I’ve got another live interview for you, and this one’s a hot topic!

I met up with Barbie, aka Cold Brew Barbie 🙂 for this live interview.

Let’s shine some light on this! 🔆 We’re gonna talk about this even though you might think it’s an inconvenient truth, it’s always good to be educated.

Barbie and I had a super cool crystal talk  + discussed all things about ethical sourcing, including:

  • What is the biggest misconception about ethical crystal sourcing? And what does that mean exactly?
  • Is there a way to verify that a crystal is ethically sourced outside of mining it yourself?
  • What do you think about shops claiming all their crystals are ethically sourced?
  • What’s your advice for crystal shop owners to avoid purchasing unethical crystals
  • What is your advice for crystal lovers/collectors regarding ethical crystals sourcing and how to be more aware

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Click to watch the YouTube video below.

What are the other big takeaways?

I hope you enjoy this crystal live interview!

So, what did you think? Did you learn anything new?  Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

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