Fake Crystal Sellers Now at Risk | FTC Crack Down

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Topic: FTC Crack Down | Fake Crystal Sellers Now at Risk

FTC cracking down on crystal sellers

In this blog post, I’ve included the show notes for today’s show or the most recent show, including the links and resources I reference in the video.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a legal expert and this is not legal advice. All information provided in this post and video is for entertainment purposes only.

In today’s show, we’re talking about those selling known crystal fakes or misrepresentations being at risk of legal action with the FTC. We’re discussing stuff like:

  • crystal sellers possibly running the risk of legal action 
  • popular crystals that are a straight up scam
  • examples of dodgy or deceitful selling practices
  • What the FTC is cracking down on

BTW, the above image is of Rainbow Cal-Silica, one of the crystal-fakes I’ve written about before.

Just wondering… have you ever looked at a crystal and thought, “Is this the real deal or is this just a fake?” Want my guidance on becoming more Crystal Savvy? Then come take a look at my Crystal Savvy: Crystal + Mineral Identification Class Elective.


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Hope you enjoyed this week’s topic. Please post your comments below!

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  1. A little frustrated. With the switch to YT live I am not getting notified (happened to go to YT page and saw there was supposed to be the topic in the blog and I assumed today at 11am ET which is when they have always been. I cannot find it anywhere going on live. Perhaps an email from tech support to guide me on making sure I am getting the notifications (I am subscribed to Hibiscus Moon YT and I do have notifications on), and then how to actually find the live stream?

    1. Post

      Hey Doreen. Sorry about that but it sounds like its a YouTube glitch and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just finished today’s show. My shows always generally occur every other Wednesday at 1PM ET. The reply is now posted in this blog post so you can watch it. 🙂

      Edited: Oh good! Looks like you got the notification and were able to watch. ♥

        1. Hi and Thanks for the information on All the Fake crystals out there … I’ve also had experience with some fakes but am double checking the stones origin … I always clear and program my crystals purchased when I receive them … Much Love and Many Blessings sent to you for all you do for us 😊

  2. I watched the live stream after the fact, and found I’m not able to comment there.

    In any case, I believe crystal vendors should know what they are selling.

    On a different note, as it relates to responsible selling; I purchased an African spirit/cactus amethyst from a vendor on Etsy.

    It’s lovely with I believe, smokey & citrine smaller points around the base of the larger purple point.
    I felt an immediate connection to this piece, so much that I went back and purchased a much bigger piece. Upon inspection (more beautiful in person) I found where my first piece must have been plucked from.

    For some reason it troubled me that the mother stone is being chiseled apart. I realize it’s easier to sell a bunch of smaller pieces under $100 ea, but why does it seem wrong?

    1. Post

      Frances, if you don’t have a YouTube account then you’re not able to comment on that platform. (If you do want notifications of my videos there you will want to set up an account on YouTube and subscribe to my channel)/. But I welcome your commenting here. 🙂 You have to feel into what the breaking apart of crystals and stones is bringing up for you. I can sort of see where you’re coming from, but I also am quite aware of Mother Earth’s sometimes violent Rock Cycle and then it just doesn’t seem so bad to me at all. 😉

    1. Post
  3. I also am not receiving notifications either in FB or messenger. Not sure what’s happening but frustrated ’cause I miss not seeing the livestreams!

  4. Thank you for posting this great video! I too have noticed an increase in inaccurate and false information when shopping for crystals. I try to do as much research as I can in order to be an informed consumer. Your videos are one of the ways I stay educated about what is on the Crystal Market. All the information you have provided over the years has been very helpful. Again, thank you for posting this video and keep up the excellent work!

  5. I just read your e-book on Crystal Fakes – thank you! This is a truly awesome resource and I will literally treasure it going forward on my crystal journey!

  6. This is overwhelming. I’m a crystal seller and I KNOW that enhanced colors and stones too colorful or too pretty to be true means that they’re probably man made. I always try to let the buyers know (I’ve sold some aura quartz before and I specify that they’re man made), but after I saw the fake citrine video I was thinking about taking the Crystal Savvy course….. now after this video I am DEFINITELY enrolling!! Thank you so much for all of this information!
    I do feel it’s my responsibility to be educated in the matter, be truthful and always deliver the best quality possible to my clients.
    Hopefully next year I can also become a CCH <3

  7. Purple and Pink alunite are salt lab-grown formations! They’re pretty but some of my buyers have told me that they were sold one for over 200 bucks AND they were told they’re “natural”. I told them no-no. I have three pieces for sale right now but I have listed in the description that they’re lab-grown and have no actual healing properties. They’re only for decor!

  8. Thank you for sharing so much wonderful information as always. I sell crystals here in Australia and I’ve noticed lately that customers are increasingly suspicious and price conscious when it comes to crystals, and many have been sold things elsewhere like opalite as moonstone, blue howlite as turquoise etc… That said, many are attracted to the artificial stones for price and appearance, until I tell them a stone is dyed, synthetic, whatever – at which point some have walked out of my store. I feel I’m morally obliged to inform customers when something is synthetic only to meet with criticism for selling ‘fakes’…. On a positive note, thank you for sharing your visit from eagle. What a wonderful message from spirit for you!

  9. I think if you are selling a product, you should know it! I would love to read your “how to spot a fake” but the link in my email newsletter is not working…. arrrggghhhhh!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for this latest info.! The dishonesty of some sellers is only going to increase due to the rising popularity of crystals. I try to keep current, but your experience and knowledge are so appreciated!

  11. Hey Hibiscus Moon!

    I’m a big fan of your videos and I especially love your educational videos regarding crystal fakes.

    I have heard people say that some Prasiolite or “Green Amethyst” being sold is often Amethyst that has been heat treated to create the green colour, what are your thoughts on that?

    Also, I’ve heard similar things about “Turquentine” or Blue-Howlite. I’m pretty sure blue-howlite also comes under the classification of a fake crystal however I have heard some people say that it is natural as well. I’m not quite convinced haha!

    Last but not least, I’ve seen the majority, if not all of your videos regarding Citrine and it’s baked Amethyst variety, however I don’t remember seeing Ametrine being spoken about. Is most Ametrine being sold a naturally occuring bi-colour stone or is it a not completely heat treated regular Amethyst crystal?

    Thank you for your wisdom!

  12. I did not revive and when I did could not open the fake crystals .pdf. Please send it again directly to me. Thanks, in advance.

  13. Hi i was wondering if you know anything about andara crystals.i bought one for at least 100$ from laurie reyon and master cat puddah and i asked her if it was real,she swore it was but my daughter who is very psychic said it is a fake.how do i tell ?

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