I often find myself in the unique position of defending the unprovable, the unseen, the unmeasurable….and I find that EXHILARATING!!

Our Universe/Multiverse is so mysterious & fascinating…SURELY we cannot understand it all, I don’t care if you’re a Genius Mensa Astrophysicist… you cannot & do not know it ALL! And that to me is what makes living life here on Mama Earth so exciting.

We’re here to explore, experiment & wonder.


Recently, I received this question.

Q: “I’ve heard different things regarding record keepers in quartz crystals – they hold encoded records of information imprinted in each Record Keeper. I’ve also been told by someone I highly respect that there hasn’t been anything proven. That the record keepers do not have any additional information or messages nor do they make the stone more powerful. What’s your response to those that say there’s no proof…or do you know of any?”

*tangent alert, tangent alert* Geek Freak Flag flying high!!!

Proof, proof, proof. Peeps want proof.

First, here’s my take on Crystal Record Keepers that also explains what they are:

Here we go…

To the person who stated that there hasn’t been anything “proven” and that crystal record keepers don’t hold any special info, I ask,

“What does that mean?”

Empirical scientific measurable evidence = proof? Then yes, they are correct! But I also must assume that this person must not be involved in our metaphysical world at all b/c most of the stuffs we speak of in our metaphysical world has not been “proven”, right? That’s par for the course. 😉

‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.’ -Hugh Nibley

And that “empirical scientific measurable evidence”-thought process is totally OK. Heck, I was immersed in it as a Science Department Chair for over a decade. I can shift gears into that world in an instant! I still mingle with many of my colleagues in the scientific community that feel that everything needs to be proven in this way & so…while they think I’m loveable, they also think I’m slightly NUTS. ♥ I can still back up much of what I preach with lots of science so I don’t get the full on straight-jacket treatment from them. LOL!


Nothing wrong with that scientific thinking & no judgements there from me. I do know that when I teach about crystals & energy in a metaphysical sense, I’m greatly stretching those “empirical scientific measurable evidence”-boundaries.

But I & many others whom I highly respect in our community who do believe in the science AND metaphysics, fully accept & understand that not everything CAN be proven by our known measuring devices & capabilities. Perhaps 1 day that will be possible, but right now it isn’t. And just b/c we can’t measure it doesn’t mean that the special attributes are not there.

“Just because an idea is true doesn’t mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn’t mean it’s true.”

― neuroscience writer & philosopher, Jonah Lehrer.

*BTW, there is so much within the acceptable world of science that we still cannot measure or fully understand: quantum energy, so many aspects of astrophysics, subatomic particles, dark matter (let alone the true nature of the fascinating molecular structure of crystals). [ADDED July 2017: In fact, there’s a current scientific debate raging over a recent Feb. 2017 Scientific American article: “Pop Goes the Universe” regarding inflationary cosmology (the expanding universe model) stating that it “cannot be evaluated using the scientific method” and further states that by accepting that model scientists are “discarding one of [science’s] defining properties: empirical testability,” so by accepting the model we are “promoting the idea of some kind of nonempirical science.” So! If cosmologists and astrophysicists are willing to do that for one of the more widely accepted models of our universe, where do you draw the line? But I digress!*

I feel very strongly that crystal record keepers (like my Trigonic Record Keeper here) offer us so much information & an opportunity for us to access it in a very special way.


As for who or what put these engravings in place, I cannot answer that.

I feel record keepers have a deep connection to sacred geometry, which inherently carries deeply-coded & profound info for us. Can anyone prove that’s NOT the case?

I also feel these record keepers are perfectly mirroring the underlying field-patterning of the very fabric of our Universe! The record keeper triangles are a manifestation of the underlying quartz tetrahedral lattice. Hey! I warned you that my Geek Freak Flag was up! At full mast, Baby!

“The fundamental underlying geometry of the vacuum of space is an infinite scalar tetrahedral lattice…”

– physicist Nassim Haramein

Graphic credit: Dave Seied

Scalar tetrahedral lattice. Graphic credit: Dave Seied

scalar tetrahedral lattice

Can’t be proven?

That’s OK by me. 😉

I’m excited to take in the wonder, the mystery & the awe.  Do you have a special record keeper that you have connected with? Share with us in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings of Awe & Sparkly Mystery!