Crystals can & do heal animals & plants in just the same way they do us.

crystal healing

This is my sweet Topaz kitty sleeping with her favorite healing amethyst! ♥

You know I SUPREMELY enjoy teaching how science & metaphysics agree with each other (I get so excited when I find new ways that it dovetails together!!!)

I adore showing how science is now finally catching up to metaphysics.

“Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is simply too young to understand” (quote from Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons).

Oh, at times, we can be so enchanted by how “clever” we think we are. We tend to think that we have power or dominion over “lesser” kingdoms; such as minerals, plants & animals. That kind of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are in fact, ONE with everyone & everything. Science is now coming to terms with this. Exploring their way through, just now stumbling upon what the Ancient Ones & Shamen & Trees & EVERYTHING has been trying to tell us all along.

Y’know, we are relatively short-lived (on an evolutionary scale) as a species. Think of how long alligators & sharks…& bacteria have been around basically unchanged!! So, exactly how successful are we?

We’re so easily energetically-influenced, partly due to our emotions & partly due to our mainly non-crystalline structure. Unlike crystals, our body’s vibrations can move out of its dominant oscillatory rate (DOR) so very easily when we experience any type of stress. We’re also made of many varying oscillatory rates as our organs & even cells have all their own DORs.

Animals are affected to a lesser extent than we are (because they are more connected to Mother Earth), but do succumb as well. Plants, even less so.

Actually, since we (as humans) are all connected & influenced by everything, including crystals, our easily-influenced DOR makes it so that just about anything can mess with our energy field & leave its mark! Makes sense, huh?

Think about it. This can go either way….feeling serene & calm b/c you’re hangin’ with a nice chunk of rose quartz & then immediately feeling anxious & blech b/c someone just entered your environment in a brooding mood. Ever experience that?

Crystals are geometrically perfect from their exterior all the way down to their atomic structure…fractals.

This geometric perfection makes their DOR very STABLE. So when we work with a crystal, we can rely on its stable vibrational frequency (for the most part) & we will naturally entrain with it.

The abilities to heal & vibrate at the correct frequencies are already present within the cells of any living being’s body, just waiting to oscillate with the correct frequencies!!!

Why not give those living bodies the good vibes they crave? Whether, you’re a plant, animal, bacteria or human, the vibes will do their thing. 🙂

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