Crystal Blessings Everybody!  Here’s another Crystal Q&A Video for ya & this one’s on the topic of Sensing Crystal Energy.


Thanks to Sharron from Ottawa, Ontario for calling in with this great question about her son’s abilities to move crystals while hovering his hand over them & not touching them.  Sharon asks if her son is

“highly energized, or what makes the crystals move & shake without being touched?”

I think this stuff is so coooool. Check it out, Crystal Hottie:

Crystals are a great tool to start with because it is easier to connect with their energies, which is why they’re great for healing on so many different  levels with all kinds of people all over Mama Earth! Crystals have a special relationship with us because they have a precise geometric pattern in their molecular structure that give that base resonant frequency a really precise pattern for us to connect with energetically.


So, this most likely means Sharon’s son has a really high resonance with crystals.  His ability to move them with his own energy, his own mind, tells us  that he  is easily entraining with the vibrational frequencies of the crystals.

Probably, with practice, he’ll also be able to move other items, without touching them physically.

Moving stuff with your mind is referred to as Telekinesis, or Psychokinesis and there have been many, many people throughout the ages with these extraordinary abilities.  People have been tested over and over again –  while to date, scientists have not been able to disprove their ability.

Wish you could do this too? Well, this isn’t something I can do, but I can sense crystal energy & that is the first step. Sensing crystal energy is something that I teach in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. There are many ways to sense energies but in this post we’re just going to focus on a few quick tips for sensing energies with your hands…

Tips for Sensing Crystal Energy

  • Clean healthy living allows your sensing abilities to be sharper
  • Regular meditation practice also allows your sensing abilities to be more in tune
  • Closing your eyes, wearing headphones & dampening your other senses while trying to sense your crystal energies with your hands allows you to be more focused on the sensations
  • Regular practice. I suggest that my students practice sensing crystal energies about 3 times a week. Just like everything else, the more you practice, the better you get at it.

If your interested in  exploring a little further on this fascinating subject, here’s that video I mentioned by my Irish friends You Tube friends, Dreaming of Avalon…Click here to watch that. Tell them I sent you! 😉

I’m so glad Sharon asked this question! Something I feel strongly about & am always always, saying to my students, is to Never Stop Asking Questions.


Can you move something with just your mind?

You all know how much I believe in the strength & power of thoughts & how positive change can bring about magical life opportunities & experiences (and crystals can help with that – of course!) – So why wouldn’t some peeps be able to move crystals with the power of their mind?

Can you do it or do you know someone who can? I believe, do you? Tell me in the comments below 😉

Oodles of Crystal Blessings!