Finally, here I am with the Nighttime Routine!

If you haven’t already read/watched my Morning Routine, you can do so here.


So, the day’s over and now it’s time to hit the reset button and Reprogram the Subconscious Mind for your night time journey and for the next day.

1. Bath Time

First, I may do a Healing Magnesium Crystal Bath for EMF Detox 1-2 week. Click here to see how to do that. Epsom salts help relieve pain and inflammation and also contain magnesium—known to help with sleep.

2. If needed: Calm your Heart

Did you know that our heart is the dominant oscillary resonator for our body?

Its electro-frequency is 60 times greater than your brain’s & its magnetic frequency is 5000 times greater! When you’re not sleeping well its usually because you’re overstimulated, worrying or just plain stressed out. When you’re in these states, your heart gets whacked out, beating faster or irregularly, releasing a stress hormone – cortisol.

How to calm it down?

Loving + compassionate feelings. And crystals work so well to help us conjure up those feelings. I will hold a rough piece of rose quartz that I work with frequently (I have a really good connection with this piece) or a smooth & polished rose quartz heart directly over my heart chakra while thinking on feelings of peace, gratitude, compassion & love & doing long slow deep breaths. I may also visualize little pink hearts pouring out to the Universe on each exhale

These feelings have been shown over and over again to reduce cortisol, bringing coherence to your heart & brain (allowing your brain+ heart rhythms to synch-up: that’s a good thing!), allowing you to enter a restful & rejuvenating sleep state. Within 5-10 min.  you’ll be breathing more relaxed and deeply naturally + then: sleepy time!

3. Nighttime Journaling Practice

This step allows me to reflect, relax, and recalibrate. 3 sub-steps here. Then every night, before I go to bed at night,

a. brain dump: chucking out any bothersome worries, thoughts, ideas, and ‘to do’ lists. Write it down. Post-it notes for sep. to-dos. Because if your mind is in think-mode, your energy is not in shut-down mode.

b. I like to do a check-in while holding my rose quartz or lepidolite (I feel like the day I just had was an intense one then I may switch those out for smokey quartz and or black tourmaline). How did I do today? What could I have done better? Then visualize what that can look like next time.

c. My gratitude list. hold either my rose quartz or the lepidolite and write down 3 things you were grateful today. That way, you’re thinking of all the wonderful things… 3 things! No matter how small. Your bed, your breath…

4. Next, night time energetic shower

Yes, time to do it again.

Just as important as doing this in the morning is doing it now at the end of the day: Remember?

I visualize + sense the crystal in my hand connecting with my glowing aura (EMF) and beaming energy into me (this energy is like sparkling glowing rays of light with rainbow twinkles in it… you can visualize it any way you like but this is what I see) + flowing through my body, releasing out the top of my head at my crown chakra and then gently flowing back down around me like a fountain of radiant rainbow light…

Then flowing back up under and through my root chakra in a continuous loop.

I actually picture it around me like a twinkling flowing egg-shape of light flowing out + around + around; a cont. loop. Then I start to feel it It’s actually there. I’m just making a conscious connection to it. I do that for about 30 seconds.

Longer if I really feel I need it.

Because sometimes you just do.

Bonus 1: A Sleepy-Time Mojo Bag

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for a bit, you know I ♥ my mojo bags. I created this quite some time ago and used to sell bucket-loads of them in my Etsy shop back in the day… a tell-tale sign I wasn’t the only one in need of some sleep-help. These are perfect for inducing restful calming sleep. I still use one of these under my pillow when I feel I need it +they’re so easy to make.

Just take a small organza bag — fill it about 1/2 full with dried lavender buds (I only use sustainably harvested premium quality certified organic lavender flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs). Then I amp up and empower the herb with 2 large amethyst tumbled crystals (or raw points) + 2 large sodalite tumbled stones (small rough ones are hard to find). To this mix, I add 10 or so drops of premium certified organic lavender essential oil (spike)… again from Mountain Rose.

The organza bag allows the lavender scent to drift out & blend its vibrational frequency with that of the amethyst + sodalite to gently lull you to sleep.

Both amethyst + sodalite are known for their powerful calming and soothing qualities. Amethyst is also a lovely dream-time stone. Why the lavender? Lavender has long been known to help induce a calm state + promote sleep.

You can place this little mojo bag near your pillow or in your pillowcase.

You can also grab it, take it with you and use it to help calm you down throughout the day.

Bonus 2: Crystal Grid Ideas!

Want some sleepy time crystal grid ideas? Head over here:

There are so many more things you can add to your nighttime routines to reprogram the subconscious mind, I just stuck to the crystal related things, but also keep in mind to keep it practical and do-able.

Because if it’s not; you will not stick with it long term. And then what’s the point? Please share your tips in the comments below too!

Crystal Blessings,

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