How to Finally Work with All Your Crystals: 4 Action Steps

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I have a question for you. Too many crystals, not enough time?

I was wondering if this is a common problem in our crystal-lovin’ community? I recently asked this question on my Facebook Page & got a lot of very interesting answers.

I thought this response from Mary was classic!:
  • Maybe you keep telling yourself you need the perfect sacred space before you can start working with them, or you don’t have the right combo of crystals, or the right crystal books, or enough time.
  • Maybe you’re waiting & waiting  for the perfect blend of magical sparkly ingredients. And maybe you tell yourself that you’ll get to all that someday. I KNOW how this plays out b/c I’ve done it myself!!
  • Or do you even think that someday you’ll finally remember what all the crystals are & what to use them for? Ha! Good luck with that 1. It’s a noble goal, but…forget it. THIS IS KEY & what I’m always preaching: Just use your intuition, Crystal Hottie. Forget about learning all the crystals. You’ll never do that. There are over 4,500 and counting!! That should relieve some overwhelm right there.
Let me tell you a little-bitty secret:
“Someday” usually never comes.
Sometimes, we create all sorts of reasons that can indefinitely support our “putting it off”. C’mon…think about it. How many things have you said “Someday” or “later” to & actually completed?


Hey, if you’ve decided you’re totally OK with just collecting crystals & never actually putting them to any use, that’s great. There are many other people in the world who do that & I think its’ wonderful to collect something of such beauty.


BUT if you do want to actually get to working with your crystals, learning what they can each do for you as well as others, then how about finally getting to that? 


Procrastination. All of us do it & all of us get stuck. And you may not even realize that you’re procrastinating at all. But if you do realize you’re just putting off working with your crystals, and you do really want to realize their full potential & get your motivation going, I have some tips for you: HM.BLog8.19

Action Steps to Finally Learn How to Work with all your Crystals


Eliminate Crystal Overwhelm. If you’re like me & have a TON O’ CRYSTALS then you may be suffering from Crystal-Overwhelm. It happens to the best of us. All of a sudden you realize you’ve amassed too many stones & crystals & you find yourself paralyzed.  Here’s what you can do: break the task down into chunks of easy steps. One way to do this is to commit to learning to sense & feel the energies of just 1 crystal for 1 entire week. Sit down to meditate with it committing to just 1-5 minutes each day if possible. Yes, 1 minute will be fine. Work with just 1 crystal for just 1 minute/day for 1 week. You can do that. Call that a success. Vow to work with only 1 crystal all week long. Eliminate temptation to do something else. Throughout the week, journal any messages, sensations, visions or special dreams. At the end of the week look over your journal and see if you note a theme. This is how that crystal is resonating for you personally. It may sound simple but it’s POWERFUL STUFFS.




Focused Blocks of Sacred Time. Not enough time? You’re too busy? I call BULLSCHIST. First, you need to decide that its important enough to you. Make that time sacred, and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way. In step one all you need is 1 minute/day to work with your crystal. Make the time if it’s important. Stop watching TV, get off of social media, watching the negativity news stories. Yeah, if you cute 1/2 of that stuff out, I bet you’ll find all sorts of time. It’s just about breaking habits, deciding what’s important & making it a priority. Put it on your calendar daily (go…go schedule it on your phone now) and make it happen.




Overcome the Fear of Failing at Crystal Healing. I really hesitate to call it “crystal healing” (but cont. to do so b/c so many don’t understand what you’re talking about if you call it anything else). So; “crystal healing, therapy, energy work”…whatever you want to call it, many think to themselves…“Who am I to think I can do this? I’m going to fail. It won’t work.”
I say…you cannot fail. Yes, you’ll have to do some work, but if you do the work, you cannot fail. Simply think about who you’re helping, find inspiration in the people you’re going to help.
And always bear in mind that when working with crystals, the “healing” taking place is a 2 way street…it goes both ways. You’re simply acting as a facilitator, so that takes a lot of the pressure off & diminishes the fear that so many of us have around this. You can do this. I believe in you.




Publicly Commit. …this is the MOST powerful. If you’re comfy with it, social media is great for this!! In fact, social motivation is one of the most powerful motivators there is.
When I wanted to commit to doing a daily crystal oracle card reading, I told my YouTube followers that I was going to do this for 7 days in a  row. I knew then that if I didn’t or skipped a day, that they’d be asking me about it. Did that keep me motivated to stay on track? you bet it did! OK, you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops but at least let your inner circle know what you’re doing & tell them you they would really help you out if they asked you about your goal to learn more about your crystals when they see or talk to you. Ask for some accountability.

What To Do Right Now

Review the steps above, and right down on your calendar when you’re getting started.

That’s what you need to do right now.

Don’t think or talk about finally learning to work with your crystals, do it.

If you would like to know some of my own personal researched methods that I teach about Crystal Healing, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Cheering you on, Crystal Hottie!



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  1. I am soooo looking forward to this!!! I have had crystals for a long time and I just read your blog about too many crystals and someday I will get started. That is totally me! I am headed to Idaho for a few weeks and I thought about taking a crystal and just working with it everyday. Can’t wait to connect with you tomorrow night. Thanks Debbie

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  2. Thank you Hibiscus,

    This post is wonderful! Sometimes all it takes is for someone to highlight how simple it is to get started (or back on track) to motivate you.

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  3. I play with all my crystals everyday. I needed to read this to just connect with one at. Time to get a clear message. Over the weekend, I got a new crystal. It is called amphobile aka angel phantom quartz. It really made me feel at peace and it assisted me to clear my head during meditation. I just spent 5 minutes. I am going to carry my crystal with me so when I have five minutes I am going to hold it and ask for some assistance. Then write down what happened or what I felt. Yaaaaaay

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  4. I love crystals so much. So much that I set my alarm for the early hours this morning, here in the UK, to see the crystal hangout and was 23 hours early. For the second time (yes, I did it with the last one too!). Was glad to realise I hadn’t missed it though.

    I know some (probably most) of my friends think I am weird for loving crystals, but I know crystals are wonderful and how much they have helped me, so that’s ok. I always have some of my stones with me and I love that they are so beautiful as well as healing.

    ‘See’ you later 🙂

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      1. I managed to set my alarm for the right time, but it was so late in the UK that I didn’t manage to watch it through live. Did see it online afterwards though – very much enjoyed it, thank you 🙂

  5. These are fantastic! And as a novice, I am boldly going to suggest another way I’ve started working with crystals. Each new moon, I set an intention that is supported by the sign the moon is in for that particular lunar cycle. I choose a crystal that aligns with the sign and intention. For example, when the moon went into Virgo last week, I tried to find some sardonix to work with – alas, I couldn’t find any near me down here in southeast Florida. So I am working with carnelian – wearing my carnelian bracelet every day (along with fluorite and citrine – staples!). I can now add the steps on this post to simply wearing them and holding them while I state my daily intention. Thank you!

  6. Hi Hibiscus Moon,
    This post has arrived just at the perfect time. It was like reading about myself and my Crystals. I definitely need to just do it. So many thanks and much appreciation. Love and light

    <3 <3 <3

  7. Hi,

    would you mind telling me what the crystal on the top of this page is. I have the same one, and forgot what it is. But for whatever reason it seems to be special. It never made it into the for-sale-batch.

    Thank you, Leah

  8. Hi Hibiscus Moon!
    I Have many crystals some of which are
    Amethyst,Clear Quartz,Rose Quartz,Citrine,Green Aventurine,
    Labradorite,Tiger Eye.I love crystals very much.I carry clear quartz for assistance and guidance during my 5 minutes meditation every day.So meny thanks & much appreciation.
    Love & Light

  9. Great post, Hibiscus Moon. Thank you!

    I started “noticing” quartz when I was about seven and began a little collection. I chose the stones that “spoke” to me. As an adult, I worked in metaphysical shops, I even had my own, so you can imagine the exposure to all sorts of crystals – and the lack of resistance on my part to taking home any that wanted to come with me (I even have a “crystal-sitting service” and hold on to them until they meet up with their appropriate people). Not only do I have crystals, I have ample “interesting” and river rocks also! They seem to follow me home of their own accord…I live on Vancouver Island, which I learned recently, has the second-most varied rock and crystal deposits in the world, outside Cyprus! (The area I live in is also rich in copper – it’s a bit “weird.”)

    I’ve worked with crystals in a variety of ways, including having clients hold one during their Life Reading sessions. I’ve sometimes put them in the bath with me. My big hematite sphere lived in front of my computer screens for years (until I finally got a laptop) and is currently living with my daughter who was suffering from sleep deprivation. She has since restructured her life and she and my granddaughter are now sleeping (and sleeping better). Currently there is a crystal grid in my dance studio and a really big selenite sphere helping to create calm in my interim office/”entertainment” room space. (It was magnificent in the bedroom!)

    I have lots of crystal stories (like the quartz points I purchased for my store: before work, I counted, catalogued, priced and wrapped them all at home, then took them into my shop. When I returned home who did I find but TWO points sparkling away in the shag carpet (my new landlord thought the carpet was lovely), just waiting for me! Hello! They live and work with me to this day, sometimes travelling out to live with one of my children for awhile when they need a hit of “mama energy.”

    Crystals are everywhere in my home, like kids or old friends who came to tea and never left. Recently, apart from working with crystals in my Vibrational Medicine practice, I started offering stand-alone crystal readings as well. (And, yes, I carry a bag of rose quartz with me, giving them away to people to “increase their love and happiness.”)

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