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What’s the difference if we work with manmade crystals or all-natural ones?

Although I can tell you what I prefer, I’d like to inform you of what the facts are, then empower you to experiment for yourself and then make your own decision. But be forewarned: this is an opinion piece because I often get asked what I think on this subject.

So, let’s start with the very definition of a crystal is (then we’ll get more into the manmade crystals):

a solid substance whose molecules are arranged in a highly ordered repeating pattern.

I’ll take that definition further to say that there are very specific vibrations that hold the molecules in that highly ordered pattern —

OR is it that the highly-ordered pattern is essentially “radiating” these very specific vibrations? Hmmm? 🤔 Chicken or the egg paradox there. 

Cymatics Rabbithole

Either way,  we can prove those very specific vibrations do indeed exist… for at least certain circumstances… because we can measure their frequencies.

Ever heard of the science of Cymatics? Rather than try to verbally explain this I think it’s always best to just best to witness it. (This was one of my FAVORITE demos’ I used to do in my science classroom. Major nerd-out moment here!!):

Cool stuff, right?!? Super-important to note in that demo:

Did you notice how the geometric complexity increases as the frequency increases?

So, Cymatics visually shows us how energy naturally expresses itself through harmonics, frequencies, and wavelengths while organically embodying geometry as it’s building blueprint for matter (as in crystals!)

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Energy is Programmed into Crystals

OK, so, energy is programmed into our crystals through the very vibrations influencing the order of their molecules.  As well as the outward expression of the visible crystals.

This whole concept gets me thinking about how important the energy of the growth environment is to a crystal.

Since almost the beginning of time, for about 4.4 of its 4.6 billion years of existence, Mama Earth’s been very busy cooking up crystals in her enchanting and magical kitchen.

manmade crystals - earth grid

Earth with global network. Global Information Grid. World communication. Earth map from public domain Render in 3ds max

And with all that time to perfect the crystal-growing process, I personally prefer to leave it up to Mother Earth to do her thing.

SIDE NOTE: Oh, how I would love it if we were somehow able to go back in time… way back and insert a camera probe into just one of Earth’s mystical crystal caves and SUPER fast-forward the entire process with time-lapse photography — what may take millions of years, to show us crystal growth in action! How cool would that be?

MY OPINION [because I know you’ll ask]: No, I don’t think human scientists can do a better job with manmade crystals. I think our planet’s pretty much got this process down pat.

Are Lab-Created Crystals Dead?

To me, most if not all, lab-created specimens are energetically dead.

Yep. I said it.

I mean — the Earth’s been doing her mostly underground “crystal culinary work” in a protected environment; influenced by organic Source Energy, natural vibrations, and geological pulsations — totally void of human interference and synthetic manipulation of any sort. This is an ancient system that’s been refined over multi-millennia.

Well, not so any longer.

Before I go any further…

Please note: I’m not saying that anything man-made won’t work. And these devices/crystals might work GREAT! I just prefer a Mother Earth crystal or stone if there’s one that I can use in a practical easy way that can achieve the same or better results.

All sorts of crystals are now grown in labs; some to mimic natural minerals and some to create completely new species. Although some of these crystals do look strikingly beautiful, I think you’ve gathered by now that I always prefer a totally unaltered 100% Mother Earth crystal or stone to work with. I get a completely different and so much more powerful energy from an all-natural crystal.

A real true-blue non-lab-created crystal has been organically programmed, not by some scientist in a lab with synthetic frequencies, but by the aged naturally encoded vibrations of Earth, and ultimately by Source Energy itself.

I have a huge appreciation for all the synchro-mysticisms that need to take place: the necessary conditions and the precise environment required for natural crystal growth. The more ideal the environment, the more perfect the crystal growth. If one little thing gets messed up, that can greatly affect the kind of crystals you get.

I feel there’s an essential magical spark inherent when this happens on its own in nature that cannot be replicated.

So obviously, I prefer the all-natural crystals and choose not to collect or work with lab-created or man-altered varieties. Yes, that means even the gorgeously iridescent aura crystals are off my list. 

Rock On with Your Bad Self

Please remember, as I always say; if you choose to work with manmade crystals + you enjoy them, that’s just fine.  If it’s been working for you…“keep on ‘truckin’”. Don’t change a thing!

I just wanted to share WHY lab-created or altered crystals are so different from natural — then you’re informed and can make up your own mind whether to work with them or not. 

If you didn’t already know this stuff, now you’re armed with a bit more info.

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How do you feel about lab-created crystals? How do they compare for you with all-natural crystals?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

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