How To Awaken & De-Calcify Your Pineal Gland with Crystals ~ Part 2

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After doing a couple of videos on this bitty little gland, I know “awakening the pineal gland” is a highly controversial topic.  Lots of peeps have strong views about it & tend to get their panties in a bunch… & then the venom starts flying from some. Not sure why that is.

But, here on my blog (or on any of my social media properties), best keep your venom to  yourself or spew it on your own properties b/c I maintain a very happy, uplifting & positive space here. If you do choose to spew, you’ll be promptly deleted & banned.

HOWEVER!…I do welcome differing opinions along with healthy, respectful & mature debates discussing all view points. That is always welcome here. 🙂

And, just for a healthy dose of disclaimer juice…

DISCLAIMER: Crystal healing & therapy should be used with the understanding that it is part of a sound holistic treatment plan. It’s not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside. The information contained herein is metaphysical in nature & does not claim to heal or cure.  Besides, with crystals (or without) you have the power within you to cure yourself of ANYTHING.

OK, I promised I’d get to the crystals that help us to de-calcify & awaken our pineal gland in part 2 here. In case you missed Part 1, please watch it here.

Here are the points I discuss regarding awakening the pineal gland in this episode:

  • Why its a good idea to get rid of any fluoride you may be consuming
  •  Importance of being grounded. Here’s my popular blog post on how to do that.
  • Living a clean, healthy lifestyle
  • How the Egyptians emphasized & tapped into the pineal gland
  • Specific crystals to work with

How To Awaken the Pineal Gland with Crystals ~ Part 2

Here’s the scoop on all the juicy resources I talked about in this week’s episode:

*As always – what you choose to consume is your choice & responsibility. Click here for more info & our official disclaimer.

So if you’re looking to bump your spirituality up to the next level, look to your pineal gland. You’ll notice such a difference.

If you have a differing opinion than anything I’ve said here, please do (RESPECTFULLY) share in the comments. 🙂
I always love to hear from you, so, in the comments below, please tell me:

What pineal gland experiences have you had?

What crystal(s) do you prefer to work with to awaken the pineal gland?

What other tips can you share with our Crystal Hottie community regarding awakening the pineal gland?

What’s the single most important insight you’re taking away from this 2 part Pineal Gland series?

Sharing your thoughts here is so important to us all. ♥ Thousands of sparkly peeps read these posts & your comment could spark a major breakthrough that someone else has!

Thank you so much for reading & joining in on the crystal-convo again.

Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

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P.S. Click here for PART 2!


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  1. I watched the second video on awakening the pineal gland, and wanted to comment on drinking purified water. One of the Reiki Masters that I worked with strongy suggested a heathy diet and more importanty drinking good water. The reverse osmosis systems can be expensive, however I have portable water botte from Nikken which does filter out the impurities. The bottle cost around $50 and did the trick until I could afford one of the home systems that do filter out the impurities and it has mineral stones to remineralize the water. I think your videos are very informative and you always have such useful information. I ordered the Blue Lotus oil from Etsy and can not wait until it arrives!

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      Please check if it specifically filters out fluoride. I have not found anything other than reverse osmosis that can get that out. But if you have found it to that then that’s GREAT! You’ll really enjoy the blue lotus flower absolut. ♥

  2. I heard you say Amethyst is Great, but what about Vera Cruz AMETHYST? I Received some nice small points and i know that they are a high Vibe stone but i cant seem to find much info. my intuition is saying that they are perfect for working in the P gland as well as opening you up for higher states of consciousness. Also Great vid as always! Blessings

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  3. I have been studying under Michael Katz, who owns and operates Gemisphere in Portland, OR for 25 years now.Gemisphere has seminars and teaches on how sphere shaped beads can heal everything and anything. His recommendation for pineal gland is foremost Carnelian, then leopardskin Jasper, Moonstone, White Beryl. I highly recommend his books Gemstone Energy Medicine and Gemstone Guardians. There are both a must read if you are into gems.

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  4. For the last several years I have been using a wonderful pineal gland activation meditation.It is called the white light meditation.It is so good that I developed it in my Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions.

  5. Hola!
    I am wondering about more specifics with the stones you recommend for this, what do we do with them? Are we to just meditate with them? Do a layout? Elixers? I don’t know about anyone else, but I apparently need a bit more info on what to do with them to specifically awaken the pineal gland. 🙂
    Thank you SOOO much!!

  6. Wonderful knowledge! I come back again and again to Amethyst (also my birthstone!)… She never gets old! 😉
    I have lately been using an Amethyst for dreamtime under my pillow. I’ve had amazingly vivid and telling dreams with Amethyst and have found myself before I sleep lining up my stone behind my head to draw a line through to the 3rd eye, and I was thinking about my pineal gland when I did this. I had no idea Amethyst assisted in waking it up!
    Thank you for the wonderful advice, Hibiscus Moon. Glimmer on!! <3

  7. I looked on the PristineHydro website for a water filter like yours and don’t see one that uses the crystals or looks anything like the one you have. Did you design that yourself?

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  8. I recently purchased a Berkely water filter. It is a blessing. It also has an extra filter to get fluoride out. It’s inexpensive about 250.00, easy to use, the filter will last for about 6000gallons of water before having to be replaced. It will filter any water except sea water so is good to have in emergencies. Made of stainless steel will last a lifetime. Cheers!!

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  9. Toothpaste and water supplies containing fluoride were considered a good thing. Unlike medications that require informed consent before they’re consumed, our daily dose of fluoride is received without benefit of information and warnings.

  10. Did a quick search for Blue lotus flower oil. Sadly the lady you recommend doesn’t ship outside of America :/

    One thing I noticed is that there are two flowers Blue Lotus Nelumbo nucifera (sacred Lotus) from Asia (though its not blue, more lilac)
    The other is Nymphaea caerulea Blue Egyptian water lily (sacred Lilly) ~ this is the plant used by the Egyptians.
    Great thing is they both seem to contain the same compounds, though its a little naughty to use the picture of Egipitan Lilly on the bottle when it actually contains the absolute of the Asian Lilly; don’t ya think? 😉

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