How & Why Crystals have Healing Properties

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Ah, THIS is the question I’m asked to defend over & over. And I love doing it! So let’s talk some crystal energy science, shall we?

“Why or how do crystals help heal us either physically, emotionally or spiritually?”


My fav way to answer this question is to show how science & metaphysics agree with each other. YES, you read that right…I said “agree with each other”…as well as discuss all the ways that science is now finally catching up to metaphysics.

“Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is simply too young to understand.”

~(quote from Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons).

Oh yeah, us humans…we think we’re so superior. We tend to think that we have power or dominion over “lesser” kingdoms, such as minerals. Don’t we? However, when we  compare the 2; humans are relatively short-lived & quite vibrationally unsteady, therefore easily energetically influenced due to our emotions, which are simply energy, you know.

I get much deeper into this in my course, but we can do a pretty good summary here. See, our body has a dominant (or average) vibrational frequency which is not very stable…in fact, it’s quite easily influenced. That frequency can get out of whack when we experience any type of stress. Actually, since we are connected & influenced by everything, including crystals & stones, our unstable vibrational nature makes it so that anything can interact with our energy field & can leave its mark!

Well, I’ve got GREAT NEWS for you:

The abilities to heal or change your perception of reality & vibrate at your desired frequencies are already present within the cells of your body just waiting to vibe up with the correct frequencies!

I promise not to bore you with too much physics! But a teeny little bit will really help you to understand the reasons why the crystals and stones work. (I couldn’t help but to sneak a bit of that in here. Forgive me?) There’s another reason why I want to push a bit of physics in here; it has been noted that knowing “why” something works really boosts the effectiveness of a process’ abilities. And we like that!

You’ve heard this before:

crystal energy science

Where thought goes, energy flows. Quantum physics has proven this. Our conscious thoughts directly influence the actions of subatomic particles. In fact this is the whole premise of physics’ famous Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (yes, this existed before Breaking Bad & Walter White…let’s not go there or you’ll wake up my dormant yet WILD addiction to that series). So the seemingly harmless act of OBSERVING or THINKING about the subatomic experiments influences the velocity & outcome of the particles! Yeah! I know!

So, see where I’m going here?

Simply by observing or thinking we are quite literally creating our own reality & perceptions with our thought patterns. (Hang on…I’ll get to the crystal again in a sec!)emc2 It’s important to realize that our entire physical universe is made up of pure energy & vibration. In fact, Einstein determined that energy & matter are actually 1 in the same. E=mc2, Baby! Translated into reg. human speak this means that energy equals matter (multiplied by the speed of light…don’t get too hung up on that part…that’s a little mathematical trick).

So crystals are matter which equals energy. And crystals have vibrations just like everything else does.  See…here are the crystals. 😉

Different forms of matter & energy vibrate at different vibrational frequencies. These different frequencies depend on different things like the crystal’s specific molecular composition, size, thickness & color (light frequencies).

What actually makes a crystal A CRYSTAL is that its molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating geometric pattern. Since they are so geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of disorganization & easily maintain their base frequency, unlike us. So they have the unique ability to entrain the energies around them.

Now, let me say it again here (I’m always saying this but I feel like I cannot say it enough);  crystals & stones are tools & supports & work best if they’re not left to do all the work all by themselves. The person needing the support needs to put their intentions towards their goal. Where thought goes, energy flows. Or as the Buddhist message says, “Reality exists only where we create focus.”

crystal energy science

Stones & crystals can make this work so much easier.  They act as the guides, tools that support & amplify your clear intentions. Of course, if you cannot resonate with this information & think this will not work for you then that is, most likely, exactly what you will manifest. (I have seen some exceptions!)

Just remember, Lima Bean…your intention & your intuition are the most powerful factors of whether crystals & stones will work for you!

Your Turn: Help me to encourage others to look to alternative healing & lifestyle methods! Throwing some science at them usually makes the most stubborn sit up & listen. Please share this blog post about to spread the word & then share your story in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings, Sparkle Face!


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  3. I am a reiki practitioner. I am an intuitive consultant and make crystal jewelry ti help heal people in need. The amethyst for healing/ rose quartz for self- unconditional love/ amber for depression. and so on. I could always learn more.

  4. I’ve been told. … & feel this healibg energy in me. … after yrs of “issues” I’ve been blessed to see my purpose now know why “issues” are gifts ….. I’m Muscalero Apachie, ….. my heritage/ Ancestor where known as “Peacekeepers” ……. & Shaman Practitioner is my calling!!!! & this seems to tie into the same purpose!!! Love the info thank you so much!!!!

  5. I want to add my testimony about my 12-13 year experience with crystals. I took some self awareness training. Then, on my own, and through a powerful visualization, I was lead to crystals. I started getting a few, then making Crystal jewelry. Then years of just doing that I was lead to herbal supplements that have replaced many of the meds I was on…the ones with the higher risk and worst side effects. Then it dawned on me that nutrition was about more than counting calories. I began to crave better nutrition. I am not perfect but I make sure I put in nutritious food and would do more if I had it available. Pesticide coated produce isn’t nutritious. Then I even noticed GMO’s made me sick. My body had begun to detoxify from the herbs and nutritious food I ate. Then I became interested in essential oils. Now I use them daily. In several ways but diffuse them almost 24/7. They support each other…like our Creators meant for them to. It is one of my life’s missions, I know it and can’t deny it…to bring awareness to their purpose and benefit!!! I continue to collect Crystals and make jewelry with them…mainly just beading. Tucson is on my bucket list. I just did my first Crystal grid for Healing so my health will allow me to make that trek from Missouri. I also keep an Amethyst tumbled stone in my drinking water. I am learning about all the natural healing modalities…and using several.?

  6. I just wanted to add, Crystals raised my vibration so that I would desire herbs, nutrition, essential oils, energy healing…all things of higher vibrations. I had an awareness to Natural alternatives to healing.

  7. Thank you Hibiscus Moon! I love all your great info with the science behind it. You have done so much for healing with crystals and stones by being able to connect the metaphysics with the science and physics. I just adore you. Rock on!

  8. Been following you for a bit now and appreciate your scientific approach to crystalology. I have a question I’d like your opinion on.
    The white sand from White Sands, NM is gypsum, selenite more specificly. Would it have the same clearing and cleaning properties as solid forms of selenite? And after these 69 years since the atomic testing there, would there still be radiation from the bomb and what would the effect of it be on the white sand (selenite) in the present day?
    Thank you for your input on this.

  9. Hi there! I am enjoying your site, because you bring in science to an area that really needs that balancing out of information. Can I ask you something? Please don’t feel you need to apologise for it or coax your readers into accepting it! It is wonderful that you have the knowledge to share, from both worlds! We need more of this. So, keep on geeking out, without apology! ☺️

  10. I’m so eager to watch your youtube videos and have signed up for your free book and video – but I see that your Spring session is closed. How can I watch your youtube videos in the meantime? I’m getting so frustrated as I’m not allowed to view…

  11. Very interesting read, and I do agree Intention is a huge factor. I know crystals had frequencies, i just wondered why specific stones were said to have specific properties… Very interesting science though!

  12. Thank you for pointing out that in order for the crystals to work to their full potential the person needs to put their intentions towards their goals. Crystal healing seems like something that could benefit so many. Hopefully, people look into getting the best crystals and jewelry possible.

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