Crystals - How They Work how do crystals work

If you didn’t already watch part 1 of this mini-series, go do that right now — so you’re all caught up!

In this part, 2 we’re gonna cover:

  • How are the healing properties of a crystal determined?
  • Why are we influenced by the energy of crystals?
  • What about the programming of a crystal?

How are the healing properties of a crystal determined? How do Crystals work?

Well, part of it is determined by what elements is it made out of? In the video above, I used a little amethyst right as an example. In it, we have silicon dioxide; silicon and oxygen (aka quartz). There’s a little bit of iron thrown in too. That’s where you get its beautiful color. (I dive deeper into crystal color here.)

Then we have its crystal system, which happens to be tetrahedral in its geometry; how its molecules are arranged. Again, we have the specific light frequency that you’re seeing; which is the violet light frequency.

All of these things plus the DOR, the dominant oscillary rate of the crystal (discussed in part 1), contribute to the specific healing properties of that crystal.

We can say that although each individual amethyst might have a slightly different DOR, all of these factors together help determine the specific healing properties of that crystal. All amethysts of one kind have a very similar healing property. Although each one might have a slightly different personality, they all have similar healing properties.

BUT we’re leaving out the most important determining ingredient of all… we’re all slightly different and you need to determine for yourself the healing properties and correspondence: how that crystal works with YOU as an individual.

Why are we influenced by the energy of crystals?

Remember, we’re made of all those different DORs, all those different dominant oscillary rates. We tend towards entropy quite easily. The slightest little thing happening in our environment – someone comes in and says a little something and it throws us off balance, or the weather is all whacked out and we get anxiety — and our DORs get knocked out of balance very easily. We’re very easily influenced. We tend towards entropy quite easily; towards the disorder very easily. Very easily influenced.

We have to put a lot of work into our system to maintain our DOR.

In contrast — crystals, being highly ordered, very stable solids; they have that stability, that precision to their atomic structure — easily maintain their DOR.

That stability gives them higher amplitude energy. Well, when energy is more stable, it becomes more powerful; higher amplitude. (Amplitude is the maximum height of an oscillation in a wave.) Which wave is higher, which energy is stronger? That’s the higher amplitude one.

So, the stability of the molecules in a crystal tends to create more stable and higher amplitude energy, thereby being more of an energy influencer.

Therefore, it can influence or ENTRAIN the energy around it.

Crystals resist the influences that challenge other materials like us.

Quantum Physics

Now, quantum physics has proven, where thought goes energy flows. Our conscious thoughts directly influence the actions of subatomic particles. In a roundabout way, this is proven by the famous Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ( —don’t make me get all “Breaking Bad” on you! 😉 ) and in a more direct way demonstrated in physics by the Observer Effect.

But what this principle basically demonstrates to us is that: Where thought goes energy flows.

Now keeping that in mind, the abilities to heal or change your perception of reality and vibrate at your desired frequency are already present! They’re present within the cells of your body just waiting to vibe up and be influenced by the most beneficial frequencies. “Vibe up with…” The technical term for that is to entrain.

You want something to influence you to get to that goal frequency, where you want to be. So simply by observing or thinking, we’re quite literally creating our own reality and perceptions with our thought patterns. Right?

SO TO RECAP: Now, due to that rigid precise structure, remember… the energy of a crystal is more of an influencer because of that stability. That stability gives it higher amplitude energy. We’ve established that. The crystals have this ability to influence the energies around them. Remember, when energy is more stable, it becomes more powerful; higher amplitude. It can influence/entrain the energy around it.

I want to be cautious though; I want to say crystals and stones, they’re powerful. They are tools and supports and —

they really work best if they’re not left to do all the work by themselves.  

What about the programming of a crystal?

Programming? Nope, I’m not into that. You can find out my take on that here. 

Rather than “program” a crystal, I find it’s best to couple their natural energy with powerful intention, to bring your energy in alignment with that of the crystal.

So, once you’re tuned in, you can set your intention and align it with your crystal. It’s more about programming yourself than it is about programming the crystal. By tuning in first, we’re getting into harmony with the energy of the crystal. Then, by clarifying our intentions, we’re making this, sometimes, what can be muddy work of communicating with Source Energy — clearer…

and you’re laser-focusing your energy to your purpose and your objective.

Doing that creates an even higher amplitude! We get to work WITH the crystals as allies… and then if you do that, sky’s the limit.

They can make the work, whatever you’re doing— if you’re doing manifestations, intentions, etc. so much easier. They act as a guide, energy influencer, an ally, a support that can greatly amplify, your intentions (if you have clear intentions.)

In the video, I mentioned the physics Principle of Entrainment. Here’s a good slide that explains it well. 

I love this quote, it’s from Arthur Schopenhauer. He was a German philosopher, and it’s so true of our work with crystals right now:

All truth passes through three stages.

First, it’s ridiculed.

Second, it’s violently opposed.

Third, it’s accepted as being self-evident.

I feel like we’re probably in the second stage, and this is true for anything that we’ve eventually accepted. The earth is not the center of the entire universe as we once all believed. All new understandings — they go through these three stages.

So, when people feel like their family is ridiculing them for their interest in crystals, it’s normal, Babe! 😉

OK, I’d love to hear what you thought of this mini-series in the comments below… ALSO: Does this sort of crystal info allow you to feel more empowered regarding your crystal passion and/or practice?

Crystal Blessings!!

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