Is The Power Of Quartz A Scam?

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Is the power of quartz crystals a scam?

No way! How will I prove that to you?

By throwing some science at it, of course!

Quartz is amazing in so many ways.

power of quartz energy

It makes up some of our very favorite crystals to work with:

  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • citrine
  • smokey quartz
  • rose quartz
  • aventurine
  • jaspers
  • ….I could go on and on

What’s so special about quartz energy?

OK, really quick we’re going to dip into some physics here. But I’ll make it painless… I swear.


Oh, c’mon… it’s not that bad.

So a wee bit ago (in the year 1880) in a Paris lab, physicist brothers Jacques and Pierre Curie (husband to Marie) made a new discovery regarding quartz crystals.

Together they found that by wiring a quartz crystal to a recording meter & striking it, they could produce an electric signal. Whoa!
Then they found that squeezing it resulted in the same. Wait! A rock crystal was making electricity here?

Well, not really making it. Crystals cannot create or generate energy, despite that popular name given to quartz crystals of a certain rare shape & size: “Generators”. But,  some crystals can serve as transducers.

So what the flip is a transducer???

A transducer is capable of transforming one form of energy into another… rather than generating it

In this case, we’re talking about transducing mechanical energy into electrical energy. Or vice versa: an electric current into a mechanical force. A wee bit ‘o physics. Ya with me so far?

So, what I’ve just described and what the Pierre bro’s discovered is known as piezoelectricity. And it’s 1 super-geeky reason why quartz is so scientifically magical!

power of quartz
It means that quartz produces a voltage when some sort of mechanical energy is applied (like a strike or pressure). An electric charge actually builds up in the quartz as a reaction to the stress, causing the crystal to give off light and electricity. You can also reverse this concept — if electricity is put into the crystal you’ll get mechanical energy in the form of a very precise vibration.

Piezoelectricity power of quartz

Piezoelectricity Demo.
Graphic provided by Tizeff (Template:Ownnn) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What we have here is energy transformation.

Quartz crystals are extremely efficient energy transformers; in physics as well as in metaphysical uses. 

In fact, some scientists think that “ball lightning” may be the result of electrified gas in our atmosphere from quartz-bearing rocks being subjected to tectonic stress and pressure from Mama Earth moving her crustal plates around, like granite. How cool is that?

Great Balls of Lightning!

power of quartz

Ball Lightning. By Joe Thomissen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How does the power of quartz do this?

Let me show you.

Quartz is able to conduct an electrical charge because of its precise crystalline nature. Because of this, it vibrates at a very specific frequency making it ideal for use in watches & other technologies.

piezo power of quartz

The next question I often get from my students is:

“What exact frequency is a quartz crystal? I heard it was ‘High Frequency’.”

And my answer is…

From a scientific point of view, that’s the wrong way to look at it. See, a particular quartz crystal’s resonant frequency depends on many variables such as:

  • its particular size
  • shape
  • flexibility
  • unique crystalline structure
  • the speed of sound of the material
  • or even the environment that’s it’s in at the time

Yeah, I know! Not so simple.

So this piezoelectric thing was a HUGE discovery for the Pierre Bro’s & gave quartz crystal a whole new importance…while validating what the metaphysical community had inherently known since ancient times, but didn’t have the relatively new science to back it up! BTW, that’s the whole premise of my crystal courses…science backing up & giving confidence to our crystal healing & therapy practices.


Today, piezoelectricity is commonly used in our modern technology in so many ways. (Since I fear boring too many of you with this physics-stuffs, I’ll just link to examples if you care to dig deeper into that.)

Quartz is unique; it’s flexible yet resistant to temperature-induced expansion & contraction, unlike other materials.

So what?

Well, this makes quartz perfect for use in the accurate mechanics used in things like a watch!

Busting the Fantasy Bubble: Now, I know we’d all like to imagine a mini crystal like this one below lives inside our quartz watch…

power of quartz point

But instead, they actually are high quality, high-purity quartz crystals laser-trimmed in a lab into the shape of a tuning fork and vibrate at a very specific frequency. Because of its piezoelectric property, this teeny quartz tuning fork is manipulated by applying a voltage with this specific vibrational frequency (usually 32,768 Hz) until it entrains and sets…

and they look like this…

power of quartz

This is a quartz crystal resonator, (basically a cute mini tuning fork!) used as the timekeeping component in quartz watches and clocks, with the case removed.

But, quartz isn’t the only crystal that’s got this cool property!

Crystals that are Piezoelectric

  • All quartz
  • Berlinite (a rare phosphate mineral)
  • All Topaz
  • All Tourmaline
  • Macedonite (lead titanite)

BTW, I consider quartz, topaz & tourmalines to be some of the most powerful & potent crystals to work with. Now you know why. 😉

So how does all this science help us with Crystal Healing?

Piezoelectric crystals are highly beneficial to our energy fields.

I always teach that we really need to pay attention to our energetic hygiene b/c anything neglected there will eventually become denser; condensing and manifesting in our physical bodies.

In my Hibiscus Moon Method, I teach a very specific technique in detail that allows our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers to tap into all the power inherent in this pyroelectric property…and I teach you more on the physics behind why it works.

Just to quickly explain, the piezoelectric property of quartz allows us to tap into the body’s polarity. We also couple it with other properties & involve the transducing aspect to play a big role in crystal therapy. Pretty cool, huh?

By the way, quartz also has some other cool physics properties like pyroelectricity and triboluminesence.

So please let me know if this blog helped you to learn a bit more about the science behind crystal healing in the comments below… or if it sent you running for the hills, let me know that too!

Crystal Blessings,

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P.S. If this sort of thing appeals to you & you’d like to go way deeper in your crystal practice, I teach all about this & so much more in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. We’ll be enrolling again for our fall term very soon. You can get on the Wait List here.

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  1. Fascinating post Hibiscus Moon! Would love to hear more about the pyro electric and triboluminescent properties, so please dive in!

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      1. I LOVE this post BECAUSE of the physics. After taking your Crystal Healing Course, I began to add crystals into my energy medicine sessions – because they add a wonderful ,powerful, and necessary dimension. In our world today, even when our intuition says to take a particular direction, having the science to back it up so that we are able to show this to our skeptical friends, colleagues, etc., is a good thing. I am a nurse practitioner as well, and when I can explain this to my conventional medical colleagues (because of the physics, and because of the wonderful information I have learned in the Crystal Healing Course), the glazed-over, deer-in-the-headlights look vanishes and is replaced with interest. Yah! So bring it on!

        1. I think the crystal industry is just the scam we all think it is. Palm reading and all that crap is just for bored white women with too much time.

    2. Well this boggles my mind, wasn’t aware of the science makeup of the crystal so I can’t wait to start the class. Fascinating

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Geez, I really thought you all would be bored by this stuff; I assume peeps usually are since I usually hear crickets when I go deep into this sort of thing too much or get too physics-steeped. Well, OK! Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Hibiscus Moon, this is the best information so far on the Crystal benefits and why they work.
        Please give me your opinion on the benefits of Orgonite and do they really work.
        How does metals encased in Plastic resin put out this ability to protect from EMFs?

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  2. so is this why when we create a grid we tap the quartz to give it mechanical energy thus creating electrical energy to the other crystals in the grid?

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  3. I love the fact that when you explain the “science” end of things. You make it super easy to understand. Hence….why I will be taking you course as soon as I can. 🙂
    I would love to see another post with more science explanations.
    Always look forward to your posts!
    Keep up the amazing work. You’re wonderful!

    1. Post

      I must say…I’ve been told over & over I have a gift for that. At some, I need to start believing that, right? So happy you’ll be joining our sparkly family, Crystal! Perfect name. 😉

  4. As one of your Certified Crystal Healers who has had life-changing events for herself and others manifest from crystal work, I have one thing to say to you, Mama of the Crystals: Throw doubt out! You know who you are and so do your Crystalline Cohorts. Non-believers are going to not believe until they have an honest and true experience themselves, no matter how many times or places you put this information out there. As in all belief systems, each person has to have their own conversion.
    I love you and thank you for all you have done for me and my clients, friends, fur-babies and family! Sparkle on, you goddess, you!

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  5. I love seeing the science side of energy work. My analytic Gemini side needs this so my touchy feely hippie side doesn’t get bogged down with doubt.

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  6. Thank you so much for this great information. This and anything else you can tell us helps dispel the “voodoo” type myths and prove disbelievers wrong.

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  7. Great post hibiscus moon, definitely more geeky science please it doesn’t detract from the magic of crystals, on the contrary it deepens a sense of wonder for these awesome sparklies. Keep going you’re wonderful

  8. The science is WAY cool. I’d like to hear more about it, too! Your blog has almost convinced me to dig out the old textbooks (if I can find them). Thanks!!

  9. I loved reading this, even if some of it went over my head! It’s great that you are sharing it with everyone! Bring on more I say! Thankyou for sharing xx

  10. Yay!! Love it thank you, can’t get enough of the sciencey stuffs. I might have to read something twice but it’s all very fascinating. Thank you. More please xXx

  11. Sweetest Stephanie if you only knew how much you have helped me over the years _/\_LLways a Light in the darkness shining bright to lead the way to a better ;Day… I thought you and your Tribe would like to know that the acoustic guitar tranducers/”Piezo’s” we Guitarists build with are also quartz filaments/blocks with some encased/encapsulated in copper, silver or a combination there-of… some like “B-Band” are like tiny lens-like bubbles of quartz… Also the first discovery of Korean acupuncture thousands of years? ago was from two quartz crystals banged together over the metal needles over meridians… and through a process of trial and error.. they concluded that the angular shapes of the crystals caused the electricity to be too strong when the Patients jumped/seized up… so they smoothed over the edges to be more a cylindrical shape for a lighter stimulus from a more gentle piezoelectric affect… Loved the Crystal goodies E-package and continue to enJoy keeping up with all your crystalized Greater Goodness God/Goddess/Archangel’s Blessings BEfore you and your Loved ones Light, ;D <3

  12. This was great! I do energy work and often incorporate tourmaline for cleansing the chakras. It does it so much faster than if I just use my hands. I always try to explain in layman’ terms in ppl I treat what I’m doing and why it works – with a scientific basis. THIS right here is fabulous to know. Keep more posts like this coming, and I’ll eat em up! Thank you for doing what you do.

  13. Very cool stuff! More, please! I love your balanced brain approach! I think I remember learning that radios were made with quartz (transmitters?) and, of course, let’s not forget the machines we’re all communicating with! Take Care!

  14. Loved this post Hibiscus! I geek out on the science too! Science removes an ‘element’ of the woo out of woo woo. lol

  15. Fascinating, and it’s great to have a reference for some people to refer to. I’m constantly having people ask me why does it work, now I can just tell them about Jacques & Pierre Curie. Thank you so much, and I hope you have more articles like this in the future I’d love to learn more.

  16. Hi there,

    I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a few months now, and this is the first post I have real in full that has demanded I leave a comment.
    Basically just to say that I highly respect the work that you are doing!!
    I have loved minerals since I was a child and initially, I was enthralled by the science behind them.
    Now journeying into their spiritual nature, I am slowly filtering through the metaphysical world picking up helpful bits here and there. But I am just so happy that you with your large platform (which I hope smooths out for you soon), are focusing so much on science!
    There is a lot of hooey wooey out there but what a grounding space for people with questions to find their answers.

    Much respect and love,

  17. This is a fascinating article, and even better,I learned some cool things! Thanks for this one and definitely do more along these lines. 🙂

  18. Don’t feel line you’re running us off. I prefer to know as much as I can absorb. I actually subscribed to your newsletter specifically because you talk about the the science behind how crystal healing can work.

    I think most of us here don’t shy away from the technicalities of crystal healing or physics in general. =)

  19. This was really good information. I knew that watches has quartz but I didn’t know that the quartz was made into a tunning fork. Very interesting and facinating study. Thank you.

  20. Thank you for this simple, easy to understand explanation. I am looking forward to the info on pyroelectricity and triboluminescence.

    I love working with crystals, and am completely self-taught. I would dearly love to enrol for your crystal healing training course, but unfortunately my finances (and the exchange rate for the South African Rand) make this impossible for me.

    Love and Light.

  21. Hybiscus I loved this blog and I’m falling in love with crystals thanks to your book, blogs and inspiration. When I heard that the honey bee was under threat from a virus and that it was affecting nature (no bees, no pollination, no fruit ……) I wished there was something that I could do. Not knowing much about bees or viruses, I decided to set up a crystal grid for them to heal and be protected with rainbow moonstone, rainbow obsidian and pyrite. Then about 2 weeks later my friend tells me of a specific flower, endemic to our region that the bees have been observed using the resin of. They deposit the resin at the entrance to the hive so that all bees come in contact with it and they have been observed washing themselves with it and they are healing and thriving. How’s that!?

  22. I find this fascinating! I love retelling this info to family that are neigh sayers to my crystal loving. They think they are just pretty rocks! ughh

  23. Hello,
    I own two crystal, gem and mineral galleries. Although we started our galleries ten years ago by presenting crystals in geological terms, our customers’ needs and questions have pushed us into the energy healing world. I’m an Earth Science enthusiast and I have been familiar with piezoelectricity since high school. The science of crystal energy is what I crave and what I need to know. Please expand the scientific side of your blogs and newsletters so all of us can answer the tough questions we get from skeptical clients and customers. I think you have a huge following of science geeks out there! Using your science background is what makes you special.

  24. Great and easy to understand post. Would love you to go into more detail on the science behind crystals. I’ve bookmarked this page/site, and think it’s a great resource to be able to direct people and clients to, who want to learn more about crystals and their beneficial properties.
    Thank you for sharing this knowledge 🙂

  25. This was very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Now I want to use them more in my personal life and in my massage practice.

  26. I. LOVE. THIS. Physics for the WIN. I would definitely love to hear the rest of the physical, scientific properties that make quartz so powerful for healing. I always want to merge the scientific with the spiritual in all aspects of life but especially with crystals. So many people can’t see the benefit they could possible hold beside placebo affect but I’ve always intuitively felt there was more that could be defined in words that even materialists can understand!! PLEASE KEEP SHARING THE DEEP SCIENTIFIC STUFF!! 🙂

  27. Great post!! I am so blessed to be joined in my crystal journal by my children, 2 of which are right there with me and so intuitive already..and my oldest, he is a bit more skeptical, but still very supportive. This will help me bring him over to the light side 🙂

  28. Fantastic article! Yes, please share more like this. Very informative and easy to follow. You have successfully made the science of crystals a very interesting read and have left me begging for more. Fascinating. Great job!! I have always loved minerals and rocks…well, nature in general. As a raw and living food chef and consultant, I have mainly been concerned with how minerals work INSIDE the body. Over the years, my work has opened my mind to how minerals also work OUTSIDE the physical body…or on the energetic body. As a result, I have expanded my work to include gemstone mala beads. It is nice to get a better scientific understanding of why I am intuitively drawn to quartz crystals so much…and not just because they are so pretty (although, I love that aspect too). Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom.

  29. I really enjoyed this! I would also love to learn more about the pyroelectricity and triboluminescence. The physics of quartz is really interesting and i look forward to more info like this.

  30. Hi I am currently enrolled in your fall class and am so excited about learning all this stuff not sure i fully understand the physics of this but I believe I get the basic idea > I am a hands on kind of girl. Anyway a year or so ago I was meditating with a bunch of crystals quarts and a large watermelon tourmaline outside my window was a large transformer attached to a pole sparks started arching and I rolled off my bed when i heard a loud pop my phone when dead and it had had a full charge on it and we had a black out in the village….did that have anything to do with my meditation and piezoelectric?

  31. Oh, this is so way cool and can’t wait until the time I am able to take your course! Keep rocking the science, it’s sooo good!

  32. Okay… Now I’m dying to know about pyroelectricity & triboluminesence! Please continue on with a blog post about those now!

  33. This has given me some solid evidence before people who ask me questions about that usefulness of. I feel more equipped in my knowledge and now more firmly believe in my abilities. I would like to know more, so please don’t stop making these blogs.

  34. Thank you, that was very insightful!
    Very new to crystals, just bought my 1st one ( smokey quartz) . Would love to learn more about them but I live all the way over in Scotland xx

  35. A wonderful easy to understand post – you explain things SO well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  36. This was very informative and interesting. I really like the fact that what I have felt about crystals is being verified by your expertise and know how about crystal. Bring on the deeper teachings.

  37. I am an old Geek, and my Wife has become fascinated with all things crystal of late. She shared the Facebook post for this article.
    The post intrigued me and the article fascinated me.
    Well Done!
    I look forward to learning more.
    Thank you,


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  39. Absolutely loved this and read this after reading your newer post about pyroelectricity. You have really helped make these things easier to understand for some of us without a science background. I have always LOVED rocks and so thankful for your class to understand these things. LOVE IT!

  40. All I want to ask is what do you have to say to the scientists that say that you’re wrong and don’t know what you’re talking about?

  41. This is so totally rad! I’m very captivated by science and energy and electromagnetic fields and the way our universe works and how it’s mapped out…yeah…we are a bunch of geeks! I love it!

  42. I have a unique question for you which is also related to a special quartz crystal application.
    I have become familiar with the ancient pyramids around the world and the energies emanating from these.
    It has been found that many of the stones the ancient builder races used contain quartz within them.
    This story is bigger than you may know but the point is that apparently, and in part, the quartz is playing a role in the energy channeling, if not the production itself.
    I am in beginning stage of building a house which will use concrete top to bottom.

    I’m thinking that I want to embed either quartz chips or dust into the concrete mix.
    The floors, flat roof and walls will be poured crete sandwiched between insulating white foam. From what I know the foam should not effect the energy transference. Only metal would do that.

    Any thoughts you may have on potential benefits realized by occupants living within the home would be appreciated.
    It seems to me that this application would “mimic” the construction of the pyramids as it has been found that many of the stones have been produced not cut from natural formation. Yet, examination reveals embedded quartz specs throughout.

  43. It awsome to read and see why I might be drawn to certain stones and crystals. Clear quartz has always been my favorite, along with some close seconds, lol. Can’t wait to learn more

  44. Hibiscus,
    Although I completed another Crystal Healer certification course after having to wait for several months to enroll in your course, this type of balanced information is exactly why I enrolled in your May 4th CCH Course. I have been attracted to crystals and minerals since I can remember as a young child. I am grateful that I was able to complete the other CCH (which I am only mentioning for the sake of relevance) but it was very much intuition based with a minor scientific background.

    I truly want to dive deep into a more balanced perspective of how and why crystals (gems & minerals) work to outshine the critics. This is one of the main reasons why I transferred my Doctoral degree to Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine/Integrative Mental Health. I am not interested in being critical of anyone’s beliefs, I simply would prefer to close the door to those who try to insinuate that there is no scientific proof of metaphysical & spiritual energy healing. Your body of work and the scientific wisdom of your course will be a wonderful compliment to my own decade+ of training and I couldn’t be more proud to be one of your geeky (woo-hoo) crystal cohorts 🌺

    Much love and gratitude,
    Innocence Smith 🧚🏾‍♀️

  45. I really love the way you break things down, Hibiscus Moon. I always struggled learning things through reading because I am a very visual learner, but the way you talk almost feels visual to me. So thank you for that! Also, I am so excited to finally be diving into the science behind things. A lot of my discoveries and wonder of life, crystals, nature, the universe, humans, and all that exists have developed through intuitive feelings and experimentation. But now I finally have something to support my beliefs with you scientific knowledge that will help me further engage my friends who are curious about my habits and lifestyle. AHHHH! Super pumped for this whole course! THANK YOU!!!

  46. This is great love reading and learning about crystals, after purchasing one and felt the benefits I purchased a number and added a clear quartz wand to my crystal set then recoded what occurred to my injured leg it had tremors and then started moving on its own accord. The increase in circulation has helped with pain and reduced swelling respect crystals. 😀

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