How to Tell the Difference | Merlinite, Mystic Merlinite & Blizzard Stone

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I decided it was high time to write this blog post to help eliminate some confusion around three minerals that are often confused with each other:

  • Merlinite
  • Mystic Merlinite
  • Blizzard Stone

These 3 stones are ones that my students sometimes aren’t quite sure how to tell apart and the naming itself can be quite confusing.



The name merlinite is what’s known as a marketing term & not a technical geological one, however I feel it’s a useful name that helps us to distinguish it.

Dendritic Agate aka Merlinite

Dendritic Agate aka Merlinite

This stone is actually a dendritic agate that is mostly white with black dendrite “branches”; a combination of  a quartz (the white in this stone) over psilomelane (manganese oxide)…the black in this stone. The psilomelane has a tree branch-like pattern to it & that’s where it gets the “dendritic” part of its name.

Metaphysical Properties:

Merlinite is all about magic and boosting your intuition. You can also use it for past life recall.

Additionally, this stone is great for connecting with the elementals, making psychic connections, and allowing you to peer between the veils and dimensions; allowing you to make connections with the spirit world, pulling back the veil so you can see what’s going on in those other dimensions. It’s a rather forceful energy though, so be careful when working with it. You may want to go slowly & try it out in small doses at first.

Now to make this really confusing, there’s a type of dendritic opal that looks really similar to merlinite and people also call this kind of opal “merlinite” even though its not the same thing. Different minerals…I know…this can get very confusing.

Merlinite Dendritic Opal variety

Merlinite Dendritic Opal variety

Mystic Merlinite

First let’s set the record straight on the name. It’s real geological name is indigo gabbro. It seems as though a trademark was attempted on “Mystic Merlinite” but then was abandoned so it never went through. Anyhow, the name indigo gabbro is the name I prefer to use to eliminate confusion along with false price inflation based on a name. What’s in a name? Apparently, a lot. 😉

Why do we need 2 different names for the same thing anyway? I’m not down with that.

Gorgeous indigo gabbro is newly discovered & only found on the island of Madagascar. It’s a black stone with large grey mottling in it that can be polished to a high shine. If you hold it out in the sunlight, you’ll notice that the greys in it have a sort of violet iridescence that’s beautifully unique.

gabbro mystic merlinite

Metaphysical Properties: A gentle stone, I find it to be quite lovely to work with it at New Moon time & for setting intentions at that time. It also has a very calming quality to it.

Blizzard Stone

This stone is also a type of gabbro & this name is another marketing term, however I also appreciate this name b/c it helps us to distinguish it from a number of other different types of gabbro. This is also a black gabbro, but this time with tiny specks of white, hence its name. Unlike indigo gabbro, it doesn’t polish up with a glassy finish.

Made up of a number of different minerals it’s found throughout the Alaskan Wilderness, another good reason for it’s appropriate name.


Metaphysical Properties: Another gentle stone, as gabbros usually are, blizzard stone is one to turn to for balancing of our energies. I also find it to be useful for protection from EMF pollution and a wonderful grounding stone.


Did that clear things up for you Crystal Hottie?  I aim to educate!  So, I hope this was helpful. Do you own any of these beautiful crystals? Which 1 is your fav? Share with us in the comments below. 

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. Thank you! Just realized that the Blizzard Stone I acquired from a normally trustworthy shop is way too shiny and probably indigo gabbro.

  2. LOVED this Steph! I am not down with the duality either! wth? Dendritic agate & opal are a couple of my favs and I dont argue with people who call them something else, but being one of your course grads (grin) we know what we know and move on! Great information! keep it coming!

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    I learn so much from you, it’s just awesome! I recognized the first stone but not by that name. Theother two are unfamiliar to me but now I’m going to be looking for them!
    Thank you

  4. I have an indigo gabbro, which was a Mystic Merlenite when I bought it last year! I haven’t used it much as I had heard about it being a very strong stone. Now, I will feel much better about using this gentler stone!

    And coincidentally, I had just picked it up to do more research on it this morning, and it was actually in my hand when I opened your email! Timing is everything!

  5. Great information! Thank you so much for sharing! You may be able to point me at another thing (if it’s not a bother, of course).

    I’ve recently begun silversmithing (I joined my very first silver ring less than 48 hours ago). I had been doing wire wrapping and so it wasn’t really as big a deal because I wasn’t working with facets, but do you know of a base value and info guide for gemstones? Like one that includes pics, colors, values, mohs hardness ratings and basic metaphysical properties?

    Thanks again for the awesome info!
    Be well!

  6. Great info. One way to tell if you have Blizzard Stone is that sometimes a magnet will stick to it. Not always though.

  7. I’m not an expert on these subjects by any means, but according to a little research I’ve done, the Dendritic Opal is supposed to be the actual Merlinite that has the magic and Merlin/peering through dimensions metaphysical properties. The Dendritic Agate supposedly has a different chemical composition to the black fern like dendrites, than the Psilomelane in the Dendritic Opal. The metaphysical properties of the Agate one seem to be more based on internal work and transformation from negative experiences such as addictions, without having much to do with magic or dimensions at all. Now of course this could be mixed up and the exact opposite as you stated, just wanted to list what I researched and see what you thought. Another good differentiation is the all black material of pure Psilomelane that’s supposed to be the most potent version of the magical/dimensional version of Merlinite which has greyish silver streaks or swirls in the pure black stone. I am by no means trying to challenge your authority or claim anything, but ive also been confused about Merlinite in my journey. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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