If you’ve followed me a bit, you know that I love looking to the Moon cycles to plan out certain events & biz moves.

I’ve talked about what I do with my crystals at the Full Moon before.

But…today I’d like to talk about the New Moon & some New Moon Crystals.

New Moon Energies


First of all…why work with lunar energies at all?

My undergraduate degree is in biological anthropology where I learned about many cultures, going back thousands of years, that have looked to the Moon to govern their daily activities for everything!…from the spiritual to the mundane. Even today, many cultures still hold to this sage practice. I realized long ago that when anything stands the test of time, it’s most likely b/c it works…it’s tried & it’s true.

The ancients realized that everything on our planet depends on & is affected by the natural rhythms of our Moon.


Learning how to tap into the ageless influence of the Moon cycles to not only support & strengthen yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically but to fortify your manifestations & dreams will open up a whole new GLITTERY world to you! 😀

There are differing schools of thought & cultural thinking on this, but the teachings I follow dictate that the New Moon is all about:

  • renewal
  • washing away
  • cleansing
  • birthing
  • beginning anew
  • planting seeds
  • starting new projects

Even the modern Farmer’s Almanac considers the New Moon to be a “fertile & wet” period so they recommend it as a great time for planting seeds.


  • If you’re interested in learning more about the Moon cycles, I highly recommend this book:

Crystals & the New Moon

So…at every New Moon, I try to either do a mini cleansing out ceremony on my own or I get to a Women’s New Moon Drumming circle to drum it all out!

Ready with my azurite to drum in our circle for New Moon.

Ready with my azurite to drum in our women’s circle for New Moon.

New Moon drumming #altar at friend's home last night. Decked out in kyanite for better communication between all the bodies auric fields.

New Moon drumming altar at a friend’s home. All decked out in kyanite for better communication between all the bodies of our auric fields.

5 Steps for Setting Intentions & Manifestation with Crystals at New Moon

1. First, I’ll gather the crystals I’ll be working with. This can vary greatly depending on what I want to manifest. But cleansing out energy from the last lunar cycle is always a must. Its like cleaning house.

Some tried & true crystals to work with at this time are:

  • staurolite (for physical body cleansing)
  • halite or clear quartz for energetic cleansing
  • labradorite for tapping in to the magic of the new moon
  • indigo gabbro for connecting to new moon energy,planting seeds and clear intention setting
  • moonstone always helps for tapping into lunar energies.
new moon crystals

My New Moon Crystals; Clockwise from top left: moonstone sphere (looks like the Moon itself, no?, silver rutile quartz (for silvery lunar energy), halite block, fairy-dusted clear quartz, stauralite pendant

2. Then I begin by being in (or creating) sacred space. If you don’t already have my free eKit on Creating Sacred Space with Crystals, then grab that now.  That will usually consist of sage smudging the space that  I’ll be in ceremony in.


This is the smudge prayer to the four directions that I use: 

We call on the Spirit of Sage to drive away negativity from our circle.

Spirit of the East, Great Spirit of Air, Bring peace and inspire this circle.

Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of Fire, energize and protect this circle.

Spirit of the West, Great Spirit of Water, bring purity and cleanse this circle.

Spirit of the North, Great Spirit of Earth, ground and strengthen this circle.

Great Father Sky, guard this circle from above.

Great Mother Earth, nurture this circle from below.

3. Next, I’ll contemplate what I’d like to cleanse & clear out & if there’s anything I’d like to “plant seeds” for. I’ll write those things down in a special notebook just for this purpose.

4. Now, I’ll take the crystals & place them on my altar along with lighting some candles. Sometimes, I’ll create a crystal grid dedicated to my purpose & intentions.

new moon crystals

5. I’ll usually play some nice meditation music from Pandora &  choose a crystals from the ones I’ve selected for this New Moon. With that crystal in my receptive hand, I’ll get comfy  & do a short dedicated meditation  focusing on the intentions, usually no more than 15 min.

So, that’s it. Not too complicated, but VERY POWERFUL!

I hope you enjoy this ceremony at the next New Moon. And if you have your own way of honoring the moon cycles using crystals, please post in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings & Tons of Moon Beams!!