How to Get What You Want with a Crystal Grid

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One of my most popular past blog posts is How to Make a Crystal Grid. People tell me they refer to it again & again.

This all started when I started doing crystal grid videos showing everyone how I did them & how well they were working for me. I mean you could see it all unfolding as everything I gridded for happened & played out. I documented for all to see.

Because of that I’ve been asked to:

  • show my process in more detail (blog, vlog, etc.)
  • then teach a class on it
  • then write a book about it
  • then I built my entire Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy around it!

So to say I have MUCH RESPECT for crystal grids & what we can do with them is an understatement! But there’s another important ingredient to add to the mix; CLEAR INTENTION. I speak about this all the time but I felt the need to really emphasize that here in a blog post b/c peeps are still asking me “How do I get what I want?”

Tesla Can Help You GET What You Want

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

  ~Nikola Tesla

fluorite tesla freq

That Tesla-Guy…he was totally tapped in! He really understood what’s going on here. And he understood that your thoughts are frequency. So the “WANT” frequency is not what you should transmit if you actually expect to get that thing. You want to transmit that you KNOW it’s already happening. The energy, frequency & vibration all have to synch up & match…then you’ll manifest your desires.

My clear understanding & faith of how this works is 100% the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing now…living my DREAM! And I am so grateful for being gifted with this knowledge.

People ask me about the crystal grid blog posts & videos all the time because I was very authentic & transparent with what I was doing & you saw the results…PROOF! Isn’t that what everyone wants?

When I was happily still a science teacher, my sacred crystal biz started to balloon (yes, intention & crystal grids involved there). It just started getting bigger & bigger & bigger. There was no way I could do both equally well. I had to make a choice. I did both jobs for 3 years & then I realized something had to give. I needed to make a decision; 1 or the other. I loved doing both so the decision wasn’t easy.

See, at first I was really torn. I was very happy teaching.  I loved my job… teaching science? Ha! That’s my absolute bliss & joy. I love the teenagers I worked with. A lot of people would go, “Oh my gosh that age group. How can you work with them?” I love them! I love their energy & just everything about them.

I got to go to work & have fun everyday. (BTW, nothing has changed.)

So I always loved my job & I was torn. I did a crystal grid to help me clearly see my path & I was totally transparent about it all…again blogging, vlogging, etc….showing you along the way.

My grid allowed me to clearly contemplate & then decide what I needed to do.  Obviously, that was the sacred crystal biz. Once I made that decision, that’s it. All bets were off.

I said,

“Okay, gloves are off. Time to get serious now, crystal grid time, let’s go!”

What? Another one?! Yep, another grid to really set a good foundation. And, of course…it worked.

It’s all about Intention

Any crystal grid that I’ve ever done, I always do it with maximum intention. A lot of times people leave me comments & say,

“Yeah you posted something on citrine and it’s going to make me feel better. I got 1 & it didn’t work.”

Hold up. It’s not just grab a citrine. It’s a holistic & multi-layered approach:

  • Energy
  • Frequency
  • Vibration

Your intention is all wrapped up in that. How much effort did you put into it as well? If you’re going to be battling it or sitting there being the maximum skeptic the whole time, it probably isn’t going to work. Because your mindset & the vibrational frequency aren’t in alignment. So forget it.

Now, some people don’t need crystals to do any of this. But if you prefer to use crystals as tools & supports that help further along your desire, then crystals can help with that…& again it’s another vibrational frequency that you’re layering on together to amplify the whole effect.

Some people like to do vision boards. Crystal grids, for me, act as a vision board. It’s a vision board of a different type. It’s my vision expressed in sacred geometry with the crystals. It’s just a different way of getting your message through the telephone wire to source energy. You’re putting it out there to the Universe that this is not “what you want”…this is what you’re going to do!

You’ve got to direct it. Get clear on your intent. “This is exactly how I’m laying it out. This is the plan, Stan!”

That’s a big part of it. When I set out to do these crystal grids my intention is ON. I never say a wishy-washy, “I would love, I wish, I hope, I’m gonna try.” 

I’m a big Star Wars fan. You know, I tell this to people all the time.

Yoda says, “No! Try not! Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.” You need to get that word out of your vocabulary.

Are you doing this thing or are you not doing it? Your thought process here is EVERYTHING.

get what you want

Below is my new FOCUS crystal grid…spurred on by my Advanced Crystal Master Students (they’ve been gridding up a storm)!!  I created this grid to help enhance my business focus as I go into contemplation time about what goals to work on next.

Focus Grid Components

  • That’s Big Baby (my large clear crystal quartz point in the center)
  • sitting on top of a Flower of Life ceramic coaster
  • surrounded by small clear quartz laser points for amplification
  • green aventurine tumblies
  • rainbow fluorite octahedrons
  • plus my large sea-foam green fluorite front & center
  • I also included a heartfelt handwritten affirmation under the center stone
  • all arranged on my Flower of Life crystal grid cloth (for those that ask it’s sold on Zazzle here).

Of course…this grid is already ROCKIN’ the CASBAH!!


Crystal grids amplify everything for me. I mean big time. Anytime I do a crystal grid (I don’t post all of them because some of them are quite personal)…but every single one of them have worked.

And the ones I’ve blogged post about (in my blog, newsletter, Facebook & on YouTube)–  you have seen what’s transpired from them – there it is. Truth is in the pudding.

And the value of a crystal grid goes far beyond the material wants & desires. You can quite literally change your life!

So, Chick Pea! Have you done a crystal grid that rocked it? I would love for you to share your experience in the comments below. 🙂

Rock on, Crystal Hottie!



P.S. If you’d like more direction with working with Crystal Grids, you may like to check out my book, Crystal Grids; How and Why They Work. shop_CrystalGridsBook

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  1. I noticed in your abundance grid you used candles. What is the purpose for incorporating candles with my grid? What are the steps: do they need to be annointed with oil, how do they burn, etc.

  2. Hello, My name is Cassandra and I have recently started down the path of spiritual enlightenment .. Im getting stronger and stronger everyday, sometimes I amaze my self at just how powerful I am .. I write in a gratitude journal everyday where I also paste in clippings of things I desire, quotes that fit my journal entry for that day and so on and so forth. I know that in my life I am abundant in health, wealth, happiness and love .. I would love to try doing an abundance crystal grid .. do you have any suggestions on how I would get started with this or which gemstones and crystals I would use for something like this.. I really hope to hear from you 🙂

  3. I made a crystal grid for a new job as I was laid off and a place to practice reiki and crystal healing. I am a certified crystal healer from your course ☺ all have come to pass in less than three months. I have a new job making more money starting soon, I was laid off in March and my new job starts in June. Three places have said I can practice reiki and crystal healing out of their venue. I was extremely specific and added reiki to the grid as well. I am simply amazed and the personal power we all have and crystals can and do support this.

  4. Hello I have recently purchased your Crystal Grid Template package. I wanted to ask you if I need to have different wands for different grids or can I use one wand to charge multiple grids?
    Also where should the wand be placed after the grid is charged.

    I live in Pakistan and don’t have access to all varieties of crystals.

  5. Hi everyone, I made a crystal grid about 2 months ago, I used a lot of what I could find online on crystal grids and on YouTube. I also read a few pages about it in this book called crystal magic! I was able to find 3 different crystal types for my abundance grid and my focus stone. The grid i created is so powerful, I receive all money due to me on time, before my checks would get lost in mail, now I get all my checks early or on time. I got a new job that pays a lot more then my Job before. I am grateful

  6. Hi Ms Crystal Hottie,
    I’m very into crystals and their uses and I’d love to make a grid for abundance/wealth. I’m so tired of struggling. I don’t have near the amount of crystals I would need compared to what you use, are so many crystals needed that are the same. Like 10 amiss or 5 citrines?

  7. Crystal Hottie??? Chick Pea?? What a dumb stupid bit tch you really are!!! Close your Fing GAPING horse’s mouth you stupid h0, you’re letting the flies in!

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