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I got “tagged” by Flora Sage (one of my buddies from YouTube) for an Intuitive Tag/Challenge. This was something we used to do a lot of back in 2007-2011 on YouTube…there was a lot of these different tags that you would get tagged and it was just fun to do them and be a part of this fun of watching everybody else’s videos & then doing your own.

So it was really fun to revisit & do something like this that I hadn’t done in a while. But then I thought I should also post this here on my blog b/c many of you don’t follow me on YouTube & in this video I share a lot of fun personal stuffs that I would really love to share with YOU.

So, thank you Flora.  That was so kind of you to think of me for this and I’m excited to do it!


Here we go…

And here’s my transcript of this video with some added tidbits…

The Share:

1.  Share your first paranormal experience that comes to mind

The first thing that comes to my mind is when I saw a UFO when I was 3-years-old.  I still think to this day that it  was a UFO or possibly more than one even, started when I was about 3.  It never escalated to contact or anything like that, but it began my experience. A number of other incidences have happened over my lifetime as far as viewing, seeing UFOs.

2.  Have you ever had a premonition?

I have had many premonitions, several premonitions.  I wouldn’t say like many, many, but several.  But, I don’t write them down so don’t remember them all very well.

And, I can’t think of any off the top of my head.  Then something will happen that will trigger that memory or that premonition & then I’ll  realize, oh yeah I remember one time I had a premonition about this or that. They seem to happen in clumps or groups of synchronicities all happening at a certain time depending on whatever I am tapping into at that time.  I guess I am in a good vibrational alignment at that time. 

I will have clumps of synchronicities that are all happening at the same time like dreaming premonitions or just thinking things.  That happens all of the time where you go … “I knew that was going to happen.”  I totally knew that as going to happen.  And, I wonder how many times I think it was just using logic or, if it is actual premonition or what’s the difference, right?

3.  When did you get your first tarot/oracle deck?  And what deck was it?

I didn’t get my first deck very long ago.  I think my first deck was in 2007, and I am pretty sure it was Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids and Dolphins Deck:

I did some readings for a couple of people who I knew personally.  This deck was calling to me because, always, since I was a child…I’ve been in love with Mermaids and then wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was in high school.  I still use that deck today, at nighttime to pull a card for the next day type of thing.  It’s by my nightstand.

I have never had a tarot deck. I have never been drawn to Tarot.  I do get readings from time-to-time from tarot readers.  But, it’s not something that is on my journey as far as learning it myself.  I’d rather leave that to the experts.

4.  What element do you connect with the most?  Earth, fire, water, air? 

I would say it is a toss-up between earth & water.  I’m going to go with water right now.  I live 1 mile from the beach.  Have done so most of my life here in Florida.  And,  have been going to the beach a lot more lately.  It’s one of the places I like to make sure I’m near  when I’m on a vacation.


I don’t want to leave the ocean’s side if I ever moved anywhere. Although Arizona is very, very exciting and magnetic to me, I don’t think I could live there full-time because I wouldn’t be close to the water.  I need that connection to the water.  I love to swim.  My totem animal lives in the water (more about that later). I snorkel, kayak, paddle board, so yeah, I like to be near the water.

5.  Do you believe in fairies?

Now, that’s a good one.  Do I believe in fairies?  Well, my first question to myself is “what is a fairy?”  And, I am not sure I really know what that is.  I don’t believe that there are Tinkerbell-type beings although some people might. I believe they are more like nature spirits or devas.  And, have I experienced that?  Yes. Because I do love connecting with nature quite a bit.

My backyard, even my everyday workspace is very much connected to the outdoor world.  And, I have had little experiences here & there where little things happen & you’re like “hmmmmm, did I just see a little sumthin’ ?” But, I think I really need more of a better definition of exactly what a fairy is.  I don’t work with fairy energy or anything like that.  And, I have never seen one directly head on or feel like I have had like a really spot-on fairy experience.


Here is the thing I get stuck on.  Is fairy energy or are fairies a specific other being, or are they just the other kind of energy that we are tapping into?  Does it really get categorized into another specific being?

And, some might say it sounds like tapping into another dimension.  And, then maybe you were just seeing fifth dimension, sixth dimension type of things or even second dimension type of beings, but we’re classifying it as “fairies”.

And that my friends is why I need a definition of what that is. I know it’s really something hard to define & a lot of our definitions and if we start going into science … You know that’s where I tend to lean sometimes. 😉

The bad part about science is that it is so based on the 5 senses to measure things.  Empirical evidence is based on our 5 senses.  And, our 5 senses are extremely limiting.  We know we have more than 5 senses.  (that is, I know we in this community know we have more than 5 senses ;).  But, if we are going to base things on those 5 senses for empirical evidence then a lot of things get tossed out.  I don’t really like relying on that.  But, anyway that was my long answer.  It really wasn’t an answer at all to that question.  But, that is what I had to say about that.

6.  Do you prefer the moon or the sun?

Hmmm, I don’t think I have an answer.  I love them both.

I make lots of decisions based on lunar energy & what’s going on with the moon at that time. However, I look to the sun & its energies and what is going on with the sun specifically in a cosmic sense, because I do love following that so much; the sun spots, CMEs (coronal mass ejections), and the plasma energy that is directed in our path to see why something is going on.  Why is this specific event happening?  Looking to both the sun and the moon. I feel like they are equally important & love them both so much in their own ways.  You know the masculine energy of the sun, and the feminine energy of the moon.

7.  What is your favorite crystal or stone? 

My favorite question.  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite because I love them all for their various energies, vibrational alignments that are all unique. And, then they are unique to each one of us.

I’d have to say my all time favorite, that kinda has always been a favorite, and I suspect is a favorite for many of you, is amethyst.  I have been drawn to amethyst over and over again.

I have a big amethyst point (I’ve nicknamed him Amy Bro & I got him at the Tucson Gem Show a couple of years ago) that I’m especially lovin’ right now. Here he is:

amy bro

I also have another current crystal fav: AJOITE


I have a ton of ajoite right now! What am I doing with all of this? Am I a crystal-hoarder?

When I went to Tucson in 2013 I scooped up all the ajoite I saw, which isn’t a ton because it’s very rare & hard to come by.  I scooped up some pretty amazing pieces.  Some for myself, and my intent was to sell the rest. *Well, I haven’t quite gotten around to that, I still have pieces set aside that I want to sell, but can’t bring myself to do it yet.*

There was one mega bonsai piece that was totally meant to sell.  That was my justification for paying what I paid for it. But, I can’t quite bring myself to sell it.

Then Tucson 2014 came, and I found an even more amazing piece of ajoite with even more blue in it.  That is what makes ajoite, ajoite.  It is clear quartz with this turquoise blue in it.  Ajoite connects to your Soul Star chakra; a transpersonal chakra that exists above your crown chakra into more of your aura.

So, those are my favorites for now.  You know that can change, and I don’t exclusively work with just those crystals by any means.  I work with all of them.  I love all crystals & stones. ♥

8.  Can you see spirits & spiritual beings?

I am not going to say I am the expert on seeing.  I know other people are really, really good at doing that.  But, there is a time of day when I notice that I can see them better.


And, again this gets into the definition thing.  What is your definition of a spiritual being?  Aren’t we all spiritual beings?  Am I not seeing a spiritual being when I am talking to a person?  I know that’s not what the question is about,  but I feel plants are spiritual beings.

So anyway, I notice that late at night especially when I am getting ready to go to sleep  – when you’re in the in-between stage – I will see things in my peripheral vision.  It is always in peripheral vision.  It’s never straight head on. I’ll see shadows and movement.  And, I know that is some kind of spiritual energy.  What is it exactly?  I don’t know.

Again, am I tapping into another dimension?  Am I seeing just the universal cosmic energy?  What exactly is it?  I can’t tell you that.  But, I am seeing something, and I know it is not my imagination.  And, I know it is not  a flicker of a tv or something like that.

9.  Would you rather be able to control fire, fly on a broomstick, breathe under water or make things grow fast? 

I really have no desire to fly on a broomstick.

Breathe underwater, that would be kind of cool.  Then I could be a mermaid, right?

Make things grow fast, I can’t really think of a situation where that would be a desire.

Of all of these things that could come in handy superhero talents can come in handy for something.

Or, control fire…I am going to go with breathe underwater.  That is a good one for me since I like the mermaid energy so much.  I would have an absolute ball down there.  That would be a blast.  Reminds me of that movie “The Abyss” that I like so much.

10.  What is the animal totem that you feel most connected to?

Definitely the sea turtle for me.

By P.Lindgren (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By P.Lindgren (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Love sea turtle energy, always have ever since I was a kid.  I was mesmerized by the movie Bermuda Depths. When I was learning how to scuba dive a sea turtle came up on me and you know you’re not supposed to actively touch them b/c they’re an endangered species. But, it came right up under me and swam next to me.   And, the dive instructor was like that is so cool here in Florida.  You don’t usually see them coming up to people. they’re quite skittish.  And, I felt like that was a sign. I’ve since had several encounters like that.

I work closely with two charities to specifically help protect sea turtles:

Sea turtles live a very long time (estimates are 100 years) & are highly intelligent.  They use magnetism to navigate all over the planet.  And, there are so many things about them that we still don’t know. It’s my spirit totem animal.  It has come up again and again when I do like an animal totem vision.  That is the animal that always comes to me to give me a message or something like that.

11.  Tell us about your first spirit guide. 

I have never had a spirit guide that I know of.  I do download things, and it feels like it is just coming to me.  I don’t know that there is a specific spirit guide.  I don’t have that knowing.  I know other people out there do, and definitely hear things from their guides, and things like that.  I don’t have that gift.  I wish I did, and I think it is a beautiful gift to have, but I don’t.

12.  Do you feel more connected to the stars or the earth? 

Definitely the stars.

I feel like I might be one of those early, early sentinel indigo children (a type of Star Seed…but actually I believe we’re all Star Seed; panspermia & all that…sorry, I let some geek leak out). A lot of my qualities & quirks connect to Star Energy. I have had readings where I’m told this repeatedly without me prompting them or anything like that. And there are tons of internet quizzes you can take like this one to see if you fit the mold too.

Anywayzzzz, I’m so connected to outer space! Right down to my DNA…

I love anything having to do with it.

It was one of my favorite things to learn about when studying science.  Astrophysics just excites me to no end! I cannot get enough of it.  I love star energy definitely.  As much as I love Momma Earth, stars have a total pull for me.  What’s going on out there beyond in the universe, the multiverse, and beyond that?

Oh my!


It just goes on & on, into infinity.  And, I could think about & talk about that all day long!

13.  What is your preferred method of blessing or cleansing? 

I feel these are 2 very different things.  But, I am going to keep it simple.

Blessing, for me is putting my intention into something, like an intentional prayer is probably my favorite way of blessing something.

For cleansing out energy, I feel sage smudging is probably my favorite way.


It’s not my favorite way to cleanse, or re-tune a crystal.  For that, it would definitely be vibrational frequency soundAcoustic energy is my favorite way to cleanse a crystal or re-tune it.

14.  What color do your feel most spiritually connected to? 

Definitely for me purple.  I love purple.


I just seem to gravitate to it all of the time.  More so as an adult.

We even magically weaved it into the Hibiscus Moon, LLC Style Guide in a very specific way for all graphics, website stuffs, etc. The color is Amethyst (OF COURSE!) and it’s RGB Color Code is #772F6D (for you graphics geeks).

OK, You’re  it!

I now tag YOU. If you have not already done this tag please do your own blog post or video answering all the above questions & link to it in the comments below! Can’t wait to read your answers. 😀

How do you like that? BAM! You’re officially tagged.

Crystal Blessings!

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