Even More Crystal Fakes

Informing, you — our Crystal Family, on this topic of crystal fakes and misrepresentations has been a passion of mine for some time now and I’m HONORED to be given the opportunity and privilege to serve in this way.

My goal here is to educate our community on what mineral fakes are currently making their rounds so we can all make intelligent buying decisions.

Keep this in mind: Always use your common sense. The best protection from crystal fakes is to be well-informed yourself.

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Let’s dig in!


I’ve seen Pruskite along with a number of other lab-grown crystals (usually at gem shows) and they’re normally labeled as being lab-grown.


No problemo.


These are all lab-grown crystals on display at a recent gem show I was at. The circled dark red crystals sitting on top of yellow “matrix” are Pruskite.

However — recently I’ve had a number of my students ask me about this “crystal’s” healing properties; stating that they saw pruskite being sold online… being passed off as a natural mineral; a very “scarce yet powerful root chakra crystal found in Poland” and making it sound as if this was an all-natural find.

Please don’t be fooled on this one. It never occurs in nature. It only exists because someone has grown it in a lab!

As I write this blog post, I do see a turn in the right direction. I see many online crystal sellers moving this crystal — but most of them are doing right by us by at least prefacing their descriptions with something like,

“Not found in nature.”

GOOD! I think we’re starting to have an impact here, Crystal Family!

Is the tide turning?

Our collective growing knowledge is causing the tide to turn and sellers are realizing we’re becoming more and more educated about this stuff.

Now as far as being found in Poland, for whatever reason, it seems Pruskite is often LAB-GROWN in Poland. So, there’s that. :/

Now, can a crystal be a lab-grown AND great for root chakra work? Possibly. You have to try that out for yourself.

My personal choice is to not work with synthetics for personal and spiritual work.

But, really, what’s more important to me is that the seller is being UPFRONT about how/where the stone really came from and not trying to dupe or confuse us with lingo like this that I found on one site today:

“Very beautifully crystallized mineral in bedrock, very rare root chakra energy. Only found in Poland.”

While they didn’t straight up say it’s NATURAL, that description sure makes it sound like it is. Doesn’t it?

Please note: Pruskite can be grown as bright yellow or (more often) red.  Keep in mind, since it’s water-soluble, pruskite can easily be damaged and lose its luster if it gets wet.

Purple Turquoise

This turquoise dupe is also known as Mojave Purple Turquoise. And it looks so gorgeous. Too good to be true — and it is.

Purple “turquoise” is the result of reconstituted turquoise which gets stabilized then mixed with a red-colored synthetic resin (oftentimes plastic) then pressed into a gemstone shape for jewelry.

purple turquoise

Purple “Turquoise” earrings. Photo Credit belongs to Crystal Family Member, Kara L Baas. Thanks so much for sharing, Kara!

“Reconstituted” means that small amounts of authentic turquoise (that would otherwise be wasted) are recycled by grinding it up into a fine powder. Then resins, fillers, and adhesives may then be added and then pressed into a mold, carved or shaped.

I understand the need for this, but just keep in mind that this means that these are mostly synthetic chemicals mixed in with your turquoise powder.

If you’re OK with that, then go for it.

purple turquoise

Purple “Turquoise”. Photo Credit belongs to Crystal Family Member, Sue Chadwick Mutschler. Thank you for sharing, Sue!

FYI: Sometimes people refer to sugilite as purple turquoise (which they really shouldn’t do because it just adds to the whole naming confusion… we have enough to contend with already without adding to the confusion, right?)

If you want to know more about REAL turquoise, check out my blog post here.

Diamonds from Ashes of Your Loved Ones

This part of my blog post may seem a bit morbid but I’m writing it anyway because I think it’s quite sad that this sort of fraud is being pulled on the grieving!!

You may have heard of this process before: a loved one dies and one option post-cremation is to have some of their ashes turned into a diamond or other “gemstone” (a synthetic “ruby-like”, “emerald-like”, etc. “gem”) that you can wear.

Sounds lovely right? I thought of doing this until… I really thought about it.


One company that offers this service claims something to this effect:

“your loved one’s remains are fully transformed into a gorgeous crystal gem.”

This article set me off to add this part to this blog post. *shakes head* Mr. Cuban should have talked to me first.

So let’s dive in here and pick this process apart.

  • Diamonds are made of pure carbon.
  • We’re carbon-based beings. In fact, about 18% of our body is composed of carbon. 

So, what’ the problem you ask? Seems like this would work just fine. 

Well, here’s the rub that NEVER made sense to me and that I’ve mentioned to you several times in the past:

Although we’re carbon-based beings, once we’re cremated, no carbon is left behind!


See, naturally occurring carbon burns off and changes state becoming a gas between 1200 F and 1400 F. So whatever ashes are left behind do not contain carbon! 

Wait a minute — diamonds are said to be strong and indestructible. Indeed they are but carbon has a relatively low burning temp. 

Fire investigators know that although other gemstones can be recovered, diamonds will often be damaged or even completely burned away precisely because they’re made of pure carbon. Most house fires burn hot enough to destroy them (they can get up to 1600 F).  

Cremation of a body is done between 1400 to 1800 F. And we already stated that carbon burns off and changes state becoming a gas between 1200 F to 1400 F. Sooooo… that means ANY carbon will be completely burned off.

All you’re getting is a lab-created diamond or other artificially colored “gemstone”, most without even one atom of your beloved.

So what the heck are these companies using to make your precious memorial diamond with?!

Apparently, if you dig deep enough and do some research into the fine print or if you DIRECTLY ask, they’ll sometimes admit; there isn’t enough IF ANY carbon left at all after the cremation process and that the gem you’ll be given will NOT contain the carbon of your loved one. They’ll add in alternate carbon to create your diamond. Some, sadly, won’t admit anything at all.

If you’ve ever grieved… I ask: are you in ANY state of mind to go research this type of stuff? I know I wouldn’t be.

All you’re getting is a sentimental memorial piece. So save yourself the money and go get that memorial gem at your local upstanding diamond dealer and save yourself the HUGE mark up on this scam. 

Such a shame.

Do your Thing

Now, if you CHOOSE to work with man-made (synthetic or altered) crystals and you enjoy them or it’s been working for you — as I always say:

“keep on ‘truckin'”. Don’t change a thing!

I just want you to have the geo-knowledge first. Then you can make an INFORMED decision regarding how you choose to work with these “stones”.

And as always, the moral of the story here is…

Buyer Beware: Who are you buying from? Are they reputable? Do they know what they’re talking about? Are you doing your own due diligence and research? The best way to protect yourself is through education.

**Please SHARE this info with other crystal lovers so that we all stay in-the-know and well-informed. No duping us with FAKES!!!**
Can you tell I’m passionate about this stuff? If you are too and want to know more about the mineral kingdom so you can be CONFIDENT in what you’re getting then you may want to check out my Crystal Savvy: Crystal and Mineral ID class here.

We all love the beautiful jewels that this planet creates and you don’t know what you don’t know… until you know better. I hope you’ve learned something new here today.

Have you seen any of these or new crystal fakes or misrepresentations recently? Please share in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

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