rose quartz

One stone that’s frequently on the top of my list is Rose Quartz. By the way — if you want to check out my Top 10 Must-Have Crystal List, head over here.

Many notice the HUGE Rose Quartz rock by my front door to entrain the vibrational frequencies of anyone entering my home.

Why do I keep that crystal there?

Rose Quartz is your crystal of love and compassion.

It’s a crystal for all matters of the heart; both emotional as well as physical.

Rose Quartz invites us to connect with Divine Energy. It’s a stone with very gentle energy and is an ideal stress-reliever while it also invites in more kindness and compassion.

It’s also known to assist with all matters of fertility and the menstrual cycle. I even include it in my very popular fertility combo.

This is also a stone for beauty often used in baths and facials. Brings about a glowy, more youthful skin tone. I pop a tumbled stone into my facial moisturizer and also use Rose Quartz facial discs for my facial. Alternately, you can find a Rose Quartz roller to stimulate blood flow to your complexion.

These are the polished Rose Quartz discs I like to include in my regular facials.

rose quartz facial discs

It can become your “BFF crystal” that you cultivate a really close bond with (like I have). I also have one of these buddy pieces that I’ve bonded with ever-present by my bedside; using that particular piece for a lot of different things. For instance, any kind of love, and we know there are different kinds of love in the English language. We should probably have different vocabulary words for the different types of love:

  • friendship love
  • family love
  • romantic love
  • self-love
  • compassion-love

I could go on but you get the picture.

All of these different types of love obviously are very, very important, so Rose Quartz is one that you may want to have in your collection, in my opinion.

rose quartz

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I love the crystal affirmations provided in The Book of Stones. I use these affirmations for so many things; to start off my intention for a crystal meditation, to help balance a chakra, or to include in a crystal grid. This one is the one given in that book for Rose Quartz:

“I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.”

Geology and Identification

As a type of quartz, Rose Quartz, just as other quartz varieties has a Mohs hardness of 7 and belongs to the trigonal crystal system. It’s usually a light pink,  but can vary in color, intensity, and hue; sometimes a very deep pink colored and at other times, very pale so that it’s barely pink. Sometimes they’re right in between.

Geologists were confused for quite some time about what element was responsible for its beautiful gentle pink color. I’m happy to say this debate has recently been put to rest! CalTech geologists recently published a paper that essentially blames the color on, not an element BUT:

“nanofibrous inclusions are the cause of coloration of massive Rose Quartz worldwide. These fibers do not occur in the rare, euhedral variety of Pink Quartz.” If you wanna geek out on that paper, here ya go! 

By the way, when they reference the “euhedral variety” what they’re talking about is the extremely rare “Pink Quartz” points I discuss below.

This stone can be found in Madagascar, South Dakota, Namibia, India, and Brazil.

Although translucent, it’s rarely ever transparent with a cloudy opaque look. You usually don’t see them growing naturally in points, that’s a rarity. Rose Quartz most often appears in masses, so no crystals or crystal faces.

Pink Quartz?

Sometimes you’ll find rare and unique (translate: very expensive) pieces that do grow in points (euhedral) and… wow if you have one of those; hold on to that baby because it’s worth quite a bit! They’re quite rare.  (BTW, serious geologists don’t even consider these scarce Rose Quartz natural points to be “Rose Quartz”. In fact, they officially call them “Pink Quartz”).

One major difference that sets them apart is that their pink color is not caused by the same process so that technically makes them an entirely different mineral. Another important distinction between the two is that Pink Quartz is light-sensitive (so don’t leave it under UV lights or exposed to sunlight) – Rose Quartz is not. Hey, if you want to geek out on that, check it out.

rose quartz

Examples of those super-rare natural Rose Quartz point clusters. Photo Credit: Rob Larinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia)

The varieties from Madagascar and also from South Dakota are unique in that they exhibit a star rose (also known as asterism) caused by rutile inclusions. These star roses are usually visible when polished and they also are a deeper pink than Rose Quartz from other locales.

This is a great link to dive into more detailed geological info.

Chakra Association

This stone works very well with the Heart chakra for emotional heart issues, spiritual heart issues as well as physical heart issues.

Rose Quartz Self Love Bath Recipe

This piggy-backs onto last week’s topic; Crystal Bath Therapy. Here’s a checklist of items you can add/use for a super-relaxing self-love-inducing bath experience. Ahhhh!

rose quartz

Photo credit: @aldengagnon on Instagram (shared with permission). She shared: “Today I quite literally surrounded myself with self-love! I used these ingredients for a self-love ritual bath (inspired by the recipe in Hibiscus Moon’s latest video”.

BTW, each item listed here is optional, there are no hard fast rules but the more items you can add in, the more amplified the effect):

  • Pink Himalayan sea salt: 1 cup
  • Rosewood essential oil: 4 drops
  • Rose absolute essential oil: 2 drops
  • Several tumbled Rose Quartz stones (4-7 depending on size)
  • Pink rose petals (organic, dried, or fresh)
  • Rose quartz candles (you can make your own as discussed here)
  • Rose Water (a few squirts or use as facial toner post-bath)

rosewater and rose quartz

Are These Meanings Reliable?

This section refers to a new disclaimer I’ve needed to give recently.

The info on this page relies mostly on common crystal correspondences that have been relied on for hundreds of years (much going back to ancient times), that I have also researched and have found to be consistent for myself, my clients as well as for the thousands of students and graduates of my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course. Now, the known-crystal properties ring true for about 80% of the population.

However, recently, something has changed.

For those that don’t resonate with Rose Quartz’s usual correspondences; instead of being indifferent to it, now these people are seeing more of an intensely negative reaction. Something has shifted with the energy there. Both with us as humans reacting to the stone as well as with the crystal itself, especially being a silicate.  If you’d like to learn more about this possible issue, I wrote a blog post here about why this may be occurring.

I don’t personally find this to be true for myself, but for some, it’s even bringing up feelings of anger and anxiety! Not a widespread issue but something to definitely keep in mind. You’ll need to experiment with it to see how you react to Rose Quartz. Hopefully, you’re in the 80%.

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Rose Quartz is an all-time sparkly fav and if you don’t have some in your collection, I highly recommend that you do get some.

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Crystal Blessings!

Hibiscus Moon