More Fake Crystals to Watch Out For! (I’ve got some new ones for ya…)

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Hey, Hey, Hey!!

I have more “FAKE CRYSTALS” updates for us today.

The artificial mineral market is continuing to grow & it seems there’s a “gap” in good reliable info on this sort of thing in general.

I get really super-duper passionate about getting this info out there & I feel I’m in a very unique position to do just that, being a former science department chair, having studied geology at the Masters level & being a Crystal Healing Teacher with a pretty large platform  gives me a great advantage…so how could I NOT heed the call?

I’m so honored to be able to serve in this way & grateful for being given the opportunity to do so!

I really want to educate our #CrystalHottie community on what’s available out there so we can make really informed decisions when adding specimens to our sacred collections. If you feel passionate about this too, please share this post in any way you prefer. (There are some handy-dandy “SHARE” buttons you can use at the bottom). 😉

Vibrant Pink Tourmaline

Mostly, I’ve seen these at the most recent Tucson Gem Shows or popping up on eBay from the Middle East.

The color really pops so it really catches your eye! Not to say that pink tourmaline of this color doesn’t exist in nature. It so totally does!

BUT I can tell these in the below photo are FAKES.


HOW can I tell?

Well, let me tell you…b/c I want you to be informed & be able to catch this shiz too.

No more duping us!

Now it is HARD to pick out the fake pink tourmalines, but this one made it all too easy. It was coupled with an easily identified irradiated smokey quartz. Dead give away!

See the dark 6 sided points up there? Yep, that’s quartz &, as you can see, it looks like black quartz, Morion quartz even…BUT ITS NOT!

The above quartz is clearly artificially irradiated quartz.

And since the pink color of the tourmaline & the black of the quartz is so strong, I’m going to assume that this specimen (and others like it) would be considered “HOT”; meaning that it could still be giving off significant amounts of radiation!!

Another tell-tale sign would be that the color fades over time & very quickly when exposed to sunlight. Of course, you’d have to own the piece for a bit of time to catch that though.


This stuffs is often mistaken for moonstone b/c of its luminous blue-ish glow.

third eye

But it ain’t nothin’ more than manmade glass (or sometimes even plastic!) 🙁

It’s usually flawless with no inclusions & blue-ish clear or milky colored. You may sometimes see little air bubbles from the synthetic manufacturing process or even scratches on the surface.


Just know…it has NOTHING to do with real authentic opal.

Fake Ajoite & Papagoite!!!

I’ve lumped these 2 together b/c they are very closely related. Now, originally ajoite was named after a blue mass of color found in rocks in Ajo, Arizona but in speaking to geologists, they’ve since gotten strict about what they’ll apply that name to. This also helps to avoid confusion. Here’s an official geology page on to help explain what you should be looking for.

This one really has me fired up & ticked off today b/c I was recently selling my last 2 pieces of ajoite from my private collection. So in the process of that, it gave me the opportunity to have my nose shoved into this new fake situation that’s reared its UGLY head: FAKE AJOITE & PAPAGOITE! No duping us with FAKES!!!!

Yep, this one really pisses me off! Probably b/c I have such a love affair with ajoite most especially. I’ve now realized I’m really protective of it.

Both ajoite & papagoite are extremely rare & expensive…when they are genuine.

I first became alerted to this issue recently when someone told me on 1 of my FB livestreams that they had just purchased a papagoite necklace of beads for a reasonable price.

redflag*Ding, ding, ding!!* Red flag up!

Papagoite & ajoite do not come in beads…if they do then they are not the real deal.

They should be in the form of a natural quartz point.

If they are in a quartz mass or tumbled quartz stone of any sort then it’s most likely some form of chrysocolla. Some of these fakes are simply low-grade chrysocolla masses or tumbled stones.

If it’s a fake quartz point being touted as “ajoite” with an off-color it’s most likely fake chlorite lab-grown quartz or dye injections we’ve been seeing as of late! Yuck.

Remember that ajoite is a very specific very vibrant shade of blue turquoise (the EXACT shade is seen in the below photo), and the AUTHENTIC naturally included quartz points are all from the Messina Mine in Musina, South Africa:

Also, keep in mind, these blue inclusions are always found in natural quartz crystal points, not beads, masses or cut & polished points.
Ajoite. Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Ajoite. Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Here’s a grouping of some of my ajoite collection in the above photo. The 4 points on the top are indeed the real thing. The 2 stones on the bottom are chrysocolla rocks.

If it has more of a green hue…sorry, but it’s not the real deal. Match yours up with the photos above. Not quite right? A bit off? Then it’s NOT ajoite.

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT TIP!: The blue inclusions are usually somewhere between the apex & midway up the shaft…not near the base of the crystal point. I’ve seen many of the fakes with the fake color gathered somewhere between the mid-shaft & the base. In authentic ajoite & papagoite, somehow the blue inclusions like to rise to the top of the apexes (apices) & even very often form phantoms!

Someone was trying to pass this (below) off as ajoite. Puh-leeeeez! You can see the difference now, right?

fake ajoite

Same with papagoite; also a very specific vibrant color sky blue (bordering on Royal Blue) embedded in a natural quartz point.

Papagoite. Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Papagoite. Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Price is another indicator to authenticity here too. Not to say that if it’s super expensive that it means it’s the real deal!

Ajoite Tips to REMEMBER:

  • Look for the green hue. Greenish? Not the real thing.
  • Does it look like most REAL ajoite & papagoite specimens you’ve studied before?
  • Is it a naturally included quartz point?
  • Where is the color saturation gathered in the specimen?
  • Is your seller trusted & knowledgeable about the mineralogy (not just the metaphysics)?
  • Then use price point as your next indicator

Why so rare?

Although ajoite & papagoite microcrystals were originally discovered in Ajo, Arizona the highly coveted quartz-included points only come from the Messina Copper Mine in South Africa, which stopped production & closed in 1992. 🙁

The expensive price of ajoite & papagoite reflects the extremely high demand & low supply.

Basic economics.

Sellers of authentic ajoite & papagoite know what they have & fully understand their worth.

Some of these sellers may know full well they are passing off fakes & others may have no idea. So I feel it’s up to us, Crystal Hotties, to inform such sellers so they can know in the future & pay it forward by educating their customers. ♥

Use your common sense here. If it’s too good to be true, then yeah, it probably is.

**Please SHARE this info with other Crystal Hotties so that we all stay in-the-know & well-informed. No duping us with FAKES!!!!**

Yes, I’m VERY passionate about this.

If you choose to work with man-made crystals & you enjoy them just fine or it’s been working for you, I always say “keep on ‘truckin'”. Don’t change a thing!

I just want us all to have the knowledge first & then you can make an informed decision regarding how you choose to use these “stones”. And as always, the moral of the story here is…Buyer Beware. Who are you buying from? Are they reputable? Do they know what they’re talking about? Are you doing your own homework? The best way to protect yourself is through education.

Do you have any fake-out stories to tell? Please post in the comments below & help us all out!

Crystal Blessings,
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        1. Opalite is a trade name for man-made opalescent glass, however, there is natural Opalite that shares the same basic chemical properties as opal.

      1. Hi! Have you heard of KamiCrystals? They are on Etsy and claim to have the highest vibrational energy crystals available and charge an exorbitant amount of money for a small quartz tumbled stone that is able to activate your DNA among other things? What do you think?

    2. Sage Goddess … stay away from this site. Sent nephrite jade and its black? Sent chipped stone as well. Lovely No Refunds, No Returns. Not to mention the OUTRAGEOUS shipping charge of $20 for 10 small stones that was shipped 8 days after I ordered. For a $20 shipping charge you’d expect 5 star service Nope

      1. Stephanie, Sage Goddess (Athena) is the worst! I ordered a gem exiler water bottle from them ($80) and after the fact, I wanted to know what the liquid was made up with in the Crystal Pod attached to the bottom of the water bottle. NO ONE there could tell me. The Swiss manufacturer never answered my repeated emails. I said based upon the fact that I cannot find out what the contents of the Crystal Pod were, I wanted to return it for a refund. They said no. I said well how about for store credit? Again, no. Stay far away from these people!

        1. This woman is a charlatan-hawking overpriced junk. I was booted off of all her pages when I was explaining the geological makeup of crystal and how they do not grow after being mined…and YES, she has left her followers to believe that crystals (quartz, herkimers etc) continue to grow after you take them home! So many people swearing up and down that their quartz has sprouted! OMG

      2. Ugh. I just received my order from Sage Goddess yesterday and was so upset with the crystals she sent. The sad thing is that some of the crystals I ordered have properties to help with relaxation but when I opened my order I became so agitated and irritated. I couldn’t seem to get over the negativity until I saged myself. First and last time I buy online. Unfortunately there aren’t any crystal shops or metaphysical bookstores near where I live.

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      Mary, as I stated in this post ajoite must be a crystal point. If it’s tumbled then it’s chrysocolla, not ajoite. People like throwing the ajoite name around b/c it fetches a higher price point.

      1. Wow, thank you for this. I purchased a tumbled piece from Sage Goddess in August of 2014- The listing was ” Rare Tumbled Ajote in chrysocolla” and I had it wire wrapped and cost me $35. I am shocked and beside myself.

        1. It is against the law to sell fake anything, never mind fake stones. If it’s done mistakenly, then the merchant should make it right by refunding the purchase price. You have to stand up for yourself. Let them know you would like to resolve this amicably. Next step would be to contact your card company for a chargeback, if you used a card. **I’m not an attorney, but I am in this business and have NO patience for fake stones in the marketplace.

    1. Post
      1. Do you have a link(s) to and/or a list of reputable sources for buying crystals/gems? The info is much appreciated. Thanks for these posts. 🙂

    2. go on instagram and watch live sales @irisunique @rocksforthespirit @amarisland @handofspirit

    3. I recommend a store called Everlasting Gifts Inc. Their website is currently being redone – partly so they can add a whole new section to their site to help in the same cause of spreading accurate crystal knowledge – but they can still be found on Facebook and Instagram. You can currently place your order over the phone or through FB if you don’t live close enough to shop in person (Roseville, CA). Not only have I shopped here for years, but I also used to manage the store and can guarantee that the owner and staff are knowledgeable and do their very best to make sure customers know what they’re getting and that it’s authentic. Robert Simmons is another character you should watch out for, he likes to give common stones such as hematite in quartz fancy new names and mark up the price like crazy. If you know your mineralogy you can catch it in some of his stone descriptions.

  1. Thank you. I am about to buy a necklace – Ajoite with Papagoite in Quartz Facetted Bead from S. Africa – 13 Carats – 0.7″ – its from a company in Canada that my local lady who makes my earrings recommends, but they are definitely beads. and a couple of hundred $. I really don’t mean to sound disrespectful but are you sure that the only Ajoite with Papagoite in Quartz is a Point?

    1. Post

      You can check it out with a geologist. If you think about it…why would anyone take true ajoite & polish it down into a bead reducing its value exponentially. What it likely is is the color found in ajoite or papagoite produced by copper-bearing minerals like chrysocolla in quartz (its the same exact chemical component). Technically, this is not known as ajoite or papagoite. Only the points are.

      1. This is false information, the mineral inclusion in the quartz is Papagoite (blue) or Ajoite (teal). Some of these crystals are found broken or not the best quality to be sold as points and can be made into beads. Anyone with lapidary equipment can make almost any stone into a bead and do. However I have also witnessed a form of chalcedony and chrysocolla being sold as Ajoite. It is good to inform people of the truth. I have cut rough ajoite and can drill it into beads, I have bought Ajoite that is clearly Ajoite in rough shape (tip broken) That could be made into wonderful beads. I hope you update your info to fully reflect truth. There are also beautiful cabs available in Ajoite and Papagoite. Most times the inclusions are found in translucent quartz, but also can be found in Smoky Quartz. Hope this helps. Love and Bless

    2. go on instagram and watch live sales @irisunique @rocksforthespirit @amarisland @handofspirit

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  2. When I was a newbie I was suckered by “blue obsidian,” which was just glass. I was kind of annoyed because I bought it at my favorite mineral shop that I trusted… If I was the proprietor of a mineral shop, I would never sell such an item without a disclaimer, just sayin’.

    1. Post
      1. And many times the sellers DO know, but just don’t care. There is a women who owns a crystal shop in my area who is an Advanced Crystal Master graduate of your course, Hibiscus Moon, and she tried selling me “blue obsidian” along with “amber” (which was $9 a piece). I just laughed at her, and said it’s most likely copal, and there is no such thing as “blue obsidian,” it’s glass lady. What I felt like saying is “shame, shame, Hibiscus would not be too happy with you.”

        So yes, some sellers DO know, but just don’t care. They see $$$$$ and all moral sense goes out the window. Crystal fakes being sold as the real deal, disgusts me too!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve enlightened us with your crystal expertise! I saw some recently and it saddens me that it’s being sold as ajoite. I even bought a tumbled chrysocolla w/ ajoite from that shop a year ago and I’m glad this clears things up, as my gut felt unsure that it was truly ajoite in there. Knowledge is power and I thank you for keeping us in the know!

    1. I’m glad somebody else noticed what is up with the “Sage Goddess.” She is over-the-top sensational when it comes to selling crystals.

      Check out her “rare” Bismuth metalloid specimen for $6.50.

      I quote from the above link: “You’re looking at something really special. Bismuth is a POWERFUL crystalline metal….The structure is natural and rare in nature. In fact you will not see this molecular structure elsewhere on the planet. I revel in bringing you rare offerings, and this is one to behold. Please note: Bismuth is EXPENSIVE. This price is almost a wholesale price because I want to make this metal accessible, but I had to scour the Earth to find it!”

      LOL! You know why you won’t see this molecular structure elsewhere on the planet? Because the planet don’t make it, baby! It’s fake! This stuff burns me up.

      We all know that Hibiscus Moon graciously informed us that the iridescent bismuth crystals are fake, fake, fake. Hibiscus says: “rainbow-colored crystallized Bismuth like that DOES NOT occur in nature. These Pretty-Babies are lab-grown (usually in Germany). They take liquid bismuth & super-cool it until it crystallizes.”

      Back in 2011, I took Hibiscus’ course, but was two classes shy of graduating and did not finish because I got pregnant. But I can tell you folks that Hibiscus is one of the most honest gals in the crystal biz. If she says it’s fake, then it’s fake. Period.

      Just trying to make others aware of the fakes too.

      1. Let me tell you about that mess over there….I purchased a few stones, some polished, some raw, and some that came from “Tuscon gem show” . When I received my order, no slip was enclosed to tell me what I ordered? And only 3 little cards out of the 5 stones I purchased, that described what the stone was and the purpose? Why not send all 5? I was very disappointed with the quality and sent an email, which takes 2 days for someone to even respond to you. Well, that was worse. It was impossible to get a refund. You are forced to get a credit ONLY.

        With all the hipe over there, whew! Let that all be, and thank goodness we have a real, authentic, professional, and honest person here!

        Just make sure you all do your homework and if you are unsure, ask!

          1. I’ve purchased from Sage Goddess several times and all of their items were authentic except for a pair of Ajoite. Otherwise, I’ve been pleased with their products as well as their customer service.

    2. I was so excited to buy two Ajoite point but I was quite disappointed when they finally arrived. It was more than obvious to me that they were Fuchsite. I contacted SG and the owner assured me that it was a RARE teal green Ajoite. I honestly felt scammed then wondered whether one of her sources gave her misinformation? I don’t know who to blame or what to believe

  4. In case you are there to buy quartz, and you fear of being fooled with a normal glass, you can easily identify it. Being an amorphous, glass molecules didn’t have time to arrange in a proper crystalline geometric pattern which differentiate it from quartz. The reason being quartz cools slowly and do possess a geometrically perfect molecular structure. While glass will often have tiny air bubbles, this would be missing in quartz.

  5. I have an ametrine crystal point I love.

    It is about 3″ high x 2″ at widest part tapered to 1″ at base ( in USA imperial) and is a deep purple with brown in the centre. When I bought it the crystal was fairly opaque – I didn’t mind because I thought the colours were and still are, beautiful.

    This crystal has not faded so much as become clearer. It now has many mirrored surfaces inside where it used to be cloudy.

    I have been careful not to leave it on direct sunlight. I am not sure what to think. The colour has not faded, just become clearer.

    Thank you

    1. I have had crystals that changed in appearance over a long period – more than ten years. One, an expensive giant citrine point showed suddenly covered all over a very large face with small raised triangular points as I was paying for it. I had not seen them before that and the assistant had not seen them previously. It remained so for many years sitting upon my piano but recently, I noticed that they have all disappeared except for a few small patches. I also have a fair sized Tibetan cluster and one of the double terminated crystals with a bluish tint, had a lovely snowy inclusion. This inclusion has grown considerably over the years and has formed a distinctive point of its own. These beautiful crystals are so alive.

    2. My best novice idea towards it becoming clearer in time would be that part of the crystal was milky quartz. Milky quartz contains inclusions of unsolidified quartz that gives it’s signature appearance and as time passed, they had “dried” up resulting in the clarity.

  6. With the world of crystals and its healing powers being more exposed to the world there comes high demand. In order to meet demands we get fakes. And then we start to find perfect quartz with wholes in them to accommodate a candle and it kills me!! Sad sad sad. 🙁

  7. I saw a ‘super 7’ tumblechip bracelet for £3 yesterday (about 5 dollars). Warning signs straight away. It’s too cheap!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I have some fakes in my growing collection–some I knew were not real “earth formed” crystals when I bought them ( goldstone and those really pretty glass spheres in a variety of colors sold on Ebay by Chinese distributors as “rare purple, blue , green, etc. quartz” which you can pick up for $1 if lucky. I buy them for decoration because they are very appealing to my eye! ) and I was actually duped on a couple–maybe more.

  9. A friend and I have been in contact with Sage “goddess” and after being ignored my friend (who is a legitimate geologist, degree and experience and passion included) told them we would report to the BBB. They finally changed a couple of the big “mistaken” listings. Glad to see some others are aware too.
    Taking advantage is horrible enough but then overpricing and being deceptive about things that people use for healing and energy? I just couldn’t wait for Karma on this one.

    1. To Empressa

      Had same issue and told them on the phone and via email they needed to change the verbiage on a few items since it was not correct. And the pricing is outrageous. They have Kammererite Slabs for $90 I never heard of them? I looked them up, yet do not know enough about them?
      So grateful for this article and will always be a customer here forever and ever. Even the members are nicer here.

    2. I’ve purchased several items from Sage Goddess. I’ve had good experience with customer service, however, I have a couple of items that were listed incorrectly (one as amber , but is actually reconstituted amber) and the other is orange obsidian (which wasn’t expensive at all which seems too good to be true as it is EXTREMELY rare and costly.)

      I purchased BOTH because I liked the items. I’m not sure why the description was inaccurate.

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  11. Ordered Flourite generator point from a dealer on Amazon. Picture looked great. Reviews were great. When received, it was slag glass. Posted a genuine review warning on the dealer’s review. First and last time ordering online. Besides, I do like feeling the vibrations in person before I buy. ?

  12. Sometimes amythysts are heat treated to create citrine. If the crystal became clearer then, maybe it was heat treated and that may be why it’s becoming clearer. I am not sure if that could be why. I know that if citrine is brown or amber colored , that it is heat treated amythyst .

  13. Im too poor to collect real so I’m guessing because I go for cheaper price that all I got is fake rocks. Im done trying.

  14. I was duped by Opalite. I was in Denver ( hours away) and my boys wanted to leave the store. So instead of taking my time I hurried and then realized my mistake when I got back to Minnesota and saw the air bubbles. Ugh…not a happy camper. But…I send them with the boys to school as worry stones/stress relievers anyway. They fit better in a pocket than a stress ball. 🙂

  15. Hibiscus,
    I am afraid that you are incorrect in your statement that ajoite only occurs in clear quartz crystal points. Or that it cannot come in bead form. Ajoite from the New Cornelia Mine in Ajo, Arizona (which is where the name ajoite is derived from) usually occurs there as a thin sheet on a matrix. However, ajoite can and does occur in massive form. I personally own a 4 ounce piece of solid ajoite with shattuckite inclusions purchased from a mine manager at the New Cornelia copper mine. I also have 2 small cabochons of ajoite purchased from him.The mine has been closed for many years. Be happy to provide you with photos if you doubt the veracity of what I am saying. I do applaud you in trying to educate folks on the scam ajoite being sold on Ebay and elsewhere. Most ajoite being sold is a scam whether from Ebay or new age dealers.
    Best regards

  16. Trina – I know its been a few months so I hope you see this. Don’t give up! I’m broke too, and actually I’m a stone beginner who reads a lot, but some of the best stones are common enough to be cheap. I’ve gotten a lot of benefit out of hematite, and I just happened across some agate beads I had from a few years back that I just strung up. Read up on more real vs fake, and you’ll start to see common themes of certain things that they don’t BOTHER to imitate because there’s no point.

  17. Hello

    Surprised to see my picture attached to the Google map picture . Please remove this image has it is seenot associated with fake crystals.

    Thank you for your quick response
    Sherry Schemer man

  18. what about an Ajoite, Shattuckite, Chrysocolla in quartz Tumbled stone?
    is it not possible to tumble a point with an ajoite inclusion?

  19. I am a graduate of The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. I have an Etsy shop where I sell crystals & make it my mission to not sell overpriced or fake stones. Please know that there are shops out there that still have integrity. I want to be able to provide these beautiful to everyone.

  20. I bought a lot of Ajoite, Shattuckacite, etc. from a miner the worked at the mine. Much was from his boss who took it out in the fifties. I am preparing for the Sedona Gem show and decided to sell items I never would and research shows only Ajoite in crystals. I am confused and frustrated because there was lot of material like my green slabs called Ajoite before it was discovered in Africa. Even the mine only shows the crystal type.
    I took pics, but see no way to send to you. The show is the 21/22 this month and if you can advise me before then it would be great.
    Thanks in advance, Robert

  21. Hello
    My birthstone is black toulumine and I was wondering if I can wear it with the Apache tear (black obsidian)
    Please advice

  22. Hi, I came across “blue onyx” today and iy seems a little TOO blue to be real. Is blue onyx naturally occurring or is this just dyed quartz or dyed agate?

    I’m a newsletter subscriber and LOVE the ‘how to spot a fake” ebook! Thank you so much!

  23. Sage Goddess absolutely sells fakes. I bought an opal aura Quartz heart, not knowing any better. But I loved the way it looked, so I purchased it for over $20. As I know have learned how to tell clear Quartz from glass, I left a poor review and called her out as selling fakes. So disappointing that people are making money on the backs of lies. I won’t be purchasing anything from her again. For me, it’s been difficult finding a legitimate source for crystals. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

  24. Here’s a place you may need to be careful with it is called the Apollo box. I don’t know if this is a reliable source, but here is a good website but I think you guys might be able look at. It is

  25. I have repeated Google’s sage goddess “handmade ” jewelry and items and found them mass produced in wholesale sites. I trust no-one when buying stone or crystals these days. 😝 she has a PhD but it doesn’t mean she’s the leading authority plus her ex employees say she’s a fraud

    1. Funny, I use to sell the same jewelry she sells when I first started. I actually produced/created it and China copied me and mass produced it back in 2013, and sold it thru Aliexpress. I fought with them for a year, but it is impossible to win with China, so I gave up. They still to this date do it to me when I make something unique, including my no-kill smudge feathers, which they’ve tried several times to copy me with no success (happy dance). Sad think is that etsy made “me” remove my items from the shop saying I did not make them, even though I had all the proof needed to show them I was the original creator of the jewelry peace. I am in the process of closing shop with etsy do to this problem and discrimination, and so are other 16 metaphysical shops. Many have questioned her shop due to the same question you have. She shops at Aliexpress.

  26. Now I see a lot of “genuine” clear ponits with embedded roses? how is that even possible? I don’t get how people fall for this?

    1. I would love to send you a photo. I was told these are being sold as genuine crystals and it really upsets me people will believe that roses are naturally embedded into crystal Quartz points. Come ON!!!!

  27. Sage Goddess is nothing but a carny. Most of her “rare” stuff can easily be found online for a fraction of the price. Her 100% pure essential oils also tested as synthetic. For rocks that are legit and great prices, check out The Mineral Division on fb. You won’t be disappointed or screwed.

  28. Quick question: I have a few crystals that I believe may be opalite considering their iridescent, glass-like appearance. However, they have tree-like marks and matte bands in them almost like dendritic agate. Do you have any idea if they were made that way, or could they possibly be agate or natural opalite?

  29. These stones are NOT fakes at all. How long have you been studying mineralogy ?!?!?! Have you been formally trained?! What are your credentials?? It is your advice that is fake. Look in your own mirror before you judge.

  30. WoW 😱 why are people doing this , I suppose they think they are going to make the big bucks 🤣 thanks to yo HM in keep us up to date , with these new fakes coming into the Gem and minerals market . We are aware an can spread the word .

  31. I have been searching for a golden healer quartz point to make a pendulum from and was bamboozled by a dealer in a rock and gem show when I showed it to someone I trust in the “rock trade” I was told I spent a pretty penny on tangerine quartz so sad and disillusioned..thank you for this informative blog on ajoite & papagoite and I hope my pink tourmaline is real😉

  32. I just got my order from Sage Goddess and when i touches them i did not feel anything. I really feel like they are not real. It is sad. I spend 200€ plus import VAT to Sweden and feel so sad right now.
    It is not about money I just feel really sad and fulled. Who to trust? eh…

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