How to Make a Crystal Grid to Manifest Your Desires

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…(LOL!)

… actually, it was right here in the Milky Way Galaxy and it was in 2012…not that long ago when I got really clear with my future goals for my sacred crystal biz. I wanted it to be my full-time gig & I wanted it to GO BIG!

Once I knew where I wanted to go I knew I needed to push my dream through with powerful energy!

I knew with every cell in my being that this is what I needed & wanted to be doing.

This wasn’t so just a year previous. But then… all of a sudden… it was all I could think of!

It was surely what I’m meant to dooooooo.

I knew from past experience that just doing visualizations wasn’t going to cut it & although I try to keep the negative-speak & thought patterns at bay, I’m not always perfect with it. It’s hard! Especially when those around you tend to drag you back into old habits. We get so easily caught up in it.

So, of course… CRYSTAL GRID to the rescue!!

Let’s get into how to make a crystal grid…

crystal grid

First I jotted down notes of crystals that I had that would give me the career, business mojo, powerful punch I was looking for:

  • orange calcite
  • citrine
  • peridot
  • pyrite
  • quartz for amplifying 

I gathered up a green cloth + some green candles… (the green color carries the frequency of abundance.)

I laid it all out in front of me & was thinking it through.

Step by Step

crystal grid

I narrowed it down; my large quartz point, Big Baby in the center surrounded by orange calcite & citrine along with the peridot in matrix at the front & amplifying the whole thing with small quartz lasers.

I also decided to change out the cloth underneath with my green flower of life grid silk. KA-POW!!

crystal grid

I mindfully put everything into place & also added a few photos of things that reminded me of what life would be like once my sacred crystal biz was in Full Swing! Schwing!! *** I placed those photos under the Center Crystal (Big Baby).***

crystal grid

And here’s a close up of my beautiful sparklies!!!

crystal grids

In this above photo, you can see Big Baby has a baby of its own growing right inside & whose pointed head sticks out & is pointing right at the peridot. Talk about amplifying the energy~! This is why I really wanted something right here at the base of the centerpiece. This is some strong mojo cooking right here. 🙂

And yes, my Sweet! This crystal grid worked its POWERFUL magic!

Proof is in the Pudding

If you’ve been with me a while, you watched it happen right before your very eyes as I documented all of it. Shortly after creating this grid in 2012 I left my full-time teaching gig as a Science Department Chair because my biz was busting out at the seems & I had to make that decision.

Nice decision to have to make, right?

I went on to write a best-selling book on the subject of Crystal Grids + my biz grew quite rapidly actually. In fact, I now live my passion every day as the founder of a 7-figure a year Crystal Academy… and this all happened with such ease! I could never have imagined such success back when I was a classroom teacher. PLUS, it’s all been such a sheer joy for me! (Well, most of it!)


So what would you most like to build a crystal grid for? Please share it below! Put it out into the Universe & let the energy start flowing. How are you going to make it happen?

If you need some more specific direction, would love a specific plan to follow, materials lists, detailed planning sheets, printable templates and step-by-step plans for many different proven-highly-effective crystal grids, my Crystal Grid Templates Package includes this grid plus many others. Get to dreaming BIG and manifesting your desires! 

Click here for my Crystal Grids Template Package!

And, if you enjoyed this article, please share it with a friend who could benefit from it. 🙂 

Happy Manifesting!!

Hibiscus Moon

Comments 107

  1. Hi. I have been facinated with crystals for a while and have a small but beautiful collection. Recently I visited Mt. Ida Arkansas and went crystal mining. I brought home some wonderful crystal points but also some fist sized rocks with small crystals on them. We are in the process of building our small retirement home, where we hope to spend the rest of our lives. They are about to pour the foundation. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to plant these rocks back in the earth just before they pour the foundation. That would give us the power of crystals under our home as well as allow our crystals to return to their home.

    What are your thoughts on this and do you suggest some sort of pattern?

    1. Post

      Dani, I think that is a fab idea!! I’ve heard of people having hte crystals embedded in the foundation of their homes, or even in the walls & fireplace mantles (I think a squae transmuting grid of black tourmaline would be great for this!) What an opportunity!

  2. Your grid is awesome. I’m a little new to grid making about 6 months ago I manifested my new home with 5 acres using a grid. I have several grids in my home for different purposes . I love your enthusiastic energy I can feel it. Where did you get the flower of life silk?

    1. Post

      Yay! Wow, that is awesome Debra!!! Way to use the ENERGY! That grid silk…I had many custom made & then was taught the cruel nature of how silk is made…I’m still searchgin for a cruelty-free alternative.

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  5. I would build a grid for my Animal Communication business also to be a better communicator. I would add the school for Canine Massage Therapy, I am going through a divorce and life is hard right now.

  6. Hi, I love the grid and I can feel how beautiful energies it must be flowing. Thanks fir the wonderful explanation. Btw want to ask “Where should the points of the lasers be in a grid? Outside or in? “& does it depend on grid pattern and purpose?. I have yoyr gtid book, but it is not mentioned there. Plz reply.

  7. Hi, I love the grid and I can feel how beautiful energies it must be flowing. Thanks fir the wonderful explanation. Btw want to ask “Where should the points of the lasers be in a grid? Outside or in? “& does it depend on grid pattern and purpose?. I have your grid book, but it is not mentioned there. Plz reply.

  8. I am very interested in learning more and being able to apply it in life and share and pass on the knowledge. Please let me know more. Thank you, Jan

  9. I intend to create a crystal grid that eases the releasing of old emotions and emotional patterns that don’t serve me well. I intend to create a different one that works with the first one that facilitates the integration of new, higher vibration energies and patterns into my being. I also intend to create one for building trust, loyalty, and affection in relationships between me and the people at my new school, between me and my sister, and between me and the guy I like although extra help is welcome if the stones are willing. I intend to do all of these perfectly with the stones that I already have, and I know there will be no problem with the power they generate to help me even if I only use a few stones.

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  13. Hi dear ,
    I love this beautiful flower of life and this crystal grid … Would love to do mine for abadance and joy … I am a sagitarious ( Dec.8 , 1957 ) … What are the crystals for me 🙂 <3
    Hope to receive your answer
    Love and light

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  15. Hi,
    Just saw your grid..just beautiful..but what are the names of the stones you have around it..their purpose and now many of each do I need..thanks

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  18. Thank you for all of your Great information Hibiscus Moon! I am taking your suggestion and writing down what my intentions are to get it out in the universe 🙂

    I am a creative person and now that my kids are grown and I can focus on different things, I am working on turning a creative venture into a profitable one that will not only bring abundance in my financial life but also in my spiritual life. I want to balance the two instead of focusing only on money – which is necessary in this world but shouldn’t be the main focus.

    My current creative passion that also brings a spiritual element is working with gems and stones. I am making wire wrapped gem and stone pendants, rune stone sets and pendulums (I am developing another site specifically for things focused on spirituality (

    I am struggling to keep up with financial issues and am looking forward to the financial security that selling my pieces will bring while at the same time contributing to the spiritual connections and furthering growth in others through the gifts I’ve been given.

    Thanks again for all you do and for reading this 🙂

    1. Try a Grid of Clear Quartz with Blue Kyanite, White Selenite and Lapiz Lazuli. Also Wear a Blue Kyanite Pendant that touches the Kyanite at your Throat.

      Best Regards

  19. What a fantastic idea!!!
    We’re soon moving into our retirement home. Though it’s already built, I believe I can reinforce it by aligning the crystals appropriately on the property, and also nearing the boat dock (to distribute protection there is mandatory).
    Thank you for generously applying your idea.

  20. I want to be able to create my own business and be financially comfortable and to generate peace in my marriage. I also must stop smoking. Not sure which stones to use. Maybe amethyst for the addiction..

  21. Hi, a year ago I lost my job of sixteen years and in the next year of job searching lost all my savings, my home etc….is there a grid I can do that will help me to start over.

  22. Hi,

    Wow, the Grid does seem to work for you. I’ve been collecting information on Crystals and been Learning over the last 6 months, and I bet your website wasn’t there on the first page…

    I have a query… If I make a Crystal Grid, Where do I keep it? Do I have to have it with me all the time? Or do I make Multiple Grids?

    What’s the Range of a Grid?

    Best Regards

  23. I can’t download my free crystals& our sacred spaces free e_ kit . I can’t download either the book or the. Music. Please help me do this thank you Linda harper

  24. Than you soo much,Hibiskus Moon!
    While,I’m pretty sure how to make the grids.
    What I’m not sure is should I leave this
    grid during a cleanising a crystals?
    Or,should I make the other one,but the same way?

  25. Love the Crystal Grid, can’t wait to get your book and do one for myself. I have many crystals but not near as big, will that make a difference?

  26. I love your Crystal Grid and am sooo excited I found you! I have been really following you closely over the past week as I have had a quite sudden awakening that has drawn me, obsessively, to Crystal Healing.
    I took notes on this grid and am eager to get your book. Actually, I am extremely eager to get started on your… everything. Just want to take it all in! It’s almost uncontrollable that I am so drawn to this and it can’t come at a better time in my life when I really need this the most!
    Okay, my question for you: is there a grid in your book for manifesting clarity for my life purpose? I am getting that Crystal healing is working it’s way in with mighty force. I just don’t have clarity yet on how they will be helping me in my success and my life purpose.
    Do you have any answers and guidance for me?

    Thank you sooo much for all the work you put into this world of magic and coming at a time that I need you the most!

    Many Blessings to you!

  27. Thank you for this wonderful information. I am opening a new business I do aroma touch therapy. I will be getting a grid together for helping my business and what would be a good healing grid for my clients that I can put in my store on my altar? I am also going to have sheets of paper for my clients to write down their prayers and needs and I will place them under a rose quartz and the night if that months full moon burn them and send their prayers and needs to the Universe. I want to open our community to spirituality and enlightenment and sends peace and healing to all.

  28. I’ve always believed in a higher power . But I also believe there are many other energies that are abundant within us I have a need to know more of how they work and how they can work in my life for positive energy and guidance thru my life . I need to be able to provide for my family and generate energy to them

  29. Beautiful! I’m glad for you that it worked so well. Question: your big baby is amazing but I don’t have that massive of a crystal. Is success of a g rid relatedness the size of your crystals, do you think? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  30. I would love to build a health grid.I had surgery to remove tumor (ovarian cancer), 4 more chemo tx’s after for the tumors still left on liver,bladder and uterus after surgery.(They could not get it all).Been off Chemo for 5 mos,Tumor markers recently shows its up again.Could u pls tell me what crystals are best.I was told Celestine helps w/dreams/healing,shrink tumors,so I bought a beautiful cluster yrs ago.I’be felt drawn to keep it next to my bed more for dreams.

  31. I tried to sign up for the weekly email. But I couldn’t find the button to click on. Please add me to the email list from this post?

  32. I would like to put a crystal grid in my garden to help as many of my neighbors as possible… any hints for size and placement of crystals for prosperity on a community wide basis would be nice.

  33. I would have the grid to help me have my own new age, metaphysical store at the location i see myself in.. ans being very successful at it while helping and empowering others.

  34. I would love a grid that helps me with my craft that I love making things… And abundance please and be with my guides ….knowing that they are with me …. Thank you in advance

  35. Please tell me where you got your clear quartz crystal, that is a beautiful piece & i would love a big piece like that.

  36. I find fascinating everything you do with crystals, i really have to take a trip to that place where
    it will be easy to get lost between all the beautiful stones,
    Thank you for your lovely job and thank you for keeping me in the emailing list, until i will
    be ready to develop the abilities…meantime.
    Love and Light

  37. First I want to come from a place of gratitude and say thank you for all the amazing crystal information it has help me in my holistic healing business.
    I want to amp up my crystal healing and yoga business. Helping and healing is what I am called to do.

  38. I recommend making a small bag with some crystals in it moon stone, Unakite, Rose Quartz put them in the small bag and keep it close to your body 🙂 good luck!!
    Much love ? don’t forget to set your intention for your crystals!! :):)

  39. Hi Stephanie,
    Will you give me the Crystal grid crystals that will be good to increase the sales of my books. Also what affirmations should I use with the Crystal grid.

    Thank you.
    Diana Davis

  40. Thank you for sharing your approach to crystal grid making for businesses. Your grid is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I had brought your book on crystal grids a while back, and seeing how you created your own helps to focus the concepts from your book. Can’t wait to delve deeper!

  41. To the Lady that would like to become pregnant.I pray you already did with no complications….”PRAYER” IS ALWAYS EFFECTED . IF TWO OR MORE PRAY FOR THE SAME THING(IN YOUR CASE TO BECOME PREGNANT) THEN PRAY FOR IT. LEAVE IT TO JESUS, AND HE WILL SEND IT TO OUR FATHER GOD. JESUS, OUR SAVIOR IS OUR MEDIATOR TO GOD OUR FATHER. AMEN. When you do your crystals…Don’t forget to pray….

  42. Hi, I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. I lost a baby 4 years ago and have not gotten pregnant since. I have two older daughters and really wish I could add one more. How can I make a grid for that? I truly believe in the power of crystals, I just don’t know how to use a grid to manifest. Thank you

    1. Post
    1. Post
  43. I have poor health, a terminal illness, diabetes, and now hert issues,
    I feel like demonic things in my house, affecting my son, myself, and my boyfriend..
    I am a big believer in God, and Jesus, but a friend swears crystals can help me

    1. Post

      Blessings & ((HUGS)) to you Trisha. I trust you’re already working with professionals for all these issues. Crystals can be a great ally along with a sound holistic health practice.

  44. I would like to do nails full time and be a nail artist technician who works with gel and does nail art.

    I have no idea how I’m going to manifest this.
    I’d like to do a crystal grid but don’t think I have enough crystals to do so seeing as i have 3 quartz and 1 citrine hehe so yeah.

    1. Post
  45. Hi!
    I hope all is well. I’m in the process of manifesting a specific new home and our Business to thrive. They both coincide with each other. I need this specific house for our business (gardening) to flourish. What stones should I use to make this grid? Or should I be using two separate grids? Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help others. Wishing you the best and sending positive vibes your way.

    Lady 🙂

    1. Post
  46. I see a few references to hunting for crystals. Can you give me guidance, ideas or suggestions on where I can find more information please? I want to plan a trip for my family. Thank you. Love your website and information and the beautiful grids.

  47. I have been following you on Facebook and Pinterest for a while and I just signed up for the newsletters last week. I just got around to having the time to start reading up on your newsletters… and they are wonderful! So far there is quite a bit that I have learned from your updates. Your blog is now part of my daily routine. I have been reading all the past postings.. So I have some catching up to do.
    Thank you H. Moon!!

  48. Beautiful crystals. Thanks for the gifts ? and….guess what? I live in Tucson! The annual Gem & Mineral show is a MUST.

  49. Hi there. I love seeing you in your videos. What shop do we go to in order to support the women making these grid cloths? How long do we leave these grids up? Recommendations to as where we should set them up?
    I would like to heal my family, myself. (1 adult with high functioning autism and my little guy 4, who has autism and needs a lot of assistance and patience and my very smart daughter who is going through growing pains and smack in the middle of her brother.) I would like to heal my marriage that has had its difficult times due to the pressure of have two children with disabilities. I would like to heal health, which has taken a huge hit from stress. My heart, my mind need healing from an event that deeply hurt me. As for growth, I would like to be financially stable again. I would love to work again even part time. I would like to find a good provider to care for my son, so I won’t worry about him. (He is mostly non verbal and wouldn’t be able to tell me if he is OK with a childcare provider. I would like to open a Reiki practice. Small, intimate practice, but one that ppl will hear of and want to come. I want to finish Reiki 3 level this fall. I want to loss all my stressor weight and be free of it. I want to let go of all it and be whole again.
    Lol. Ok. I put it out to the universe! I was very open! Universe hear me!

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  51. Hi
    My name is Marie. I am just starting out on my crystal journey. It’s all started with the loss of my husband last year. I miss him so much every day and sometimes find it really hard to function. I have visited a medium twice who has told me that my husband is at the side of me rubbing the top of my arm. I can’t feel or sense him which hurts me deeply. I am trying everything possible to contact him myself but so far nothing. I am hoping that protecting myself and working with crystals may help. Thank you for sharing the grid. Marie

  52. Hello, My name is Sonya! I love your blog and just starting out in Crystals. I’ve downloaded your Crystal Grid guide and I am so excited to start! I am a Medium, Empath , and an Angel Card Reader. I am excited and filled with gratitude for my Soul’s Journey and continuing my enlightenment. I am starting a business online and I am putting out to God, My Guardian Angels, Universe, Spirit Guides for success to help bring healing, peace, love, health to others, myself and my family and for an ABUNDANCE in all those and for prosperity, wealth and knowledge!
    And so it is!

    Mucho Peace Love Light

  53. I’m looking to expand my business as a massage therapist. I’m wanting to incorporate my crystals into my practice and be sucessful.

  54. I am so happy to have found Hibiscus Moon. This is exactly what I was looking for. Learning more about crystal grids and how they can assist in manifesting my desire to go deeper into Intuitive Healing and write a book. Many thanks.

  55. We have been house hunting for 9 months. I recently made my first crystal grid to help us find the right house for our family and voila, we are now 2 weeks into closing!! My questions is, do I have to do anything special when I disassemble the grid when we move?

  56. I really want to move out of the town I’m in. Also to become successful with my Etsy shop.
    What crystals do I need to manifest these please x

    Josephine x

  57. I would like to create a crystal grid that will help me manifest a 7 figure home based business, with healing essential oils, and crystal/ precious stone jewlery to help people live a fullfilling, healthy lifestyle and teach them how to minimize toxins in their lives by using natural oils from mother earth.

  58. I am very grateful to have found my crystal teacher, thank you Hibiscus Moon. I desire to manifest my Kundalini Reiki, Sound Healing and crystal healing business. I have been on a very synchronized path this year and I feel 2019 is going to start off right, I love the information you provide and I look forward to learning from you soon. I put my name on the list for your upcoming class. Super excited! 🤗

  59. So excited to implement this!! I’ve just created a business called The Happy Aura. The goal is to get people to create happy auras by tuning into their subtle body, thru Chakra healing!! I’ve never felt more passionate about anything and it’s something I have birthed myself!! This is perfect timing, creating a crystal grid!!

  60. I want to come into some money to go and see the world actually i had a vivid dream of taking my daughter up mountains meditating in forests and feeling at peace with myself to go and see wild animals because we focus to much on bills and downs about life when we need to apreciate how beautiful this world truly is i felt so happy after this dream

  61. I need to stay focused on my goals and not let them slip through my fingers or fizzle out.
    Also, to help me open up and be a better partner for my boyfriend.

  62. The universe put you in my life for a reason!! I am a full time teacher and just started finding my way into the world of crystals and meditation within the last s 7 months. I love how I feel when I am in the “zone” and find marked struggling when I’m not. I want to start my own biz but have no idea where to start so when this article came into my life I know it is meant to be! Thank you and I look forward to learning more from you!!

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