9 Easy Ways to Raise the Vibes in Your Home or Work Place

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Raise Your Vibes _ FI

Ever walk into a space & have it just




Have it feel yuck & stuck?

I know I have. That feeling is a very real thing!

It’s the vibrational frequencies of the space interacting with your electromagnetic field.

We naturally crave an environment that feels energetically welcoming.

A home or work space that’s vibing with feel-good energy is one that you feel at home in, that you feel positive in, that inspires creativity & good conversation.

It’s a place you enjoy doing your favorite things in or allows you to relax, meditate, read…and on and on.

salt lamp candles raise vibes home

Since a good-feeling space is not a vibrational match to negative feeling frequencies, you’ll be less likely to have arguments, sadness or even uneasy feelings in a space that’s been energetically-tended-to.

The good news is there are some vibrational things you can do (some involving crystals) to help make your space more inviting and even create a sacred space of your own. So let’s get into those:

9 Easy Ways to Raise the Vibration in your Home or Work Place

1. Clear the clutter & do some physical cleaning – I know this one doesn’t feel like much fun & not even very metaphysical, but it’s a must-do before you do anything else!

A space that’s filled with clutter or dust is energetically clogged & not allowing the energy to flow, not allowing the stagnant negative feeling vibes to clear out. So, get to de-cluttering first & then dust, vacuum & just make the space sparkle.

You’ll feel the change right away!

2.  Use essential oils – 100% pure essential oils (organic fair-trade & sustainably harvested preferred!) are high vib’ing. You can add them to your space in a couple of ways. You can actually use them to help clean in the above step.

Here’s a great video with more on how you can use them for cleaning your space:

Then once the cleaning is done, keep the vibes high in your space by using the oils in an oil burner or a diffuser.

NOTE: If you’re doing this in your work space be sure to get permission from those around you! B/c the oil scents may not agree with everyone & I’d like to keep you outta the trouble zone.

3.  Salt Lamps – these are great for inducing negative ions into your environment & for restructuring the energy of our environment. Plus they shine a soft beautiful & comforting light that does wonders for our energetic state. 

I have a full-on blog post all about salt lamps & their benefits here.

buddha salt lamp raise vibes home

And these days you don’t even have to go to a specialty metaphysical shop to get them! You can find them in any home-ey type store. I found these in Bed, Bath & Beyond…


4.  Crystal Placement – simply place crystals throughout your space intuitively; wherever you think they feel or look best.


Just having the crystals in your space will entrain the energy around you. Whenever you enter the space, you’ll feel the difference from a space that isn’t as vibrationally aligned.

5. Crystal Grids – creating a crystal grid is a way to organize or structure the energy from your crystals towards a specific intention. So it’s more advanced than just placing a crystal in the space.


I have a blog post here and a best-selling book here that I wrote all about how to do a crystal grid. It’s kinda my thang. 🙂

Something I really like to do to restructure the energy of the space is to grid the entire room.

You can grid a room by simply taking 4 clear quartz points and putting one in each corner facing inwards towards the center of the room. Then just let them communicate with each other.

6. Sage Smudge –  Pick up a smudge stick, or loose sage (usually white sage is used for the purposes of clearing out) and burn it slowly (after you light it blow out the flame & it will cont. to smolder & smoke) in a fireproof safe bowl, dish or shell like an abalone shell. 


Allow the smoke to waft around & smudge the space.

Some like to use a feather or a ceremonial fan to control where the smoke goes a bit, like into tight corners & to help spread the smoke around.  It also helps to keep the smoldering sage stay lit.


NOTE: You can use a gem elixir smudge spray if the smoke from burning sage will bother you or isn’t appropriate in your work place (cuz it’s not).

C’mon, do you want to be caught standin’ there with your burning sage & smudge fan with the smoke alarm blaring & the sprinklers going off in your work building?

Didn’t think so.

7.  Sound Clearing – We can easily use acoustic energy to restructure the energy of our space (it’s all about sound vibrations). Very easy to do!

You can use any sort of high amplitude (loud) acoustic instrument, but I prefer to use something that’s pleasing to my ears:

  • tingshas
  • crystal singing bowl
  • Native American drumming

There are many more options than this. Take your pick! You may also choose to put on a CD or a sacred space music station like this one.

8.  Let Mother Nature in – open up the windows & grow indoor plants.


Mother Nature induces negative ions & that’s a GOOD THING for our spaces. So as much as possible allow nature into your space!



9.  Feng shui your space

I am no feng shui expert but I do believe in the powers of inducing the correct energy into your space through the proper placement & alignment of objects. For this I’m going to refer you to a good source to get you started.

And lastly, I’ve got a FREE Crystals and our Sacred Spaces eKit to help you pull all these elements together. In it, you get tons of sparkly inspiration on creating a sacred space all your own.

If you haven’t picked yours up yetyou can do that here.


How Often?

I’m usually asked how often we should do these things to keep our spaces sacred & energetically tended to.

My feeling is you can never do too much of it…but if I had to give you a guideline, I’d say shoot for once/month. And if something has occurred in your space that has made you feel uncomfortable or bad in any way then do something right then to raise the vibes.

Are you gonna try out some or all of these tips & raise the vibration of your space?  Do you feel the difference?  I know you will! Share your experience in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Love this! Most importantly I have come to understand that bringing someone in to help with the cleaning and organizing is not only okay, but a way for me to love myself. I’m grateful to have someone with great energy come in and help me with this.

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  2. Thank you for posting this blog. It is beautiful and very informative.
    You are absolutely right with the crystals points on the 4 corners of the room, and also the salt lamp. I like having a crystal grid on my coffee table and then the 4 quartz points at each quarter point, ( east, south, west, and north). Then I connect the points with the working grid and that makes for a powerful gridded room. When you walk into the room you can feel the energy, but also the room smells fresh and clean.

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  3. Question about sage smudging. I try to smudge frequently and I have various types of sage. But I am wondering if there is a technique to keep the smudge stick burning? I would get it to burn but after a minute or two, it goes completely out. Any advice is much appreciated.

  4. I absolutely love your Crystal Acadamy articles! All are so informative, helpful, and the advice is always so accessible and easy to implement. Thank you so much!

  5. I need to work on the clutter part at home first but am also thinking of adding salt lamps to both home and my classroom ( I work with 4&5 year old) – the soft glow of the lamp would be perfect for rest time!

  6. Love salt lamps, have one in my office, bedroom & living room.

    Do have problem with cleaning – I’d have to do a major clean up BEFORE letting a cleaning lady near my home.

    I do a smudge either just because, or if I am concerned by a feeling of ill will – which happened recently. Reinforced my protection crystals with some black tourmaline and obsidian (and dusted).

  7. I really enjoyed this! I live in a small space (an RV ?). I sage smudge after every visitor in my space to keep the space clear. And a salt lamp! These really are great ways! Thank you!

  8. I was having problems working in my home office because I just really hated the space. Decided to take matters into my own hands and used your suggestions to make it sparkly with a deep cleaning, Orange Calcite, Citrine and Aventurine, my big ol crystal singing bowl and some nice citrus aromatherapy. I’m MUCH happier in the space now and my business is picking up – go figure!

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  10. Wonderful advice! Another really nice way to get negative ions in your room is to burn beeswax candles (make sure they are 100% beeswax, preferably organic & certified humanely raised). I have severe allergies & chemical sensitivities, and never could breathe well around regular candles, but the organic beeswax candles are wonderful- I can actually breathe easier around them, they are like a natural air purifier. The energy in a room always seems nicer after I have one burning in it for a while 🙂

  11. Love love love what you do and read all of your information. Keep up the good work. My daughter has recently enlarged and remodeled her home. We’re creating a crystal alter for her new home and have a question. In creating crystal wands, what is the best glue for attaching crystals to the wand? Don’t know how these chemicals react with the natural stones? Also what about useing something like a plastic candle as the “stick” to hold the stones? Very pretty but i’m not sure about the effect. Thanks so much for your help and inspiration.
    With love and light and lots of sparkles,

  12. I would love to find a place where I could buy the crystals and oils and find someone to cleanse me and find closure in my past cause I am a happy very loving free spirit and just need a guide


    I am from South Africa moved to the USA Nebraska Hastings

    Help me help myself better for my family and kids

    Kind regards

  13. Hi HM,

    Just quickly I know your busy. Burning sage, is it ok to burn the white sage that comes in the cone, like the incense type?


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