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I’ve been wondering whether I should share this or not. Obviously, I decided to SHARE IT.

Here I am. Ready to share.

Here I am. Ready to share.

Over the years – through many years of blogging now – I’ve realized that when I wonder if I should share something, that’s really the Universe telling me that there is something that really needs to be said & its going to resonate really well with my tribe.

So, I should just share it. I’ve learned: when it feels scary, just do it because it always resonates & ends up being a really popular blog post b/c so many others are feeling the same or will totally get it. It always polarizes some people too, and that’s OK because I realize every time I do that, I make my tribe more pure. It becomes more a tribe that really resonates with ME. Those that don’t vibe with what I’m saying naturally drop off & leave. That’s OK that we disagree. It just means that they shouldn’t be following me & should be following someone else or beating their own drum. 😉

Yeah, I’m always saying I’m on a mission to bust out of the usual Holistic practitioner/Light Worker mindset of giving everything away & not giving value to what you do & being soft, meek & bad at business. But even I still get sucked in to some of that brainwashing within our community that is going on. And I don’t like it! Our community has been fed TOTAL BULLSCHIST that we arent’ worthy of making good money, of being good at business, of being good marketers & that we shouldn’t expect people to value our time. *gasp!* Imagine that! Yes, I call TOTAL BULLSCHIST ON THAT CRAP!!

Where does this mentality come from that you can’t be a good spiritual person & biz-savvy at the same time? But, as much as I buck it, it is still nipping at my heels. I’m admitting that to you now. It’s why I’ve held back little parts who I am & what I’m good at from you. But no longer will.

So here’s where my head is at today:

Sometimes, I feel like I’m letting people down or not meeting their expectations as far as being a crystal teacher/expert. I do realize I’m a leader in the crystal industry, that I have a lot of followers – leader in that sense. I have a lot of online followers. I have a best-selling book on Amazon on crystal grids. But I feel like sometimes when I:

  • speak about crystals
  • teach about crystals
  • talk about crystals
  • take pictures about crystals
  • blog about crystals
  • do videos about crystals

…I feel like sometimes I’m not meeting people’s expectations of what a crystal “guru” should be like.

For instance, I feel like people think I should be like Doreen Virtue. I look up to Doreen Virtue so very much. I love her. She is like the Stevie Nicks of Fairies to me, and I love all that stuff.

As much as I love Stevie Nicks & Doreen Virtue, I’m not naturally like them. I’ve never really tried to be like them, look like them, act like them, or anything like that. BUT…as a kid I thought looking/dressing like Kira of the film Xanadu was the ULTIMATE & I created a Dungeons & Dragons character (back when you used to play with books & dice) that I drew to look just like her!


I also don’t speak with that real soft airy-fairy tone that my favorite therapist does all the time. (It naturally relaxes me.) Sometimes, I think peeps expect that of a crystal teacher too. Even I sometimes have that expectation!

SIDE NOTE: I do speak that way during meditation recordings, because it helps me get into a meditative state, and I know it helps many of you get into a meditative state. That’s where I am energetically when I’m doing meditation.


But I’m not like that naturally. Not at all! I get really passionate. I get really excited. I hoot & holler, and I call people funky names – like Jelly Beans and Chickpeas and all kind of things like that – that might be quite be annoying to some people.

I don’t dress in flowy saris & shawls, as much as I love that or run around in leg warmers…


But, I do take advantage of having a great excuse to wear leg warmers when I go to barre class *chuckles*.

I also don’t have guides that speak to me. I don’t know what that’s like. Whatever info I get or download…it came from me (I think). My friend Michelle, a crystal guru extraordinaire in her own right,…she gets messages from guides all the time. I’m so jelly! She does crystal healings, channels messages, downloads gem elixir recipes…the whole she-bang! It’s so flippin’ inspiring. She’s amazing!! But I don’t do that.

As much as I would love to naturally organically exude all that  – I don’t.

I’ve never been one to force myself to do something that I’m not. I just am me.

So, sometimes I just wonder if I’m not living up to what people expect of me. Then that sometimes makes me wonder– and here I’m totally being vulnerable here, and letting you know what my feelings are & really what goes through my mind…If people download my stuff, sign up for my newsletter, read my blog, see this girl/lady sitting here:

  • in her geeky science shirts– I get really into science (so into science)
  • really passionate about physics
  • really passionate about Star Wars *snicker*
  • really passionate about scientific stuff as it relates to the metaphysical realm
  • really passionate about people who get really passionate about that kind of stuff, like Nassim Haramein, Jason Silva, Russel Brand

…I get really, really into that stuff. And I speak in very scientific terms sometimes w/o realizing it…what do those people make of me??? I know I shouldn’t care…and most of the time I don’t, but these thoughts do come up.

I don’t speak softly, filming myself in ethereal soft light, doing these really elaborate gorgeous body layouts of crystals on people, or these really elaborate, complicated, gorgeous, sacred, geometric crystal grids. AS MUCH AS I FREAKIN’ LOVE ALL THAT STUFF!!!!

Like this one…

A room-sized crystal grid done by http://www.therockstore.ca/ Now they ROCKED THAT!!

A room-sized crystal grid done by http://www.therockstore.ca/ Now they ROCKED THAT SCHIST!!

As much as I consider myself a crystal grid expert, I don’t do that. I’ve always said I’m very practical & I lean towards simplicity & working the crystals into my everyday life easily. I know that sort of thing naturally exudes out of some people. But not me.

So I wonder if people go,

Well, she’s  not the real deal because she doesn’t do that. She’s not really airy fairy. She’s not really naturally, flowy sari-sportin’, shawl-wearing, elaborate-complicated-crystal-grid-building, guides whispering in her ear, softly spoken crystal guru lady. So, she’s not the real thing.”

Why don’t I do these things? B/c it just ain’t me. 

Here’s the other thing too.

I am really naturally good at understanding online biz & marketing, which is great for my sacred crystal biz. And that really throws people when I start going on & on  about that stuffs. THROWS THEM FOR A LOOP!

I’ve had people totally turn on me b/c I was so good at it. It turned them off. Figured I must not really know what I’m doing with the crystals b/c I’m so good with the marketing stuff or that I’m a complete fraud.

I’m not trying to brag here. I’m being very vulnerable & talking about something that I’ve held back from you b/c it makes me uncomfortable. And as I said before, that’s the Universe’s signal to me to SHARE IT!

I understand marketing really well. I love reading about it. I love interpreting data & easily see patterns in social media; probably because this has a lot to do with science. I understand variables & how they work. I understand science very well and that’s what online marketing really truly is about. Marketing IS science so it makes complete sense to me. Science is my whole approach to just about anything…including crystal healing.

So, I’m admitting to you now, I have hidden parts of myself on that for fear of more of this sort of back-lash:

“Well, look at her, just totally figuring out the inner workings of how to blow up a Facebook page over 200,000 people. She’s a fake. She’s too good at business & marketing. Bah, humbug!”

Yeah, as stupid as it sounds to really type that out, I dealt with that from some peeps. And you know what? I’m glad those people think that (& hopefully unfollowed me) b/c they don’t belong in my tribe. We don’t resonate. End of story.

I remember when I first heard about the Internet in 1995 or ’96, & the concept of having an online presence; it sparked something in my belly. It so intrigued me. I didn’t know what I would be doing later on with it, but I just knew; wow, the possibilities – the things that were going on in my brain at the time. I was just getting really into spirituality at the time – I just knew that somehow that was going to align with my path at some point. I didn’t know I’d have a sacred crystal biz doing this, but I knew something BIG was going to blow up for the world!

So, hey, this is me. Crystal geek, science geek. I get off on science speak, crystals & online biz. You want to talk physics? You want to talk Tesla and Einstein and crystals? I’m here with you. I am totally here with you. I’m going to hoot it up. I’m just going to get so freakin’ excited over this schist, that it will blow your mind!!!!

We can have philosophical rants, & talk sacred crystal biz & have mature debates on all this stuff. I absolutely love it, and if that totally blows your groove on what a “crystal expert guru” is, then – I’m not your gal.

What I’m going to do is this: I’m going to stop doubting myself.

I’m an individual, which means I have a separate & slightly different vibrational frequency than everyone else, as do you. So that may allow me to see biz & marketing & crystal loving & light-working… all that stuff as one & the same. It’s understanding patterns, lattices, matrices, vibrational frequencies. Yeah, maybe I see them a little bit differently than everyone else.

I understand that most people who are really, really, really into crystals & crystal healing usually don’t ALSO understand social media data & metrics. But I do. And there is nothing wrong with me & nothing to HIDE.

You know I love me a good Oprah quote!:

So here I am. I’m coming out to you. I’m telling you this is me.

There it is.

It’s a BIG part of the reason why my sacred crystal biz is as successful as it is. This is my calling, my  life purpose is & what I was put here on mama Earth to do. I harmonized perfectly with what my calling is. I tapped into it with ease b/c I didn’t resist it & followed what I was good at. It’s resonating, and of course it’s unfolding perfectly.  Again, I’m not telling you all this to toot my own horn. I’m just not going to hide that part or shrink back from it or keep myself small with it any longer.  This is me letting you all see my true self.

Me telling you, that we ARE worthy of making good money, of being good at business, of being good marketers & that we should expect people to value our time just as much as anyone else’s. This is me encouraging you to say who cares!! I want you to know that your heart is beautiful & your desires & passions are divinely inspired. Let them SHINE!!!

I am just ME.  This is all of me, sitting here now in my Princess Leia t-shirt, wearing my labradorite ring, and really into crystals, really into Breaking Bad, really into science, really into social media metrics data, really into marketing. Really into rockin’ out my Sacred Crystal Biz!

Crystal Blessings,


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  1. Yes, girl! I struggle with the same things, and my little corner of the online world is still so new, so it’s easy to get jaded looking up at all the amazing and inspirational people who are rockin’ it. I so admire that you have both substance and style, and a talent for getting that out into the world (aka marketing). I am glad that you did not let your self-doubt keep that from us. AND it helps me to know that even people as successful as you still struggle with comparison and doubt… because it’s human! xo

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      1. Trust me sweetie your the real thing and you come across as such…anyone thinking not is dumbed down in density….been a Crystal and worked with them for 30yrs and I enjoy that often others like you share something new with me. Cause I’m one of those ol gals that has been hanging herself out on the branch for years so it’s nice to have company…Being The TRUE SELF is what it’s all about in these Shifting Times so go do your thing Love and enjoy every moment of it BE YOURSELF your perfection.

  2. Here is what a very wise woman once told me. “What others think of you is none of your business.” When people look to me as a mentor I am honored but I also remind them I am a person who puts their pants on leg at a time too. When people say you should gift your healing, I ask them “don’t you get paid for the talents you put time and studying into, like your job as an accountant, etc.?”

    So, not that this is any of your business, but…I think you are amazing! 🙂

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  3. Love this post! We love you because you are YOU Hibiscus Moon! And the easier and simpler ways of doing some of this crystal stuffs is just what some of us need to help us in our busy lives. As someone once told me, “Girl, you just keep on ‘keepin on!!”

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  4. I love that you are real … We can’t all be the same and I value the differences that you bring and bring out in me … I don’t get the science stuff but that doesn’t lessen or devalue what you do… Keep on doing jellybean ‘cos your doing good!!!! X x x

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  5. Just a couple of words to say, this is so beautiful! I knew when I was reading this email (love them by the way) that I so needed to read this and soak it all in. Thank you again you wonderful, beautiful, glowing being of light!

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  6. I found your website just last week just googling this that and the other. You have the best of both worlds! I appreciate that you are REAL! One thing you did is make me laugh/smile. 🙂 Your fun personality pulled me in to learn about crystals on your website. All of my best!

  7. The way you describe yourself is exactly WHY I felt confident enough to plunk down the $ for your course. If you had been all mellowy, flowy, airy like a fairy, I would never have been drawn to your knowledge and taken your course. I simply am not drawn to people who present that way…even though it is not a bad thing. I seek guidance from many ” alternative” thinkers and healers and they are all very similar to you in that they are straight forward and always make me laugh.
    I mean, really, the first time I watched one of your videos I was like…”oh”. This is not what I expected. This lady is smart and funny. And then you became my guru.

  8. At least your being true to yourself and people that follow you and your work. You have passion and its contagious. Keep passing on the “good vibes” This world soooo needs it. Thank you for being you.

  9. Kino MacGregor is an Ashtanga yoga teacher who has also struggled with the fact that she’s fabulous and unique. She’s amazing, yet people judge with angry energy. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

    To everyone who has it together, has found their own genuine, true self, to those who are smart, successful, confident, unique, and whole: There are others who resent that and will try to take it from you. They just want to be there, too, and they have not realized it out loud yet.

    For those of you who criticize others who are confident and whole…start asking questions of yourself. That’s where you will find joy. There is NEVER joy in judgement.

    Keep educating and inspiring. Your words are full of happy energy. When someone criticizes you, tell them thank you for thinking about you.

  10. Laura Koniver referred me to you a few years ago, as an unschooling mom and Reiki Master/Teacher, I love your approach.

    I love being able to explain the science behind the metaphysical to my niece and nephew who go to school and think this is cult/woo woo stuff (their words!). It helps them learn something new in a way that feels safe for them. My kids are used to this kind of knowledge! My 11yr old son feels so comforted carrying around his special crystals. He loves knowing how they help him!

    In my Reiki work, I love understanding, using and explaining how these crystals can work. I love being able to easily explain to my clients what crystals do, once again in a way that they can understand. I always enjoy your posts. And, look forward to taking your classes when my budget allows.

    And, I understand what you have shared here. In what I do and who I am, I don’t fit into a mold or match another leader in how they present themselves or the way they do their purpose. Trusting the process of “being me” is scary and leaves me feeling vulnerable at times, too. Yet there is the satisfaction of knowing that those who are with me, are REALLY WITH ME.

    Quite the reward for quite the challenge, huh?

    For the record, I think you are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to continuing to learn and share the knowledge you offer!!!

  11. Kudos, to you Stephanie for being so Honest and Authentic! That’s one of the things I love about you. I get compared a lot too (so I can totally relate), but the truth is, everyone of us has a special gift to share and teach with others. We all have something to share with this world to make it an even better place. I know you will do great things. I look forward to seeing your positive changes with your biz as you grow and transform even more. Don’t worry about the Haterz, instead celebrate and keep moving forward. Sending lots of love and blessings your way!! 🙂 Hugs

  12. Good on ya! That’s what I have to say about all that. And congratulations, you reached the end of a trail that from your words was long, agonizing at times and damn scary at others.
    I am still as well you know in the process of my path and you are a light at the end of a tunnel for me and I don’t care what they say about ya! 🙂

  13. You are such an inspiration for me!! I do not see me being a whiz at marketing and business. You seem to enjoy Life, and I know you are helping others. Keep on keeping on, you are phenomenal.

  14. Thank You so much for talking about not being able to see your Guides, and channel, etc. I cannot do that either, but listening to some of my classmates in the CCH class and others in our community, who are able to do this and more, made me feel very inadequate. However, I am now very proud of being what I call “the chick with the rocks”. I love being able to explain to clients the why’s and how’s of why they feel better after a crystal healing. I owe you a huge thank you for that.

  15. So, a couple of things . . . first of all, I think that when you allow yourself to be this ‘naked’ and honest and you share it, it causes those who are TRULY part of your tribe to say, ‘You know, she’s really got a point . . .’ and we tend to examine our own issues of whatever it is that we might be wrestling with regarding our own truth. I deeply admire what you have shared here and you are demonstrating your skills as a leader and a teacher. Secondly, I think you have been very carefully positioned in your life with your skill set. We are experiencing enormous upheavals in our belief systems, our energies and how to implement those changes. We NEED someone with killer business and marketing skills to bring alternative perspectives and previously benignly recognized sciences into light and into acceptance. You are in a uniquely qualified position for this endeavor – you understand the metaphysical aspects of the science that you are SO well versed in. It’s a challenging set of circumstances, but I also think we are living in a time where old ideas are kicking and screaming as they are shown to the door . . . it makes the new harder for some to embrace. So as you said, some will drop off, but that’s alright. Everyone’s path and/or purpose is different. Thank you again, so very much, for what you have done here today. I think it is truly pivotal and I am proud not only to be your student, but a part of your very special tribe. Much love and light to you!!! <3 <3 <3

  16. I also have science in my background, as I was in western medicine for a long time. For the past 12 years I have been an acupuncturist, and a couple years ago I was told in a reading that I should be moving towards metaphysical practices. I love your scientific explanations because that is what the majority of people I’m in contact with need to hear. The study of crystals is fascinating to me and I keep spending more and more $$ on them! I have learned that “ignorance breeds fear” and when people are fearful they express it in all kinds of negative ways. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spreading light to so many people.

  17. The whole reason that I love your site, and your style is that its not all “fluffy” and polished to hide flaws. Your delivery style is relatable to us not-so-scientific people and you never claim to be something you are not. you encourage others to research, experiment, and learn. Those that complain, are going to complain no matter what. That’s a reflection on them, not you.
    Your ability to share your knowledge, and make a profit from it just proves how intelligent you are!!!
    Rock on!!

  18. Hibiscus Moon! This post was soooooo inspiring. My head has been full of a very similar inner commentary about different aspects of what I offer to the world. Isn’t it cool the way we are such mirrors for each other? It truly is our uniqueness that the world WANTS!!! Thanks so much for being YOU!! I really deeply appreciate you being you! 🙂

  19. Hey Steph! Love this blog. Many of us experience the same thing on a microcosmic level too. You are just out in front of many more and are on the macrocosmic level. Meaning, more scrutiny. Who cares what they think! Personally, I have often cracked up by your videos and love your science geek persona. You are hilarious. I have learned so much from you; we all have. Glad to see you won’t be intimidated by the “bullies.” They sure are out there!! Just Be You. Love, Tree

  20. Whoa! Thank you so much for sharing your worries with so much openness and honesty. I really appreciate it. It’s so funny that sometimes we feel like we’re supposed to emulate the people we admire, even if we like to express ourselves in totally different ways. Your honesty totally inspires me to keep working on my own heart-centered business plans. : )

  21. Thank you, Hibiscus Moon, for being you! This, that you have written above, is exactly why I follow your posts, and why (if the timing were “right” for me under my present circumstances) I would be a student in your classes! I deeply appreciate who you are, where you’re coming from, and how you present yourself. With gratitude, from a geology and sci-fi nut (and loving it)…Cheryl

  22. You got this! 🙂 Thanks for everything you do! It is obvious you have worked it all out and most of us appreciate that you have. So yeah keep up the good work! It’s real and it’s fun, and definitely keeps us on our toes. Nicely written.

  23. Dear Spectacular Stephanie,

    You are so much like me 30 years ago…ok, 50. I wanted to work with those new computers at my university so much, I batted my eyelashes till I got a job punching holes in data cards at night and during the day did secret vibrational healing on my patients as a pre-med student. I finally quit MD to study all the alternatives, and two doctorates and a zillion certificates later I found YOU! What a blessing!

    I love that you straddle the left-brain, right-brain universe. Me too. Right now, I’m having the challenge of a lifetime, but I’m going to hang on to your tutorial tail for dear life. Please bear with me. I love you. Don’t change a thing.

    Oh, and BTW, you take a pretty nice picture too.


  24. Just a note to say the reason I was drawn to you is because you do feel authentic (most of the time) and knowledgeable If you didn’t I would have quit reading and listening as soon as I started. Too many still think the flowery soft spoken ones are who all healers are to be lol. I am a certified Touching the Light practitioner and have been intuitive all my life, most of my sessions are done with me in shorts and t shirt because that’s who I AM! Soon I hope to take your class since there is always more to learn

  25. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this. This really makes me feel better about myself (especially about the part the guides). I love crystals and wish I could surround myself with them at all times, and I feel like I should be receiving all these messages as that’s what everyone always says to expect…except it never happens for me. This is a good reminder to just keep on being you and not to worry about what is or isn’t happening.

  26. It’s great when you open up because you become a real person. I often look at people in the metaphysical /spiritual arenas and think that I don’t measure up because I don’t experience things the same way they do. It’s nice to know that we all experience things differently and it’s OK!


  27. Dear Hibiscus,

    I never even got to the end of your heart-warming blog – I’ve simply got to let you know how very much I appreciate your honesty. I never expected you to be airy-fairy at all, I really appreciate our science background. I love the way you do your videos: brief and to the point and with gorgeous rocks and crystals and stones and you to look at as well – who could possibly ask for more! I love the way you call us crystal hotties and jelly bean and whatever you come up with, because it is so you! So please don’t hide anymore, I love you and your work exactly as you are. Oh, and yes, you are one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of metaphysical ‘crystalology’ I know of! 😉

    Much love and blessings, and especially lots of shiny crystals


  28. I just love you exactly the way you are.I have been following you now for a couples of years and just love YOUR energy and I resonate very well with it. I have learned so very much from your teaching. I would give about anything to take your classes and hope to do so in the near future.I deeply respect your teaching and thank the Univers that you followed your heart and took the chances with this hold venture. Keep on sparkeling sweetpea.

  29. THANK-YOU Hibiscus, for those brave words! We ALL have our insecurities,so just know you are not alone, my sista from anotha mista lol 😉
    Since we are playing “show and tell”…
    I grew up watching Star Trek. In fact, our Dad used to MAKE us watch it, saying,” This is going to be the future,guys” (imagine my disapointment when there are still no transporters to beam up in lol)
    I thought I was the only one in the world who loves to wear leg warmers (sorry fashion police haha).. Ever since I saw the movie Flashdance I went right out and bought a pair as a teen to use in my aerobics class 🙂
    I also struggle sometimes with wondering if I’m “good enough”, as I don’t feel I fit into a particular mold of what people think a “spiritual” person should be.. I tend to be loud vs soft spoken,etc. and often wonder if I would be accepted by anyone who was looking for help with healing. I have heard from my guides, on occasion, but haven’t mastered it by any means.. I sometimes have to keep myself motivated to continue moving forward towards my goals of wellness and becoming a healer someday.
    But I did want to share with everyone an insight/message I received while meditating with my Ametrine point one day. I was gazing at my beautiful crystal and thinking back to when it first caught my eye in the shop. It was winking at me and as soon as I walked in the front door I was drawn to it. Bought the little beauty immediately.
    The message was: “Those that are damaged are the most beautiful”
    I reflected on this and realized my crystal spoke the highest truth. Sure, perfectly clear crystals with no flaws and perfectly shaped are an absolute marvel, but they are “only” flawless. There is so much more that is interesting about a crystal who has “depth” and “character”. It holds my interest for hours looking at and imagining how exactly it formed- what influenced its growth. You, Hibiscus, ARE that interesting crystal, and I could listen to what you have to teach and show me for hours!
    I feel we are all here to grow and discover- otherwise, what would be the point? So I will always be grateful for your quirkiness, and geekiness and all your other “flaws”, as you are paving the way for all of us “misfits” to be OK with who we truly are and to EMBRACE OUR UNIQUENESS! Dear sister, you will always have a place on my crystal shelf 😉

  30. We and our society are all evolving, and as this happens, we must feel neither apologetic nor defensive about who we are, but STAND STRONG in the joy we derive from being true to ourselves, from sharing our “quirky” selves with others, and from simply being where we are in the timeline of history. Being seen as quirky is a sign of our times, and is not so much about who we are.

    I say THANK YOU, Stephanie, for a great, informative, and fun course that is at the same time so strongly and clearly based in science. For me, the science part was and is the major draw. I wold not have signed up if that component had not been there. I’ve been searching for over 35 years for your unique combination of information, and it REALLY helps me along a rather ecclectic path as I put serendipitous puzzle pieces together to better understand a few very profound experiences and their resulting healing synchronicities. For that, I’ll take “Jelly Bean” and “Crystal Hottie,” which just make for a good laugh for anyone still young at heart, which you clearly are and probably always will be! ☺

  31. Thank you for posting this. I have been keeping my love of crystals secret from most people accept my sister who got me into them and my wife and niece. In fact we all love them. I wear stones every day but always hard to explain to people who don’t understand healing aspects of crystals.
    That is why I have started a blog to share my love of crystals. I am going to do a video soon on my sacred space.
    I have learned a lot and crystals has helped me focus and be real.

    Oh and Star Wars geek here too!!!!….you watching Star Wars Rebel?

  32. I love this post. So much. <3 Thank you for sharing this – and for sharing yourself and for all you do. (and I love that good Oprah quote!)

  33. As someone previously mentioned, what people think of you is none of your business. It is important that you live your truth and stay heart centered. You know who you are and you don’t need to explain that to anyone. We all have unique perspectives, gifts and wisdom to bring forth. Those who resonate will automatically draw to you and those who don’t will kindly move on. Some people judge because they need to judge. Some people get offended because they have a high sense of self. This is an ego mask we all get caught hiding behind at one time or another whether it be for survival, lack of self love, etc. If you are living your truth and in your heart, negative responses from others are more about them and the experience they need to move through. I know it’s hard to not take it as a sense of rejection but send them on with compassion and love. They more than likely could use it! We can learn, teach, and guide one another, but it is each ones own responsibilty to find the fulfillment we are seeking. No need to carry that on your shoulders.
    It takes a lot of courage to emotionally put yourself out there, and at the same time it is a form of releasing all that binds you! YOU GO GIRL!!
    Never dim your light for anyone, or for yourself with self judgment. It will only lead you nowhere! You are a bright shining light for many of us. Thank you for being who you truly are! <3 <3

  34. Thanks for sharing…sweetie your are a unique and special soul…I hope you value it! I know I am unique (or different) it’s taken years to figure that out and be comfortable with it. My life is so amazing now that I have accepted this! I don’t care what others may think and I’ve finally quit letting others influence what I think of myself. Oh I still have a trigger or two lol.

    Your sharing and caring has helped me grow. Thank you for that! Blessings to you sweetie!

  35. hibiscus moon I want you to know that you have been a true inspiration for me , I have your book and I am now taking classes on your new website and soon I will have CCT behind my name, I want you to know that if it were not for you I would not know anything about fakes or record keepers or that have truly fascinated me and the energy of crystals that resonates with our spirit , I could just go on for ever and ever , I feel so much with crystals and now I am learning crystal reflexology and crystal massage techniqhes and I am ready to go for a crystal grid degree next , I am so caught up in this journey thru my crystals oh my gosh I just cannot stop I have been looked at strange by people I love when I want to talk about this ,I have been put down by people who think I have really lost it but you know what I dont care, here I am and I am not going back I am going on forward and there may be curves or bumpy places in the road ahead and there always is when you there is something other people dont understand , I realize on this tribal journey that new friendships are already forming I am a snake shedding my old skin. thank you for your inspiration

  36. Oh, girlfriend you said everything I think damn near every day. The first time I watched a video you did, I think it was an introductory type video, I said to myself…this chick is AWESOME! That’s when I knew that I was taking your courses and here I am, an ACM and now taking the MM course because if I can learn how to do this marketing schist from anyone it’s going to be you!
    If you weren’t who you are I wouldn’t be where I am. I owe you a debt of gratitude <3

    Crystal Blessings,

  37. These are probably the only reasons I follow you, the main reasons why I am taking your course (week 6 woot woot!). All these comments and posts and props just show you how much we appreciate someone who is genuinely her self. No filler. No filter! From one science/metaphysics/Internet geek to another, thanks for being you. It gives me courage to step a bit further out from my shell.

  38. An energy teacher of mine once said that if someone is good at marketing, they have an ego. I didn’t take it to heart but I kept it in my head. I also LOVE and get hooked on marketing. Everyone’s got their own strengths. Not every lightworker is a good speaker. So if a Reiki healer talks really well about Reiki at conferences, it doesn’t mean she/he is a sleazy salesperson. Right? — Anyway, you make me laugh. And also the younger generation will get to know YOU as their first crystal guru so there won’t be any comparison. I don’t know if I’m considered younger generation anymore these days but I don’t know any other crystal gurus to compare you to.

  39. Wow, Hibiscus! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post. You shine so bright, and your practical skills in science, business and marketing are admirable. Being who you are, just the way you are, with such transparency and integrity leads the way for other souls to do the same. Keep on shinin’!!!

  40. Dearest Hibiscus….that took HUGE Lapis BALLS to cut the BULLSCHIST and flash some PSYCHOLOGICAL NUDITY to us sparkly chick peas out here! Sharing the True You and trusting in the infinite organizing power of the universe to attract and repel for your highest good is very ADMIRABLE.
    I’M SO PROUD OF YOU * BUTTERCUP * !!!!! Thank you for creating this wonderful, sparkly, quantum-ly cool family of Crystal Hotties 🙂
    Kindly and With Love,

  41. I love exactly the way you are and all the science behind all of your crystal explanations, videos blogs etc. . Who cares what others think, go with your heart, be authentic. I think there are lots of people who think the way I do.
    Thank you thank you thank you for all what you have taught me.

  42. Hi…I started subscribing to your newsletter some time ago and have never opened one email, until today. I don’t believe in coincidences but I have to admit my surprise that you mentioned Lapis Lazuli, as one of the crystals to empower you! Several years ago, when I changed my life direction, at 360*, I found a beautiful necklace w/a lapis stone, in my mothers jewelry box and I started wearing it everyday. I was very excited but new to everything metaphysical and that’s when I transformed or I guess what you would call it…found myself and my calling. I truly believe that wearing that necklace gave me the confidence, compassion, peace and conviction to speak the truth, in all my endeavors. I told my mother about taking her necklace and after she and my dad looked at it…they said they had never seen it before! Life was truly magical back then. The past few years, I seemed to have lost my connection and I have been miserably distraught as which direction to go next. After reading your blog, it brought back the sparkle and passion that I have been lacking and I now know what direction to go to return to myself and my loves. Thank you for your deepest honesty and your exhilerating personna…I once was how you are and I am now going to open that frequency and again be “just me”. Thank you sooooo much! (by the way…I LOVE your Lapis Lazuli sphere!!) and as Kristin and Darlene also said…(one of my favorite’s) ~~Keep on keep’in on!!~~ coz you are awesome!

  43. I love that you are who you are! You are different than what one might expect a Crystal Guru to be, but that is great because you show me that I can be me and still work with crystals without feeling like I have to fit a mold of someone else’s expectations of a Crysal Healer.
    You are an amazing women and I enjoy your videos, flowy and glowy is ok if I want to meditate, but for learning your vibe is right on!
    I look forward to furthering my crystal knowledge with you.

  44. I just want to say that I really found this blog post very timely. Just last night my hubby and I were watching some of your youtube vids and in my head I was thinking ‘I just dont know, I reallly admire all the effort and knowledge being put forward in these videos but at the same time, this person is really good with marketing!’ lol And to be honest, it really did bother me a bit. I was one of ‘those people’ you talk about above. How can you truly mix such a spiritual yet scientific topic, and then throw in good marketing too, without it being fake or a scam or whatever you want to call it.

    I wonder this because I myself am trying to start something up involving crystals (because it is my passion) and I ask myself that question all the time. Anyway, point is, thanks for this, in some way it puts to rest my own insecurities (and the ones projected on to you aparantly) and keep it up! I completely agree with charging what you feel you deserve and not selling yourself short. Glad there is an advocate like you to promote the idea for the rest of us just starting out!

  45. Dear Hibiscus Moon
    Greetings from one of your Australian Crystal Hotties.
    I hope that means I am one of your tribe b/c you are my Guru. Ever since I found you online somehow somewhere, I have been a devoted fan.
    I do.not participate in any Social Media but I love following your YouTube videos.
    You are sooooo generous with your time and expertise and you are costing me a fortune buying all the crystals I want to own. Only joking! It’s only money and I love them all like a Mother hen loves all her baby chicks.
    Much love and you just keep on doing what you want.

  46. Hello Stephanie,

    I only discovered you this year and it was your sense of reality and foundation in science that drew me to you. You were always so natural on the camera; inviting us into your home and sharing your knowledge. I was so fascinated that I signed up for the CCH course and I enjoy it immensely. If you would have been “airy fairy” I would have lost interest and never signed up.

    Because I am new to your online presence, there are so many videos I have not seen and it is wonderful to see that something that started as a passion has become something so successful. That is the other reason why I signed up for your course. You are a gorgeous, intelligent and passionate person who also has excellent business sense. These aspects of your character are what drew me to want to learn from you. We need to see strong women who are successful business leaders in all domains.

    One last thing … during our additional learning for the chakra balancing class, I was watching your videos on meditations for each one … I can’t remember which one it was, perhaps sacral chakra, I cracked up because you looked out the window and saw the garden hose was all over the lawn. Then a few seconds later the daybed was not properly arranged. Your reaction in these moments was so genuine and pure that it adds a level of honesty to your work that many others are missing. I hope you never lose that; it makes it you.

    Thank you also for all the additional reading you have shared. Every book has lead me to another and on to another and so one. I think I have not learned so much in a long time as I have with you in this course. The is a depth of knowledge in all of the additional reading that is phenomenal. So thank you!

    Have a beautiful day and sparkle just as you are. Please don’t change that.


  47. I’m enjoying being a part of your tribe. What a wealth of knowledge and discovery I gain every time I research specific crystals with your help. I’m such a believer of the powers they hold. Amazing lights!! My little sacred area is a work in progress, but I totally cherish what it means to me. Thank you for enlightening my world. <3

  48. DON’T GO CHANGING!!!! We love love love you the way you are! Seriously, some of us love that you’re not “airy fairy”, and that you dress “normally”, and that you’re “brainy” and beautiful and know mystical stuff like crystals! It’s cool, it’s attractive, it’s funky, and when I grow up I want to be just like you (I’m 45-LOL). I’m glad you said you don’t get “messages from your guides” etc. Because I don’t either and I was thinking there must be something wrong with me. I also don’t feel any vibes from crystals either…I just know I love them and love to hold them and play with them. They’re my pretty treasures and even though I’m a big girl, I love them! Love this post, and your honesty! Much love and support to you. 🙂

  49. I was kind of surprised by this post. As someone who is one of your students I *think* that you know that we are ALL different and bring different things to the table. If you are not meeting the expectations of others, so? Not even gurus or celebrities meet the expectations of other people. You will not resonate with everyone and that’s okay. You know what you’re good at and what makes your heart sing, focus on that.

  50. Just 2 things:

    1. It’s funny how often it takes us a long time to feel free to say something, and then people around us say, “We knew that about you. It’s part of why we like you so much.” It strikes me that your right people have always known these things about you – certainly, it’s been what I’ve seen you doing over the past year, and why I subscribed to your newsletter and watched all your videos.

    2. It’s important that you make posts like this because it’s positive reinforcement for you (your right people WILL respond positively to you when you’re authentic, and you WILL feel better for it), and for us (we need reminders that people whose opinions we respect also feel self-doubt and worry, and we feel less alone and more connected because of it).

    So thank you on both counts.

  51. I love this post! I’ve been taking responsibility this year for putting value to what I do and only giving away healings or readings when I feel it’s most appropriate. Otherwise, I am also learning to stand tall and say, “Hey! What I do has value and is worth an exchange.” It’s been very empowering.

    You are being guided! When I read your work or watch your videos, I can see and hear your guides! You have a million of them! You have so many beautiful and wise guides of the highest vibration working through you every day. You may not hear them with your physical ears but I see them around you and you are very loved. You will channel them directly one day, I’m sure. In the meantime, rest in their peace and continue to shine.

  52. Thank you, thank you. I am drawn towards you as a crystal expert because you are also scientific – a foot in both worlds, so to speak. I WISH I were as marketing savvy and naturally intrigued by social media. But I am not. I am also just me, and am trying to figure out what exactly that means and what I can do with it. It pleases me to be called jelly bean, so there. I listened to some audio downloads of those other type of crystal guru and it definitely made me squirm, so I guess that makes me one of your tribe. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be dead before I “make it” in business, but so what? Keep the good info coming, and thanks for your clarity. Jelly Bean.

  53. I knew all that about you 🙂 which is why I enjoy and respect what you have to share. I totally resonate with the lack of guides yipping in your ear because I’m the same. I believe we channel the info somehow. But peeps like us don’t need the whole dog and pony show to own it. Not that I am dissing those that do. My best friend has awesome abilities in mediumship. That’s her gift not mine.
    Anyhow, loves your realism and you keep rocking as you are toots!

  54. In a world increasingly full of pompous people who blow hot air out of their mouths with great gusto, you are a refreshing oasis! You are multitalented and petty people can resent you for that. But please oh please, don’t keep yourself under wraps, do not ever allow anyone to diminish your sparkle. If they don’t resonate with you, your teaching style or who you are, it’s their problem and their right. Let them go with blessings towards someone else more attuned to their needs and expectations.
    The success of your business proves that you’re doing something right!
    I do appreciate what you do and how you do it, and the passion you put into it.
    Oh, and you can call me Lima Bean all you like… 😉

  55. Greetings wonderful person. I usually read what you have to say without commenting. This time you hit a ping in my heart, so I decided to respond. The many sides of you are really what makes us stay with you. You represent a fresh point of view and your joy and the knowledge that you bring to us keeps us wanting more. You have many gifts. Not being who you are, would rob both you and us. You are clear, without frills, precise as well as entertaining. We all doubt from time to time but please know that you are exactly what you are supposed to be. The “real tribe” gets it.

  56. Good for you! Be who you are … stick to what you know … and you are the science girl of crystals! Others can be the metaphysical/spiritual guru’s of crystals. Keep educating on the science aspect because that has been sorely missing in this field! I know that it has greatly enhanced my practice and classes.

  57. Good for you!!!! I’ve followed you for a few years now… I LOVE that you’re a multi-dimensional person, and that’s what draws all of us. And I totally relate to stones, science, tech and spirituality.

  58. But, but, I already knew that about you LOL!! I’m pretty much the same way as much as I love all of that stuff, the grids etc, I just go with the flow with my babies. My birdy birds do have crystals around their cages on the four corners, sometimes they have them in the bottom trays (covered by paper towels of course) I do sleep with some by my bedside, depending on which ones want to be there. I’m a total maverick have always been. I don’t follow all of the tried and true rules, I do what feels natural and right to me.

    I love the science end of it as well, it fascinates me that we all have frequencies that we resonate, that it changes as we change or our moods change.

    You rock girl, don’t be anything but yourself! You are genuine and that’s why I find what you put out there more trustworthy then sometimes all of the ethereal ‘try too hard to be a member of the fae’ . Hey I recognize the fae and you are one of them, but you’re just the one that wears the square geeky glasses and has all types of alchemy around them 🙂


  59. Thanks for sharing! Pulling the trigger on getting out of a horrible job and finding my real self, I’m terrified – but you have really helped me today, and I totally appreciate it, and your honesty. Keep on being who you are, kiddo!

  60. Hey Hibiscus,
    I’m a recent follower of yours and I started following you BECAUSE of all the things you worry about. I know crystal people are supposed to be airy fairy but that doesn’t resonate with me. I’m an artist, but I’m also a competitive figure class bodybuilder who’s heavily grounded in science. And I love good ink. I want my crystal guru to be an unapologetic, straightforward, science spouting, badass crystal hottie, which you are. I’m also a little jealous of your Princess Leia t-shirt.
    And yes, Doreen Virtue is the Stevie Nicks of fairies and angels. I just love her. But she sure didn’t get that way by being a poor businesswoman.
    I love what you do and the way you present it. I want to know the science behind things. It makes me happy.
    You rock.
    Just sayin’…

  61. Thanks so much for posting that Hibiscus Moon! I think it is an issue that comes from the mix of scientist and spiritualist. I too am not the typical crystal hippy that you picture in your mind and my information is intuitive as well as studied. But I dont get guides talking to me and if anything I would say I am only clairsentient. (I just know.)
    I think when you mix the scientist and the spiritualist the analytical side can tend to win the argument.
    In the end I am glad that I have found you on the web because I dont feel odd now for mixing the science and spirit. I am glad there is a middle ground!

  62. WoooHoooo!! Way to stand in your power!! Only by owning all of who we are & loving it can we become whole. I love how you balance the whole thing–crystals/healing/science/business–and with such sparkleliness!! Brene Brown tells a story in her book Daring Greatly, the moral is –if they’re not in the ring of life, don’t listen too ’em! I love how you’re jumping in with both feet! Sure you’ll get wet, wash off some yutz, live & learn–and have the time of your life!! Your ability to put sparkle & joy on the page always brings a smile to my face, my adult kids think I’m a hoot when I pass on some of your sayings. I love the “shock & awe”(tongue in cheek) tactics–wakes ’em up so they think for themselves–whatever that is, it’s real & not part of the pack thinking. You are one of the many pioneers of the new world, making the woo-woo Real & applicable. Lead on sparkly lady!! <3 <3 🙂

  63. I’m blowing you lots of kisses, lady! It is when you really let your excitement show and more of your authentic self comes through that I find myself resonating with you the most! You being you is what you do best. It’s what any of us do best!

    I want you to know that you helped inspire me to realize I could blend my love of the natural sciences, my background as a naturalist and teacher in that realm with my deep spiritual connection with Nature. I saw what you were doing blending science and metaphysics in the crystal world and it resonated so deeply with me. I had been desiring to not have to separate my passions, especially when I knew for me the two went hand in hand! So thank you for showing how beautifully that can be done!

    Cheers Chickpea! 😉

  64. Love it!!! Good for you for being real and authentic! It makes me like what you have to say even more, knowing that you are REAL. Thank you for setting an example for the rest of us : )

  65. well good morning,way to go,I am a yoga teacher and have been certified for quantum touch.I was a bit of a partier in my high school years and have been through a couple of divorces,I have always been into chrystal healing myself. I had decided to become a yoga instructor and have my own studio and is very successful.People came to me as well and told me that so & so said…omg Sue is a yoga teacher??? at first it bothered my but I decided to let it go and TRUST that the people who need to be in my tribe will come and are meant to be there.So WAY TO GO…..lOVE THIS QUOTE “SINCE WHEN IS SOMEONES ELSES OPINION ABOUT YOU MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR OWN” Namaste sUE

  66. Being truly who you are is why you’re so successful because the essence of you is in everything you do.And you do amazing things and so everything wonderful comes back to you ten fold <3 I wish you so many Blessings and Positive thoughts.You are truly an inspiration. Always remember "what people think of you is none of your business".Stay in your power.Blessings.

  67. I am very new to all this crystal stuff so I have no expectations of you. I too just need to be me- Iam self taught on most things & lets just say have “felt” my way through on using crystals. At some point I would like to know more about crystals but for now just using what I “feel” is right. I am an empathic intuitive & have finally found where I fit as far as that goes. Keep being who you are, that us what attracted me most to you & your introductory meditation mp3 is wonderful!!! Thank you for being you:0)

  68. My daughter just turned me onto you and gifted me your online book.
    She’s awesome, and so are you!
    I wish I had the business savvy that you have. I’m a massage therapist and have a beautiful little cottage on my property where I do massages–ocasionally. See, I just don’t know how to promote myself, or I lack the confidence, or ego to put myself out there. Or maybe I’m just too lazy. (OK, there, I said it.) I seem to always have other things going on or allow other things like my love of gardening and raising chickens to take precedence. Sigh. But I love your candor and straightforward approach.
    Thank you for who you are and your book!
    I’m going to set up a grid for getting off my butt and setting priorities. Thanks!
    Hearts n Hugs!

  69. that was effing rad….i LOVE people being themselves, in fact i’m almost sensitive to it and it angers me when people try to keep people from being who they are and who they should be, i loved reading this…i’m always editing things i say because i wonder what people might think and i annoy myself….i’ve been interested in crystals since december 2013, but haven’t really done much with it..yet….but i want to, and the thing that spoke the most to me about your “i’m me” message is the theme that you aren’t the typical “guru” so to speak, but thats ok, you don’t have to be or need to be….i love that….spirituality is personal right? so its not going to be the same as anyone elses nor should it be….anyways, i look forward to your newsletters and my ekit!

  70. Thanks for such an honest article! The best thing I love about you is your passion and honesty. It inspires me to be myself and stop trying to please others. We need more individuals. Life is more interesting with done spice. Love ya jelly bean!

  71. Honey, you are just fine the way you are. I totally get it. I had a commercial web page for my aromatherapy business from around 96 to 2003. I was working full time for the state government (Department of Correction) and going home at night and filling orders for shower gels and bath salts and such. I did fairly well. Then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a year or so later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I could not work anymore and was medically retired after 23+ years. I had to close my website as I could not afford that and paying $500 a month co-pay on my injections. So my son allowed me to put up my store on some strange thing called WordPress. I could not figure out how to do it so I just uploaded my catalog. Have not sold anything in years. But I opened up a website on ETSY called Jan’s Healing Jems. Why – because I LOVE GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS!! I always have my rocks and crystals helping me and they are all over my house so I get their energy all the time! SO instead of making jewelry for just myself and friends, I decided to make healing jewelry for anyone! I make the jewelry and then Reiki them. When they are bought, I Reiki them again and bless them before I send them out to do their work. My hubby is always telling me to charge more but I find it really hard to do. However most of the proceeds from my sales go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I have also put my anointing oils on the ETSY site and intend to add my soaps for chakras among other things and massage oils and stuff. In each of my aromatherapy products there is a gemstone or two to add their energy to the oils. I am so passionate about my rocks. I totally understand you. BUT the MS has eaten up a lot of my brain and it is so hard to remember the stones and what they do. I used to know all of them, but now I have my books and charts and have to look them up. I feel like failure in that sense-I cannot answer someone’s question without looking it up. It is humiliating to me. I have also shared that I am Wiccan and Agnostic. I also follow Native American traditions and still have that old Catholic bug in me (I was born and raised a Catholic and went to Catholic schools. The Second Vatican Council spoiled it for me.) So I pretty much resonate with a lot of folks and try to help them as much as I can. I am going to be adding little healing kits of stones too. Have I sold a lot? No – maybe $100-$175 a year but I cannot afford advertising. I don’t really understand those click ad things. But I digress. The point is that I do understand and accept you the way you are Crystal Hottie. And I would bet the bank that there are millions of people out there that do as well. So take heart-you are healing and helping a lot of people, I feel it in my soul. NEVER be ashamed or scared to be and say who you are. You are the Creator’s child, and she does not make mistakes. I think you are a breath of fresh air. I was taking a Crystal Reiki class but had to stop because I could not remember things-it was just too hard for me. I can’t afford your classes – lol – and doubt I could do any better with that. But I do follow you closely. I just turned 63 and I am happy that you young ones are passionately taking the path. Follow your heart and your dream, Jelly Bean! Many blessings to you.

  72. All I have to say is you’re awesome! Go girlfriend! I absolutely admire people who are not only authentic, but show their vulnerable side and who are not afraid to also acknowledge their strengths either. I have 4words for you…………unto thyself be true. Only then will you be truly happy and everyone else can like it or not, their choice. Love and blessings, Sharon xoxo

  73. Dear Hibiscus Moon
    Reading this article was so liberating…it made me feel free to be true to my authentic self. You have true wisdom.
    Rebecca xx

  74. This post was wonderful. I’ve been watching yoour youtube videos about crystal healing as I’ve just started my own research about crystals and crystal healing, and I think your videos are the ones that I like the best, and have the most helpful, and what you say realy resonates with me and is very easy to understand. I am also very scientific minded and a student of science, so when I watched your videos I was like, “yes! this is a person who speaks in words I understand!”

    I think the reason why I enjoy your crystal videos and information is because you’re *not* an airy fairy, sari-wearing, whispering person. Nothing against those who are, but authenticity is important. Is fields like crystal healing, I think a lot of it, is still based on belief, while science is still catching up on researching crystals. So when you see people on youtube who speak in falsely high voices, who sound like they are “acting”, is it hard to take thme on their word, but when someone speaks in a way that is so true to their life and what they feel, I think is what makes a great speaker and a great teacher.

    I think your energy and incredibly positive, down-to-earth and honest attitude are what I think, makes you such a respectable and powerful speaker. You’re just honestly you and speak for what you believe in. I respect that so much. At first when I read this post I was pretty surprised because your attitude and your manner of speaking, to me, are what makes your videos so understandable and easy to follow, I didn’t think it would be a downside! I enjoy the fun names and the science words and the excitement in your videos. Pease don’t change a thing. I think that honesty and sincerity has a power all of its own.

  75. Good for you! I love you because you are so real. I resonate with you more than any other crystal site. You are so much fun and give great content. I look forward to every post . You are the highlight of my day. I feel that we are friends and I am learning so much from you.I do the same thing with pet names etc. so I totally get you! Rock on! Pun intended..haha!

  76. That’s a fabulous layout in your photo. I appreciate everything that you’ve shared here because I’m just getting started as a gemstone healer. I share your deep love of gemstones… and yes, you are passionate! How could you ever have blogged this much if you weren’t. I just got your book, Crystal Grids, from Amazon and really love it.

    I am happy to have found you, and look forward to many wonderful hours exploring this extensive website.

  77. AMAZING post! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing in this way. I have the same fears, doubts, suppression, just as so many of us do. N you are ROCKIN’ it woman! Be it and tell it. I absolutely LOVE your blend of YOU.

  78. Thank you so much for this post. It really resonated with me, as I am just starting out with crystals and the like. I’ve been following your FB page for a few months but am just now reading your blog posts.

    Since trying to start my jewelry business this year, I have been wondering often if I even belong. I don’t wear long flowing skirts, either. I am usually in jeans, a tank, and flip flops – I live in Arizona. My degree is in Biology, but I am a Chemistry and Genetics girl at heart. I wanted to work in a police forensics lab, but I decided to stay home and homeschool my kids.

    I love zombie and horror flicks, which most sensitive people can’t watch. I’ve been sensitive ever since I can remember (and always wrote my “knowing things” off as coincidence, until this year) and loved watching late night Vincent Price movies as a kid. My favorite genre of books? Zombies and Fantasy. I feel like most people in this area of interest would say there’s no way I could be sensitive if I can withstand horror movies.

    My main concern is I feel I am doing this backwards, and most people will feel I am not credible in this field or a fraud. I am taking a business program (ABM at Firepole Marketing) to get my crystal jewelry business started the right way, and it’s taking me step-by-step through the whole process. But I know almost nothing about crystals. I only started learning about them this year when I realized how I was actually making my gemstone jewelry. I see the incidences and the people I have met throughout my life (things that needed to happen) that have brought me to this realization and what I am meant for.

    I sense which stones “want” to be together, down to the cut and specific stone in the pile. Each piece I make is one of a kind because each piece has its own unique properties for the specific person it is meant for. It seems to work better this way, for now, while I do not know each crystal’s properties. Only after I put the jewelry piece together, do I research and write up the descriptions. Eerily, each piece tells a story.

    Even I have had a difficult time accepting and opening up to my gift, and what I have been experiencing this year. I have witnessed my jewelry help people, with the few that have my pieces. And these people were skeptics. I worry I won’t be believed in this field.

    My first experience with a crystal shop was terrible, too. I “felt” this woman, the cashier, as soon as I walked into the shop, BEFORE she was rude to me.

    I also have ADD, so I tend to go off on tangents and ramble if I’m not careful.

    It’s nice to know there are some down-to-earth, real people in this field, who feel the same as I do. Thank you for opening up. 🙂 MJ

  79. Don’t know how I didn’t read this one yet! Must not have been time for me to read it until the moment I was meant to read it, which was obviously right now when I’m going through some similar issssh.

    Basically, I wanted to answer one of your questions. Not sure if someone already did, but from the perspective of one single fan and adorer of your work, when you ask what people think when they see you and how you got so huge and all that, I think. “Because she’s a f*cking expert, that’s why.” From my perspective, your success is nothing but fully, totally, and completely deserved. Because you ARE the expert. You blend spirituality with practicality and science, which turns on a lot of people who wouldn’t normally seek out crystal healing because it’s too “woo woo.” Truthfully, I’ve always envied you for that. I’ve been like, “Dang, she’s got it goin’ ON!” Because you are able to be real, be intelligent as heck, and also have this loving/fun/innocent/adorableness about you that instantly makes you 1) credible, 2) likeable (likable?), and 3) totally mesmerizing.

    GET ON WITH YA BAD SELF, SISTER! I’m here learning everything I can from you, watching you, envying you, loving you, and cheering you on! What would the world be without Hibiscus Moon? My world would be a lot less sparkly, that’s for sure. I’m glad I’m part of your tribe and you in mine. 😀 <3

    And when it comes to whether or not you're the "real deal," psht, f*** yes. Hibisicus Moon IS the real deal. As real as it gets. 😀


  80. Every time someone stands up and Shines there are people who will aim and shoot….that we can always count on

    I was un-aware of all these stereo types…can just say though I love Stevie Nicks and I wear airy fairy shawls (as I stare at the Fleetwood Mac poster owning my small livingroom) ….I’m a singer/songwriter in a rock band , I’m loud, I want to be a reiki master ,a crystal healer, I read oracle cards for people and I have my MBA and an undergrad in Accounting with a minor in philosophy graduating with honors in the top 15 percent of my class…and I am broke, cant find a job …so woo hoo for surprising people’s stereotypical views !!! ….I’ve gotten the “wait your into the airy fairy and your educated?” look before and the cross eyed looks when I tell people I chose to move 1700 miles away to chase my dreams in the Music and Metaphysical world instead of giving myself to a crappy finance world that destroys my soul… judgement is everywhere right? I am going to be me and I am not afraid of being hated for it ….

    I would like to meet these people who think crystals healers should speak quietly and put on a show… woof!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU…..you give me hope…because you are real , you are non-judgmental, you show your personality, you are not putting on a show and you are infusing Science into the Crystal Healer world via your courses …You are genuine and that’s why you are successful …I dig that about you and anyone else I admire. That is to say, the ability to be humble and real . …I am not impressed by diffused lighting photoshop or fancy grids with no intentions behind them ..is anyone?


  81. Hi! Thank you for sharing that with us. Just wanted to tell you that I follow you for the reasons you have mentioned. I follow you because you have an open mind, because you are more scientific, because you are uniquely you, and because if it weren’t for your marketing, I would have not looked you up. I kept seeing your page on facebook, but I was scared that you would be close minded. I have always wanted to learn more about sciences, but i was exempt on account of my sight impairment as a girl. I always believed both metaphysical and science go together. You got me excited about science again. Even though I can’t afford the acadomy, I am grateful to you, and the things that I have learned from you. Doors are opening, and I hav you to thank for it!

  82. I am fairly new to your site and admittedly the “jellybean” and “chick pea” stuff threw me off a little. However, I mentioned to a colleague, “you have got to check this site out – she is the real deal. Even though the “endearments” might not be your thing – something about her (you) rings honest and true. ” I connect with the science stuff and sometimes get pushback on focusing on science of things. Your honesty is refreshing especially owning who you are. Sometimes people do expect the speaking with guides and such – not everyone’s thing though! Thanks for sharing that and making everyone more comfortable being the amazing beings that they are meant to be – however that is!
    I have always told my students (teach five year olds) that they are perfect JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. That includes you.

  83. Bravo to you Stephanie!!! For speaking your truth…
    Firstly let me tell you that I personally think YOU ARE AMAZING!!! It is your authenticity that resonates with me (and many others of course)
    I came across you and your courses (not by accident ) I had been asking my guides / angels to send me what I needed to move forward and Bazinga! You appeared on my FB page ( this happens a lot for me ☺️)
    Anyway You have been the missing peice in my puzzle…
    I had read many books, loved working with crystals ( I feel so connected and passionate about them) I have completed Basic and Advanced Pranic healing courses, which I also love working with Life force Enegy in this way ( I’m also s huge Albert Einstein fan ) but something had been holding me back. ( fear was a part of it, stepping out of my comfort zone / completely normal )
    But mostly my analytical mind ( I’m also a Virgo ) just needed more before I could move forward ..
    I was asking for guidance on how to get past my blocks and like I said You and your Perfect Crystal Course appeared before me i went in your waiting list and starting the course around April 2015 I have almost finished your Crystal Accadamy course ( I had some set backs my husband was diagnosed with 2nd stage melanoma, but is perfectly fine now ) it has been a slow process for me, and juggling everything, but I have just Adored your course… The scientific content resonates with me, as do you ☺️ I get it, it’s real, it’s tangible and for what ever reason, it was like the final peice of the puzzle and it has allowed my confidence to soar with the future possibilities of what I can now bring to other people lives through this Energy work

    I still have to complete my 3 healing sessions ( just looking for a table, and I am lucky night to have a beautiful healing room set up ☺️) and once I have completed this course, I look forward to doing your Master Course next …
    I have also signed up to your Energising Biz course as well ( haven’t started yet, but that’s okay I will get there )
    So from me to you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being You and passing on all that you know…
    And you deserve to make money and flourish and be successful because You are providing a valuable service that I and many others are happy to pay for.
    Sending Huge amounts of Gratitude your way, and sending you lots of loving Energy
    Namaste Michelle ☺️

  84. You’re awesome and I love this post. I am on a mission to love myself. I have never loved myself, been my own worst critic, and not just my own worst enemy but my own hired assassin and I’m over it. Done. Learning to love myself is the most fabulous journey. It’s divine and things just start making sense. And when they say you must love yourself to truly love someone else, they were absolutely not kidding about that. The epiphanies are astounding when it really starts to roll. So it thrills me to see you put this out there! And inspires me and helps me so freaking much! Thank you! You’re not only doing something really good for yourself but for me and for a lot of other women, probably men too. So rock on with your bad self baby, you are fabulicious!

  85. It takes a lot of courage to open yourself up and let that all out be very proud!!!
    I believe in you and love what you are sharing, I feel you are truly an inspiration and I have learnt a lot even though I haven’t managed to read all that you post and I’m not great at science, and yes I have also been told by a few what people think of you is none of your business…………lol.

    Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s totally awesome and many of us love it.

    Crystal Blessings

  86. You are spectacular! Your science based approach was what hooked me… Science, Chem and bio (I loved physics but my maths sucks!) are my passions too and I can never walk past a crystal shop… I collect ones I “must” have though I am yet to learn why or really how to use them lol… I love your down to earth style. And I love Doreen Virtuee and other also, I love people being unapologetically themselves! Authentic rocks xox

    Ps your science-based crystal info allows me to share metaphysics with those blocked to the idea as I was at first… The facts help people feel justified in looking deeper and trusting what they see!

  87. Actually I follow you BECAUSE you have the science to back it up – that is VERY important to me to understand as well as to just know. And I use the science explanations ALL the time, it makes sense to me and that is what I say – like I learned from you – if it works for you fine keep doing it but it doesn’t make sense for me because_________..

  88. Hibiscus Moon, I love what you say, what you do, who you are, what you know, and your knowledge and passions stimulate my mind and senses and I find your authenticity very refreshing and fun. You are the kind of person I want to surround myself with! Keep on being and doing YOU! Our world and universe needs more people like you. I’m sending you love, light and blessings, always. Lauren

  89. The reason you resonate with me more so than other teachers I have considered is because you are so authentic – if anything, people who try to be as exotic as possible in their image put a red flag up for me. I greatly respect that you are a smart, classy woman who just happens to work with crystals. Rock on ✨

  90. Ty for being so candid. It makes me feel less awkward about my own journey into the metaphysical. I too am not “airy fairy”, love science, into Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Ancient Aliens, etc….and though I have been called to explore this side of myself, do not feel like I “belong” to this community completely either. Maybe it is a self confidence thing, but like you state one does not have to be all “mystical” etc to be on this path. I do not yet know where this is all going, but it is a unique journey for everyone, not just me- and trying to fit the into the expectations of any group is not healthy. I am slowly “coming out” to more and more people outside of the metaphysical community, like my family who have as of yet not commented or seem willing to discuss the subject…but usually though my hubby “outs” me since he is so proud. Lol.

  91. Wow..ok so today, I just wrote a “blog” type thing to post on my FB page about this VERY thing!!!! I posted 2 short videos the other day and because I thought “these are so lame people will not take me seriously, they are not business like..lol and then I thought about HOW I run my practice here and how its so casual that I need to change it to be more professional. Well, let me tell you, you just helped me uncover a huge block that has kept me from moving forward – I HAD a great fun filled practice just being ME…then, I questioned it, allowed others to question me, all that I know in my hear to be my true authentic self, I changed some things and guess what….yep…lost my way!!! I have been struggling against the flow because of it and it has impacted my business. THANK YOU for this great message today and confirming the message I got from my “spirit guides” (I am one that hears, sees and feels :))) I am so in love with this blog now! You are an amazing teacher! Much love to you!

  92. What drew me to you and your teaching years ago was the Honesty, the Science, and the tell it like it is attitude. This most definitely resonates with me.
    I am what I am,
    still striving to be more,
    always looking forward
    to the next open door.

    Thank you for everything

  93. I love you being you! I love that I don’t have to resonate with everything you say but still love and respect you. I am living my purpose too. And it’s a Christal journey. You are very much into the Science. I am very much into the Spiritual part of the Christal. I do have a guide, it’s Christ. Unbelievable how I get an inspiration, revelation and go where He leads and things start manifesting. That’s why I spell Christal the way I do. He’s the creator of these Earthly beings. These are my beliefs and I still respect yours. I have insecurities too. My husband and I are 66 and just started our very small Christal biz in 2018…crossing off that bucket list item and going to Tucson. Then again this year and showing up at the Denver show this month. I go where He leads and am blessed for it. We are small, no brick and mortar business. We don’t get the best prices because we don’t buy quantity but I hand pick everything and you don’t get to do that with quantity. We are mainly doing this to raise vibrations, Christal Awareness in a small, rural MO town. Showing up at Farmer Markets that will have us, a rock show near STL once a year, a Wholistic Fair 50 miles away in the spring, a FB business page. I am open to whatever doesn’t cost much so I don’t have to add cost to the Christals to make a buck. We want to supplement our retirement income too. So far it’s taking money but I am not complaining. I know patience is part of it getting off the ground. I trust! When you are doing what you are meant to do, Trust is a Must. Keep doing it, and keep doing it your way. You say it, Trust your Intuition. It’s not always that simple, but it’s the ego that gets in the way. Christals support our Intuition not our ego’s. They support what we already know, not what society says. And, I am doing this all from a wheelchair. No pat on the back for that, it’s because of that I am doing it in the first place. That I have stopped and been still long enough to actually hear. God doesn’t close a door without opening another one. You are amazing! You do and give so much to make a difference. You do because you are you being you. That’s why you are successful. I have learned so much from you so Thank You so very much for teaching me and doing it freely. Yes, you deserve to make money, good money. Anybody that works hard deserves that. You are blessing a lot of lives. I give when I am inspired to give, in whatever way that is. I see you doing the same thing. Namaste! And Christal Blessings right back to you!!!✨💛✨

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