Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps

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I get a lot of questions about Himalayan Salt Lamps:

What’s the big deal about these Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Do they really do what everybody says they do?


So the major thing that Himalayan Salt Lamps “do” is that they induce negative ions into your environment. (We’ll get to that in a moment).

I have one in my sacred crystal studio here. He’s super heavy & pretty darn big… he’s comes up to my knee.


I really like to have a salt lamp in just about every room of our home (2 in the bedroom; we have one on each of our nightstands on either side of our bed.)  My husband, Frankie and I really enjoy having them in our home due to how they restructure the energy of our environment. 🙂

Now, salt is a crystal; halite to be exact and it’s well-known for its cleansing, purifying properties. It is a very “soft” mineral (only a 2-2.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale) and is extremely water-soluble.  So don’t wet your lamp to clean it off… ever.

GEOGRAPHY FACTOID: Did you know that Himalayan Salt doesn’t actually even come from the Himalayas… but mined from a nearby salt mine: the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, ~ 300 miles west of the Himalayan Mountains?

Now, look at this salt mine gorgeousness!!!

salt mine

This was shot from inside the Khewra Salt Mine! Shikari7 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Science Geekery

Due to the nature of salt and its ability to draw moisture out of a substance, if you live in a high-humidity climate your salt lamp may “sweat” a bit.

Keeping your lamp frequently lit helps prevent the sweating due to the heat from the bulb or candle. I have all of mine on timers so they go on for about 6 hours each day.


They’re great to have in a sacred space or anywhere you want to pump up the number of negative ions in a space... and that is something you’ll WANT to do.

What is a negative ion?

Basic idea of an atom. Image author: Fastfission at en.wikipedia

The basic idea of an atom. Image author: Fastfission at en.wikipedia

SALT LAMP GEEK ALERT!!: A negative ion is an atom where the number of electrons whizzing around the outside is more than the number of protons in the nucleus, giving the atom or molecule a net negative electrical charge. Got it?

Most agree that the negative ions generated by a salt lamp happen via the photoelectric effect (the salt lamp emits electrons when struck by light).


Now, there are things in nature that are much better and more efficient at putting out negative ions than salt lamps; like mountains, waterfalls, beaches or forests. Ionic minerals such as Tourmaline also produce them!

Geeky factoid: Very old-growth forests have higher negative ion output than a newer forest or a man-made planted forest. They put out thousands and thousands of negative ions.

Those are the spaces you want to be in.

Then there are the times,  if you’re in an office or a home that always has its windows closed and no plants or doesn’t have much connection to the outdoors… when you have very little or no negative ions.  Like those offices that are considered “sick buildings”, where you can never open the windows. You can never get fresh air.  Where there are UV lights you know blinking away down at people all day long. YUCK!

Those areas usually have zero negative ions but an excess of positive ions.

So what’s the big deal about negative ions?

Who cares? Who wants more “negative” anything? Sounds like a bad thing because I’m saying “negative ions”, right?

Well, It’s not a bad thing at all. 😉

Negative ions are actually something that we need to help balance ourselves because we are bombarded with positive ions, especially from the electronics we’re surrounded by all day long.  Having more negative ions in your environment actually has beneficial biochemical effects for us.

Finding Balance with Salt Lamps

The goal is to have a balance of both negative + positive ions. Not an overabundance of positive ions… which is how many of us now live today.

We want to have those negative ions within our space because it helps increase certain hormones in our physical body that actually benefit us in lots of ways; like Serotonin. Serotonin alleviates depression if you’re levels are balanced.

It’s also been said that a healthy balance of negative ions can:

  • relieve stress
  • boost your energy
  • boost your immune system
  • balance the air quality in a space by reducing dust, pollen & bacteria

Obvious benefits right? Things that we’d like to have 🙂

What about EMF?

Some salt lamps use electricity to light their glow & some use candlelight. The bulbs used to light them from within are very low-wattage so I’m not concerned with the amount of EMF emitting from them and you can insulate the wires with an EMF blocking material if you’re concerned about being too close to them.

Now like I said before, Himalayan Salt Lamps do produce negative ions, but they are not like mega-producers. Nature is your BEST source! So, it’s most beneficial to use them in an environment where you are really cut off from nature. Where you just don’t have a better option and can’t get a lot of energy from outdoors.

And of course, use them wherever you just want the space to feel clearer, more fresh, closer to nature or to create a more serene sacred retreat space for yourself.  In fact, if you’re new to creating sacred space, or you’re looking for some inspiration and new ideas you can grab my Create Sacred Space with Crystals eKit right here.


In my space, I can open up lots of windows. I also have big sliding glass doors that I can open up and be one with the outdoors.

I love to have that energy coming in.  But the salt lamp helps to really boost it.

And the bigger the better!

If you’re in the market for one, you can grab them here. 

Topaz is a smart cookie, you know!

Topaz is a smart cookie, you know! Our animals always know.

Evidence! Evidence! Give Me Evidence!

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been tested by negative ion measuring devices by various labs. Although the test results vary, many results show that they do produce negative ions, but not much.

Yeah, but they produce something and I feel that something is so much better than nothing.

And many of us do feel the differences and that is better than any lab test for me because the lab tests are so very limited in WHAT they can measure.

Overall, I enjoy having the lamps in my space and encourage using them in your space along with waterfalls and other things like that, that can also help boost the negative ions in your environment. In my experience, they’re amazing crystals for neutralizing negative energy. So, go for it.

Do you use Himalayan Salt Lamps in your space or around your home? Do you feel the benefits? Let me know in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,



P.S. If you’re looking for more ways to help create sacred space for yourself, have you checked out my FREE Create Sacred Space with Crystals eKit? You can download it now!

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      1. I’d be interested in the differences you perceive. I feel the differences but it’s always interesting to hear how others feel and know things.

  1. Great video! I love my himalayan salt candle lamp. The glow is so wonderful. I love salt and I love pink, so it’s one of my faves. I keep my salt lamp in my kitchen 🙂

    I’ve heard that salt wards off spirits, so I keep it out of my sacred space for that reason. I have spirit-drawing crystals in my sacred space (celestite, angelite, etc.), and I don’t want to create confusion in one room. Obviously this one is hard to test! But it makes sense, since we use salt to cleanse crystals. Wondering what others have heard about this? Any ideas? Thank you!

  2. We have two lamps. One is in the living/family room, the only common room for us to gather and relax-it is always on (unless the bulb burns out) The second one is in my son’s room and it is never turned off either. He is severely physically and mentally handicapped and given to long tirades of negative gripping, last year I put a lamp in his room along with a plant, some nice crystals by his head: orange citrine, clear quarts and amethyst, and in a mojo bag by his feet he has more. I hang the back on the back of his wheelchair during the day. I just added stillbite that I picked up in Sedona. Dramatic turnaround! My entire house seemed to exhale.

  3. Thank you for always sharing your wonderful information! One of my students was asking me about using her salt lamp to cleanse the room energetically (in place of using sea salt in the room to absorb energy). I had never been asked that question and thought it was a good one! What is your professional opinion on that?

  4. I have two salt lamps in my house. One is in my kitchen as that is the main entrance coming into the house. One is in my bedroom. I use the one in the kitchen the most, mostly when I know the person coming over is negative I will turn it on before they even get their, and leave it on for at least an hour after they leave. My husband notices the difference when it is on and he will even turn it on if he feels to much negative energy in the room. Love the salt lamp.

  5. I also like this kind of lamps very much and some come also from Poland and looking exactly like those from Himalayas. I try to choose those with more orange – red-colour. I think they look nicer than lighter coloured lamps. I like having them around and like Hibiscus Moon I try to have them in each room, and sometimes more than one. Beside emitting negative ions, they look so beautiful and create a welcoming, warm atmosphere, almost like a fireplace.

  6. I love your Vibe! Learn so much each time, from the Tao of Hibiscus Moon. Have to get a salt lamp. (Smile) Namaskar, namaste+peace!!

  7. I have the lamps in almost every room in my house I turn them on in the morning when I get up and off when I am going to bed. There are two in the sitting room I seldom open the windows because they open to the street but my house is peaceful and serene and I attribute it to these lamps and my other crystals that lined the house. Now that I have just read your piece I am going to get more for the guest bedrooms.

  8. I love this article. I will forward it to all my buddies that ask me about the salt lamp on my desk and the ones all over my house. I love them and the soft light gives such a lovely glow!

  9. I have 2 rock salt lamps and LOVE them so much!! I noticed a difference in less than an hour after first plugging them in. I have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. I plan to get more though. 🙂 I have a lot of lung issues, so this was a no-brainer for me when I first learned of them. I never turn my off either.They can’t work if they’re not on! I’ve been recommending them since I experienced what they can do.

  10. I have a natural shaped salt lamp that I use but I also have a salt lamp shaped into a sphere. I placed it in a bowl and surrounded it with translucent crystal spheres (with opaque ones at the bottom to hide the lamp base) so by day it looks like a bowl of spheres, but at night, when lit, all the crystals glow warmly and it feels sooo good.

  11. We have one in my sons room that he uses as a night light, we have one in our living room that never gets shut off, we have one in our bedroom, dining room and meditation room. We even have salt votive holders through out the house.
    We love them!

  12. We have one in the family room where my husband and I spend our evenings. I’ve noticed since I placed it there that we seem to have more pleasant conversations.

  13. Two questions: 1) Does the lamp need to be on to create the negative ions? and 2) Would it work the same if I put a thin salt block in front of an IKEA solar gooseneck lamp? I was thinking of ways to save on electricity and still get the benefits.

  14. I’m wondering if these lamps can attract spirit. Since I’ve had mine the activity in my home is a bit more than usual. It’s not negative activity at all ( I don’t allow negative spirits here) but it’s definitely more. It’s a pyramid shape and it seems to be flaking apart. Anyways, just curious if that’s been known to happen to anyone else:)

    1. I’ve heard the salt lamps will absorb negative energy/entities and this will make the lamp heavy to pick up. If the lamp feels heavy and the look of it has more cloudy white on it you need to cleanse it with sage or palo santo works extremely well. Say a prayer for the lamp releasing the burden of carrying the negative energies and expel them away and you will find the lamp returns to its orange look again and is much lighter to pick up. Its quite important with these lamps since if you ignore this the lamp will no longer have positive effects but instead emit negative energy.

    2. I have had 2 dear friends that have passed in the past year. My salt lamp started fluttering like crazy right at the time that i heard their spirit trying to relay a message to me. It has only happen these two times. The second time it happen I took video of it. As i connected more with the spirit of my friend and told him how much I loved him the flickering became more intense. Everyone i have shown the video to is in aww because of how the flickering happens as I am talking to my friend. I have been searching the internet like crazy to see if anyone has experienced this. Your comment is as close as I have come with any spiritual presences and salt lamps.

  15. A buddy at work gave me a tiny pyramid salt lamp 4″ tall that plugs into one of the ports on my CPU. Don’t know where he got it but I bet you could check the internet. So every time I turn on my computer it lights. I feel calmer with it. Of course, I do keep lots of ivy around my desk here at work besides some crystals. We have a salt lamp at home and I have it set on a timer to come on in the evenings in our living room…besides the benefits of negative ions it has such a lovely soft orange glow that I feels it gives a softness to the room and helps the ups and downs in our life.

  16. I have one in every room and another benefit I have noticed is they are deodorizing. I had an 11 inch one in my teenage son’s room during his sports years with all of his sweaty gear and such and his room did not smell like a typical teen boy’s room!! I did indeed check this with some other homes of his friends so I could make this statement. 🙂 Their Moms then went shopping for the lamps. 🙂
    So when we started getting the big chunks of it in to sell at the shop I work at (most folks use them for a nice bath salt) I bought big chunks to place inside shoes! The salt kills the odor! I also put some in the fridge instead of boxes of soda and under car seats to eliminate odors.
    I saw a program on the Food Network (I think that’s the one) where they went to an upscale steakhouse that lined the meat locker with blocks of Himalayan salt because it prevents the growth of bacteria and they can age the beef longer as a result. They even served one style of steak ON a brick of salt!
    Anyway, I think they are the best and love them!!
    Thanks for another great video!!!

  17. I have three Himalayan salt lamps and leave them on all of the time. I’ve had them for about 5-6 years now. I immediately noticed a difference in my breathing and sinuses. They also make great night lights. 🙂 Namaste everyone. Love you Hibiscus Moon!!

  18. Yes! I love using salt lamps. We have at least one in every room. Up to 3 in our home office spaces. They really make a difference in the air quality and freshness, almost like a breath of fresh air in the spring. We keep them on all the time, except in the bedroom when we sleep. Thank you for your article. Refreshing, as always!

  19. Salt lamps are brilliant in the space also if someone is sick. When my partner was dying from skin cancer, the smell was horrendous. On his last night, our friend brought in a huge salt lamp and the smell went.

  20. I have one on my nightstand, but I find that it puts off too much light and I wake up every time I roll over and face it, so I’m thinking of getting a smaller one, especially since I’d like to get a 2nd one for my husband’s side. I think I will then put this one on my entertainment center to counter the EMF radiation from the TV, DVR player, satellite box, etc.

  21. I have had one for 5-6 years and it melts flakes of salt, and highly corrodes things. I had it near a house plant and that plant always looked burnt,, then I moved it and it is doing much better. I think they might be stronger than they look, not harmful, but somethings perhaps are more sensitive,,
    I could send you pics of the stand that I keep it on,,

    1. So glad I saw your comment, I couldn’t figure out why all the sudden my plants were dying. I think its my salt lamps. I need to move them.

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  22. Are the lamps ok to use with the windows open or does that kind of defeat the purpose of the lamp? We have one in our bedroom but generally like to sleep with a window open.

  23. I have two Salt lamps in my home which I have found has helped my husband a lot with his depression from Dementia. I also have crystals all over the house. You say you have two salt lamps in your bedroom. Do you turn them off to go to sleep. My husband does not like light in the room when he is in bed. I have had posts from friends who say that the electricals are dangerous the way they are made. I do not agree but what do you think.

  24. Do the salt lamp and air cleaning house plants work well together? I have 40 or so air cleaning house plants and am considering purchasing 2 Salt lamps.

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    1. I did a lot of research and found out there are a lot of fakes around. Found a great company called Saltopia. (SaltopiaSalts.com). It comes with a certificate of authenticity from Customs and Border Protection. Just got mine yesterday and I’m thrilled.


  27. I live in Sydney australia and my lamp seems to create alot of water. infact a small puddle. I am worried about leaving it on incase it causes a fire. Is this normal.
    Our climate is quite humid but not tropical.

  28. I am a massage therapist, and I currently have 4 salt lamps in my space. I am planning on adding atleast 2 more (larger ones) due to the Negative ionization that it causes. I have clients that come in and are very stressed; and as I work on them, I know my lamps are working as well. They leave mt space afer a session feeling relaxed and refreshed. I also use Himalayan salt hot stones for massage.

  29. I love my salt lamp!!! I am currently coming down with a cold (being a student teacher, it comes with the territory) but after reading this article I did some reflecting on my mentor teacher’s classroom: no natural light, no plants, nothing that connects us and the students to nature! I have always been a firm believer in a salt lamp in every room but that will now include my future classroom 🙂

  30. I love my salt lamp! I used to get a weird “catch” in my throat in the middle of the night and start coughing to the point were I had to get up and drink water to just get it to stop. Then I would struggle to get back to sleep! I bought my lamp for my birthday over the summer and immediately put in my room. I leave it on all night. I thought the light would bother me…but it’s soft enough that I don’t notice it. But ever since…the “catch” has gone away! Was it the lamp? I don’t know for sure…all I know is that I sleep a lot better now. Thanks for your wonderful article and research into it…I love the geeky, science part of all your articles. Because people might mock the crystals…but they rarely mock the science!

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  32. I have given many selenite wands to people and I keep hearing that they have helped many people with different problems. They go back to the days of the archangels (thousands of years) and I have used them for healing and protection. Some call them “jesus’ wand” and I firmly believe that the Lord works through them. Love you and have learned alot from you my dear!

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  33. I’m also a big fan of himalayan rock salt lamps and have them in every room in my house. They have helped me with some minor health problems like sinusitis and cluster headaches i had.Their glow is also very relaxing and soothing for body and mind.

    Respect. June

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  34. Hi, I would like to know about rock himalayan salt lamps because i dont want to fake. i need to know which is better for this.. i am able to order but where? please help me. thank you.

    1. I did a lot of research and found out there are a lot of fakes around. Found a great company called Saltopia. (SaltopiaSalts.com). It comes with a certificate of authenticity from Customs and Border Protection. Just got mine yesterday and I’m thrilled.

  35. I’m new to learning about this. There are sites that say an Amethyst Lamp is better than a salt lamp. Can you give a quick reason or if it’s true or the same? Thanks

  36. Hi, I set up one in a large glass bowl and draped some silk ivy around for nice affect. the v shaped bowl sits in this table that is a type of stand that is metal – I really love it. My question is about smaller stones added to the bowl for affect and what you think of better types or mixes of those rocks. I have all sorts of crystals and rocks I’ve collected over the years in there. thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

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  38. I have had my salt lamps for almost 10 years, and I absolutely love them. I have 4 lamps-one in each bedroom and one in the living room. They stay on all the time and I can feel a huge difference in the air quality of the room since having them. Plus, the shape and color of each is so beautiful and unique. I am such a believer in salt lamps that I have purchased and given many as gifts to family and friends over the years. Thank you Hibiscus Moon for your detailed information on this topic. Namaste!

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  40. I do have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in my bedroom and I really can feel its benefits. I feel recharged when I wake up in the morning, and I my parents noticed a different aura in my bedroom in fact most members of my family like to spend time in my sacred space now more than any other room in the house.


    I want to share a photo of my sacred space but do not know how to add pictures here. 🙂

  41. I have two lamps. One I keep in my living room (it’s a bowl with stahl rocks in it) the other is a large natural cut stone I keep on my desk at work. Right next to my computer. It helps counteract the electronics as well as co-worker drama.

  42. I just received my first salt lamp about 2 weeks ago. I have this one in my kitchen. So far I Love it and plan to get a couple more. I do feel a calming energy around in the kitchen. Love that is naturally cleaning the air with the negative ions hence cleaner air into my lungs. Next will be one for my bedroom and then one for the living room. Thinking about buying one for someone I know with alot of Tamasic energy. Wondering if that may help rid some of that from their home & them. What are your thoughts on that?

  43. Great information, I never knew this stuff and am grateful to have learnt it.
    I have one salt lamp in our home but so should have more.

    thanks again
    sparkly blessings

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    1. You’d know it was fake if:

      1. The lamp is white. Himalayan salt lamps are pinkish to orange in hue.
      2. The country of origin is something other than Pakistan.
      3. The lamp does not sweat. When exposed to humid conditions, your salt lamp will sweat all over, and you’ll have water puddles on the surface of whatever it’s sitting on.

  45. I purchased a lamp a few months ago. I noticed a change in the air almost immediately. But now the salt rocks have turned white. Are they still working or should they be replaced? I have it in my bathroom. I’m going to purchase another for our bedroom.

  46. Awesome – I love the pic of your cat next to you Himalayan salt lamp. I’ve got two kittens and they do exactly the same thing with ours! They also love to sit in front of my sun lamp to clean themselves. Smart cats. 🙂

  47. Good morning and Happy New Year!
    I myself have 3 salt lamps right now. Just moved and placed one in my room and another in my son’s room! I have another one in the living room! Can I place it on the windowsill? Or it needs to be in a corner? Please help

  48. I have a Natual Authentic Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp and it came with a smal bag of Crystal and was wondering if they go anywhere in my lamp. It’s a dolphin shape lamp. The light has a big hole in it so I didn’t know if they go there or not. Please let me know

  49. Do you have any recommendations for crystals that resurrect the dead? I need one after your lack of scientific knowledge killed me. Thanks.

  50. I have a very large salt lamp, the larges that I could find to help with sinus issues.
    I just found out that I am ultra sensitive to sodium in my diet which was causing vertigo and ET dysfunction.
    Do you think the salt lamp on my desk being so close to me could have been increasing my salt intake somehow from the air around it?
    I know it sounds crazy but I would really like to find out.

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  53. In any case, the most recent technique in the present commercial centre for propping up decency of one’s family and the is the utilisation of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

  54. Do you know if salt lamps can help plants grow? I have a little plant in my room but it needs a grow lamp, it’s not getting enough sun. I was wondering if a salt lamp could serve that purpose as well?

  55. I have a salt lamp in my home office. I love it. I have no idea if it’s doing much, but I like the glow. I gave my husband one as a gift. He has allergies and heard that they are good to keep in the bedroom for people with allergies. He refuses to use the light in it, he took out the bulb and just has it sitting there. He says it will work regardless if it’s lit up or not. Any thoughts on this?

  56. I have a large himalayan salt rock that I bought in a gourmet store. IT’s meant to use with meals, and shaving the salt onto food. I wonder if putting the large salt rock in my office will help increase negative ions. There’s no lamp or bulb. Just the rock.

  57. Are these bad for rusting out electronics? I live by the beach and everything rusts easily and fast. Was curious if these salt lamps have a similar effect?

  58. Just want to say that I am so thankful for this thread! It really helped me decide how many salt lamps I should get for my apartment!! I have been sensing some negative energy recently but I hope they will solve my problem! Thanks again 🙂 Peace & luv

  59. Bought my Himalayan salt lamp and plugged it in. Couldn’t wait to feel the benefits everyone was talking about. I had three of the worst nightmares. I usually don’t even have nightmares. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if I just got a bad lamp??

    1. I have a question. My crystal Himalayan lamp is in a glass cabinet in our practice. Does that interfere with the positive functions of the lamp?? Since we are dealing with ions.

  60. I have just a couple of chunks. Will they serve any positive/productive purpose setting them on the nightstand in my room?

  61. Hey, great video. Thumbs up!
    I have two of these salt lamps at my home, they not only look incredibly beautiful but also have amazing health benefits. I used to suffer from irregular sleeping patterns but after using them for 4 months, I can say they work!! I got them from Saltean and I’m totally satisfied with my investment on them.

    Best Regards!

  62. Hi, I would really like to get one of these lamps but I have heard they leave a rim of liquid around them that comes off the lamp that you have to clean up. Anyone else experienced or heard of this? Will it stain my desk? Thank you so much! Xx Lilly 💛

    1. I keep mine in the ceramic dishes – the kind that one would use for under the plant pot – works perfectly if you match the size of the lamp bottom to the size of the dish. When you keep the lamp on all the time it is not going to “sweat” – but if it is really humid and the lamp is off for a prolonged period of time – yes – it will “sweat”. My opinion is that the design should be where the electrical parts and the bulb are all on the TOP – not the bottom of the lamp. I realize it would not be so pretty – but it would avoid the moisture getting into electricals ( never a good idea ) and the socket going bad and needing to be cleaned frequently. I even considered turning mine upside down – as soon as I can come up with some idea for a proper way to securely keep it in that position. Love the lamps otherwise – have one in each room.

  63. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I also have Himalayan salt lamps in my house. These lamps are just more than awesome. They are not only beautiful but also have healthy and healing benefits for human mind and body as you have mentioned above. They eliminate all the dust particles and smoke from the air and make it pure and fresh. They help me in relieving stress and depression and improve the sleep cycle. I just cannot imagine my home without these amazing lamps.

  64. Hello, I know someone that has Himalayan Salt Lamps and she has them inside a wood case 🤷‍♀️.. with just the front open.. is this ok? Or Does she needs to take them out of the case for her to get the full benefits of the lamp?

  65. We bought a salt lamp for my daughter’s room. She has only had it for two days, but is complaining that she is dizzy and light headed. Would the lamp be causing this? I do not see any other posts regarding being dizzy when using the lamps. We had to take it out of her room. What do you think?

    1. I had the same exact experience today after using a newly purchased salt lamp for only about 4 hours. I felt weird, off balance and thought maybe I was getting sick. Checked my temperature and it was 97 degrees, definitely not normal for me. I got out of the room where the salt lamp was, and after about 15 minutes felt completely normal again. Came back into the office to start working tonight (where the salt lamp is) and within 30 minutes started feeling weird again. I guess some of us just don’t react well with the negative ions?

  66. I love this article. I will forward it to all my buddies that ask me about the salt lamp on my desk and the ones all over my house. I love them and the soft light gives such a beautiful glow!

    Thanks for sharing.

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