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Today we have a guest post written by 1 of our beloved Crystalline Cohorts in our Certified Crystal Healer Course, Cindy King. She comes to us already quite knowledgeable about crystals & she SO IMPRESSED me with her Crystal First Adi Kit that I asked her to write up a blog post about it. Plus I like to get ideas to ramp up my first aid kit!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Take it away Cindy!!

CINDY: I’ve worked with crystals for over 30 years now, but recently decided to take a class and get an “official” crystal healer’s certification (Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Classes). It sparked an idea to expand my “first aid kit” with a few more crystals (I use this kit for myself, family and close friends).

NOTE: Carry a cell phone, in an emergency call 911. Always get out of the way of medical professionals and law enforcement.







Here’s some of the items I keep in my Crystal First Aid Kit:


  • Amethyst druse – Amethyst is nature’s tranquilizer, can use to brush gently and slowly (from head to toe) through aura to calm and soothe the person in the case of shock or anxiety producing situation, or have the person hold it or place it next to their body.
  • Bloodstone – to help stop bleeding, have the person hold one in each hand or hold stone in an area just above injury (NOT on the injury)
  • Blue cooling stone (i.e. blue lace agate) – for burns and fevers, hold over the burn and visualize a cooling breeze washing over the area while also drawing out the heat
  • Calcite – (any color) small pieces can be added to casts or ace bandages, it amplifies energy and can speed up healing for inflammation, bones, joints, and tissues (very useful for athletes)
  • Favorite grounding stone (or 2 – one for each hand or placed at both feet), I use two heart hematite but any grounding stone would work. Helps someone reconnect to earth, stop hyper ventilating, lower a spike in blood pressure, migraines, etc. Either place at the feet of the person or have them hold one in each hand.



  • Malachite – for pain, have the person hold one in each hand, or place the stone on the painful area, or in the case of an open wound hold over area (not touching the wound) and visualize drawing out the pain
  • Rose Quartz – (I have a heart shaped one, but can be any shape) for calming heart, have the person hold it or place next to them.



  • Ohm tuning fork – great for calming energies, gently strike the fork with palm of hand and slowly guide it over the person in a downward motion from head to toe (come off the body) and repeat from head to toe (3 to 6 times)
  • Quartz – small clear quartz crystals and band aids – crystals can be attached to the injured area (not on an open wound of course – but above the injury)


  • A large crystal point is useful for focusing healing energy and also for distance healing. For example, you see an accident or someone injured (a stranger) that you can’t approach, use the crystal point (discretely) to help channel healing energy. In the case of distance healing (whether stranger or known person if you can’t ask permission directly (i.e. person is unconscious, etc.), always intuitively ask permission of their higher self and proceed if you get an affirmative with the intent to always allow that person’s will to be in charge of how their body uses the healing energy being sent)



  • I also have a large clear quartz crystal heart, I used that for general all around healing and for amplying the healing energy of other smaller stones.
  • Rescue Remedy – drop or two under the tongue is good to help relieve anxiety, stress in an emergency



  • Selenite Wand (with fluorite tip) – nice tool for directing energy to meridian points or guiding energy along the meridians to promote healing and clear out energy blockages. Selenite is a good stone for removing energy blocks from physical and etheric bodies. Fluorite is healing, cleansing, protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.
  • Tea Tree oil or antibacterial gel – disinfectant properties


From top left – 2 tumbled malachite, 3 tumbled blood stone, rose quartz heart, smoky quartz heart, double terminated crystal point (wire wrapped, can be used as a pendulum also), large clear quartz heart, 2 hematite hearts, selenite with fluorite tip massage wand, 2 amethyst druse (with white calcite), 1 amethyst heart, bandaids, antibacterial honey gel, small crystal points, Ohm tuning fork.

I am a wife, mom, full-time employee trapped in an office cubicle, college graduate, and certified massage therapist. I am also a Healing Energy Facilitator (qi gong for healing, reiki, crystal healing, tarot, guided meditation, sacred space, spirit empowerment ), founder of the Healer’s Way (workshops for healing and empowerment), author of the blog Blissful Moon, and booklet “Tarot for Personal Transformation,” with over 30 years of experience in wicca, energy work, crystals, and collecting tarot.

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HIBISCUS: How wonderful was that??~! Thank you so much for sharing that with us all, Cindy. Do you have other items in yoru kit you’d like to share? Please post them in the comments below. 🙂

Healthy Crystal Blessings to you ALL!