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Do you wonder if you have the “right stuffs” to be a crystal healer?

I mean this world of being a crystal healer or energy worker…it’s not meant for everyone.

(I decided here to revamp an old popular blog post on this subject & make it even better. Let’s do this thing!)

Right Stuff Crystal Healer.FI

And I don’t mean that you must have an innate special talent…b/c in my course I teach that we aren’t some kind of special people, that we simply act as facilitators for others to heal themselves.

So what do I mean by the “right stuff”?

Do you have a good handle or control over your emotions, over checking yourself before you react to something you perceive as negative?

If you fly off the handle often, you may not be ready to go out there & be a teacher, a healer, spread light. I feel that you need to remember to be in heart center as much as you possibly can in order to benefit others in the best way possible. You must be able to leave your baggage at the door when facilitating for others.

I was recently reminded of this quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. (a true light worker):


The sentiment & the point behind that POWERFUL quote is so needed in today’s world now more than ever.  I myself need to remember it more often.

So, if someone’s doing something that you absolutely detest, that you abhor, that you spend your time & energy trying to get rid of it…it’s a cause that you champion & you throw money at it & you donate time to it…because you really can’t stand it: you know…like children in the sex slave industry or dolphins being abused & forced to perform in shows and, and, and…my goodness it can go on & on & on….HOW DO YOU REACT TOWARDS THEM?

Some of us get extremely passionate about things like that. And rightly so! The fact that certain causes elicit such passion is a wonderful thing, because we need people to be passionate about it, in order to get everybody aware, then riled up & get rid of it! This is how CHANGE happens.

But if you’re going to be passionate & hateful…full of anger about it: what do you think you’re going to do to the people who are making you angry, the people who are doing things that you feel are wrong, that are making this hate swell up in you?

You’re going to amplify it

Hate begets more hate.

Anger begets more anger.

You getting dark about it is going to get them darker about it. You’re not going to get them to learn anything! See your side? Now, you’ve blinded them! What’s worse? You’re not going to change anything. You’re just putting more anger into the world.

Now, think about it: if you’re able to, have the wisdom & control to suppress that anger & that hate & approach it with love…as passionate as you are about that topic, whatever it is…

The person that’s causing that anger to develop inside you might actually listen. They might learn something from you & the seed of a change in perspective might get planted.

I feel that’s the best way. That’s your best bet in getting them to listen & to learn & to change things for the better.

Like I said before, I am not perfect in this, but it’s something I strive for & that I am aware of.

Some of you don’t agree with this at all. And that’s OK. Some may even get mad at me for saying it. (But please don’t get angry here as this is my home & I keep it very clean).

So now, think about how it would be if you were to approach that person or the topic in general..that person or topic that is doing the wrong towards that thing that you’re passionate about…but approach it with love.♥

Love will change things, Sweet Pea.

And if you already have control of yourself & your behavior in this way…well, in my opinion: YOU have the right stuff to be a crystal healer!

Take Responsibility

This is a quote from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor that I feel is so appropriate for us to remember:

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.”


Proudly displayed in my sacred space.

So important in fact that we’ve woven it deeply into my Certified Crystal Healer Course and made it a part of our Certified Crystal Healer Code of Ethics by taking it a little further to say:

“Please be responsible for the energy you bring into any transaction“.

And a transaction is not just about money, after all, money = energy.

It’s about transacting energy.

It’s about interacting with other people, with another being in any way. So you can see how this applies especially to a crystal healing session.

crystal healing12

So yes, I require that our students be mindful of the energy they bring into a transaction of any sort. Of course, we’re not looking for perfection, but you are held to a certain standard. And while they’re in the academy, we keep a watch on that. Hold them accountable. I feel that’s our duty before allowing someone to graduate with a certification from the HMCA.

No, not everybody gets to graduate as a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer just because they enrolled in my course. I always say that here at the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, you pay for the education, but you must EARN the certification.

Just like in a University that has any integrity (& a lot of them are losing that these days), if you don’t uphold the values, standards & principles of that University, or you don’t get the required grades OR show poor behavior, poor character; you’re not going to graduate from that institution. And rightly so!

Because where would the integrity of that institution go? How would that seem fair to the alumni that have graduated, met requirements & earned a degree from there? The clout that the certification or degree carries along with the expectations behind it would be completely absent if anybody who paid the bill got to graduate.


How unethical would that be?

It would cheapen it & devalue it for everyone involved. It would be a joke if you showed up with a degree from Yale if everybody could get one just by paying for it!

I feel very strongly that there should be accountability, standards, assessment, integrity & showing a good example with any institution that an energy worker graduates & earns credentials from. **I’ve heard some places are giving certificates away for free as a bonus perk for buying something else!**

No assessment? No standards? No code of ethics? Does the person who has been certified have control over their reactions? Their energy? Have they shown mastery of certain concepts?

OK, let me also make it clear that I don’t feel you MUST have a certification in place to be a crystal healer (I’ve discussed that before here.)

But for goodness sake, if you DO want to be certified, let’s have some integrity, standards & dignity behind it. Make it meaningful. Unless, you’re simply interested in achieving yet another certificate to hang on your ego wall. **You know…some people do it just for that. Know anyone like that? Hey, that’s cool if that’s your gig!**

This is just how I feel. And I feel confident in saying that our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers feel the same way & are proud that we don’t let just anyone graduate unchecked…and feel confident in knowing that they EARNED the certification they received from HMCA. 🙂

So what if the uncontrolled anger is a problem for you & its something you want to get into check? Here’s a great technique!

90 Seconds to Happiness

No, this isn’t some middle school make-out game!

So, something’s got you upset & you’re about to exchange words with someone. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (yep, there she is again…this is 1 smart lady!) says to “take 90 seconds” – she calls it “90 Seconds to Happiness”. Take 90 seconds to process before you react. This gives time for your anger hormones (adrenaline + noradrenaline) that auto-trigger you to flow through your system & dissipate. The key is to REMEMBER to do it…that’s the hard part. The other part is easy, right?

I then recommend (if you can remember…and, boy do I try) ask yourself,

  • “Am I coming from heart center? Is this reaction coming from a place of compassion & understanding?”
  • “Is this reaction going to allow for the greatest good for all involved?”
  • “Does this reaction have nothing to do with the person or being I’m about to react with?”


Could it be something else is going on that is causing you to react in an inappropriate way to this situation?

For instance, you’re a crystal healer & you’re about to work with a client or facilitate a circle & you’re reacting negatively to something that happened previously; has nothing to do with this person. Check that energy at the door or it will affect this session. You must be able to do this.

I feel that if you don’t have the ability to do that on a regular basis, not every single time, but on a regular basis (at least 70% of the time) then you need to work on that before you work on others.

And I’m sorry if this offends you, and I’m sorry if this pushes your buttons and I’m sorry if this triggers you.

But, if it does, there’s something to look at there.

No, it’s not for everybody. And that’s OK.

And there’s no judgment on my part on you if you’re not cut out for it yourself & I’m certainly not perfect on this path.

We all need to work on this

And for some reason, this is harder to do with those we feel most comfy with. Boy, do I know that! With those we’re more guarded with we simply behave better. Yeah, I’m pointing the finger at myself. Some are in better control & don’t have to work as hard. **I strive for that & am working on it everyday.**


No, we’re not all cut out to do this work. It’s not for everybody. But I do think that everybody has it within them to change that….IF THEY WANT TO.

Please do feel free to share your stories, comments & respectful opinions below. I want to hear what you think & so do others, Lima Bean!

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  1. Wow. Thank you. I think this message is for everyone out there and the way you said it, just wow. I really enjoy your articles and I have pulled a lot of information out of this and wish more people would see this the way you do.

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  2. This message is refreshing. I am so glad to hear that you require your students to come from a place of love, and hold them accountable for EARNING their certifications.

    1. Post
  3. I am so glad you posted this. If I had any doubt about taking the course, you dispelled it. Thank you.
    I used to have anger issues, but since I’ve started working with crystals , I have done a complete turn around. People say that they love being around me, and I almost cry. I am worthy!
    I’m pretty sure I’m on the waiting list , and have started a ‘piggy bank’ just so I can pay for the course. Bless you.

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  4. Great words to live by! Although I have my moments of imperfection, they have become few and far between. Why? Because I know that I will always feel better inside myself and less stressed when I focus on the good and leave the garbage behind! I am a much happier person, and look at negative people and experiences as lessons I need to learn to grow. I want people to remember me as the one who made them smile and feel good about themselves, if only for a moment in time. I don’t want to be remembered for being hurtful or angry. I forgive myself for my mistakes, as I learn and grow from those, too. As long as I don’t repeat them!!! Thank you for this blog! It really puts things in perspective!

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  5. I am so interested in becoming a healer. I would love to be on the wait list for next enrollment, but I’m not sure how to do that.

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  6. I loved reading this post! When I was younger I used to react to life events much like the little anger character on Inside Out. Thankfully I have grown and continue to do so. I will not say I am perfect but I work on this daily. I try to live by the mantra ‘if it will not matter in 5 years, spend no more than 5 minutes being upset about it’. I love energy healing and am hopeful I get into this course to further develop myself and share what I learn with those I work with. I am thrilled to read that you do not issue a certificate to just anyone who pays money.

    Also, I love that a few of the posts I have read have mentioned Bruce Lipton. I feel its a sign from the Universe. I saw him here in Seattle about a month ago and am inspired!

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  7. I am interested in becoming a healer. I love everytime I get to read your emails and watch videos. There is so much information I have already Lear ed.I believe this will help me thrive in helping others as well as myself.

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  8. I totally agree with all you have said. Light workers must come from a place of love , respect and control as they follow their life purpose. I have a collection of crystals but would like to learn how to use them for healing ,especially to enhance my Reiki and Angel card readings. I would love to be chosen to do your crystal healing course.

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  9. Okay I needed this. Most of the time I can come from a place of love but it’s when I’m stressed and sleep deprived that I still need to work on it. I am getting better to remember to ground and clear and that has made a huge difference. But there is always room for improvement. Thank you for the reminder. I was starting to defend myself as I read and then realized I needed this and it’s okay as long as I’m willing to work on it. It’s part of my journey.

  10. I really appreciate that you require standards & integrity in the certification offering. I am on the waitlist, excited & ready to start!

    As a recent cancer survivor, my priorities have changed. I am grateful simply to wake up each morning to another day of life. I don’t stress about much anymore, as the things that matter aren’t material. I am no longer in a hurry & enjoy something about each day.

    This is simply where I am in my path & that involves a lot of new beginnings. Grateful to have the opportunity!

  11. So well said and I wish more people would think like you and myself, I used to fly off the handle at stupid things and let people get me down but have learnt over the last few years it doesn’t achieve anything and my husband had been trying to tell me that for YEARS………….finally I get it. I still trip up now and again as like you say I’m not perfect but very proud that I learnt the control.

    So love reading our stuff…………feels like home, yes that may sound silly.

    Sparkly blessings 🙂

  12. Since crystals found me…. I have noticed that I am less reactive to negative comments, I used to bite back to everything, now significantly less. Now if I react wrongly, I feel bad and stop immediately and start to turn it around. Your article made me think.. I’m on the wait list… I want more light in me, around and though me. And I believe I can bring light now. Because crystals have given me a voice for “good”.

  13. Hibiscus Moon, you are absolutely correct! Accountability is the key! I have a choice about how I react to every situation. That is my superpower! Lol

    Crystals and stones have a had very big influence on my ability to keep myself grounded and spiritually alive. I am fortunate in the aspect that, as a designer and creator of healing Crystal jewelry, I have an entire art studio in my home absolutely packed full of a large variety of crystals and stones! The energy is just amazing! I started my business with the intent of bringing these same energies to others, and educate them as well, about the power of nature and her gifts. It has been an exciting journey!!!

    I am on your waiting list, as I know I have so much more to learn about Crystal healing above and beyond what I have learned so far. I am looking forward to the experience!

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  15. I love the connection you have to your crystals. Thank you so much for sharing the video of your sacred healing space as well as the book of Crystals and Sacred Spaces. Keep your light shining!

  16. I am on your waitinG list, and now more than ever, I will be happy to learn with a teacher who feels so passionate about this. Integrity, credibility, and high standards are so important. I can’t wait for September.

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