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Something I’m often asked about is how to properly use a crystal pendulum.

Well, we’re in luck because that’s what today’s blog post is all about.

Once again, I have a super old (CLASSIC) YouTube video on how to use a pendulum which I think I did it back in 2009… pretty embarrassing. I’m not even going to link to it!  (If you want to see that sucker you’re gonna have to dig it out yourself). It’s almost ten years old. Is that even possible, a ten-year-old YouTube video? 

I’ve been wanting to update that pendulum video for some time… and add some other little anecdotes and bits of info into this new version because I feel kind of weird referring people back to the old videos when I used to do them with my head cut off!

See, I wasn’t recognizable in the video. All you saw were my hands because, at that time, I was a Science Department Head, taught science classes in the second largest school district in the US, and I really wasn’t allowed to talk about crystal healing openly at the time.

Now I am. 😀

Have been for a while.

And so I wanted to redo that video with my face actually in it.

The Power of a Pendulum

I first learned about the power of a pendulum one day in 1993 while watching an episode of Oprah. I was home from college, in between shifts at my waitressing job and I happened to catch this episode of Oprah.  That’s where I first learned about Deepak Chopra and he was explaining to her and then blowing her mind, teaching her how to use a very simple pendulum.

After that show I proceeded to make my own pendulum that I used for a very long time, using a dog tag collar chain and a washer.

I still have it to this day (as you see in the video).

Now, you certainly don’t need to get a fancy Crystal pendulum. It doesn’t even need to involve a crystal at all as you witnessed.

However, having a crystal pendulum (and you can choose different crystals depending on what the intention for that pendulum is), gives us a support and a tool to hone in on what it is that we’re trying to do or achieve. Since crystals hold different light frequencies, they actually can entrain different energies depending on the crystal that we use in our pendulum.  For instance, an amethyst pendulum would be great for enhancing intuitive and psychic abilities.


There’s a whole range of options available these days.  There are very simple pendulums that are just a chain and crystal and then there are more elaborate pendulums.

The one I show you in the video is white agate bob with sterling silver chain, a bit of suede, rainforest jasper and a nice feather for the fob. So you can go elaborate, you can go simple… or you can go with really simple as I showed you. Whether you choose simple or elaborate is totally up to you. It’s all about your preference and it really doesn’t make a difference as far as the types of information that you are going to receive.

You might be interested to know that the part of the pendulum that you hold is known as of the “fob” and the part that bob ups and down is known as “bob”. Makes sense.

Before we get started, I want to recommend that you steady your elbow on something stable when you’re ready to ask the question.  Over the years, I’ve found for myself and my students, that it’s much easier to not shake and have better control steadying your elbow if you rest it on something stable.  I demonstrate that for you in the video.

Asking the Question

When you ask your pendulum a question, you want to make sure that it’s not worded as an open-ended question. Rather you want to phrase it as a Yes or No question.


For example, “Where did I leave my car keys?” is not going to work well with a pendulum.

You can rephrase it by continually asking (kind of like a hot and cold game), “Are my car keys in the house? Are my car keys in the living room? Are my car keys near the couch?” And you can get a Yes or No for each of the questions and use the pendulum to help you locate the car keys (or whatever it is that you have lost). Pendulums can be quite effective for that kind of work. You’ll see!

Of course, when you’re getting your answers from the pendulum, it’s not actually the pendulum that holds the answers.  I hate to burst any bubbles, but it doesn’t have special all-knowing magical abilities inside of it.

The pendulum is a tool and a support that allows you to tap into your higher self… which already holds the answers.

Yes, No, Maybe So

You’ll want to start by figuring out the Yes or No directions for your pendulum.

This allows you to figure out the personality of your pendulum. Every pendulum is unique. The Yes signal for one pendulum may be completely different from the Yes signal on a different pendulum.

So, to start:

  • Concentrate on the task at hand, take some deep breaths
  • Make sure you’re calm, not talking or animating with your hands all over the place. Steady your pendulum
  • Get it really still and then you want to ask it something that you know the answer to

For instance, when I made the video, I was really hungry. (As is often the case.)  So, I asked my pendulum about that (knowing the answer was yes).  It’s like my truth question. I tested the pendulum asking:  “Am I hungry now?” And then watched it closely. It was nodding back and forth towards me and away from me, so I determined the direction of that swing is my pendulum’s “Yes”.



Therefore, the opposite, perpendicular swing is going to be the “No”; when it’s going to my right and to my left (as seen in the video).

Now, if your pendulum ever becomes unreliable (as is known to happen from blue moon to blue moon), well you’re going to need to cleanse it and possibly you might end up having to switch pendulums if cleansing doesn’t do the trick for you.

Release Attachment

It’s also very important when using a crystal pendulum to not be too attached to the outcome of the question.

If you really, really want a Yes then you’re probably not the one who should be asking the questions. It’s best to ask a friend or someone else to use the pendulum in that case for you; someone else who’s not attached to the answer to that question.

Doing this removes any energetic bonding or influence.

So Many Uses

Now, you can use a pendulum to:

  • Get the answers to yes or no questions
  • Balance your chakras. That’s something we go deep into in my Certified Crystal Healer Course
  • Select which crystals to include in a crystal grid
  • You can even use it to help you shop for crystals when you’re selecting which crystals should go home with you

I hope you’ve enjoyed this newly updated pendulum video!  Do you have a favorite pendulum that you work with all the time?  How do you prefer to use it?  Is it elaborate or simple?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. So I have recently been compelled to make a pendulum. I have tons of rough crystals and tumbled crystals from when I first started playing with crystals. I also have a ton of bare copper and the needed jewlery supplies so I just went with it. I had different crystals flash in my head and some that were communicated to me in dreams. I ended up using a raw amethyst point, an angelite slice, quartz beads, 2 labrodorite beads, 2 lapis beads, and a copper chain I made a couple years ago. The two primary crystals I made interchangeable so I can use different crystals with it when I feel compelled to. It turned out exactly as I saw in my head. I wish I could share pictures of it. I wear itas a necklace because that is how I was guided to design it and when I am not wearing it I wrap it around my selenite tower. 🙂

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  2. I did my first pendulum work with a binder ring (office supply) on a string. Actually got more “straight” answers with that than the crystals I have now (they tend to bobble and waggle around when I’m not even asking anything).

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  3. Be careful about walking right into it without any thought. I have a few times before I really was centered, before i blessed it & out a purpose into it. Like Ouija board a lot of people think its fun to get answers from whatever they attract. Just like anything concentrate about who you want to have answers from. I’ve been fooled before by a not very nice energy. Plus I was using a pendulum board to get better answers because, My cat ran away. I attracted a negative spirit that was just playing games with me. So it is important to always bless it, meditate before you use it & focus on positive energy.

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    2. Thank you so much for this very great advice, Kacey. I needed to read your comment as I was forgetting to do these things.

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  4. I came across your video earlier today while looking at another one. Reminded me of when my parents tried to use one while my mom was pregnant to see is it was a boy or girl, lol. When I saw your beautiful crystal pendulums, I HAD to have one!! I am new to crystals, like only a couple of weeks new, and have been kind of following my gut on what to buy. I went to the only crystal shop here in town to see if they had crystals for an abundance grid (nope) and saw they had pendulums (seriously was just there yesterday and didn’t see them) and bought what I believe is a fluorite crystal pendulum. The man working there wasn’t quite sure either (his wife’s shop, she was busy) but I was drawn to it so I was going to buy it no matter what. And then later today I checked my email and I got yours about pendulums!! Hmm, I think I’m on the right path, lol.

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  5. My pendulum was purchased from a jeweler in 1996. It has been a blessing to have over the years. It has been accurate every time I have used it.

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  6. Your advice and guidance has so far been invaluable, as someone who has just begun her crystal journey at the age of 61 your guidance has had a huge positive impact on my crazy life. Your pendulum infomation has spared me on to purchase one. Please continue to kindly share your knowledge your a very special lady. Thankyou for your giving up your time, really appreciated. 🙏🌺

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  7. Moss agate is my Bob. One of my favorite stones. It has served me well. Helps me watch my budget when I’m looking at crystals. Lol.

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  8. Hi Hibiscus 🌺 🌙 moon ,
    I loved this new updated pendulum video , and Yes ! It was good to see your face ! 🙂 I have an amethyst pendulum and a ruby zoisite one . And love them both . Thanks for all your videos they are so inspirational and informative. 🙂

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  9. How do I bless my pendulum? How do I use it. what questions can one ask and how do I carry this out please.
    Also if I ask a question on behalf of someone else, how can this work, as you say that the energy goes through your higher self ! How can it answer someone else’s question, if they are not holding it.?

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      Hey Carol, you may want to re-watch the above video as I address many of your questions in it above. Your higher self has all the answers, even though you are unaware of this. 😉

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