How to Ground using Crystals + Other Tips & Techniques

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BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Let me also disclose that this is a link-rich post. I have lots of good resources here to refer you to. ALL of the products that I recommend are products that I have personally used & HIGHLY recommend. Some of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them, but you can certainly purchase through a different link. Just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t have them here if I didn’t totally believe in them.

Some of us struggle to stay grounded, to stay connected, balanced & centered.  Sometimes you just feel like a total space cadet.

I find I get un-grounded when I’m at an event around a lot of people if I know the focus is on me…b/c I’m an introvert. Or when I’m overloaded with work.

There are many ways to ground yourself. Here in this blog post, I’ll share what works for me. 🙂

CAUTION: In my experience though, you sometimes need to be careful to not to OVERDO the grounding. As in everything, we’re looking for balance. Doing too much grounding can possibly have a negative impact on some, making them feel too “low” & “heavy”…sometimes even depressed. But only you can determine what is best for you.

I teach several grounding techniques in my Certified Crystal Healer Courses and some that are specifically tailored for professional crystal healing sessions…to keep the therapist well-protected.

Why do we need to be grounded at all?


I whole-heartedly believe that in order to physically manifest what you want here on the physical plane, you must be solidly grounded. This isn’t necessary  “all of the time”, nor is it recommended. Hey, sometimes, being ungrounded is exactly what’s needed. But being able to re-establish that grounding when needed is key.


It’s also part of your energetic hygiene, b/c when you’re not grounded…that’s when your electromagnetic field (aka your aura) can become vulnerable and even “rip”, “tear” or “leak” your energy…or allow energetic cords to become attached.

Physical Symptoms of Being Un-Grounded

If you have 2 or more of the below symptoms, you may be currently ungrounded.; the more symptoms, the more un-grounded you may be. (BTW these same symptoms manifest when we’re exposed to too much EMF radiation and/or have various types of auto-immune diseases…chicken or the egg scenario? Just sayin’)

  • varying levels of depression
  • decreased dopamine levels
  • increased levels of adrenaline & cortisol (no bueno!)
  • undisciplined
  • fatigue
  • leg cramps or restless legs
  • headaches or migraines
  • muscle pain
  • insomnia
  • disorganized
  • unfocused & decreased attention span, cannot finish projects or see anything through
  • low stamina

Grounding is a standard & important safety procedure among electricians. With both electrical wiring as well as with our own electromagnetic fields (auras), grounding creates a direct physical connection to our planet!

This is CRITICAL, b/c Mama Earth acts as a reservoir of charges & can neutralize any excess electrical current or energy.

Grounding literally dissipates excess energy to the ground. When our homes + appliances are grounded (to a lightning rod) it protects us from shocks, shorts & interference. You can verify that with any electrician you know!

When you’re properly grounded you have a neutral charge, meaning your energy is balanced. Plus, when we’re well-grounded it’s also beneficial to us for self-protection; it helps keeps our energy focused & un-scattered.

My Go-To Grounding Stones + Mineral Treatments

One thing I like to do personally is to increase my magnesium uptake both internally as well as externally.

Immersing your body in ionic minerals, such as magnesium, will allow you to ground by picking up any excess charge. I do things like take ionic magnesium concentrate (taken internally; about 8 drops/day), magnesium bath salts or even magnesium oils (to rub on the skin or to bathe in).

I also really love to use ferromagnetic (aka iron-containing) stones as they are very effective grounders.

Remember that we have high amounts of iron in our blood which harmonizes more easily with the humongous iron core crystal at the center of our planet…yes, the very planet we’re trying to ground with…there’s a freakin’ big hexagonal iron crystal hanging out below our feet, hotter than the sun & about the size of Texas!!

earth crystals for grounding

***I don’t know about you but I think that’s some pretty cool shizzle!***

Good to know, right? B/c working with ferromagnetic crystals allows us to more easily entrain with the grounded energy of Earth.

A few great stones to choose from:

  • lodestone
  • hematite
  • pyrite
  • black tourmaline


In order to stay ground & balanced, another great thing to do is have skin-to-Earth contact, picking up the earth’s natural plethora of negative ions.

earthing (5)

Because most of us are almost always in shoes, your feet don’t get to touch the Earth & pick up the negative ions that our great planet provides aplenty. Really all you need to do to ground is walk around barefoot on the Earth(I recommend doing this as much as possible).

And if you’re in a cold climate & don’t want your feet frozen to the ground, you can always go hug a tree with your bare hands. Yep! That makes the same sort of grounding circuit with the Earth.

If you wanna learn more about grounding with Mama Earth’s energy (Earthing), there’s a whole book about this that I highly recommend:

Weighted Blanket Technique

Have you heard of the weighted blanket phenomenon? It’s a safe & effective non-drug therapy known to help those with insomnia, sensory processing disorder, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety and so much more.

“Historically, Native Americans and other indigenous tribes from around the world automatically wrapped their babies snuggly in a swaddle or cradle board to ease fussiness.” stated by Tori Boucher, an autism spectrum counselor. You can check out more info on the weighted blanket technique here.

But I want to take this idea a step further specifically for grounding!

You may be familiar with the BioMat and the BioMat amethyst & black tourmaline pillow. Well…the pillow’s crystals are actually encased in a special removable quilted cover that zips off & can be used as a mini-weighted AMETHYST + BLACK TOURMALINE blanket placed over various areas of the body!! Yeah, I know~~!

Specifically for grounding, I’ve placed it over or under the legs or feet, whichever feels the most comfy. Doesn’t get any more grounding than that, huh?


I’ve been telling my Crystal Healing students about this BioMat technique for years & all who try it, tell me they love it. ♥

Grounding Gem Elixir Oil

For days when I feel a little extra grounding is in order I have my Grounding Gem Elixir Oil that I can use in a number of different ways. I can diffuse it in a space with an oil burner or diffuser, I can wear it as a perfume or I can anoint my stones & meditation altar objects. I even just like looking at it b/c its just so damn sparkly pretty!


So let me give you the recipe for this special stuffs.

BTW, I didn’t measure on this…I just added random drops of different ingredients until I liked it. We’re not baking cookies here so feel free to play with it. 😉  I  recommend that all essential oils listed should be organic, fair-trade & sustainably harvested whenever possible.

  • jojoba oil as the carrier oil base
  • several drops of magnesium oil
  • several drops of juniper berry essential oil
  • cedar wood essential oil
  • clove bud essential oil
  • patchouli essential oil
  • 3 whole cloves
  • gemstone chips of red garnet, hematite, black onyx or black tourmaline

This oil has a very comforting & calming energy while connecting us solidly to Mama Earth.  It’s potent stuffs & it smells soooo good!

So tell me Sparkly One…do you practice grounding techniques on a regular basis?  Do you work with the crystals only? Or a combo of Earthing tools?  Did you try any of my techniques listed above? Please tell me what you do to ground & balance in the comments below. 

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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    1. You make up the elixir oil yourself, using some or all of the oils Hibiscus Moon listed toward the end of her blog article. Do a search on the internet for essential oils. Some you might find at your local stores. The gemstone chips you could get from your nearest rock store.

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  1. Greetings and Gem Blessings!

    This was such a wonderful post and I cannot wait to make this oil!

    As far as grounding goes. I love Hematite and Amber (these two stones follow me like lost children. No joke!). I’ll hold or wear them.

    Next, I hold my “Body Tonic” stones such as Rose Quartz in my left hand and a garnet in my right and will be still and quiet for about 10 minutes.

    I then stabalize my marking yarrow flower essence with an Angel Aura Crystal at the nape of my neck.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Do you find that the ‘aura’ crystals work as well as the original, un-changed ones do? I have a couple of them, but other than being ‘pretty,’ they don’t do anything. I believe Hibiscus Moon says she believes that this sort of alteration changes the frequency, and in my experience, that’s been correct.

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  2. Earthing with crystals on the beach is one of my favorite grounding methods. However, I think my most Favorite… is eating steamed veggie carbs… 😉 <3 I'll, straight up, eat a bowl of broccoli in meditation after a ritual…

    I love you, HM! <3

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  3. I like to get outdoors as much as possible. Due to arthritis I can’t get into the countryside the way I used to do, but I take every opportunity to get into my garden and commune with mother earth and her blessings. I live in quite a stressful area and find I can shut a lot of the stress out when my hands are in the soil. I also tend to have various crystals in my pockets and often in my bra if I don’t have pockets.

  4. I enjoyed reading this and will try the elixir… I myself walk barefoot and give massages barefoot and always have crystals on me so I don’t feel such a heavy exchange of energy…..
    thank you for sharing!!???

  5. Good info thank you.

    I usually ground myself via visualizations, taking a few breaths to come to center, feeling myself settle in my body, and visualizing roots coming out of my feet and connecting into the earth.

  6. Ok, out of a dozen symptoms of being ungrounded, I *don’t* have two of them, and don’t know anything about one (dopamine? I have some reading to do). That being said, no wonder I’m so drawn to hematite! I love earthing, but it’s winter here, and even in summer I usually forget to do it. Thanks for the other ideas, and thanks for always throwing in some science or technical details when you explain things!

  7. Hello. I have almost all the ungrounded symptoms. This is mainly do to having fibromyalgia. I am a beginner. Well, I’ve had a big rock and crystal collection for years but I’m just beginning to try to teach myself about grids and how to actually use them. My question is, with all those symptoms, can I over-ground, or should I be doing it as much as possible? I struggle with my mental health which is my main reason for trying to plunge deeper into this, and would appreciate any input or advice from anyone more seasoned. Thank you.

  8. Hello. I love this article, very informative. I have a question. I purchased crystals, black tourmaline, rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst. I bought a set for my children as well. I want to ground them outside in the dirt. My question is, do I put them in a plastic bag or a paper towel or just place them in the ground? Thanks for your help; Hopefully someone can answer me tonight, I would like to ground them before I go to sleep.

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