Because I get asked about this a lot…

I’d like to share three methods for releasing the confusion + allowing you to confidently choose the crystal you should work with (the one you’ll get the most impact from at the moment.)

Method 1: Go into your heart.

I’ve been giving this advice for a long time so please forgive if you feel I’m like a broken record, but it’s true and it works — here we go:

What crystal are you most attracted to at the moment?

What are your intentions?

What’s your goal?

There is no wrong crystal (Except… read more on that below).

crystals how to choose your crystal

Go with your heart and intuition. The crystal that you’re first attracted to, the one that you say you just love; there’s probably a really good reason for that. Go with it. Go with your heart. Let your heart pick the crystal, not a book.

I mean, books certainly come in handy. But I like to empower my students to trust their intuition, to go with their heart, and go with an unbiased mind if at all possible.

Because there’s a lot of contradiction out there from book to book, if you haven’t noticed already. Some people get quite frustrated by that — understandably so. It’s not 100% across the board for everyone.

book how to choose your crystal

Sometimes a book will recommend something, and it’ll work for most, but it may not work for everyone. When someone chooses something from their heart, it always seems to work so much better than going from the brain. ♥

Method 2: Tune into the energy of your crystal

I also feel that it’s important to tune into the energy of your crystal — just as you would turn the dial (back in them thar olden days…) to tune into a specific frequency to receive the desired radio station.

Once you’re dialed in —

you can set your intention + align it with your crystal.

So, it’s more about “programming yourself” than it is about the crystal. Get what I mean?

The difference here may seem subtle to you, but in my mind, it’s quite different.

In tuning in first, we’re getting into harmony with the energy of the crystal, and then by clarifying our intentions we’re making the sometimes-muddy work of communicating with Source Energy way clearer. In addition, by doing this you’re laser-focusing your energy to your purpose + objective!

First, do your research + choose a crystal that resonates with your desired intention (so the crystal already has its own “baked-in program” + you’re just looking for a match to what you want to achieve.) If you want my super-easy + practical step-by-step on how I recommend doing this I detail that for you here.

Method 3: Use a pendulum to choose your crystal!

Not sure how to go about that? I’ve got a great blog post for you here all about it.

Then be open to testing it out. It may take a few tries to find the best one that works best with you.

how to choose your crystal pendulum

And I’m always harping on about this… you don’t need to have a huge collection right away!

Really get to know your crystals slowly and individually. Bond with it.

Spend some time with each of your crystals rather than going nuts and collecting a whole bunch right away, blowing all your money, and not really working with any of them. I see many going that route and not really getting much from their crystals.

Can you Choose a Wrong Crystal?

Well, sort of.

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Say for example you want to work on energizing motivation but you choose a calming lepidolite to work on that; I can safely say you’re results will most likely be lack-luster. 

You may also choose a conflicting crystal combo. That will also result in probable dissappointment: I wrote all about that in my classic blog post here: Should Some Crystals NEVER be Together?

I hope you found this info useful.

Now, I’d love to hear from you below: please tell me in the comments what you thought of these steps on how to choose your crystal, if you have something to add, or what your favorite crystal to work with is right now.

Crystal Blessings,

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