UPDATED: Real Citrine vs. Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference ** SHOW NOTES

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Topic: UPDATED: Real Citrine vs. Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference

In today’s show we’re digging into exactly how to tell the difference between real citrine and the baked variety so:

  • you’re well-geo-educated on working with this powerful crystal
  • you’ll know confidentially what’s in your collection
  • you’ll have checklists on how to spot a fake
  • you can make well-informed purchases
  • …is it still Citrine-Energy?

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In this blog post, I’ve included the show notes for today’s show or the most recent show, including the links and resources I reference in the video:


In my last show (Part 1 in my Citrine series), we discussed Citrine Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings so you can learn how to effectively work with this popular and powerful crystal. If you need some citrine background, go ahead and start there.

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By the way… have you ever looked at a crystal and thought, “Is this the real deal or is this just a fake?” Want my guidance on becoming more Crystal Savvy? Then come take a look at my Crystal Savvy: Crystal + Mineral Identification Class Elective. 

Natural Citrine

natural citrine

For instance, in the above photo, you can see some of what I was referring to in the show this week; you can see the variations of citrine color always with a yellow hue with the left one a very smokey yellow. All crystals shown here are Congo citrine with the exception of the Top Right, which happens to be a natural citrine from Brazil.

So, you can see these natural crystals have:

  • lots of clarity
  • the color is uniform throughout the crystal
  • they have a relatively straight quartz crystal formation
  • and no white base
  • with some red hematite tucked in where they were plucked out of the rock matrix

Baked Citrine

baked citrine

Below, we have amethyst that’s been baked to appear as what’s commonly sold as “citrine”. You can see how Crystal Family member, Shayla, baked her amethyst into citrine. Here she’s showing us her light colored amethyst before and after baking. Thank you, Shayla, for putting my teachings to the test and sharing your photos.

You can see that characteristic deeper orange color and tell-tale white base that looks like a root that’s been plucked out of a geode formation… that’s because that’s exactly how these usually grow, as part of a larger geode or druse. As a result of baking, the crystalline molecular bonds become weaker. (as I discussed this in detail in the show.)

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Have you ever looked at a crystal and thought, “Is this the real deal or is this just a fake?” Want my guidance on becoming more Crystal Savvy? Then come take a look at my Crystal Savvy: Crystal + Mineral Identification Class Elective. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s topic. Please post your comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Thank you so much for this Hibiscus Moon! I never did feel the energy from the fake stuff. Although I have many amethyst, something happens when it is baked….I don’t know, it just has never done anything for me. But I do have a question: if almost all of what we see out there is fake (I see a lot) and the read deal is getting harder to find and is expensive, can you suggest an alternative. I am reading in The Book of Stones among others and wanting to set up grids that are suggesting Citrine. What could be used instead? Should we focus on color similarities? Should we look to the same geometric shapes or properties?

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      1. I was going to ask the same question. I don’t feel comfortable using tumbled fake citrine in my prosperity grid. I’m currently in the CCH course and want to do a prosperity/abundance grid. I was already considering using pyrite. Thanks for clarifying my dilemma.

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  2. Hi thank you from r always delivering such great information! For the this citrine thing is not such a controversy, it’s just mimicking in a controlled environment what the earth naturally does itself. But you gotta stick with what works for You as an individual.

    The biggest current controversy for me is all the fake shaped and polished enhydro crystals currently flooding the market from China. These are sold at extraordinary prices and the man-made nature is not disclosed! Information about it is being suppressed on social media.

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  3. curious what crystals will be covered in the crystal savvy identification class.
    I am on the fence about signing up…..I know quite a few, and wonder if it is new information to me or not.
    thank you very much
    ps have sent a few folk to the crystal healing class, and I know that 2 signed up!
    I have a retail shop and sell great pieces…..folk are amazed at my knowledge, and ask where they could learn…..I always tell folk Hibiscus Moon!

  4. Loved the part 2 (and part 1!) on citrine…this has become my favorite to work with (shhhh don’t tell my amethyst or clear quartz) and because of Hibiscus Moon and the information she shares, I took my time and knew exactly what I wanted and what to look for and have a truly amazing congo citrine that I know is the real deal….and oh the energy I feel with this one. Based on what I have learned in the classes, I am pretty sure it is also a cathedral! Thank you for the education and turning me into a crystal loving crazy woman 🙂

  5. I appreciate the way you kindly hold the line on authentic citrine; this is a touchy issue. When I watched your last video on citrine it was snowing here, but the light was bright, so I laid down white paper on my desk and put all my citrines on it together. My studio is half window, so this is for me, an optimum white light. Three of my pieces were clearly baked, one probably baked, and four clearly real! Now I realize that I had two citrines I did not know know about because they were a pale gold champagne color. Fortunately my favorite (and largest) crystals are real, if they were not. I would be very upset! As to the others…I feel the dealers did not know. I agree that all dealers have an obligation to update and constantly know what remains a shifting market. I am glad you are not afraid to change your perspective when you feel methods and energy’s shift.

  6. I can only give my experience with heat treated citrine vs. real deal citrine. I had put together my big abundance/success/wealth grid last September and used some tumbled citrines that yep…were amethyst heat treated to look crackled inside and intensely yellow/orange. They were seriously flashy things, but after hearing Hibiscus talk about heat treated citrine I replaced them with the real thing tumbles (which in their real state were glowy, subtle and really prettier than the heat treated “citrine”). I’d been trying to sell a building in a difficult real estate area for two years. Just paying bills on this empty building. 3 weeks after I replaced the heat treated ones with genuine citrine….the building sold for what I needed to get out of it. For CASH. So it’s a live and learn for me. Now my grid is being focused on new things and I expect continued good things from working with it. Genuine worked much better for me and I’ll never use anything but genuine.

  7. I was so very excited to find Congo Citrine in Tucson. It was at the top of my list and I was speechless when we decided to stop at a small show because we arrived in Tucson about 4 pm so no time to go to a big one. My husband found this piece that he had never seen anything like so he brings it to me asks what it is…totally speechless. It was Congo and it was very obviously mine….been waiting for me. The only one he had. So meant to be. The vendor offered to take $20.00 off and I didn’t or wasn’t even thinking about asking. Then next door we found another vendor that had a bag full of small Congo points. We bought 1 1/3 kilo. They just about all have the baby points around the stone . I wish I could share a picture. I’m so proud og mine and to offer it to others in the small points. We did find in at 22sd st. and Pueblo but nothing like these the first day.

  8. Hi I have read all kinds of things about crystals and my zodiac sign and have found a lot of crystals for my zodiac sign but when I look them up they are not even for my zodiac sign can you help me with this I am Scorpio a water sign well one of the water signs can you please help me find out what crystal are in my zodiac sign thank you for all of your help

  9. I have a 9 year old grand daughter who want to learn some things about crystals is she too young to learn about them ? What age should we teach our children and grand kids at ? right now she is into every thing and at the some time in to crystals more amethyst what are your thoughts on this thank you for your time please get back to me about this and zodiac crystals

  10. I have enjoyed learning .
    I always prefer to have things at their natural state . I think that it should be mentioned that it is fake citrine. It may not make a difference to some because of using some stones for color therapy .

  11. Hey! I found this very helpful. I just bought Citrine today and then re read this blog and I was curious if anyone could tell me if I purchased fake Citrine? I could send a photo of what I purchased today.

  12. Hi Hibiscus

    I tried several times to download the checklist for fake crystals. I’m going to a gem show in New Jersey tomorrow and would like to have it for reference. PS I am on your mailing list. Thank you

  13. I have definately been sold heat treated amethyst as citrine before, even after asking the seller if it was heat treated and her telling me it wasn’t. Your explanation was valuable however now I wonder if some smokey quartz I bought is actually citrine because the light that shines through them is very yellow. Mined in Australia. Does Citrine have rainbow refractions? All colours?

  14. Has any one worked with the new find of citrine in Missouri they are small pale clusters that grow on fossil alage .

  15. I’m trying to access the PDF
    “Enter your information for my free pdf (downloading this pdf subscribes you to my newsletter): Tips for Spotting Fake Citrine”
    The link is disconnected. I keep entering my information and still can’t get it. I want to buy I said train for my son’s birthday on Thursday. Can you help me out?

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