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Today’s video is all about Lemurian Crystals! 

Watch my video & scroll down for more sparkly details…

There seems to be a lot of confusion going on about what a Lemurian Crystal is, or a Lemurian Seed Crystal…yes, they are slightly different—I’ve even recently gone into several stores and have seen signs that display, “Lemurian Crystals,” (because it’s a super-hot term right now)… but what they’re really displaying next to the sign that says, “Lemurian Crystals,” are not Lemurians.

Case in point…these are quartz points, but not Lemurians!

So I want to wade through all of that confusion & set the record straight here today.

What are Lemurian Crystals?

The term “Lemurian crystal” was first coined by a famous crystal author whom I highly respect, Katrina Raphaell.

She started writing crystal books in the 80s, (In fact I recommend several of her books over here), and she had a newsletter too, which I don’t think she does any longer.  It was around the early 90’s, when Katrina Raphaell put out 1 of her informative newsletters where this term was first introduced.  (I’ve done some research on it and it seems to be that is where the term was first coined.)

The term “Lemurian” references the land of Lemuria, which is known to be a place like Atlantis—actually it preceded Atlantis.  If you want to dive deeper into learning more about these places, this book is a great resource.

So Lemuria is said to have existed in various different places; to have existed or exists now in another dimension, or perhaps in the area of the Hawaiian Islands. (Having spent a lot of time there myself I have a deep inner knowing that there is indeed a very strong Lemurian connection in Hawaii.) There’s tons of different info on that you can research but that’s outside the scope of what I want to talk about here today.

So, Katrina Raphaell channelled that the Lemurian crystals were coded with very specific information by the people of Lemuria & left here for us to discover & learn from.

And according to Katrina Raphaell, the Lemurian Seed Crystals were kind of like “seeds of information”  planted or left in one location only; one specific spot, known as the Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil:

Now, I keep hearing about Lemurians coming from different areas of the world, but I’m going to go to the source on this (Katrina Raphaell) and I’m going to trust in her teachings that the crystals can only come from Minas Gerais, Brazil to be authentic Lemurians…unless I find other compelling information resonates with me & that tells me differently.

What are Lemurian Crystals used for?

Why all this hoopla about Lemurian Seed Crystals?

Well, they happen to be very important tools. I can attest to that. 🙂

They’re a crystal tool meant specifically for the energy healer, energy worker, or light worker.

…meant to retrieve hidden information; they’re actually encoded with this information.

They also invite us to receive very specific information for & about our planet, for Mama Earth.  Like, how to heal the planet; basically like the care instructions for Earth. We’re in great need of that, aren’t we? These crystals also serve as an ideal communication tool between planet Earth and the rest of the cosmos.

Keep in mind, it’s said that the more they’re used, the more powerful they become!

And they’re best used as a personal healing tool for the energy healer.

How to ID a Lemurian

Lemurians can come in all different sizes, but the shape should always be a tapered wand shape—a little wider at the base and more tapered at the end.


There’s a difference between Lemurian Crystals and Lemurian Seed Crystals.

  • Lemurian Seed Crystals have an alternating pattern of a frosted side on the shaft and then a smooth, very transparent side, then a frosted side and a very transparent side, alternating all the way around.
  • Plain Lemurian Crystals will have a random pattern. For instance, one side is frosted, smooth, frosted, frosted, frosted, smooth. Or even all smooth or all frosted.

Where’s this information encoded?

Another characteristic of a Lemurian Crystal will be that it has rough, prominent, horizontal striations on some sides of the shaft. But you will not only see them; in order for it to be a true Lemurian, you need to be able to feel them!

smokey pink lemurian

Run your finger alongside without looking and if you can feel those “ladder rung” striations, then it’s a Lemurian, (if it meets all the other criteria.)

Lemurian Crystals also come in different colors!  (I have a video & blog post where I really dove deep on the different colors, what they mean, and why they get the different colors, where they come from & you can watch that over here).

I hope this blog post/video helped to clarify some of the confusion & mystery around Lemurian Crystals.  If you have more info to contribute, I would love to hear it, so please post in the comments below.

Do you have any Lemurian Crystals in your collection? Have you looked to see if they pass the criteria I listed?  Can you tell if it’s a Lemurian or a Lemurian Seed Crystal?  Tell us in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings & Happy Lemurian hunting,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. I have several in my collection, but they all contain the same info, or does each crystal hold a piece of info as part of a puzzle matrix

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      1. I have had a large Lemurian crystal in my posession for 30 years and recently in September I had a pass life reading, I was Lemurian. In reading the information of the seed crystals, I believe I coded it myself, have had it for 30 years, and now just activated it, and I believe the other ones on the planet are becoming activated through the Earths field. Let Love and Peace prevail on Earth!

  2. Hi, I am still unsure what the difference is between the seed crystals and crystal? I believe you mentioned the Seed Crystal is for information – would then the non Seed cyrstal before healing?

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences!

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      The differences between them I mention here are physical differences to tell them apart. Personally I have not sensed an energetic difference between the 2 types but others may have. Have you tried working with them, Nastasja?

  3. I have a lovely one I purchased the other day that I am just beginning to work with.
    The vibrations are so intense.
    So far that is all I feel.
    Are their specific questions I can ask it or should I wait for it to reveal symbols or answers to me in meditation?
    Thank you. ♡♡♡

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  4. Great article on this topic! I appreciate getting some clarity on it!
    However, I’d like to hear what you have to say on the ‘tangerine’ Lemurians as well as the Amethyst Lemurians I’ve heard about recently.
    I did go back and watch the video you linked to this blog but those are two colors you didnt mention specifically.
    Thank you so much and rock on!!!
    Much love to you!

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      TY so much, Kathy. I have seen many natural tangerine lemurians were the coating of orange hematite settled on the outside of the Lemurian. I’d be a bit more cautious with the Amethyst ones since so much amethyst is being synthesized these days. First, be certain the piece meets all the physical characteristics of Lemurians and then I would only purchase from a very knowledgeable seller whom I trust has made a sound wholesale purchase (finding out exactly who mined it and precisely where from). Beyond that you have to feel into the piece intuitively. Crystal Blessings!

  5. Hey Hibiscus,
    I recently attended a lecture at the College of Metaphysics regarding Atlantis and Lemuria. Before the lecture I had always heard that if it’s not from Brazil, it’s not a lemurian, but the speaker said that they have received info from the Acashic Records that the Lemurians planted their crystals in various places around the earth (Brazil, Tibet, etc…). I guess I’m wondering, is it possible for different people to relieve different, possibly contradictory messages from the Acashic Records? I’ve been looking at purchasing my first lemurian seed crystal, and have been afraid to choose one for fear that it won’t be a true lemurian.

    1. Post

      Hi Ashley. For me, I’m guided to stick with what the source of this info has said until I get an intuitive hit (inner knowing) backed by sound information that tells me differently. I would advise the same for you. If this new info that’s come to light for you feels right then go with it b/c IT IS RIGHT for you. ♥

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  6. Thank you for this blog. I have three Lemurians, one large and two smaller and I have not received any information from them. I still have trouble meditating also so that could be part of the problem. So how do you receive messages from them? Thanks, Sandy

  7. I am also fashioning a circlet with twelve synergy crystals encrusted on it, (became quite expensive too, as i purchased large crystal to adorn it) does it make any particular difference how i arrange them for optimum use, or just go with my intuitive feelings

  8. Here’s my thinking and questions regarding the location of Lemurian Seed crystals and how they could possibly be found in other places – such as those that have allegedly appeared in Tibet and Russia. I recently read a book about the life of Lemurians before and after the destruction of the continent. If Lemurians migrated elsewhere around the globe, either by choice or by enslavement, could it not be possible for certain Lemurians to leave seeds in the regions that they inhabited – particularly if any of those travelers were Lemurian Elders?

  9. I stumbled upon an article on these beautiful crystal late last night,then I see your message first thing this morning..I realized that,my very first crystal given to me years and years ago,by a very sweet lady,that unfortunately I’ve since lost contact with. However… was just speaking about her to my husband yesterday!!! I love it,and I know that the more you use it,the more powerful it becomes. I’ve had so many stones over the years,,but this particular one stays with me no matter what..thank you for your knowledge…Blessed be.

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful information! I purchased a Lemurian crystal after being attracted to it on vacation last year. Just the other day I found the information card that came with it and put it on my dresser to remind myself to learn more about the beautiful crystal. And then there in my inbox today is your post! (of course it is!) My crystal is smokey, and now after reading and watching your post I know it’s real. When I finished the post, I went into a very beautiful silent meditation with it and, after opening myself to any messages it had for me, decided to just sit in my sacred space and get to know my crystal. It’s on the smallish size. I turned it this way and that, looked at it in different lights coming from the window, and touched it lightly all over. I saw many beautiful shapes and lights inside and felt its many textures. Then a message: I am good enough. It was meant for both the crystal and me. I cried. I need that message so very much. So, I just felt i needed to share this. Blessings, Heidi

  11. I purchesed a lumariun crystal about a year ago, my daughter and her family was staying with us. My grandaughter Desi was aproximately a year old and like me it seemed to soothe her, she would fall asleep holding it. She has always had these facial expressions that speak volumes. She now is 2 1/2 and still doesn’t speak much and now that they have moved away we face time and I hold the crystal and she is still very drawn to it. It feels there is a connection/ telepathy with her and the crystals.

  12. I’m quite positive the Lemurians left crystals in different locations around the world. I have found some in Arkansas with deep markings that have the same energy; at the very least, they hold some important information that should not be discounted.

    On the other hand, I have been sold (unfortunately) a bag of so-called Lemurian seed crystals online (from a major seller who provides many stones and other supplies to metaphysical stores) that were most obviously nothing more than regular quartz points with the slightest of etching, nothing like the example photograph in the listing. Horribly disappointing, and a lesson to me in stone buying.

    1. I am fortunate to know a couple that are a gemologist and geologist who collected crystals for many years. Much of my collection I purchased from them, before I knew what Lemurian Crystals were and I have SCADS of them.
      Several actually came from ARKANSAS and when I questioned how Lemurians ended up in ARKANSAS, to my crystal-pro friends it was explained that the place in BRAZIL and the mine in ARKANSAS are actually along the same ley lines of the earth. The crystals from BRAZIL have ended up in ARKANSAS due to the earth’s crust/tectonic plates shifting.
      This makes TOTAL sense to me and I would LOVE to know what Hibiscus Moon thinks about this as well.

  13. Good info! I’ve been tentative about buying “Lemurians” because I’m afraid they won’t be legit. I can be more confident in my purchases now. Hopefully, the right one will find me soon. I’m itching to work with them.

    1. I’ve bought recently a small so-called Lemurian Crystal, which looks like a Laser wand. Surface
      is irregular, uneven , without striations. Shape is characteristic of “Laser” but maybe the seller thought it would be more attractive if “Lemurian”?

  14. I have a Lemurian Seed from Madagascar, I believe that the Lemurians left these in different locations around the world for us

  15. Apparently the original mine the lemurian crystals came from, Serra do Cabral, was mined out in 2006 and closed ten years ago, so virtually all lemurians in stores now are from other mines. Some come from other mines in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, but pieces sold as lemurians come from all over the world. If people intuitively feel other crystals showing a muzo growth pattern have the same information-bearing properties, I don’t see any reason to doubt they’re on to something.

  16. Hi,

    I have two. One is a Lemurian seed crystal and the other is a Lemurian crystal. Both are very powerful. One teaches and guides me and the other helps me connect with dolphins. It has a dolphin etched in the middle inside the crystal.

  17. Hola compre en amazon tu libro Regillas de Cristal, el problema es que no puede ser traducido al español, no lo puedo leer es una pena el archivo esta escrito en ingles en pdf.
    Siento una gran afinidad con los cristales y he trabajado con ellos aspectos muy lindos, sin tener mayor guía y orientación, es mas como por recuerdos.

    Espero puedas ayudarme con el libro y gracias

  18. What is the significance of what people call the time line on them aND the pointing of either past or future. I was given a gift of one of these with time line and pointing to the future. Thanks!

  19. I have a Large Lemurian crystal knife. I was pretty programed. A being came out. Saying I am the one. I am the one. I got scared and used Spirit to remove the entity.

  20. Is it possible to feel it’s energy by just looking at the lemurian crystals through a photo? Because as I looked at your photos posted here I got waves almost orgasmic feels from them or am I just weird.? I do feel each crystals energy in person. But this is the first time I’ve really felt this through a photo.

  21. Hello,
    I am just learning about Lemurian Crystals. Last year I picked up what I believe is a Lemurian seed crystal (I purchased at the Shasta gem show) pinkish orange in color. When we first moved from Southern California to Northern California in 90, we were in Dunsmuir. People would talk about the Lemurians that lived under Mt Shasta and there was community in Dunsmuir of people who live on a huge piece of property above moss brea falls. (Not sure if they are still there, our life went on, Marriage, children, etc. )Those are lava tubes that run the water from Mt Shasta to into the Sacramento River. The head courters of the Sac river starts in the park of the town of mt Shasta and is said to be sacred. People go there to fill up water bottles. I’m just wondering if you have heard anything about this yourself and if not, it might be a place people did not know about. I usually don’t write on blogs but I was holding my crystal as I was reading and I had the urge to put this on here. In a way I feel that I am giving away a secret and wondering if I should post. But something is saying to do so. I started getting into natural stones and crystals 2 years ago. Thank you for all your information that you provide.

  22. Namaste….we found a large enhydro Elestial that has records…would this make it a Lemurian Elestial? It has an incredible energy…spending time with it has been so enlightening, mostly issues I didn’t know I needed to deal with.

  23. Should we cleanse a Lemurian crystal? There is conflicting advice online. I read that cleansing them may delete the knowledge, and another report that cleansing supercharged them. Would it do any harm?

  24. Hello,
    After watching the video I have a question about the difference between seed and plain Lemurian crystals. Is there a metaphysical difference in the messages stored in one versus the other? I suppose I’d like to know why they’re differentiated.

  25. Being in the crystal business – is there a way you can point us newbie energy/light healers in the right direction in regards to purchasing an authentic lemurian seed crystal? After watching your videos and going on a quest to find such and item I have seen sooooo many that do NOT have the requirements to be a LS crystal. Help?!?! Thank you!

  26. I have a lemurian crystal. Is there any way to check that mine isn’t a clear quartz crystal that has been etched with lines? Just being skeptical and wondering if there is some way to be sure that I have a real lemurian crystal.
    Thank you!

  27. Hello. Thank you for your site! Love it and your light- heartedness!! Anyway I have a few Lemurians; some small, some quite large but they do have all of the characteristics of a true Lemurian. One of the larger ones I have has ancient looking symbols written on the inside of it! And when I show pictures of it to people they immediately feel chills when looking at it. It is the most incredible thing. I wish I could post a picture here but it’s amazing and it also appears as if these symbols or writings (there have been a few) in the crystal, change!!! That may sound weird to some but it changes!! It truly is extraordinary!

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