Can’t Measure This! A discussion on crystal record keepers

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I often find myself in the unique position of defending the unprovable, the unseen, the unmeasurable….and I find that EXHILARATING!!

Our Universe/Multiverse is so mysterious & fascinating…SURELY we cannot understand it all, I don’t care if you’re a Genius Mensa Astrophysicist… you cannot & do not know it ALL! And that to me is what makes living life here on Mama Earth so exciting.

We’re here to explore, experiment & wonder.


Recently, I received this question.

Q: “I’ve heard different things regarding record keepers in quartz crystals – they hold encoded records of information imprinted in each Record Keeper. I’ve also been told by someone I highly respect that there hasn’t been anything proven. That the record keepers do not have any additional information or messages nor do they make the stone more powerful. What’s your response to those that say there’s no proof…or do you know of any?”

*tangent alert, tangent alert* Geek Freak Flag flying high!!!

Proof, proof, proof. Peeps want proof.

First, here’s my take on Crystal Record Keepers that also explains what they are:

Here we go…

To the person who stated that there hasn’t been anything “proven” and that crystal record keepers don’t hold any special info, I ask,

“What does that mean?”

Empirical scientific measurable evidence = proof? Then yes, they are correct! But I also must assume that this person must not be involved in our metaphysical world at all b/c most of the stuffs we speak of in our metaphysical world has not been “proven”, right? That’s par for the course. 😉

‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.’ -Hugh Nibley

And that “empirical scientific measurable evidence”-thought process is totally OK. Heck, I was immersed in it as a Science Department Chair for over a decade. I can shift gears into that world in an instant! I still mingle with many of my colleagues in the scientific community that feel that everything needs to be proven in this way & so…while they think I’m loveable, they also think I’m slightly NUTS. ♥ I can still back up much of what I preach with lots of science so I don’t get the full on straight-jacket treatment from them. LOL!


Nothing wrong with that scientific thinking & no judgements there from me. I do know that when I teach about crystals & energy in a metaphysical sense, I’m greatly stretching those “empirical scientific measurable evidence”-boundaries.

But I & many others whom I highly respect in our community who do believe in the science AND metaphysics, fully accept & understand that not everything CAN be proven by our known measuring devices & capabilities. Perhaps 1 day that will be possible, but right now it isn’t. And just b/c we can’t measure it doesn’t mean that the special attributes are not there.

“Just because an idea is true doesn’t mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn’t mean it’s true.”

― neuroscience writer & philosopher, Jonah Lehrer.

*BTW, there is so much within the acceptable world of science that we still cannot measure or fully understand: quantum energy, so many aspects of astrophysics, subatomic particles, dark matter (let alone the true nature of the fascinating molecular structure of crystals). [ADDED July 2017: In fact, there’s a current scientific debate raging over a recent Feb. 2017 Scientific American article: “Pop Goes the Universe” regarding inflationary cosmology (the expanding universe model) stating that it “cannot be evaluated using the scientific method” and further states that by accepting that model scientists are “discarding one of [science’s] defining properties: empirical testability,” so by accepting the model we are “promoting the idea of some kind of nonempirical science.” So! If cosmologists and astrophysicists are willing to do that for one of the more widely accepted models of our universe, where do you draw the line? But I digress!*

I feel very strongly that crystal record keepers (like my Trigonic Record Keeper here) offer us so much information & an opportunity for us to access it in a very special way.


As for who or what put these engravings in place, I cannot answer that.

I feel record keepers have a deep connection to sacred geometry, which inherently carries deeply-coded & profound info for us. Can anyone prove that’s NOT the case?

I also feel these record keepers are perfectly mirroring the underlying field-patterning of the very fabric of our Universe! The record keeper triangles are a manifestation of the underlying quartz tetrahedral lattice. Hey! I warned you that my Geek Freak Flag was up! At full mast, Baby!

“The fundamental underlying geometry of the vacuum of space is an infinite scalar tetrahedral lattice…”

– physicist Nassim Haramein

Graphic credit: Dave Seied

Scalar tetrahedral lattice. Graphic credit: Dave Seied

scalar tetrahedral lattice

Can’t be proven?

That’s OK by me. 😉

I’m excited to take in the wonder, the mystery & the awe.  Do you have a special record keeper that you have connected with? Share with us in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings of Awe & Sparkly Mystery!


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  2. Namaste Hibiscus Moon,

    Great video and very interesting about these popping up all over more and more.

    I recently bought a Quartz point with Epidote dusting on the outside from Messina mine in South Africa that is self healed and has soooo many record keepers on it’s big grounding face. I didn’t know it had any record keepers until it arrived. It is now my best buddy Quartz!! It is just brilliant to know that this came to me without me choosing specifically to buy a record keeper!

    I have to say that I was a little sceptical about the whole record keepers thing before this special guy arrived!

    Love all the sharings!

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    2. Wow am I glad I asked the question that sparked the invaluable wisdom that followed… THANK YOU!! LOVE your ‘tangents’ bc we gain so much from them! 🙂

      When I 1st heard about Record Keepers and that they DO hold information, that’s what resonated with me. Then I heard that they didn’t mean anything and to save my money, that just confused me bc of what already resonated with me. Now I have amazing knowledge to assist with backing up my instincts. But then again why would I need to back up my instincts….
      I’ll just keep connecting with what I chose to connect with, Record Keepers and all!

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        Cindy!!! TY so much for lighting the fire under my bum. I was so happy to release this info into the world & you were my MUSE. Very grateful to you. I hope you thoroughly ENJOY your record keepers!

  3. Awesome, just love it when you get your freak flag flying!!

    Did you ever think that so many record keepers where/are coming to you for a reason?

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  4. Nassim Haramein is sooooo interesting. Have you heard the song by Denean, Crossing the Event Horizon? Check it out. I love my record keepers and all thing sparkly. I flit, I float, I flutter by anything that is a bright shiny object. I am the Cosmic Butterfly. ‘Truth is truth wherever you find it.’

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  5. Excuse my ignorance :/ but I have never heard of a Record Keeper…what is it please? I have been adopted by a Manifest quartz and a Rainbow but RK is a new term to me x

  6. Hi Hibiscus!

    Do you think you will ever do a video about some of the information that you get during your downloads? I would be really interested to hear some of your experiences or even just how your receive information in general during meditation!

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  7. Hello Hibiscus Moon,
    As a fellow scientist and crystal / metaphysical freak, whenever I get a question regarding “proof” of whether crystals work or the whole metaphysical thing is just so called “wishful thinking” I usually reply with the following. “Billions of people throughout the world believe in God or other such Deities and do so without scientific evidence. Their belief is based solely on FAITH and their individual experience. So if it is acceptable to believe in God based on faith alone, why then is it not acceptable to believe that crystals do what they do based on my experience with them and that of millions of others throughout the world.”

    Love your youtube channel and your site!

    1. Andrew, I was reading through the comments before making my own, and when I found yours, I no longer needed to post my own! You have stated EXACTLY what I wanted to say myself! Faith is where the “power” lies. Thank you for so nicely and respectfully wording my thoughts! 🙂

    2. Many will counter with the assertion that there is no proof of the existence of the Divine, and that anyone who does have a religious/spiritual faith is delusional, too weak to deal with reality, and/or stupid.

      This is just absolutism bumping up against absolutism, and telling people that they’re just wrong because (insert moral certainty here) never helps.

      My response is to talk about all this as part of my current best theory around an area which I know makes lots of people uncomfy and even defensive, and one which both works for me AND is subject to change in the face of good evidence. Embracing uncertainty tends to throw people off. It turns out that people who want to put you down in order to feel good about themselves (whether they’re apparently motivated by religious or anti-religious intolerance) find it really hard to cope when someone listens carefully to their points and responds kindly and openly. To sum up, I generally say that we’re complex ecosystems (made of human, bacterial, and virus cells called the microbiome) which are also part of many interdependent ecosystems; that anyone in the “squishy sciences” will know that our physiological responses to our environment far outstrip our conscious mind’s ability to register them, never mind comprehend them. When we think of ourselves not as solid, separate individuals but as layers of wider ecosystems, exquisitely attuned to our environments, the apparently “woo woo” becomes much easier to understand.

      By this time, people have either walked away or are really interested.

  8. Greetings Hibiscus!
    Thank you for sharing this blog. I have a few amethyst crystals with record keepers, but have never connected with them. 🙁 But I am hopeful and have the faith that someday I will.

  9. Greetings!

    Loved you video on recordkeepers! I thought the natural ones were one sort of recordkeeper (rather common) and might have seen a few of the trigonic, but would like to know about another type I have seen….

    I was with some friends that were sharing about how to develop my sensitivity to all of this (seems I have some hidden talents but do not know how to build them) and suggested that I try automatic writing. I did this for a while, and wrote an essay on “the keeper of records”.

    About a month later, I walked into a metaphysical store, and the owner was sorting crystals. When I asked him about it – he said that he was sorting out recordkeepers – I said “like this one?” and picked up one that he had rejected. He looked at it and said I had a good eye and let me buy it at the reject price. I asked him if he had a book on recordkeepers and he pointed out a few books. I picked up one and bought it and the crystal I had found out of the rejects.

    When I opened the book to the chapter on recordkeepers, I was amazed that my automatic writing essay was almost verbatim of this chapter.

    The wildest thing, however is that the three triangles that were on my crystal were perfect carved and beveled triangles – right down to the three points of each triangle except for the third one where the base line extended to the right a bit past the right corner, and ended in a perfect triangle bevel where it stopped. How do I know this? I brought it to a jeweler and looked at it through a loupe. It was carved on the face of the crystal and it was perfect carving! I know the guy at the store did not do it nor know of it, cause he had rejected it – but since then I have never been able to find out about that type of recordkeeper. Have you ever heard of this sort? Could you share any info about it if you have?

    I no longer have this crystal, nor my writing nor the book cause Katrina swallowed them all up! I do believe when I do run across one again I might be more prepared to unlock the information (I tried everything but did not learn anything about or from it) this go round…

  10. Luv it! Luv all the fantastical quotes also regarding that nothing metaphysical and the likes can b proved, but if one resonates, and one is guided to all our beautiful magical buddies then one must remember that ‘this is ur gold’, it may not b another’s gold, ‘But believe that YES this IS UR GOLD! I was guided by one of my guides very very divinely to Andara glass which I knew very little about at the time..I was also questioned about my Andara in a very controversial way to say the least by a friend whom I’ve always always supported their metaphysical ways/beliefs,this was very personal and a very touchy subject, as not only did they offer to send me “200yr old aged glass” frm an “educated scientist” friend of theirs, directly comparing this to my Andara! I’m a huge crystal lover, collector, artist and metaphysical geek! And would never ever question “another’s gold” or belief systems etc. instead simply and easily be excited that one had found and been divinely guided to their GOLD! Luv these discussions, feeling at home here, bless!

  11. You asked in one of videos why all the record keepers are coming forth…. not sure you wanted thoughts on this but here is the message anyway……. We are in a great time of change as the seke(energy lines) of Mother Earth have realined.
    All the light workers in their various paths , forms and way of working are being called forward to take their place. The quartz and other various stones are making their way to the prospective people and places that they need to work with, with and give information to, As this great time of transformation continues… we will need the information of how to help others through……. The women will be stepping into an awesome role of leadership… where they have always been but it will very clear and visible. We will need all the information from our quartz friends as it will bring into understanding the ancient ways and integrating them with the future ways in order to create our new present. Tis new energy is about remembering who we are, have been and will always be…. it is about acute awareness of being present every moment…. in complete compassion for ourselves and others. The How to of being in the luminous form through the physical body.


  12. Such a wonderful post!, and I LOVE the video about record keepers! It is really interesting that so many of these stones with record keepers are revealing themselves now. I really enjoy reading everyone else’s comments and thoughts about why this is happening. I have a palm size amethyst stone – because I use it daily in healing sessions, I’m quite familiar with it, the way it looks, etc. After a recent session, I picked it up, and the light flashed across one of the surface faces, and I spot the very clear impression/imprint of a wing! This is a stone I handle every day. A stone that I’ve looked at, thanked, sniffed, cleansed hundreds of times, and BOOM… this appears. Things that make you go hmmmm (and thank you)

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  14. Aren’t a lot of people mistaking the trigonal patterns on the face of some crystals for record keepers? Its my understanding (and belief) that to be a true record keeper, the triangle has to be raised or indented.

    1. From my experience
      The Sunkin are information from past that was programed in to the crystal
      The Raised awaken your own inner cellular memory

  15. in more than 30yrs of working with crystals I find that they are just as selective as humans as to who they share personal information with….so what one may tell you, they might not me or others, and they know when a human is ready or prepared to work with their awareness and will not share until the vibration of the person is high enough to use it ethically with love for the greater good… if a crystal didn’t open up to someone it’s them not the crystal and the need to vibrate with more enlightenment to be selected for the gift held. aKuna Kumara

  16. In the late 80’s my husband, my son and a close friend attended a State Fair. At the fair a man was selling what he called Record Keeper quartz crystals. He had a lamp under which he was showing the little triangles on the different facets of the different crystals to us. We were talking about each cyrstal with him. I wanted one, but could not afford the prices he was asking for the Record keepers. But he had beauitful little perfect crystal for a very inexpensive price. I asked him about it and he said it was not a record keeper. The he picked it up and proceeded to show us under the light that were no triangles on any of the facets. I told him I would take it.

    He handed it to me and I clasped it in my hand tightly while my husband and my friend continued to look and discuss the other record keeper crystals with him. After about five minutes I handed the crystal to him. He got this very strange look on his face and put the crystal back under the light. There were now mutiple triangles all over the different facets of the crystal. He sold it to me at the original price. This crystal comes and goes in my environment. It is gone right now, but will probably be found again by me or a family member in a strange place in the house.

  17. Hi, Hibiscus Moon! I’m learning a lot from you! You’re the only one I’ve watched that kept my attention and I actually learn from. After watching this the other night, I checked my quartz (clear, amethyst and citrine) and they have amazingly all trigonic record keepers. Most of them were given to me and I bought an amethyst point and 2 citrines. I have 2 big clear quartz that were given to me have numerous trigonic and most of the 5 smaller one I chose that were also given to me have trigonics! I haven’t seen any other kind! Wow!

  18. Hi there, Hibiscus Moon and fellow Crystal Hotties,

    I have an interesting story with a happy ending. At least for myself and the crystal that is the star of my story 🙂

    Years ago, I bought a nice sized clear quartz point at a neighbor’s garage sale for $4.00. I brought it home and put it in a bowl behind my kitchen sink with some other pretty tumbles. It sat there gathering dust for years.

    In 2015, as my interest and education in crystals and crystal healing began to grow, my husband and I made the pilgrimage to the Mt. Ida Quartz mines in western Arkansas as a result of viewing a video I’d seen on some site about someone going to dig there. It may have been you HM, now that I think about it. We dug tons of our own goodies, and the experience transformed me into the crystal freak I am today! When we returned, I promised an online friend that I’d share my take with her. So I packaged some up and also included some other gems and sparkly things that I had. Since I had never connected with the crystal point I bought at that long ago garage sale and had since had a bad falling out with the neighbor who sold the point to me, I thought I’d send that along to my friend, as well. I didn’t care for the energy of those crystals any longer. So I boxed up a little care package and put it aside to wait for her address.

    While waiting, I learned about Lemurian crystals. At the time, I didn’t think I own any. I began to think about the Quartz point. So I unwrapped it and really examined it. Sure enough, the point is a Lemurian! I thought “Wow, I almost sent her away!” No wonder I never connected with her. I didn’t understand how special she was, and she didn’t understand my rejection and why I’d wrap her up and stick her in the dark.

    Well, needless to say, I added the point into my collection. After cleansing and smudging to release any of that toxic energy I felt from that neighbor. Even though I now know Quartz doesn’t require cleansing. As I learned more about Quartz attributes, I found that she’s full of glitter, as well! She’s also self-healed. The biggest surprise came when I was showing my husband the crystal one day and pointing out her attributes. He takes her and turns her this way and that in natural light. Then he informs me that there are little triangles, a bunch of them, all over the main face! Well, knowing by that time what Record Keepers were, I became very excited. Sure enough, they were all over it! The most astounding thing to me is that the most pronounced two are separated by a perfectly straight, etched line from side to side on the main face. One upward facing, raised triangle is above the line and one below it. Spaced at what my eye sees evenly away from the line. Top and bottom.

    Well, this baby just became the center of my world, LOL. And my collection. I know this is a long post but I’ve been jones’n to explain this to someone who may understand. I just signed up for your March class this morning, and I’m looking SO forward to it!

    Namaste, and keep up the great vibe!

  19. Hi HM!! This may sound strange, but I was wondering if record keepers can be faked? Can the triangles be put there or etched in by a seller? Is this something we should be on the lookout for? Your input is always greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

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