What is a Shamanic dream crystal & Shamanic star stone & what are they used for?

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Hey Chick Pea!

With my recent post on Crystals to Improve Dream Recall there was some confusion between Dream quartz & Shamanic Dream Crystal (stone) or Lodolite, which in turn often gets confused with Shamanic Star Stone aka Shaman Stone. Sheesh! Let’s make it confusing, why don’t we?

See, this is what I mean about all the various crystal property books making things confusing.

Don’t get me wrong! I love my crystal books but you need to learn to wade through some of the fluff & figure some stuff out for yourself.

Dream quartz is explained in the post I refer to above so I’ll leave that 1 there.

Shamanic Dream Crystal

Shamanic Dream Crystals/Stones (Lodolite) are usually used for enhancing daydreaming & Shamanic divining. Shamans have also been known to use these guys for vision quests & to bring about healings for others.

Shamanic Dream Crystal

Shamanic Dream Crystal. Photo taken by Mauro Cateb.

These stones have all the amazing qualities of clear quartz plus the additional vibrations of their different inclusions: Chlorite (the green parts) & iron. “Lodolite” is not a proper mineralogical term so don’t go spouting that off to your local mineral dealer. “Lodolite” comes from the Greek languange & means “muddy stone”. These babies are mined in the famous Minas Gerais region of Brazil. They can also have smokey quartz, phantoms and rutilated quartz too in it as well.

Its energy is very gentle & soft & makes a great crystal buddy for gazing, daydreaming, lucid dreaming, meditation & for Shamanic journeying, of course. They’re like a portal into another dimension. However, individuals who are not well grounded shouldn’t try to partake in these sorts of energy trips so use with caution.

Here’s something you can try:

1. Gaze into the stone; letting your eyes go out of focus…using “soft eyes”, allow yourself to drift into all the inclusions

2. Slowly close your eyes & allow the stone to guide you on a personal journey. See where it takes you.

Shamanic Star Stone aka Shaman Stone

There’s no confusion in how these stones look. The confusion is in the name: Shamanic Star Stone aka Shaman Stone, Boji Stone or Moqui Marbles. The Moqui name comes from the Moqui children who used them in games around the Grand Canyon area in Utah.

One of my shamanic star stones & some nuumite

One of my shamanic star stones & some nuumite

These babies are a curiosity.

Geologically, they’re simply iron oxide concretions, but we’re just not exactly sure how Mother Earth makes them. They’re made of a hematite outer shell with sandstone in the center.


Some believe them to be the most powerful stones on earth.

They’re excellent at cleansing, balancing, grounding and making a deep connection with nature.

They’re also known to help strengthen your energetic sheath, helping to keep stray non-beneficial energies from attaching to your EMF. Due to that, Shaman stones are ideal for alleviating the emotional fear of physical pain.

So I hope that helped to clarify a few things or introduced you to some new stones you ‘d like to get to know!

Happy Crystal Healing!



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  1. i was given a geode stone from my daughter, she was told it was a surprise geode. then she was told that the reason it was a surprise is you would see what you got when you cracked it open. (still intact) then while walking by the creek bank i found 2 more with in a 10 feet area. my question do i crack them open or just leave them. The powers or energy that they give off is quite strong. I asked if they or one would like to be opened up but no sense of what to do was given. sometimes i want to know what is inside but have done nothing.
    any ideas

  2. I went to bead convention a few years ago and bought something called shaman balls… I thought they were just cool looking things I could wire wrap! Come to find out they are Moqui stones!

  3. Mochi marbles, or shaman balls and boji stones are not the same. Shaman balls contain hematite and silicate in their outer shell (the center is sandstone). Boji stones contain pyrite, which can give them a sparkly appearance. They balance your energy field quickly and ground your energy, whereas the shaman balls balance also, but help enhance your intuition and facilitate shamanic journeying.

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