Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

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Are there crystals that are just “too much” for us to work with? Perhaps some that we’re just not ready for? Like moldavite?



Yep, it’s known as a “high-ascension” stone.


What does that mean?

High ascension stones are known for having powerful metaphysical properties & energy that are very easy for most to connect with…even for those of us who are usually dense to the energies. They are known to have a strong connection divine energies. Since these crystals & stones usually resonate with the higher chakras, working & meditating with them can be quite intense. So, that makes the idea of these stones very appealing.

But are you READY FOR IT?

I think you’re really gonna want to watch or listen to this video. It’s a sizzling-hot topic. 😉 You’ll see why I said that when you watch the vid!

I also give you some gentler crystal alternatives to start off with. 🙂

After watching, please join in on the convo in the comments below.

Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

Here’s that blog post I refer to in the video.

I can’t wait to see your comments! I would love to hear your story about how moldavite (or other powerful crystals) have affected you. Specifically, I’d love to know:

  • What’s your experience working with high ascension crystals?
  • Have you ever worked specifically with moldavite? What did you get from it?
  • What’s your FAVORITE high-energy crystal?

I also hope this post doesn’t scare you off of moldavite or other high ascension stones. Just take it slow & steady…work up to it & see how you do & what they can do for you.♥

Please also share this with your crystal-lovin’ friends so they don’t have to deal with the fiery chest-burn. That sucker was HOT, let me  tell you!

Crystal Blessings, Lima Bean!


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  1. Hi Hibiscus Moon, you mentioned a starter kit of crystals. Where will I find the information, please? I dabble with crystals a little. I have a Chakra set of rough stones, which I love and two large pieces of Rose Quartz in the Relationship corner of my bedroom, which work well as my husband even feels the energy, :), I love to wear my Tiger’s Eye necklace and Rose Quartz bracelet, when I remember to, lol. I enjoyed the above video, in fact I enjoy all your videos. Thank you so much. Sparkly rainbow blessings of love and light, Gayle

  2. I don’t have any experience with moldavite, but now I’m SO curious!
    I’m not sure if it’s considered a ‘high ascension stone’ but I had a lot of difficulty working with fire agate. The energy was so strong, I couldn’t sleep for three days. I was (and still am) seriously considering giving them away.

    Thanks so much for the info!

    1. Post
      1. First time i bathed in moldavite bath salts it gave me bad anxiety… Im now able to bathe with it..I dont have a stone yet!

    2. I purchased a moldavite 2 weeks ago…..I got rid of it. It came out of someone’s personal collection. After some research I found out the man who owned it before unexpectedly died. He was a jeweler and mineral enthusiast from what I read about him. He owned a store and was a very well know and respected member of his community. The day I got it my husband was attacked by a dark entity while napping…twice. Then he became sick for 4 days. We began to argue a lot. I too began not feeling well. When people around me started to die is when I had enough. Some rave about it but it’s not for me.

  3. i work with plenty of high energy crystals (tanzanite, lemurian, diamond, blue moonstone, apophylite etc), and i can’t stand moldavite’s energy. it’s just the wrong energy for me.

    1. I recently bought a pair of moldavite earrings. I haven’t had any indications that they are too strong for me. But I also bought a malachite pendent and it is quite strong. It feels unnaturally heavy around my neck and I can only wear it for short periods of time. It also has quite a strong voice, which I am still getting used to. My only other experience with a crystal that was too strong for me was one of the first quartz pendants I ever bought. It was a double-terminate Vogel-Phi crystal and the vibration was uncomfortable, even in my hand. Even though I was drawn to the crystal and purchased it, it was months before I was able to start wearing it for short time periods. It too seemed unnaturally heavy at first. But now I wear it almost every day and it feels pleasant and harmonious.

  4. I love moldavite, I’ve been working with it and other synergy 12 stones, but I seem to have a deep connection to moldavite!
    My son has suffered from severe ADHD for years, even on meds he was 2 years behind in school because the meds wore off so quickly while he was at school half his day was a waste! He metabolizes everything so quickly it’s impossible to keep any meds working in him for long. Then the meds started giving him hallucinations! I was searching everywhere for help, he hated himself for not being able to control his, as he called them, “crazy legs, crazy arms and crazy head” he was so angry at himself for not being able to stop his body from its constant motion and said he hated his mind and body! He felt he was bad and nobody liked him because he was so different. I spent years trying different things to help him but nothing helped….when I bought my 1st price of moldavite I was in a devastated place, wondering what was wrong and how I was going to help my son!
    I meditated with it once, I had the phrases “intestines, enzyme issues, food allergies” they kept running through my mind, I realized this had something to do with my son….I abruptly stop meditating and got on my computer and started to look up every symptom he had and how it could relate to this!
    My grandma and brother both had major enzyme issues, we are Cherokee Indian, my brother had severe kidney stone issues, lost one kidney and the other is extremely weak, my grandma died from calcium deposits around her heart, my dad has had 2 quadruple bypasses from calcium deposits around his heart.
    I searched for what is been told was our issues, super hyper calcium absorbers, but nothing fit with my sons issues.
    I kept looking and eventually realized one thing kept coming back up with everyone of his symptoms, gluten! I started researching what gluten was and how it worked….found out it destroys our bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals so they build up in inappropriate places and create toxicity as our bodies slowly become malnourished , which creates…..mental issues!
    After the first few days my son was off gluten he needed only half the meds he usually needed, his sweet personality started to return! He’s done a complete turn around, hes on the path to being totally off meds soon! The doctors can’t believe the changes! I’ve adopted the diet after I started to realize I had many symptoms myself….I’ve never felt better in my life! I’ve had weekly, sometimes daily migraines for years I was losing hair, regular bloody noses, I bruised so easily and constantly felt hungry but couldn’t gain weight…plus depression and ADD!
    All gone now!
    My mom and brother have adopted this diet and turned their issues around, my dad doesn’t think he can give up the foods with gluten…..but maybe someday he will!
    We have found celiac disease has affected many people in our family, we don’t have a super calcium absorption issues we have an enzyme issue created from an allergy or sensitivity to the gluten found in many foods!
    Thank you, moldavite!

    1. Thank you, Erika! I just looked up enzyme issues, and I have never seen all my symptoms sprawled out in front of me like that before. As I was reading your response I got tingles all through my body, so decided to look it up. I’m on an elimination diet, but this is so going to help me really pay attention to the refinements associated with enzymes (like water with meals, cooking veggies, etc.)

      What an amazing experience that moldavite helped show you this.

    2. This is absolutely wonderful. I have a gluten sensitivity as well, not to your family’s extent but I do notice it. I have discovered sourdough rice pancakes, which are fabulously good. You can get a gluten-free culture from “Cultures for Health,” online. You just need some brown rice flour and put this stuff in (they give you instructions). Then once the starter gets going, I even use the starter as pancake batter. They have recipes, but honestly, the starter may even be better. I melt some butter in a cast-iron pan and then put in this starter. It’s a great meal in itself. And rice generally disagrees with me a little bit, in the feeling that I just had too much carbohydrates. But this starter has been “pre-digested” in a sense by the culture itself, and in fact you can see little bubbles rising to the top. And this stuff never bothers me at all. I could eat it forever. I have to control myself, because it’s so great. And it’s a starter that goes forever. You don’t have to buy it any more.

  5. I love the strong vibration stones…I’m slowly collecting the synergy 12 stones, but moldavite still seems to be the one that just flows effortlessly with me! I feel like it’s saved our lives, I’m realizing I was on the same path as my grandmother, at my age she had many of the same symptoms I had! I even started having arthritis issues in my 20’s like her! She seemed to lose weight and grow frail at a very young age, but that’s what’s happens when a toxic poison is eating away at your intestines and preventing you from absorbing the minerals that keep you healthy and alive!
    I’ve just recently bought Phenacite and Azeztulite, but haven’t received them yet so I’ll post more once I get them!

    I can’t sleep with any of these stones near me because they are so strong they keep me up all night! I wish I could find a way to lessen that so I could have dreams that incorporate the stones energy, I hear others discussing this and it sounds nice!

  6. Moldavite is amazing! My first interaction with the stone, I immediately felt tingling in my hand, that progressed throughout my body. Within a few minutes, I was getting light headed and was given a grounding stone to balance. I purchased the piece 🙂 Within just a couple of days, I was in tune with in. The most miraculous aspect of this stone is it’s healing ability. Keep in mind, this is my personal experience only that I speak of. I have discoid lupus. I set my stone in a crystal glass filled with water and put it outside during the full moon. I use the charged water on a cotton ball, on my skin. I also drink 1 oz in the morning and evening. The results have been amazing! I have not been on my meds now for 2 months and no flare ups and skin is healing wonderfully! Joint pain, fatigue have been almost non existent. Again, this is my personal experience with Moldavite. I have it with me when I sleep and travel during my dreams. Things that do not serve purpose in my life have become unimportant and I have a wonderful outlook of what is to come 🙂 My intuition has spiked, along with my empathic gift. To sum it up, I feel as though I am shedding and an enlightened, high vibration self is emerging! Using it in conjunction with a Herkimer Diamond is extraordinary and intense!! My recommendation to those who find themselves very sensitive to the stone in the beginning … have a grounding stone nearby 🙂 Blessings!!

  7. I think it just depends on how sensitive you are to crystal energy. It also depends on each person. Sometimes you are just naturally drawn to particular stones. I am personally very much drawn to moldavite. It’s very powerful, and it takes the body a couple of weeks to get used to that kind of high energy. However, after carrying moldavite in my pocket for about 6 months now, I almost feel out of sorts if I don’t have it. It definitely works quickly. It’s not something to be taken lightly. If you are ready for positive life changes, try it out. But if there is something in your life that needs to go, it will. A relationship that isn’t in your best interest; job that isn’t serving your higher purpose, etc. Moldavite will come in and wipe it out. But nothing but good/better things will replace them. I know I’ve never been happier at this point.

    1. Amen to that, sister/friend. All has been good, better – amazing since it wiped out a third of our town with a tornado in 2011. Major transformation and i feel so blessed!

  8. I havent had any experience with moldavite. I just havent come across any. I can say I have major issues with hematite though. Every time I even hold it for a couple of moments I get really lethargic and feel weighed down. Ironically people love to give it to me. I have so many jewelry pieces with it and rose quartz (which I get along with beautifully) and I cant ever wear them.
    I have noticed that with crystals that there are times when I can work with a certain crystal and other times they can make me queasy, so I do believe there are times we need certain crystals and times when our reactions say to stay away.

  9. So just this week I started wearing a piece I made. It has both Moldivite and Herkimer. It is gorgeous and don’t take it off. I started wearing it because I don’t dream or at least I don’t remember. I am dreaming now but am so tired in the morning, lol! I really love moldivite!
    What are these 12 synergy stones you speak of?

  10. Yes, moldavite. I got one and kept it on my person everywhere i went. In may of 2011 a tornado hit joplin missouri taking my house with it. I still had the moldavite and decided that was enough transformation for a while and gave it away with a firm warning. I have since aquired another piece of which i wear every day. So far no catastrophies!

  11. Greetings Hibiscus Moon,
    I love your video on Moldavite! I have been working with it for more than five years now and I have had many interesting experiences. I love using it with clear quartz for meditation.
    Both my husband and I use moldavite when we do chakra layouts with stones on each other.
    It does wonders.
    Though I know that some people need time to acclimate to it, and some deal with different symptoms of what is known as moldavite flush, what most don’t realize is that moldavite is working on their whole system when they experience this.
    Moldavite has been known to clear chakras, meridians as well as reconstruct one’s dna.
    It is also known as the stone of transformation. This I know to be true as my life has been transformed once I started to work with it.
    Once a person is acclimated to moldavite, it helps one to see what no longer serves their highest good and helps one to release those things.
    There is so much to Moldavite, I highly recomend it, but caution that people should take it slow when first starting with it. I also recommend one does their research and really get to know about it as well.
    Love, light and many blessings

  12. I recently purchased a small pendant with moldavite. Since wearing it, all the time, I have an incredible case of the blues. No energy. No motivation. Feeling quite lost. Is this a normal response? And is it a sign that I should not be working with it? I appreciate any suggestions.

  13. I was given a Mondovite pendant and earrings by a friend who said they made her very dizzy. I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary when I wear them. Does this mean that I’m not sensitive enough? I feel like I feel the vibrations of some crystals just nothing out of the ordinary with this kind.

    1. In my opinion that reaction, or lack thereof does not mean that you are not sensitive to crystal energies by any means. Everyone’s experience is different, and actually the fact that you did not have a reaction could mean that the Moldavite’s energy blended very smoothly with your own. I think for most of us there is a bit of a “system shock” when such powerful energy first interacts with ours. I would recommend trying meditation with the stones in your left hand, and see if you feel the warmth or tingle that can be common.

  14. 19 years ago I had a small business and bought a few pieces of Moldavite. I made them into pendants. My daughter saw one and wanted it for herself. She started wearing it immediately and would not take it off even at night. About a month later we found out she was pregnant. I thought about the stone but decided she needed it for the baby. She wore it until the day she went into labor when the moldavite crumbled into pieces. My grand daughter is incredible. Her whole outlook on life is and has been so far advanced. She is a loving caring person who is constantly sought after for her advise and counseling. She has never gone through the things a typical teenager does. It is amazing. I received the information when she was still in the womb that she needed the stones energy to be able to adapt to earth’s energy. I am so happy we had the stone available so she could come here and help make earth a better place. I am always amazed to see what she is going to do next. Hope this helps others with their use of this wonderful stone.

  15. Moldavite has totally crashed my computer.

    My favorite high energy crystals as an alternative are: rutilated quartz, selenite, and citrine. They’ll get the energy pumping but aren’t all crazy like moldavite.

  16. I am so happy with the Moldavite I have ! I have a good feeling whenever I am wearing though I never experienced of what others feel, hot flush, nausea etc.
    I enjoy wearing it with other crystals I have. The only thing I could feel is so comfortable on my wrist, sometimes I feel as if the Moldavite talking to me saying that happy too being with me….hmmmm.

  17. Hello. I usually tolerate and am very used to very high frequency crystals. In fact I seek them out. I do not feel that moldevite rush but I do feel the energy there. I can feel the energy of herkimer diamonds, rhodozite and azestulite faster but not in a dramatic way. But these usually resonate on the cold side instead of heat. I make very powerful selenite based tuned resonators (wands) that can move large amounts of energy as emiters and receivers and it feels like heat. I bought 3 pieces of moldevite, two are on selenite wards as part of the energy filters. Only one is for sale at my etsy store and I call it the electric blue arc. The newest one is beautiful and small (0.75 inches) as are all real modevite. I know that it will be pairing with a herkimer diamond which I still need to find. Namaste

  18. I absolutely love Moldavite!
    After reading through a crystal guide book I instantly became attracted to Moldavite and just had to have a piece for myself. When I first slept on my purchased piece It was very intense. I was instantly taken out of my body as soon as I laid down on my pillow! The pulsing energy it gave off was like nothing I had ever felt. For the first couple of weeks I couldn’t wear it for too long as it was obviously working quickly on my chakras and I’d feel a deep thud in my chest (the re-alignment of my heart chakra). It took a while for me to adjust to Moldavite’s energy but now I wear it throughout the day and find that my outlook on life has changed for the better since doing so.

  19. Hi,
    I actually purchased a piece of moldavite after reading about them. It was a rather small piece and I didn’t seem to feel too much from it. A few months later while I was at a gem show, I found that one of my favorite venders had a few moldavite pendants. I purchased one that was 3 or 4 times larger than the first one that I had bought. I immediately felt light headed when I touched it. I wore it very close to my neck and it actually was so strong that it gave me a very bad sore throat for 24 hours. After that, my body seemed to adapt to it pretty quick. I actually love the feeling that I get from the moldavite because I can really FEEL it working! It seems strange but every once in awhile it will completely disappear and I can’t find it for the life of me. It will suddenly reappear out of no where like it knows that I am needing it. Strange.

    1. Frantisek, I believe I know you from eBay and your usename is frantfrant, right? I just bought some specimens from you! Thank you.

  20. I’ve had a challenging time recently and few of my usual crystals had been able to do much.I bought a tiny piece of moldavite today, it was still in its case but I felt more positive with it in my pocket. When I got home, I placed it on my chest and began to feel energy flowing over my head and through my face. I think there are stomach meridians that flow through the face. I’ve had a problem with gluten intolerance for a while now and I believe the Moldavite was cleansing these meridians. I also had a moment of insight with it, just came out of nowhere.

  21. I have used Moldavite, tektite, and now meteorite. I can say Moldavite is truly a life changer beyond my explanation. After work, after having it in my back pocket all day, I come home to meditate with it and hold it. Never in my life; or all 4 years of owning this crystal or all 7 years of working with crystals have I ever, ever ever ever felt this crystal heat up in my hand, but it wasn’t physically hot, at all. All of sudden I get this tingle and excruciating burning sensation in my hand, and tingling in my feed. I put down the crystal, it nearly immediately stops, I hold it again, it starts. I hold Quartz, no issue. Moldavite again- it’s burning. If you use this crystal, have something to ground you or ease the energy like rose quartz or moonstone, meteorite and Tibetan tektite will work too; they’re black and heavier in that sense. But even then, when you’re dealing with cosmic energy don’t expect the expected. Like I said4 years of owning it, never once has my hand sweated and felt so hot, ever, ever. My life changed before my very eyes while meditating with this crystal more. I became connected with who I really was, while staying on my path. But new roads were opened. And what a journey it has been and still is. Be ready for the Universal cosmic kick in the rear end. You might just thank me later 🙂

  22. Hello All,
    I purchased a piece of moldavite in pendant form (rough/natural set in minimal sterling silver) very late Friday night and already have stories. The seller was kind enough to print the shipping label immediately but I knew it would probably be Monday before it even made it to the post office and when all of Saturday went by with no tracking update, my suspicion that it’d be later in the week before it arrived was confirmed (keep in mind no post office on Sunday and it was coming with slower First Class mail). However, late Sunday night, I accidentally hit the “check tracking” button while admiring the purchased piece and imagining our first moments together (lol I’m serious) only to see that it was ALREADY IN MY CITY, not just region or state, my city, at my local post office. It miraculously/strangely showed up this morning (Monday) as though it was as excited to meet me as I was it (Thank you US Postal!)! Immediately upon physical contact, my hand began to feel very warm and a soft, pulsation followed. I am very excited to welcome this special mineral to my space and look forward to sharing this journey together for a time. The only other specimen I have connected with immediately like I did today with Moldavite is Spirit Quartz and it is absolutely sacred to me because it changed my life a year ago. Thanks for all the insight you guys shared was enlightening and fun to read of your moldavite experiences!

  23. Hello,

    Please be advised that some Moldavite can be mildly to greatly radioactive. You would do great service to your community to be aware of this fact. Also, different pieces will have lesser or greater radioactivity. Thus the different results. Most vitrification creates some sort of radioactive freqency.

    I know it is all a bit ironic. But high frequency and radioactive are definitely not the same thing.

    – Russell

  24. Hello H Moon,

    My apologies, I did not want the previous comment to be published live and freak people out. Please delete.

    Here are some corrections. There are many types of Moldavite. The African broken glass Moldivite is not radioactive. But the REAL stuff is – and it is about 10-12 counts per minute per gram above Background Radiation.

    I have also noticed that there are various kinds of radiation and various sources. To make matters worse people, also use Trinitite (said to be created from our own nuclear blast sites) and/or Elkanite which is very high radiation:

    One thing to note is that Moldavite is not hot enough (most of the time) to set off alarms in customs, but Ekanite is.

    One of the reasons that many people can feel this impact is at least partially due to radioactive energies, but this does not mean that people should fear the stuff. I do, however suspect, that if you believed in muscle testing (not that I do) many people would test negative for it. Some might like it temporarily.

    So, as with any controversial substance (including things like Andara glass – which is actually vitrified and powerful as well, and occasionally radioactive) one must proceed with caution, and realize that all energies are not “higher energies”. There are many many cases of mild to intense burns with Moldavite on the skin posted on the internet, but I also know about them in my personal experience. If you have such problems, please use Rhodozite right away (against the inflamed area), and/or buffer with selenite and/or even place the Moldavite in a buffer solution to absorb some of it’s (usually mild) radioactive isotopes. Like plutonium, it can be homeopathically therapeutic, but not often. 😉

    Some cheaper Geiger counters will not properly register the radiation. And more confusing, not all moldavite is true moldavite, and farther, some true moldavite has more intensity in the radioactive isotopes.

    – R

  25. I think Moldavite is just a *really* cool stone. Just think, scientists are still at odds, unable to settle on a theory for the origin of this stone! All we know is that it showed up after a large meteor/asteroid strike in what is now the Czech Republic 14.5 MILLION years ago. Every real Moldavite is over 14 million years old. Maybe much older if you think it was created before the meteor’s descent to Earth as opposed to during or upon impact. I will tell my story of the stone thusfar then offer a word of caution.

    I was at my local rock shop a while back, and was attracted to a tray of small Herkimer diamonds. After choosing one, I read in the store’s crystal book that Moldavite was an excellent companion stone to the Herkimer. I read the Moldavite description, intrigued, but left because the store’s only pieces were very expensive. Later that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the stone and was up late in the evening researching and eventually purchasing a few pieces on Ebay.

    My first Moldavite was quite small, and I did almost immediately feel a tingle in my palm and fingers when holding it. I actually broke a piece off it the day I got it when I dropped it on a hard floor (be careful with the thin ones!). I don’t think that was the right Moldavite for me.

    However, I had also ordered a BIG 7.4 gram piece from the Czech Republic. Similar to someone else’s story, I did not receive a tracking number and just yesterday messaged the seller to see if he had sent yet. He wrote back quickly that the piece was mailed 9 days ago, and I should expect it around May 12th. Well, last night I had a dream. In this one I just recall receiving a large Moldavite, picking it up and being very excited. Psychic intuition seems to be one of my gifts and I am working on developing it. This morning I was a little behind leaving for class, not because I slept in, I was just reading and couldn’t bring myself to leave. Well right before I walk out the door, my doorbell rings. It is the mailman asking me to sign for this 7.5g Moldavite I’m holding! It’s like the stone reached out to me in my dream last night. And I have never heard of shipping to middle America from Europe in only 9 days. With this stone, I felt a tingle in my receiving hand (non-dominant) and palm while holding it for 10 minutes or so, almost like my hand was asleep. I only started “feeling” after taking Reiki 1. So if anyone is trying to develop their gifts I would highly recommend that. We all have them it is just a matter of unlocking it! I’m very excited to meditate with this stone and sleep with it under my pillow. I am currently wearing it around my neck in one of those little necklaces with a spring-like charm that you can pull open and put stones in. No negative effects persay but I did find my mind wandering to old pains. Heart hurts from family stuff when I was young and a girl I was very serious with a couple years ago. This is good though, my intention for the last few months has been to open my heart, and to do so requires that I clean out this old stuff.

    My word of caution. There is a LOT of fake Moldavite floating around on the internet. It seemed like most of the stuff from China, Thailand etc was fake. It is true, that China is receiving most of the Chlum field’s Moldavite, but the guide I read said most of that probably stays in country once it gets there. It comes from the Czech Rep. So there is no reason to buy it from somewhere other than Europe. Moldavite is only found in the Moldau region. “African” moldavite or anything like that is a sham and will just be melted green glass. Just look at the buyers guides and it is pretty easy to spot real Moldavite from fake, at least in the rough stones. The cut ones are a little tougher if you can’t see it in person. I noticed the most fake stuff on Ebay and Amazon in stones that are already set in jewelry. It’s much easier to disguise a fake stone if you have it set in something and the buyer can only see one face. But I bought my Moldavite on Ebay, it has all been real so far. I just read the sellers’ reviews and made sure nobody had complained of fakes, and looked very closely at their photographs. So don’t be to turned off, just cautious.

    I apologize for writing so much! I sometimes just need to do that and it usually comes out on some random topic I happen to be passionate about. I wish you all the very best of luck in your spiritual journeys.
    P.S. Can someone give me advice on meditating with stones? I often lay the stone on my body but should I be holding it instead? What about when I’m using a couple stones, like Herkimer and Moldavite? Lastly, can one carry or meditate with too many stones? Can their energies interfere if I am say holding a half dozen in my pocket baggie and wearing one? Thanks for all your help, love you.

  26. I just love this conversation. I just bought a little piece of Modavite yesterday. At the shop,my hand started dizzling to whole body when picking up the piece. Driving home,I felt like drunken,feel like i was flying. I feel the sensation was real. The Modavite came to my dream but I am not sure the detail of the dream. After 24 hour,in the morning, i felt the wind swinging around my head I felt so good. But during noon,I dont feel any sensation. It comes normal now. I dont know what will happen to my life as I wear it about 30 hours. I will update if I find something interesting.
    I bought tibetian tektite by mistake. I just picked it up in a crystal shop did not know what it is. bringing home I read about tektite which then brought me to get drawn to Modavite. I felt that my tektite needed a friend and I was in rush to find out my little modavite. I say I rush,because I was in very hectic busy It was impossible to pass by to the shop. But I could not sleep well keep thinking of buying Modavite. I eventually after three day going crazy, get it.

    I am wondering why the sensation just stop after 24 hours? What does modavite tell?need your thoughts 🙂

  27. Hey Joe,
    My moldavite actually did the same thing after about 24 hours but I intentionally put it on a necklace with Nirvana Quartz to balance out/ground it’s vibration and I assumed that was why. I’d appreciate any other explanation too. 🙂

  28. Hi Magick Mermaid,

    Thanks for your reply.Now i just bought another moldavite. I saw in ebay and luckily i could come and have look to the seller’s house:to pick it up. I showed her my first tiny piece of moldavite,she said it got strong energy. She is a reiki healer and able to identify gems energy.I told her about my experience with the tiny piece that the sensation has gone. She argued that the energy took time to adjust and then do something where my body needs. When its done,i wouldnot feel the tingling. But it keeps working,she said. She said it works when it needs to work. I bought a faceted pendant from her which came with certificate.When i drove home i felt the same sensation when i brought home my first moldavite. It was floating ,dizzling feeling,i had to really focus on the road and told my self loudly,’stay focus’. My body got warmth.what an amazing gems. I just broke up last six month and still thought of him all the time. It was before i had moldavite. Now i felt i could let him go and no more painful feeling when i thought of him who had already in new relationships. I dont know this situation is coincidence. But for sure i don’t go crazy hoping his return as i did before i had moldavite. There is peaceful feeling coming up and i feel more passionate to work out and complete my study, which had been affected by the issue of my last relationships. I am doing a Phd research. I am waiting for another three moldavite i bough online from CZ. One earing and two raw pieces. I’ll keep you update. I am so excited. Keep up on sharing please. I just love this site.Thanks,:)

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  30. Just to be clear, the general chemical composition of Moldavite is 80% Silicon Dioxide (which is Quartz), but then the second largest element is Aluminium Oxide at 10%. Please be aware that any elixir using the DIRECT method will therefore contain Aluminium in small quantities. There is such a thing as human Aluminium Poisoning, so all Moldavite elixirs should be made with the indirect method i.e. a barrier, such as a smaller glass jar containing your moldavite, phenacite, quartz etc. separating the crystals from the water.

    1. Don’t worry about Aluminium oxide in Moldavites. Aluminium oxide is insoluble in water.

      Aluminium oxide was taken off the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s chemicals lists in 1988.

      Crystalic Aluminium oxide = Corundum
      Rubies and sapphires are gem-quality forms of corundum.

      Aluminium oxide is used as a part of many types of common glasses.

  31. hi hibiscus moon.
    Greetings to you.
    I have a small meteorite stone the size of a golf ball and can i place it together with the Moldovite. Presently, my moldovite is very calm.
    kindly please advice.
    Thank you

  32. Moldavite stone is very powerful. In my my first week of wearing it I felt a burning sensation through out my body and got colds and felt like ill. But after a month of wearing it I can’t believe the total transformation of my life, it’s really quick. My moldavite accidentally break into two and I gave it to my son who found the other half.

  33. I have a little Moldavite pendant I am able to wear for months at a time. I’ve had a number of people tell me they wish they could wear it even for 10 minutes. The first time I touched it I had an instant connection with Moldavite, I can feel it from yards away when I go to gem shows or come across someone wearing a piece. I recently took a trip to the west coast of Ireland ( there’s a lovely Rock Shop in Claire) and nearly died of bliss when I found a piece that looks like a llama! My crystals and stones talk to me, especially Big Sur Jade, but Moldavite has a completely different sound. It’s more like a chirp than anything. WAY COOL! It’s a nice break from chimes of Quartz or the deep rumble of Jade. Someone once told me that Cleopatra was said to have a breastplate covered in Moldavite, can you imagine? Even if that’s not a fact, just the thought of covering ones chest in this intense sentient stone sounds amazing to me!

  34. I wear a moldavite stone and also a super 7 one and I don’t feel a thing from either of then….any suggestions?

  35. I bought mine Friday, as I purchased it in the store I didn’t realize the price it was however despite my financial bind it wouldn’t let me put it back I was nervous shaking and face went red. Further more later that night I finally went home as I went home I lit palo santo and started meditating and recited an affirmation to accept transformation and that in ready, as I proceeded a bracelet on a table in my room I was few feet away from snapped and broke, I jumped up. The following day on sat I seemed fine however I was drinking at a friends birthday and didn’t think much about my feelings or anything, moving along to today… Monday I am possessing a large amount of anxiousness it’s weird though I had hot flashes at work I wanted to quit my job I feel like I need to do something my stomach is nauseated I have that feeling before you get on a roller coaster idk if I’m still in the “flush” stage or if I should give it a break? I have a relationship with it but I’m questioning if perhaps it’s not for me or the flush last a while or if it’s at duty and I am feeling this intensity, I’ve never had this pull before with a stone. And I’m all about plutonic subjects so regeneration is something I’m not afraid of but wow I feel like I can’t breathe as I type this!

  36. I recently bought a large rough Moldavite pendant that I wear when I have my crushing headaches. Within a short while they dissipate. So the strength of the stone is what I need to counter the headaches. I do not experience any lasting aftereffects or negativity.

  37. I love my moldivite. I like it with my super seven.

    For a very long time I suppressed my own intuition as I was experiencing things at a very young age (started at about 10/11) and because at first I wasn’t scared of what was happening I just let it flow until I was 16 then I came unglued about it and slammed the door shut the day my friend was killed in a car crash. After about 10 years of leaving that door glued shut I flung it back open and almost immediately I was right back where I left at 16 but a lot more willing to accept what I am and what I’m working with, realized how closing the door impacted my life in a negitive way and to accept the dark in order to get the light.

    I love working with my moldivite and my super seven makes for great work and travels but I make sure I’m good and grounded before I do!

    Was happy to watch this video made me giggle because my first time holding my moldivite my chest was heavy and hot and I quickly had a migraine but I loved the peace so I purchased it and now we’re good friends.

  38. Hi.
    I bought my first moldavite pendant on the weekend. The next day about 24 hours after i put it on i developed a rash on my neck. Later that evening my face especially my cheeks became hot and red. I am remembering my dreams now where i never could before. Feeling a little dizzy at times as well. Im going to continue wearing it. See what happens.

  39. Moldavite is a specialized crystal for those ONLY on the Ascension Path. Its energies are that of Ascension, and there are those souls who are NOT ascending, but choose instead to remain in the dualistic realities of this dimension. this is the reason that certain people do NOT have the correct experiences with Moldavite. It is NOT meant for everyone. For those who are NOT ascending, do NOT use it. IT will be TOO strong and will NOT resonate with your energies. If you are willing to ascend and ready for it, then this amazing crystal will be PERFECT for you in every way, there will be NO negative side effects whatsoever… and It will aid you in every possible way to ascend. For some it might be the “fad” or “fashion” to wear moldavite, because everyone else is talking about it, but it will NOT work with everyone, and it will tell you so, by its negative side affects. I use moldavite myself, so I do know what I am speaking about. and share this wisdom only in the hope that the souls who are MEANT to wear it will, fearlessly and those who are NOT meant for it, will leave it alone. Souls who are willing to ascend will find this crystal PERFECT for their energies. And those whom it is NOT meant for, will have have major difficulties in wearing it. Do NOT treat such a powerful wise crystal with ignorance, in trying to “go with the crowd” simply because everyone talks about it. You may damage yourself and your energetic system if you are NOT meant to wear it.
    Blessed be.

  40. I saw moldavite one day while looking at crystals online I hadn’t ever heard of it before but was instantly drawn to it. I started to read up on it and finally was able to purchase a small piece. When it arrived it was an a strong connection. I have not had any negative experiences with my moldavite I keep it on the table next to my meditation corner.

  41. Many years ago I was given a beautiful goddess necklace with a moldavite crystal in it. When I first received it, it made me shake and I could only wear it for short periods of time. However, now it seems to be asleep. There isn’t any vibration coming from it anymore. Does anyone have a way to wake up this gorgeous stone? It is set in sterling silver so putting it in salt is not an option.

  42. my first high vibration stone was Herkimer diamond I felt like I had rubber bands on the bottoms of my feet n an extreme tingle in my crown chakra that push to my lap top to research it that’s when I found out about moldavite n the trilogy I had the black tourmaline then a week later I received my first piece of moldavite no chest burn but I felt wavy n VERY connected n grounded at the same time I still feel myself vibrate not just that I can feel my vibration raise others …. I LOVE IT
    I astro project at will since I’ve received it n where I could read people before it’s much stronger now ….. it’s also a big help in helping me help others speak to those who passed I make the connection then I place my hand on the one I’m doing it for to get the message directly. …

  43. The first time I wore Moldavite, I felt as if I was floating half way above my body. It was pretty intense and I have loved it since. At some point I was wearing earrings, a ring and a pendant and to me it was normal and fun. Moldavite to me feels like home and it’s never been too powerful.

  44. I also had this reaction to it! I’m wondering about this as the more common reaction is the opposite! Anyone else had this or know why?! Please help, would love to work with Moldavite!

  45. I have just bought a moldavite ring in the Czech Republic and wore it to bed. I had intense dreams as always but awoke with an intense pain in my chest, in the area of the lungs. I often have a dull ache in this area (ever since I experienced an abrupt spiritual awakening but not severe pain like this. About 18 months I experienced an intense kundalini rising but the serpent stopped at my chest.) I kept the ring on and finally fell back to sleep. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I overall believe I’m on an extreme stage of my spiritual path at present – I have also experienced ayahuasca for the first time. I intend to continuously wear the moldavite irrespective of its effects. Thank you.

  46. Hello everyone,

    I purchased a 3 cm x 1/12cm small, raugh moldovite. I had an instant hot flesh after the minuite I held it in my hand. The redness and heat lasted pretty much for the rest of the day. It was around 4pm when I held moldovite first in my life. After this, I wore it alone with my labradorite pendant around my lower chest. I felt fine, uplifted, had good energy flow. I slept with it and I had beautiful sleep, and I remembered the first thought upon getting up with it was, I am Christ’s, and connected with God. He does hears my prayers.

    My first week was this blissful and I felt beautified. From the second week, things started to change. I developed such soar throat, that I had to put it off after 6 days barring it. I also came down with the flu symptoms and eye irritation. Still on antibiotics, and just put it back on me to see if I get other hits of soar throat from it.

    I was treated for thyroid cancer. My throat is sensitive. And now reading about the radioactive possibility, I am kind of in dilemma. Although, I was treated with nuclear medicine, I don’t know if this little moldovite will help things or flare up things. It definitely caused already extreme soares in my throat, that I with to think it might have been only magnified. After all, it was a flu and symptoms felt being magnifyed.

    I think maybe this is its doing. Whatever and wherever we focus and have in our being will gets magnifyed. It’s eventually me who will get rid of it or to go have medicine for it. It’s intense, so we can’t really miss it. If we did, it’ll be there until we do pickup on it and release it, cure it, change things around ect. I think pretty much all other crystals do the same.

    I am actually a labladorite lover. I bearly, if ever take my super great looking blueish oranshies labladorite from Finn land. It’s from my mum alone with my rose quartz. These two are very special to me.

    I do also wear kunzite, ametrine, melody stone and few grounding crystal regularly especially working in the hospital. So my point, that I try to make is this. Crystals works, because we are living being and our make up is similar. We make things happen, crystals magnify, intensify or shooting and relaxing the body mind and spirit. Depending how God intended it to vibrate.

    I think, we need to be careful and really read upon the actual fact of the elements in each thing that we get in contact with on our bodies especially. Balance is always better in everything.. If it’s does not feel right, do not force things.

    To me, to wear moldovite on it own is a big NO! if it’s doesn’t behave with my other favorites, then moldovite will be put off. Why would I want to be controlled by an element? 😊 is just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Anyway, I use crystals like medicine. It’s great that I don’t have to ingesting them like pain relief medication or antibiotics. They are still working without the side effects. But why would you meditate with panadol, or calcium fluoride or with silicon oxide? If it’s works then will work without any other treatment. It’ll change your life as you act along with the discovery you made. It’ll helps create a fertile climate each crystals that you focus on and wear or surround yourself with. But you have the power within yourself to bring on change.

  47. Moldavite will make itself known to you if you ready for its extremely high energies and evolution It will NOT come to those are not energetically ready for it. Please do NOT listen to anyone who tells you to get some… the Crystal itself will tell you when you are ready. And yes, they DO speak and communicate with you… they ARE living presences who help us in mutual love and evolution.

  48. The other reason can be that the piece is fake. 75% of moldavite being sold is fake. Make sure it is authentic. There are sites that verify like I am just trying to provide an alternative thought as to why you may not be feeling the vibration and warmth. It may very well be for other reasons, but I would first rule out authenicity.

  49. Why is that I feel so attracted to all crystals? When I was a child … I used to often see crystal miniatures in people’s houses & I used to get fascinated a lot just by looking at them & I always wanted to have them… somehow I got disconnected from them … totally forgotten about it due to uncontrollable factors in my life … after almost 20 years I happen to see one of my classmate posting a picture of Crystal bracelet from Swarovski on FB & I decided to buy crystal bracelet for myself thinking it is real one from Swarovski… however suddenly my friend who deals into crystal cane across me & happened to get my real crystal bracelet…. but I feel from inside … that I need to be with my crystals all because you of them … each time I see my crystals I get overwhelmed & the happiness I get is incredible… I don’t understand why I am not getting satisfied … every time I just get attracted to them … please help

  50. i have a beautiful moldavite pendant, about the size of a quarter. wore it and left it on overnight and when i awoke my sternum through to my upper spine was extremely sore and movement was disturbingly painful. when i felt the area, there was the moldavite, directly over the radiating pain. i took it off immediately and now, a few hours later, the pain is beginning to subside. it’s hard to believe a green glass necklace would cause that major of a reaction, but there it is and i’m not putting it back on. i purchased this pendant from a dealer in the czech republic, who was selling on ebay.

  51. I like moldavites so much so I decided to buy one I got it from And really satisfied with the choice instead I got to know more about moldavite on the same site where I got to know that moldavite aids diseases that are related to the brain such as mental degeneration, memory retention, balancing disturbed electrical urge of the brain and the progressive illness. It brings the heart and mind in a union, allowing them to work with coordination and affiliation. So am very much satisfied with this stone.

  52. I am using/wearing both Moldavite and Meteorite. However, I always have a grounding crystal with me (in my car and room/house). It balances everything.
    By doing this, I think I am maximizing the full potentials of both crystals/stones.
    Yes, I feel the immense energies coming from them but I don’t allow it to overwhelm me. So powerful that I sweat even inside a very cold room.
    These crystals resonate positive outputs in my life, especially in my career and professional life.
    But still a word of caution, these types of crystals are so powerful that it brings out the real YOU. If you have issues with yourself or not yet in terms with yourself or have problems controlling yourself, these crystals might not be for you, yet.
    If you are using these crystals/stones already, please do heaps of grounding in any form. Moldavite and Meteorite always brings you to a place where even the consciousness cannot comprehend. And we need to come back or else we will be left wandering in that unknown space.
    Respect all crystals. maximize their full potentials and give back what needs to be given back.

  53. I was gifted a Moldavite ring and after only a few minutes of wear experienced a MAJOR reaction that started with the feeling I was having a heart attack, pain in the chest, shoulder, jaw followed by the most extraordinary nausea and headache. I’ve been in bed for 2 days feeling like I was hit by a truck! I’ve read that if you’re not grounded this stone can throw you for a loop and boy does it ever! I immediately removed the ring and have been holding a piece of smoke quartz over my brow and it is helping with the headache but now I’m terrified of wearing this beautiful ring. How can I safely wear this ring again? Should I wear another stone, such as amethyst, at the same time? Will the Moldavite always make me ill?

  54. Hi HM,

    I just started watching your videos and I LOVE THEM! I am new to crystals and have been purchasing some from a dealer in LA that I like (I am based in NYC). I just recently purchased Moldavite… but I feel nothing 🙁 Is it me? I cleansed it in Selenite overnight and have a small piece with me at work right now but feel no vibrations. Are some people not susceptible to its energy?

  55. I’m not really a person that can tune in and feel the energies of crystals but they do work in my life and I’ve seen the effects. I bought a piece of moldavite 2 months ago. Instantly that day things changed. I saw it as a calamitous change for good. The change was getting me out of a situation I had been trapped in for years but in a calamitous kind of way which I expected. I saw it as breaking me out of my earthly karmic wheel. The only thing is that I’m not so sure now that I ended up perfectly on the right path but maybe there is something I’m not seeing and the situation is still unfolding? So I’m cautious to work with it again. I don’t wear it I just keep it in my collection. Thanks for the video!

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