiently tap into your intuition.

It’s also about mystery.  So, if you’re looking to align with that while working with certain lunar cycles, then you’ll want to work with moonstone.

3.  Labradorite


Labradorite is another great choice to work with moon energy.  It’s actually closely related to moonstone and it has that similar flash; a blue flash that you get in certain light, that iridescent quality again.

Labradorite is all about tapping into magic.  Plus it’s also quite protective.  If you’re feeling like you need some protective vibrational frequencies during a certain phase of the moon, then go ahead and try working with labradorite.

4.  Opal

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The moon is also known for having a vibrational connection to the element of water.

And another stone that we can work with to more closely align ourselves with that type of lunar energy is opal.

Opal allows us to align with that water energy so it’s also about purification.

Any type of true authentic opal will do, it doesn’t need to be white precious opal either. There are many different kinds.

Just don’t reach for opalite as a replacement, b/c that is a man-made “stone” & will not deliver the same kind of energy at all (which I talk about in this blog post.).

Well, I hope you like my picks for working with moon energy, Crystal Hottie!

Do you have certain stones you like to use for  the waning / new moon & during the waxing / full moon?  Are your go-to stones included in my list? 

I’d love to hear about the crystal connections you’ve made @ different moon phases.  Share with us in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Hello Hibiscus Moon!
    Thanks for this information. I very much enjoy it.

    Perhaps sometime you could do a video on identifying stones that seem alike. Apache tears, onyx and jet (?) all seem alike to me. I also have a hard time telling Jaspers from agates. Thank you

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  2. This is more question than comment, but I’m wondering about differences between rough crystals and shaped/carved crystals.
    I do like spheres, pyramids, & smooth-sided wands/points, but I generally find that rough crystals sing to me more — maybe it’s because they don’t have as many layers of someone else’s energy? (Though I did have, probably now somewhere in my husband’s stuff, an ancient hand-hewn axe blade that absolutely vibrated.)
    Is there any particular reason to prefer rough, hand-hewn, or tumbled/polished/machine finished stones, or is it just personal preference or what sings to you?
    Thanks Dawn!

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    2. I was a person who only felt the connection with rough stones for many years. Having joined a gem club, I find that I still have the same connection with the ones that I have personally shaped and polished to further enhance or bring out their beautiful colours, patterns and attributes. As I am only an amateur, I have only done this for my own purposes. I would hope that what I have exposed in beauty and energy could be felt by others though.

  3. Hi! Can you tell us where to get a ‘light box’-don’t think this is correct name as Amazon only lists the ones artists and photographers work with- like you show w/your selenite tower. I prefer one that plugs into an electrical outlet.

    Great Blessings to you and all the LIGHT you bring to the world!

    Xox Freddy ??

    1. Post
    2. I just bought one on Amazon, brand name, Santa Clara I think. Search for Santa Clara Crystal light. They’re battery operated and with a clear point or selenite tower on display, just beautiful. Most all the crystals look lovely on it. I have two on my alter, but am getting more for my area. Makes that area feel really special.

  4. Hello Hibiscus Moon!
    Thank you for all your informative information. Since I have been looking at your Youtube videos and reading all your blogs you have made me that much more smarter about crystals/stones. Anytime I need a go to reference I always turn to your blogs or videos. I’m not sure if you did a video on balancing Chakras’s but if you did can you please update or list somewhere in your blog. Thank you in advance.
    Crystal Blessings

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  5. Thank you

    Already deeply in love with selenite, moonstone & labradorite and just recently acquired some Australian boulder opals that are intense.

    Good to know to combine these crystals – love the full moon phase, but perhaps need to add some balance with working in the new moon phase?

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  6. Hi Hibiscus moon,

    Thank you for all the knowledge you give to all of us on your videos. I am happy to know about these stones and will be looking into getting these for myself. I really do love all your videos they are so informative….Crystal blessings debbie

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  7. Thank you, Hibiscus Moon! I love and have a lot of selenite and moonstone. Is it possible to also wear the stones for the effect you mention in your video? Also, I have a question about something that is a bit off the subject. I have heard of the manifestation crystals (the ones that have one crystal inside another) What is your take on that? I purchased what I believed was a manifestation crystal but after some research I found that it was actually a bridge stone that was cut-off to look like a manifestation crystal. Do you have any info you can share with us about this? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Namaste.

  8. Labradorite always. I have a piece with me all the time. It’s my beautiful stone for magic and protection 🙂

    I don’t seem to work so well with moonstone. I feel drawn to working with it at times of the month and then I pick it up to work with it and want to put it down again. Beautiful stone though!

    1. I have a scull necklace made of labradorite I charge it with the full moon very protective I love it

      Crystal blessings
      David R

  9. I’m loving all the info now getting. Looking forward to signing up for the course. Loved learning that Labradorite and Selenite (which I have tons of lying around my house in form of wands and big lamps along with Himalayan salt lamps. LOVED learning that those are both moon stones to work with especially since it is the full moon tomorrow!
    ALSO…. LUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVE your cuteness in your writing. You write like I talk sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing so much info and detail.

  10. Hibiscus Moon ~ I’ve been on your email list since earlier in the year but summer travel (lots of it… always with my crystals) and recent family visits have kept me from perusing your site, blogs and videos until today. I’ve been on for the last hour or so making lots of notes. I do have quite a bit of prior knowledge about gems, crystals, minerals as I’ve been a rock hound my entire life beginning in the sixties as a child. I have a very established collection and am always looking to grow it! I believe it was your blog about quartz crystal digging in Mt. Ida, Arkansas (and surrounding areas) that excited me enough that my husband and I took a road trip with our travel trailer down there end of April. What an amazing week that was!! I even got to “birth” my prized clear crystal point off one of the main veins at the Dixie Crystal Mine! Chiseled that beautiful baby right out of there! An amazing time so thanks for that 🙂 As I know you are on sabbatical right now, and I think that’s a very healthy thing to do, I look forward to more information about your next Crystal Healing classes. I don’t know as I can afford it but I would like more info at your earliest convenience. With all that being said, I do hope you and your husband have very Happy Birthdays and a wonderful anniversary celebration! Happy Holidays ♥

  11. Thank you so much for putting this in a very easy, basic, explanatory way of using our crystals/gems etc. Now, personally I’d like to add a very open and starting point to start really feeling the beautiful power Mother Nature has provided us with, within these magical stones, ‘Yes they are magical if you are using them correctly’ and learn they’re character i.e. for your comfortable use, just following the properties and what they can do for you. So.. I always start one of our ‘Super Moons’ I use a very strong black obelisk to rid the negative and openndoors for the healing love of other precious stones to enter (this can be a stronge transition) But you can handle it 🙂 Then slowly work you way along with your other stones that make you feel this is the journey you would like to follow. This alone will get you out of that funk of, should I, or shouldn’t I. I promise if you allow your body and mind to feel these properties, you’ll be intrigued and on your way of healing and feeling your own inner and outer beauty with no exaggeration. Good Luck Sisters. & Always Blessed Be 🖤💕✨💕✨💕🍃

  12. Hi !…I’ve recently come upon Girasol…Some say it’s the zone where clear & rose quartz intermingle, then there’s the geologists’ breakdown of materials…Either way, it has both a Sun & Moon connection… I believe you may want to research and add this stone to your mix…
    Have a wonderful day !…☺…🌿🌿🌿

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