What can you do when you’re stuck in a situation that feels or you’re perceiving as negative, and you want to transmute that feeling- from an energetic standpoint? You know… because that negative-energy-downward-spiral can be pretty powerful! 

Do you desire to have some simple tools to combat its effects? 

negative energy crystals

We’re probably all familiar with this common advice:

“If you’re surrounded by negative people, it’s going to bring you down. Like attracts like. It’s going to pull you down to their level, where they’re at, so the best thing to do is just surround yourself with people who make you feel great.”

Easier said than done, right?

In today’s video I discuss this very topic:

In an ideal world, that would be wonderful; to be able to do that all the time… but sometimes, we’ve all been caught in situations where you’re just not able to realistically achieve that.

For most of us, you can’t just dictate and control everybody who’s around you.

There are certain things you’re in control of and certain things that you’re not. And sometimes, you just HAVE to be in that environment for a little while– hopefully not for too long… and get yourself through it without bringing yourself down to that level.

So, what can we do to get ourselves through and have it not negatively affect our energy?

You know I always turn to crystals for stuffs like this!

But my first thing to do is to remember: I have total control over HOW I perceive things.

I try to keep that in mind and stay non-judgmental.

This doesn’t mean that I always succeed; it just means that I try to remind myself to stay in that mindset and to remember that this is all my perception. My reality is what I’m choosing to perceive, so I can choose to try to focus on something else or to perceive the situation differently. These are things all within my control!

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Next, I go to the energetic tools…

Note:  I’ve spoken previously about this topic of neutralizing negativity and using crystals to get negativity out of your environment in several different ways from several different angles. 😉 Here I’m trying to focus and tailor it to current questions that I’m getting now, so this blog post/video has a slightly different take on it, but I’ll also link below to a list of some classic, pillar blog posts and videos that I’ve done on this topic in the past; you can pick and choose whatever angle you want to approach it from:

Crystal Tools for Neutralizing Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline

I’m sure you’d guess that my preferred energetic tool for this is crystals (and in the above video I show you my fav piece of Black Tourmaline). It’s my go-to piece that I always have nearby.

black tourmaline

It’s in front of me when I work at my computer because it helps to not only neutralize negativity that I’m perceiving, but it’s also great at blocking electromagnetic fields from electronics.

However, it might not be so convenient to carry around a big-honkin’ piece of Black Tourmaline. Might be more practical to wear a bracelet that’s made of Black Tourmaline or has some Black Tourmaline beads on it, or maybe wear a pendant that’s made of Black Tourmaline like these.

negative energy crystals

I really like wearing it in this way because it’s not a very harsh, forceful type of energy. It’s more of what I always call your energetic bodyguard who has your best interest at heart. It protects you in a gentle way and isn’t going to pull you down even further; which… sometimes intense stones like black obsidian can be known to do. (Black Obsidian is very, very powerful and not really what I consider for everyday use.) Black Tourmaline is gentle enough for everyday use and one of my favorites for that.

Smokey Quartz

negative energy crystals

Another crystal for neutralizing negative energy is Smokey Quartz.  In the above video, I show you my beloved piece of Smokey Quartz from Namibia that I’ve been working with for years (also pictured in above photo). I’ve bonded closely with this crystal. It knows me and I know it. It’s a beautifully rich coffee dark brown, yet transparent color. Definitely NOT irradiated!

Smokey Quartz is great for detoxing; getting in and digging out and getting rid of anything that’s sunk into your auric field. We don’t want it to fester, becoming denser and going deeper and deeper to where it ends up manifesting in your physical body as some kind of physical ailment.

It’s ideal for detoxing any kind of negativity at all. So, a combo of these two (black tourm + smokey quartz), having both of them together, maybe again, in a bracelet is very practical and pretty.

You could even place your crystal in a little pouch and carry it around with you if you like; in a backpack or a purse or something like that.

Essential Oils

Perhaps you already know about sage smudging and those kinds of things for your home environment, or even using sound acoustics to clear out the negativity, but I also like to use an essential oil that you can pair up with the crystals, to harmonize with and further amplify their vibrations.

An EO that I really like for that is Orange. It really helps to lift your spirits via its specific vibrational frequency. Plus, it’s kinda hard for people to stay in that negative mindset when they’re smelling orange in the area.

Try it! 😉

negative energy crystals

Some other options are:

  • Tangerine
  • Bergamot
  • Ylang Ylang

Another favorite of mine is doTERRA’s onGuard blend. Negativity, be-gone! (If you’d like to learn more about working with essential oils you might want to join my private Facebook group where we discuss just that.)

Alright, so give that energetic combo a try next time you need to neutralize the negativity in your space and let me know how it goes! And please share this blog post with a friend. I feel that lightworkers, especially, need to have info like this in their energetic toolbox. I’d also love to hear what your fav alternatives are for this are in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon