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Today, I want to talk about how to energetically cleanse your crystals.

Not, physically clean them… because I did that over here a long while ago. 

Now, I have a different take on that whole subject of cleansing your crystals.

**In fact, I have an older video/blog post about this but I decided it was high time to update it and give you my most up-to-date (& more condensed) info on this subject because so many people ask about this!**

So, let’s dive in!

How to Cleanse (Re-tune) Crystals

First of all, the whole idea of “cleansing” your crystals is one that I never resonated with.

When I first started learning about crystals, of course, I hit the books and a lot of people would talk about cleansing their crystals. And then especially when we took things online, I also remember seeing (way back in 2005 or something like that), a big movement towards everybody talking about crystals and cleansing.

Then YouTube came along and I recall seeing a lot of people talking about the topic again… and I was part of that crowd too, don’t get me wrong!

But it never really sat right with me because I was always wondering…

“If crystals can maintain their energetic stability so wellwhy do they need to be cleansed so often? Why are we using them as tools to help us if they are so vulnerable to energy themselves?”

Know what I mean?

In working with crystals more and more over the years, in researching and also working with our students; teaching and getting feedback from our alumni and even their clients, it became quite evident to me that the crystals did NOT need to be cleansed on an ongoing basis so much.

This all goes back to the very nature of crystal structure itself and a term that I call the dominant oscillary rate.


Everything is vibration, baby.

cleanse crystals

Everything oscillates and has its own signature frequency.

We have a collection of various vibrational frequencies making up who we are as a physical body and as an energetic being as well. There’s a lot going on and as humans, we don’t have a lot of preciseness in how we’re built, especially if you look at our molecular makeup. Our vibrational frequencies are numerous and very random. We do have some liquid crystal going on but we’re not mostly made up of liquid crystal.

Whereas with an actual crystal…

(The whole definition of a crystal is that its molecules are built-in a very specific repeating geometric pattern; a precise lattice structure.)

there’s no randomness to a crystal.

There might be a glitch here and there but a crystal is made up of a precise repeating geometric pattern in the way that its molecules are arranged.

So because of that, it has a very stable vibration that it emits in an energetic bubble around itself. We call that bubble an energy torus.

At times, that oscillary rate or vibration can get knocked out of sync in a crystal by very specific high amplitude energetic events.  But it’s a rare event.Ours gets knocked out all the time very easily. It can

On the other hand,  our vibration gets knocked out all the time quite easily.

So, it has to be a very high amplitude with a lot of energy to knock the crystal out of its base vibrational frequency; some sort of very intense energy can do that. When that happens, the crystal will naturally realign itself back to its dominant oscillary rate, where it naturally wants to be, on its own, given some time.


Now, if we want to facilitate that crystal getting back to its dominant oscillary rate more quickly, there’s something we can do:   I coined it retuning a number of years back b/c it does a better job explaining what’s actually happening. (You can liken this to “cleansing”.)

It’s basically like retuning an instrument, a guitar, a piano. I don’t call it “cleansing” because that has the connotation of the whole concept of doing it often, doing it on a frequent basis, like taking a bath and that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I get into tons more detail about this in my Certified Crystal Healing Course.  But just as an overview here, I’ll give you a really simple technique that you can easily do to retune your crystal when it’s necessary.

This DOES NOT need to be done all the time or if somebody simply touched your crystal, unless again, that person exposes your crystal to a really high amplitude; like high emotions; yelling, breaking things, manic behavior (could be negative or positive emotions): That sort of energy CAN knock that crystal out temporarily.

Once again, you can leave the crystal alone and it will gradually eventually go back to its “home-base” vibration on its own eventually. Perhaps after a few weeks or months.

Or you can facilitate this happening more quickly with my favorite and super-easy method…

Sound Acoustics

I like sound energy because it’s more practical and it’s much more effective from a scientific perspective.

Just use SOUND. Immerse your crystal(s) with loud sound – acoustic vibrations; a sound bath!

In my video, I’m using a tuning fork.

cleanse crystals

Sound effectively sends energy vibrations out into our environment that we can’t see, but we can hear and measure.

We’re constantly surrounded by vibrations of all different sorts that we’re not able to see or pick up with our other senses. We’re affected by them but we’re just not able to see them because they’re not visible light.

So those energy sound waves from the tuning fork went out into the environment, right? It affected me then it went through the crystal and agitated its vibration; jarred its dominant oscillary rate to snap back into alignment, back to its natural frequency.

This method is so flippin’ easy! You don’t:

  • have to do any kind of saltwater cleanse and worry about Mohs hardness or rusting, dissolving, etc.
  • need lug your whole crystal collection out into the moonlight; although I do really like that practice for the ceremonial effect and spiritual effect that it has on me. I really like it. But I don’t do it every single moon cycle.  I’m saying you don’t have to feel guilty if you skip it for six months. 
  • have to worry about your crystals fading under intense sunlight
  • need to pick and move your entire colossal collection, just bring the sound source to them! 

If you know your crystal needs it, sound is simply the easiest way.

By the way, you don’t have to use a tuning fork. It can be any loud sound/vibration. It can be music or any sound, but you want to turn it up LOUD so that the amplitude is HIGH. That means the energy is high.

You can also use something beautiful like a crystal singing bowl.

You can get the amplitude going really, really, high and you can actually FEEL the vibrations penetrating everything in the environment.

Now, people will often ask me:

  • What note should I use on the tuning fork?
  • What note should I use on the crystal bowl?

MY ANSWER: It doesn’t matter. 🙂

Because any sound is sound acoustic energy as long as its high amplitude… doesn’t matter what note or frequency it’s in.

You just want it to be high energy; i.e. LOUD, where you can feel it reverberating. It doesn’t have to be tearing down the house where you’d have your neighbors calling the police because your music is so loud 😉 but you want to just make sure that it’s penetrating the crystal lattice, jarring the vibrations/penetrating the crystal, and that will knock it back to its natural dominant oscillary rate.

Wondering how often to retune your crystals? I have an older pillar blog post over here all about that.

Check it out for yourself and give it a go.

I’d love to hear your take on this as well, so go ahead and post it in the comments below.  Have you used sound to retune your crystals? Or do you prefer another method?

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. I live in New Mexico and on a hike, found some beautiful selenite crystals. They seem so much wilder than when I buy crystals from stores. SHould these wild crystals be handled any differently?

    1. Honestly, I wouldn’t think so. Maybe you’re just feeling pure vibration, not vibration that needs to be reset from a bunch of people touching the selenite that’s in a store.

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    1. Linda, in the crystal world, “cleansing” and “cleaning” are two different things and, I think, they are often confused.

      Cleaning is dusting or washing off the crystals. (Note that most, but not all, can be rinsed off under running water. Some will dissolve, rust, or give off toxic stuff if they’re wet for a period of time, so you want to look on the internet for a full list — examples would include angelite, celestite, calcite, mica, opal, lepidolite, muscovite, selenite, pyrite, lodestone, gypsum, halite, unpolished malachite and turquoise — those you could just dust with a cloth.)

      CleanSing, which some folks probably also call “cleaRing”, has to do with a crystal’s vibrations, not cleaNing off the dirt and dust. Because it’s confusing, it’s probably easier to simply think of cleansing/clearing as retuning.

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      1. A damp rag would not cleanse a crystal whose charge has been changed or a crystal who’s vibration has been masked by attachment or negative vibration. Taking crystals out into the public will collect many ill vibration. They will protect you but once over loaded they will resonate to the negative tone thus causing you negative experiences and further more negative feelings, problems, and dull realities. Running water works well as it rings the crystal like a bell realigning the stones energy to its highest frequency. Sage does absolutely nothing but clear the stagnate air. It does not affect the stones resonance. Salt works well. Salt water. As well as selenite or the actual ground. Heavy harmonics could do this but it would take a long time. My wife will wear stones to work and when I hold them to cleanse them I begin to experience psychic attack’s and will see the attacker who was sending her negative energy through out the day. This energy remains until the Stone is held under running water. Once the water hits it like a bell and rings it. The negative experiences are released as black electromagnetic balls and strings of black shade.

  2. I’d never quite subscribed to the ‘cleansing’ ideas either, so for months now I’ve been using my tuning fork, a bell, or one of my singing bowls (one crystal, one metal) for this purpose. Originally I would do it for sure when I brought a new crystal home, but most recently I’ve taken to doing it much more often (as in, playing the 2 signing bowls and a bowl are usually part of my morning ritual).

    My question to you, then, is this: is it an issue/problem/concern to play a singing bowl, etc., if the crystal is not out of alignment? I always feel much more peaceful within a few seconds of playing a bowl, and presumed it was good for – or at least not harmful to – my crystals.

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    2. It is never harmful to play a singing bowl. All it will do to a cleansed crystal is charge it and make it vibrate stronger. Like a boost. Keep those crystals resonating to their highest potential.

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  3. Good Day All I usually clean my crystal with the new full moon, however I am deff going to try the music for my crystals. How about setting intentions, must you set an intention each time you cleanse?

    1. I don’t see why an intention would need to be set each time a crystal is cleansed/reset; it’s got its purpose built in already, and you’ve just reset it to that purpose by cleansing. But saying an intention at any time can help re-affix the goal in the _person’s_ mind, IMHO.

      1. You do not need to put intention. However it sets the tone. But the stone will pick up whatever intentions are in your bio electric field and aura energy filed etc. the stones filter magnify and refine all of your energies according to their properties. Use wisely

  4. I have been using sage but I love the idea of using sound. I channel and sing ancient languages that heal people but I never thought of using them on my crystals. Thank you so much!

    1. Everything is sound. Everything is energy. Sound manipulates and creates energy. Sound can build or break any pattern of energy. Sound is the key to all. You are sound. And crystals are tuners. Amplifiers. Magnifiers. Sound filtering harmonic resonance of extraterrestrial origins. Super high tech holographic sound recording reality altering alien technology.

  5. Cleansing crystals are a great way to help the crystal be in balance. I love your video on how the vibration of humans and crystals are changed by sound. The pictures of the human form with the look of vibration is awesome.

    I personally like using sound and music when I cleans my crystals. I put on some beautiful (no voice) music CD’s. I just play it for a short while and everything in my room is cleansed. Crystals and the environment.

    I also use my Crystal singing bowl or my Tibetan metal singing bowl, to cleans space as well as the crystals.

    Thank you for your teachings.
    Diana Davis

  6. Thank you so much for a wealth of very practical yet very informative insight into crystals. I can see you go deep, yet know how to convey information simply. I’m veering off topic a bit: I have tried using orgonite recently in my meditation to see if there is a difference between it and crystal energy. I actually feel nothing from the orgonite (this might make a great “gift” for my twin brother! Ha!) When I use the crystals, I feel a definite difference.

  7. i just want to thank you for this video. i am the same way in regards to not ‘cleansing’ not resonating with me or needing to cleanse frequently. i have always used sound to cleanse my crystals and only occasionally by moonlight or sunlight. i definitely dont cleanse that often either. i do notice that when i use sound not only does it make me feel happier but i notice a difference in my crystals too. that’s how i know they are ‘cleansed’.

  8. I have heard of people ‘charging’ their crystals. Would you say that is the same as cleansing? Can you charge a crystal to be more powerful than it’s natural state?

    1. Do not charge a crystal that is negative charged or depleted or full of disharmony, it will only magnify the negative energy. You absolutely must cleanse it first before charging. Two different actions here. Do not confuse the two. This is irresponsible. You should need a license to have this crystal equipment

  9. Thank you so much – I much prefer the idea of retuning – have been using my Tibetan metal bowl and cymbals just for the reason it feels right. I don’t do this everyday though, I have a chronic illness which drains me and consider myself having a good day if I get anything done at all! I do like to select some crystals for the occasional full moon. Love a really bright full moon.


    1. Yes you can command it with your voice. Singing can do it. Pending how dense the negative energy is that has been accrued.

  10. I loved the video.

    I only ever wash my crystals when they arrive to remove anyone else from them and to make them mine. Then from time to time I love to use my Tibetan singing bowl around them – I guess with the intention of just “relaxing” them all. I love putting them in the full moon energy too, but think that is just for me to think I am doing them a favour. 🤣

    I wholeheartedly agree with what you have said and found it somewhat reassuring to see others have the same feelings around cleansing crystals.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.


  11. Hi there, Thank you! i too have never understood the reasoning behind “cleansing” our crystals. My babies “talk” to me, and very rarely do they ever indicate the need for a cleansing. There have been a few times with certain people who have come into my home where i felt an absolute need to smudge them, but otherwise i use my 528hz fork and my big crystal bowl just
    like you do.
    Can’t wait until i have the money to take your classes, i waiting for 3 years now…..

    1. If they are talking you have picked up a hitchhiker. An entity that has used the dirty degraded negative energy the stone has from NOT being cleaned. The stone should work for you solely, if it has entities that speak you have been hijacked and the stones resonance has been corrupted and compromised. Clean your stones

      1. I hope I am not the only one who feels that your comments are disrespectful to how these questions being asked, along with how you have commented on what others have responded. I am sure you have a different opinion on how to use and handle your crystals. So does every one else here, but it appears that you attempt to contradict every tidbit of info being passed on. That along with the condescending language “everyone should have a license to use crystals” or “If they are talking to you, you have picked up a hitchhiker” when we all know what it means to feel that the crystals energy and vibration can speak to us. Very rude.

  12. What kind of mallet do you have? I bought tuning forks about a year ago…Angel and Crystal tuning forks. I got just a rubber mallet with them. It’s vibration is very soft so I don’t feel it reaches all the Crystals in my home…just the ones near me that I am using at the time. I have used the Crystal itself, striking the fork lightly to the Crystal and get a really cool vibration but Idk if that’s good for the Crystal or the fork. It has to be a larger Crystal too or the volume isn’t there. I also use my singing bowls from time to time. I have Root, Solar Plexus and 3rd Eye. Love them…it’s a win-win for me and my chakras and the Crystals plus others in the house that don’t even realize the good it does! Thank You for all you do for the Crystal peeps!!! ❤️ 😊 💜

  13. Quite often I go to crystalshop or online, where ever my crystal babies call for me… i puck them up and i feel they are working… and i feel this awesome energy crystals doing their amazing work… and moment i clense them back to my natural state, i use reiki most of cases… I loose this connection. It feels like im wiping away this connection i had at first when i met them. Yet, when i have worked with crystal long time… and then clense it, i feel how they appear to be lighter… and I completely agree constant cleansing, makes no difference, for personal use. But for theraphy crystals… yes i do wipe energies away straight after session… as really dont want to carryforward energies they just worked with… thats my observations over few years i have been working with my crystal babies ❤️

  14. I work with crystal along with sound therapy so my crystal get a bath while they work 😉 I do give them some extra high vibe love if I feel they were working with some stronger frequencies. I do believe E=MC2 occurs at times I crystals if you let strong energies build up so sound is a great way to spiral that energy out of the crystal so that it can return to its natural state. I’ve found a crystal pyramid works well for this and stabilizing gem elixirs as well due to the tetrahedron vibrational structure in the frequency of the sound. I enjoy the moon energies but I use them as more of a complementary energy rather than part of the crystal. A crystal is a crystal. The moon is the moon. Together they resonate with something beautiful and unique but they don’t change each other. Of course, this is just from my experience. Someone law may have a completely different take on this and i honor that as well!🙏🏻

  15. Hoping to see an answer to Carrie Z’s question about increasing or magnifying the strength of a piece.
    Thanks and blessings!

  16. Most brilliant thing I’ve heard in ages and it sits perfectly with me as someone who uses crystals and does sound healing. Pivotal change for me. Thank you.

  17. Hi, I agree completely and I loved the article! Thank you for sharing.
    What I do with my crystals is when I first buy them and from time to time, I place them for several hours around a big orgonite pyramid I have – the radius of it is ca 5 meters and then I use them either for jewelry creation or healing/meditation. I would love to read what you think about orgonite cleansing. It is also vibration based re-tuning.
    For extra “dusting” I use small bells for sound, among other simple ways like blowing / visualization/palo santo smudging.

  18. I have felt the same way since I first became involved with crystals. This really resonated with me and actually have intuitively started retuning with my singing bowl. Your post actually was a confirmation for me. Thank you Hibiscus

  19. Love this article… I have been intuitively using my singing bowl with my crystals- just seemed to make sense. I select crystals by the vibration I get from them and just knew that vibration was the way to go.

  20. Thank you for this article. I couldn’t agree with you more. I like sound vibrations more simply because I can feel them more – like chanting, when I’m done I can feel it reverberating throughout my whole being. I prefer sound for “retuning” also because I feel it works faster. Like you said, it jars it back. I do like to let my crystal sit next to my salt lamp when I’m done (the softer more gentle crystals) simply because I feel it helps soothe the intense “surgery” they just went through. Kind of like when humans go through a very fast intensive healing and we just feel drained afterwards. I also noticed my fire energy crystals soak up this sound vibration tuning more readily than the other element crystals. Anybody else, or just me? Again, thank you for this fantastic article.

  21. I’m just starting out in crystals and I only have an amythest cluster, an amythest pebble, and a small piece of clear quartz I got from the thrift store as a part of a rock collection. Becuase they’re from an unknown source, all kinds of energy couldve gone into them so my method (I’ve just been going with my gut based on research, idk what I’m doing) is I’m soaking them in salt water, drying them in the sun, and then I’m going to place them on top of the piano while I play. I just want to be extra sure they dont have negative energy or deplteded energy from whoever owned them before.

    1. Just make sure you don’t leave the amethysts out in the sunlight for very long. They bleach out remarkably quickly in my experience. I had a large geode for years and years and it was never outside, but just being near the window and getting that ambient light, it lost almost all of its color over the years.

  22. Just getting started, and so far it is very, very interesting as this is what I feel I have been searching for how to connect with my crystals. Thank you so much, I will be back.

  23. I am 100% with you Jen B!!! Your comment directed at iGod was necessary, in my opinion, and right on target. I’m sure many others feel the same way. iGod needs to check themselves before posting such arrogant and condescending comments on what is usually, and SHOULD be, a loving, compassionate & informative “conversation” between other crystal lovers. I also felt iGod’s comments were quite disrespectful to Hibiscus Moon. At any rate, thank you so much HB for your awesome videos, classes and blog postings. I always learn a lot from you and your many devoted followers. Namaste & Blessings to all….

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