Indulge in a Crystal Bath for Self-Mastery with Nuummite

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Let’s talk about the amazing goodness of a Crystal Bath: the ultimate in energetically power packed sparkly relaxation!

Crystal Bath Nuummite

In this video I’m sharing my recipe for a Crystal Bath for Self Mastery & Claiming Personal Power

I haven’t done a video from my bath tub “sacred space” in quite a while.

I was just getting ready to do a bath for self-mastery & claiming my personal power so I thought I’d take a moment & share what I’m up to with you. I apologize for the quality here as I didn’t bust out the DSLR to do this…it was really quick and in the moment.

I’ve been going through a paradigm shift of how I am doing things while also making more of an effort to connect with my personal magic.

So I got to thinking what stones or other energies do I want layer in for this bath, for the intention & specific purpose of connecting with my own personal magic.


I decided to work with Nuummite stones.


Nuummite is a black sparkly iridescent stone & hails from Greenland. Not a very common stone at all, it’s a mix of many different unique  minerals containing lithium-bearing amphibole, magnesium iron silicate, anthophyllite & gedrite.

What’s really cool about it is that it’s one of the oldest stones on our planet; estimated at about 3 billion years old. Yeah. BILLION, not million.

Nuummite has a very gentle energy. So if you really want to get an intense effect from it, you’ll want to amplify it with other crystals & clear quartz is ideal for doing that.

My Nuummite Crystal Bath Recipe

You don’t need to have ALL these ingredients. Any combination will work, but the more you do have, the more effective. Perhaps you can think of some other things to add in here as well to exponentiate even further?

  • 2 Nuummite Stones; they’re great for connecting with your personal magic for self-mastery and cleaning your personal power.
  • 1 Clear Quartz Crystal to amplify the energy.
  • 3-5 drops Lemon/Citron Essential Oil (NOT IN THE BATH) but in an oil burner or diffuser. Any brand will do, but I look for high quality, non-synthetic, fair-trade & organic. 🙂
  • 1 drop Clove Essential Oil (again in an oil burner or diffuser) & about 3 drops directly in the bath
  • 1-2 cups bath salts containing magnesium sulfate
  • I chose a guided meditation for self-mastery; so perfect to listen to while taking my bath & soaking in the energies from the Nuummite. This is that meditation. 🙂

Again, my goal with adding the Quartz Crystal was to amplify the energy of the Nuummite stones.

Layer the Energetic Frequencies

I like to layer in several resonant, yet similar energetic frequencies so they can harmonize & exponentiate or amplify each other. For example, here I added in some aromatherapy oils that are complimentary in energy to my purpose & intention.

Caution:  I did not add the lemon oil to my bath b/c I’ve learned through experience that freakin’ burns! Steer clear, Chick Pea. 

Instead, I’m burning the oils in my oil burner – my sacred geometry oil burner.  (((always layering the energies, this time w/ sacred geometry ☺))). **I don’t know where this oil burner came from or I’d link to it. It was a gift, but if you know, please post the link in the comments below!**

I added 1 drop of Clove essential oil to my oil burner.  I also added a few more drops of Clove directly in my actual bath water so I can more easily resonate with the energies.

crystal bath2

Why is it so powerful to put gems & oils directly in your bath water?  Click here for a Classic Video + Blog I created on that. 

Mineral Magic

I always like to add in some bath salts containing Magnesium Sulfate b/c I like to connect with the mineral Magnesium in Epsom Salt Solution for super-relaxation. If you’d like to geek out & dive deeper into why Magnesium is so great for your health you can read more on that here.

bath salts

And for a lil’ more luxuriating, I’m adding a hydrating face mask, by Karuna that someone recommended to me & said was really good. So I had to try that too. {NOTE:  I LOVED this thing! Uber-hydrating and plumping for my hormone-challenged-middle-aged skin. I should get a case of this stuff!)

Necessary Self Nurture Time: Time to connect with my crystals & do the inner work.

So make it a priority, grab your crystals (+ essential oils) and Soak it UP!

Do you ever draw a crystal bath for yourself?  What crystals do you use & for what intention?  Share in the comments below to inspire each other & indulge! Would love to hear about what you’re up to. 🙂

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  1. Looks like you’re using ‘fake’ nuumite. Even reputable sellers are getting nuumite all wrong. (Not sure if it’s done on purpose, or if they really haven’t figured that one out yet.) What you have there is Bronzite Gabbro, according to the late Michael Gienger. Might want to add that to your ‘fake stones’ list. =)

    1. Post

      Hi Ami,
      Yeah, I’m aware of the misid’d stones which usually come from China and have quite a bit of bronze-type chips in them. My photo here doesn’t do these stones justice at all…you can’t see the tell-tale iridescent blue (& bit of green) flash that genuine Nuummite exhibits. But I like that you’re on top of your fakes! 😉

  2. I was having a barely-contained meltdown day not long ago. Nothing was smooth or flowing, and my last nerve was seriously singed from all the little fire I had to put out. I filled my diffuser with lavender essential oil to relax, then filled the tub with Epsom salts and baking soda to soak out all the icky stuff and put in lots of magnesium, and Rose quartz to reconnect with my heart center and get back in touch with what really mattered. I also darkened the room, using only a (battery operated) candle for light, just to calm things down even farther. I don’t have a way to play music in there or I would have! Instead a did a quiet meditation as I soaked. So. Much. Better!

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  3. Thank you sooo much for sharing your posts and all your expertise !!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I don’t take baths but I am so inspired to do so. I might try rose quartz to reconnect with what I love and those I love. I love the idea of amplifying with clear Quartz as well. I’m sooooo drawn to clear Quartz these days!!! Thank you thank you thank you….I always learn so much from you.

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  4. HI,I read this article last week and its been haunting me.Nuummite being one of the oldest
    Stones known has a very powerful inner knowing ,and karmic clearing energy that is very powerful… It has been referred to as the Sorcerors Stone.Yes it is a very grounding stone as
    well.Spirtually protective ,and helps with addictions. Nuummite is not inexpensive! And
    Should not be cleansed with water. I find myself very drown to Nuummite,and feel very
    Perfected by it!!!
    I Love my BATHS and look forward to a Rose Quarts and Epsom Salt Bubble Bath,BATH!!!✨✨✨

  5. Being a stone of tremendous grounding, it is attuned to the elemental forces of Earth. This excellent source of energy comes with strong electro-magnetic field which aligns the subtle bodies, protect against negative energies and manipulations, and strengthens the auric shield. Also referred to a Magician’s Stone, it is said to have elemental magic that should always be used safely with the right intent.

  6. No aromatherapy oils should be put in bath with out mixing them in a carrier oil or milk as oil and water don’t mix. Lavender and Roman Chamomile oils mixed with carrier oil is very relaxing and Rose quartz which is gentle energy and good for skin. I also put Epson Salts. Enjoy everyone what ever crystals or oils you use x??? crystal blessings x

  7. so you put the stones directly in the bath water with you? Above, Sandra Sheppard says not to put this stone in water??

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