Empath Everyday Survival Guide: Crystals + Secrets for Sensitive Souls

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I’m so excited to bring this to you, because I recently did a poll on YouTube, asking what you guys wanted to hear about most and the topic crystals to help Empaths was high on the list.

We’re going to cover Empath Everyday Survival Guide, (but if you’re brand new to crystals you might be interested in reading this first).  This blog is all about crystals and secrets for sensitive souls. The goal is to avoid emotional hangovers, exhaustion, and sensory overload.


I’m right there with you guys.

  • When you’re with a lot of people, do you feel like you have no shield up between you and them? Or do you classify yourself as a sensitive soul, a sensitive person? Do you find yourself often in situations where you get energetically exhausted?
  • Are you a lightworker, an energy worker, or a bodyworker of any kind, massage therapist? This kind of work with others can zap the energy right out of you if you don’t know how to mitigate that. It’s essential to protect yourself and protect your energy, with an energetic shield of protection. Crystals can help you to do that.
  • Do you ever feel unexplainably uncomfortable with an environment, a place, the situation, a person? Do you get those feelings often? That’s your sign that you’re picking up on something that’s in disharmony with you. It might not feel that way to everyone else, but it’s in disharmony with you.

What’s an Empath?

I looked in several different places to find a good definition and found this one on Urban Dictionary. (I love that dictionary…for some things, it’s quite funny)

An empath, defined there at Urban Dictionary, is a person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others, despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

Highly Sensitive People

Empaths, or highly sensitive people, can feel everything, to an extreme, more so than others. That’s okay if it doesn’t bother you if it’s not affecting you. But if it is, it can lead to feeling tired, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, sensory overload, stressed out, or general anxiety.

So many of us are feeling anxiety, and overall feeling too much and that can lead to adrenal burnout.

This scenario is kind of like a chicken or the egg quandary. Is anxiety leading to adrenal fatigue or is adrenal fatigue leading to anxiety? There’s evidence going both ways. Adrenal burn out is a place you don’t want to be, because that can generate anxiety and panic attacks, in and of itself.

Being an empath, with the ability to pick up on, and feel, experience, the energy of others can be seen as a gift, because that extra information, that extra data you’re getting, can allow you to empathize with others or see things from another point of view.

On the other hand, it can be seen as a curse.

If you’re suffering side-effects from being an empath, you might be viewing it as a curse because it’s causing you to be bombarded with these extra feelings and emotions you might not even want to be dealing with, because it’s not your stuff.

We’re beings of energy and therefore we are affected by energy. We’re made of these trillions of cells, transmitting and receiving energy, all the time.

Students in my certified crystal healer course, know I love Dr. Bruce Lipton. He’s a developmental biologist. Lipton says that our cell membranes are liquid crystal semiconductors, made of silica.

That’s what quartz is made out of, silicon dioxide. These liquid crystal semiconductors have these gates and channels that open and close. They selectively let some stuff in, and they selectively keep some stuff out.

Dr. Lipton says that our DNA scans our environment for relevant frequencies and then reshapes itself accordingly. We can see this happening under a microscope. If we think about this, you bring the right crystal into that environment, and you can adjust your cell’s perception filters and transmute the energy of your environment.

The goal here, for the Empaths and the sensitive souls, is to create an environment that makes you feel good.

We want to steer clear of becoming overstimulated and overwhelmed.

You’re like, “Yeah, great. How do I do that?”

Two things:

  1.  Be highly selective of the situations and environments you place yourself in. We don’t have control over everything, but we have control over some of the things, so be highly selective of those things.
  2. Have tools and supports at the ready. Like, crystals and stones, to help mitigate when you don’t have control over those situations.

Certainly, we can work with crystals, as our friends, our allies, as tools and supports, to assist us in achieving this goal. I always say that you can do this without crystals, but crystals are a tool.

The physics definition of a tool is something that allows you to do the work with less effort, with less energy.  So, if you’d like the extra assistance, and if you already love crystals, why not use them as an ally in doing this? Work together with them.

From that perspective, we can work with crystals to transmute and neutralize. Some crystals can neutralize and transmute the energetic frequencies, so they don’t carry specific frequencies that resonate with those bad feelings.

Empath Crystals

Here are a few of my favorite crystals for empaths.

1.   Black Tourmaline

Everybody loves black tourmaline. Everybody probably has a piece of black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is great for transmuting energy. It’s wonderful for that.

2.  Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is great for not only transmuting the negative energy but detoxifying an environment. Detoxifying anything, even your body. Now, you want to work with true smokey quartz, not irradiated smokey quartz.  Some have a rich coffee brown like mine below which is from Namibia, Africa.

If it looks almost black, chances are it’s irradiated. Yeah, it’s giving off radiation.  Get out your Geiger counter, and stay away from it.

smokey quartz

3.  Amethyst

I have one I always keep near my workspace. The one I have next to my desk is a grape jelly amethyst, from Uruguay. It’s an absolute beauty.

Now, you don’t have to have all of these crystals. These are just a few that I like most for this purpose. You can choose to work with one or two of them.

4.  Purple Jade

When you go to a gem show, and you’re looking for purple jade, it’s probably going to be rough, and in a bucket of water, because the water brings out the color.

When you cut and polish purple jade for lapidary purposes, it stays that color that it looks like when it’s wet.

Purple Jade is beautiful. It is rare making it harder to find. This stone is about spiritual knowledge and associated, of course, with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. But, interestingly enough, it’s also associated with the earth star chakra, which is about six inches below our feet. So, it’s very grounding for us and a great protective stone for Empaths.

It’s not super expensive. The example I show in the video is pretty large and rough, and it’s meant for people who are going to be doing lapidary jewelry, due to that it goes for about $100.

5.  Lodestone

Lodestone which is magnetic magnetite. Not all magnetite still retains its magnetic properties, but we like magnetic magnetite, which we call lodestone, because of that natural magnetic energy.

The magnetite can balance the polarities within our EMF field, within our auric field. Thereby, it’s going to help strengthen, stabilize, and balance your energy field, while helping with any kind of psychic overload or taking on too much. Like, the energy picked up by bodyworkers, lightworkers, energy workers.

6.  Sugilite

You can call on the energy of Archangel Michael when working with Sugilite because this stone aligns itself well and allows you to work more closely with Archangel Michael to create an energetic shield of protection around you. Furthermore, sugilite helps balance your electromagnetic field, enhances the third eye and crown chakra as well, and is great with assisting to keep up that shield.

7.  Black Obsidian

I usually advise to only go to black obsidian if you feel like you need some powerful protection like you’re calling on a bodyguard. Because it tends for the majority of people, to bring them down to a low, low state if they’re not in need of the heavy duty kind of protection. Therefore it’s a good idea to be discriminating when choosing whether or not you should work with black obsidian.

You don’t want to ground too much and bring in, maybe, a low-grade depression, or things like that, if you’re not prepared for the work that black obsidian does. I would only really use this if something major serious is going on and you need a really big boost of protection.

Next, I want to tell you about some specific ways you can work with these crystals so that you can use them effectively.

Because, reading about what crystal is good for this, what crystal is good for that, is great, but if you never actually put them to use, you’re just circling the base of the mountain and never getting to the peak. Right?

It’s a lateral move.

You’re not taking a step forward; you’re not getting closer to the mountain peak. So it’s no use to know the correspondences, but have no practical ways to work them into your everyday life.

Survival Guide for Empaths

I like to always give practical everyday uses for crystals, and so I’m going to share a highly effective, crystal shielding visualization technique and other tips below.


One thing you can do is meditate with any of these crystals. Even just spending five minutes in meditation, just paying attention to deep breathing, just feeling your breath. There’s nothing to do. Just sit there with a crystal, either in hand, or put it on your heart chakra, and sit in meditation.

Set the intention, at the beginning of your meditation, that this is going to help transmute the energy that’s entering your electromagnetic field.

Protect Your Space

Another thing you can do is create a protective transmuting shield around your home, or your workspace, or wherever you might be, even in a car. You can place larger crystals in specific locations, like one near your front door, one near the back door.

Or you can go around to the four corners of your property. Most properties have four corners, some are oddly shaped and might have more, but one at each corner of the property, and create an outdoor grid for your home. I like black tourmaline for that. That’s my favorite stone for doing that.

Empath Visualization Technique

The crystal shielding visualization technique, this is a crystal-induced energetic safeguard that’s going to help shield you from anything that you sense as harmful, or anxiety-inducing, or just stress causing. You feel it as negative or toxic in some way. This technique is also helpful at work or if you’re being cornered by a negative relative at a gathering.

We’re getting ready to go into the holiday season, lots of socializing, lots of different people and obligations. Think of this visualization as a protection, or a shield, a literal energetic shield. It’s highly effective in helping you create boundaries where you get to neutralize any negative forces, or perceived negative forces.

How many of you are science fiction geeks, like me, and remember, “shields up” in Star Trek? “Shields up.” Well, you can even say that when you’re getting ready to do this crystal shielding visualization technique. It’s just, “Shields up.”

Next, you’re going to close your eyes and connect to your breath. Feel the breath going in and out, as you allow your body’s electromagnetic field to merge with the electromagnetic field of the crystal, or crystals, in your hand.  You’re allowing them to entrain, or influence, your energy, as you build up your energetic shield.

Now, picture a strong, impenetrable large egg-shaped force field of energy enveloping your body. It’s large, going as far out as your arms can reach, to your sides, in front of you, and several feet above your head, and below your feet, all around. This large energetic egg-shaped force field.

Finally, within the protection of this shield, feel the intention of being grounded, stable, and centered.  The crystals are going to help you achieve that.

Empath Mojo Kit

Also, keep a little pouch with a tumbled black tourmaline. I say tumbled, because when you keep a pouch of crystals together, they tend to rub together and kind of ruin the aesthetics, break off little chips, and things like that. When you go with tumbled stones, for little kits, tumbled stones tend to maintain their integrity longer, better.

So you can keep a little pouch with a tumbled black tourmaline, or smokey quartz, maybe two of each, one of each, it doesn’t matter, in your pocket, or your backpack, or your purse. Someplace where it just becomes part of the stuff that goes out with you.

Alternatively, you may want to make several of these so you can have one at work, in a desk drawer, one at home, and one in your car.  Whenever you feel like you need the shields up, pull the stones out and place them in your hands.


Another option is to get grounded by earthing. How do you do that? Take your shoes off and put your feet on the ground. If it’s too cold to do that, take your gloves off, put your bare hands on a tree.  Likewise, hug a tree.  That’s also grounding and earthing, connecting with the earth’s energy.

In short, earthing helps to dissipate excess positive ions and physically ground you, electrically ground you to the planet.

Do you think more of us are identifying as empaths than ever before? Are you or those around you dealing with emotional hangovers? Have any tips to share with our Crystal Family?  Please let me know in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Hey HM,
    Your post on Empaths was informative and I could go on for hours on this topic. Clinically observed many, many years ago as “Extremely Sensitive” it still took awhile to settle in as to why so many different emotions for a lack of better words was so prevalent. Seems the word Empath is being thrown around quite freely now and allot of self claiming which I guess could hold some merit in its own sense. There are a number of levels of Empathy, Earth, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, etc. Myself that of Earth, Animal, Spiritual and a lesser amount of Physical. A great author, Judith Orloff explains the nature and causes of what we feel today, a shift in “Spirit” is definitely upon us. Way to much to go into detail via a blog or comment box. Crystals play a huge part in helping to cope with what we feel, maybe more abundant, “Negative Energy”. Do enjoy your posts and eagerly await any additional uploads dealing with those sensitive to our surroundings.

    1. Post
  2. Thanks for sharing this blog post. There are many types of empaths and working with crystals can be very beneficial to our overall well being (I’m a kinesthetic empath). I wear crystal jewelry to help balance my energy throughout the day and also use crystal grids in my home. Meditation, a healthy diet and regular exercise are also very important since our bodies are constantly being bombarded with energy. I also sleep on an earthing mat and it is amazing.
    The more nurturing we are to ourselves, the more we can give love and light to others. Namaste…

    1. Post
  3. I have a terrible struggle around others especially when they are angry or miserable. That old saying misery loves company is so very true and infectious. I carry Rose Quartz to help keep the love going and hopefully help those I come in contact with to just relax. Sometimes I take in the dirty energy so others can feel better and then I transmute it into love and joy. It is not always easy, but it can be done. It is rather exhausting to do and it makes me so tired. As an Empath I have found life is just all around more difficult in most cases so I highly regulate the things I come into contact with. I also always have angelite or Amethyst with me especially if I know a situation I can’t avoid is going to frustrate me.

    1. Post
  4. I feel like there is a shift in the earths energy that is ushering in new perceptions for some of us. I feel that is what happened in my case. My idea of spirituality has exploded in the last couple of years and I’m now connecting the dots. Realizing that my anxiety and sometimes depression is really my reactions to the energies of those around me. Crystals have become my go to coping and healing modality and I have been able to share this with several of my family and friends. Healing is contagious! I have been making your sage spray since the last time you shared it and I used the base recipe to make a Lavender meditation spray. Making a lavender tincture with lavender EO. A gem elixir water of amethyst and smoky quartz with amethyst and clear quartz chips in the bottom of the bottle. Try it and tell me what you think.

    Blessing to you,

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  5. I carry several stones and some crystals in my pocket wherever I go. One is an amethyst the size of a golf ball. I also wear a black obsidian necklace constantly. I never take it off. It rests over my heart chakra. I have been experiencing extreme levels of negative energy. I think of my shield as more of a Faraday cage or sometimes an impenetrable bubble. The energy I bring in stays in and the energy I want to stay out, stays out. I don’t really use crystals much because I don’t know much about how to do it, what crystal to use for which thing.

    1. Post

      Holly, I’ve been taught that several Native American cultures teach that black obsidian should never be worn over the heart. I personally caution my students that black obsidian is a known “heavy hitter” and I’ve found (for most) that it should only be used in extreme circumstances since it can ground you too much and end up leaving you with a sense of being too low. I feel this is most likely what’s happening here. So, if what you’re saying is that you’re NOW experiencing extreme levels of neg. energy, the black obsidian could be your culprit or amplifying it. Best to go with something more gentle for this. Please check out my blog post here for more info & recommendations: https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/negative-energy-crystals/

  6. Hey HM, I am a beginner in Crystal Healing and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and GOOD advice with me. I look forward to every email they help me so much. I can’t wait to try your recipe for the Negativity Neutralizer Spray also in making my own Empath Mojo Kit! Thanks Again! ^-^

    1. Post
      1. For some reason I don’t have the “recipe” for your Negativity Neutralizer Spray. It says to Download My Recipe, but underneath it says No Form Found. How can I get this (and any other “recipes” you might have shared)? Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge..and LOVE your videos…

  7. The last course I took with you what is it Advanced Crystal Master and it was wonderful, so every time you send out a blog I know it’s going to be wonderful too, and this one certainly was.

    Thank you so much.

    Dr. Red

  8. When I was a floor nurse I could walk into a room and feel the emotions and no what was going on.

    I ended up almost dying.. I lost my job and working on healing.

    Over a year later I took a job as a telephone nurse and things are completely different.
    I am able to produce an energy that those on the other end of the phone can feel. They look forward to my calls.
    No longer am I drained, sad, or negative.

    I do carry protection black tourmaline, And a variety of others depending on the day.
    Whether It was the near death experience or just not been near people and wearing the right energy.
    This Empath is enjoying life.

  9. I have been told that I am “sensitive” or too sensitive my whole life. Just recently, a friend of mine told me that is because I am an empath. I had never heard that. I started doing some research. I did not know that there were different kinds of empaths until today. I do know that as a kid in Arizona, I used to find Apache tears on the river. Black obsidian. I always carried one in my pocket. I made myself a little “medicine pouch” that I could wear around my neck or carry in my pocket. I had native rocks of our region in there. I had some light gray quartz, my favorite Apache tear, and a couple of other “pretty rocks.” I now know why carrying that bag made me feel different. I cannot explain the “different.” I need this in my life but I am so ignorant to what I need and how to use it. Can you point this noob in the direction I need to start. Something like a guide ” crystals for dummies” or something?

  10. I have a question. I am a new and still learning about my empath abilities. I feel emotions and energies all the time. I carry a small pouch of crystals all the time and I find it helps a lot. My question is , I like to have a hot drink in the evening and I was wondering if or what tea can I drink to calm and keep relaxed as a empath?

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