do the work

Do the Work

Today I want to talk about something that I teach about in my course… something I feel is very important for our Certified Crystal Healers and just generally for any energy worker to know & remember… and that is:

Anything at all that’s been left to fester or left unresolved within our energy field, will keep manifesting itself in our physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional life until we do the work to heal it.


do the work

So, anything left unresolved will keep manifesting itself until we do the work to heal it. There’s no skipping over that. There’s no getting around it. It’s just going to keep coming up.

Unresolved issues left in the energy field unresolved long enough; it just gets denser and denser until it shows up in your physical field as something that you CANNOT ignore.

It’s like what we all call the “spiritual two by four” smack right upside the head. There’s no escaping it.

“You’ve got to do the work.”

do the work

It’s something we procrastinate doing, we avoid, or we don’t want to look at… we pull the ostrich with their head-in-the-sand move.

We don’t want to deal with it.

We don’t want to face it head-on.

We don’t want to “do the work”… either because it sounds like too much…

or maybe we’re not quite sure what that even means!

In our metaphysical community, we often hear that we “need to do the work” if we want to “ascend” or evolve spiritually, that we need to get in there and do the hard stuffs. But what does that actually look like? Specifically.

I wanted to explore that here in this blog post a bit further and really…

Unpack what “doing the work” means

These are some steps that I’ve found to be quite helpful for myself over the years. It certainly doesn’t mean it’s the only way. I always say that there are many paths up to the summit of the mountain. So, these steps are just one way of approaching it. 🙂

  1. Simply recognize, become aware that there’s something to be worked on. I think 50% of doing the work is just being aware that there’s something there that needs to be worked on in order to be healed. Because once you bring it into your awareness, you see it come up again and again and you consciously start working on it and start peeling away the layers; start bubbling it up to the surface so that it can be dealt with. So, how do we recognize or become aware if we’re not already? Think to yourself…are there patterns of things, difficulties, problems that keep coming up again and again in my life? Are there things that really are triggering you or really piss you off, something that really just gets your goat? That’s something that needs to be looked at more carefully. Are you holding any resentments or grudges? Do you have anxieties around certain things? Really feel the feelings and facing them is all part of recognizing and awareness. All of that is part of bringing it up to the surface so that it can be healed. And like I said, a lot of times that’s all that needs to happen for it to be healed. But there are also times you need to go deeper.
  2. Next, don’t waste energy on who to blame for whatever issues. Instead, focus on how you’re going to EMPOWER yourself to resolve it. Ditch the blame! (BTW, morganite is a great crystal to work with to help us ditch the victim/blame mindset).

    Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  3. The next step is to set crystal-clear intentions to clear it.  Once we’ve recognized and brought awareness to whatever the issue is, then you also need to go in and say,

    “I want to clear this. I’m going to be working on clearing this. This is something I’m going to be focusing on.”

    So that every time it comes up you’re also thinking about dropping into heart center (thinking with love in your heart) and trying to be the observer so that you can discern the feelings coming up for you and start working on clearing it. ❤ I highly recommend creating a crystal grid as a helpful intention-setting tool for this!

  4. The next step is to create some sort of daily ritual and commit to it. Perhaps it can look like this:
    • a daily morning contemplation or prayer
    • next a meditation
    • then some crystal work later on in the evening
    • along with some daily journaling. you can check out my blog post on my daily morning rituals, but know that doing any sort of a daily commitment around your intention is going to be so the work
  5. Radiate positive vibes out to others by getting involved; volunteering or donating philanthropically to causes that are for the betterment of others (either with money or by donating items others need), sending out prayers, love and light to those in need or even participating in group ceremonies to raise the vibration of our planet or to send healing to others; doing these sorts of things to help others and do good in the world sends out ripples of positive vibes out into the universe, to the source energy field which in turn raises your own vibration. ♥
  6. Pull in some therapies, some outside help, perhaps. Doing this can help you to further drill down into other layers to work on the issue from another angle. Examples of such therapies could be:

    • talk therapy/psychotherapy
    • an astrological reading so you can understand what sort of energies will be presenting themselves to you so that you can benefit most from them in the upcoming months. A solar return reading can be good for this sort of cosmic forecasting. I get mine done by TheMoonMother, a trusted teacher/mentor of mine.
    • some hypnosis focused on working through any possible fears
    • Journal it out. Journaling can be great therapy and here’s a great article that explains how that can look.
    • focused energetic therapies to tap into various vibrational frequencies; there are so many different types (Acupuncture, Reiki, Crystal Healing). Let your therapist know what you’re specifically looking to work on. Communicate with them. If you can’t afford to pay a professional to do these things, you can do some energetic work on yourself. I used to do this by myself all the time… and still do!

Amp Up those Vibrational Frequencies

Of course, me being me… I really want to expand a bit more on that last bullet point for pulling in other therapies; specifically focusing on certain vibrational frequencies you can work with here:

  • Moon/Solar Cycles

You can choose to set the intention to clear your energetic filed and plant “brand new seeds” at the new moon.

Then at the full moon, it’s time to let go of any resentments that you might be holding onto, any grudges you may have because the full moon is a time for forgiveness. It’s also a time to focus on being grateful for all the things that you have been able to manifest within that last 28-day cycle. Also, remember to give thanks for the work that you ARE doing (Hey! See that? you’re actually “doing the work”!) and the awareness that you’ve brought to whatever these unresolved issues within your energy field are… to get them brought up to the surface and cleared out so that they don’t continue to fester and manifest themselves in your different life areas.

You can do this again and again. Every 28 days is a completely new cycle.

  • Chakra Balancing

You can look to chakra balancing, allowing you to focus in on the seven main energy centers within your energetic body.

Depending on what the issue is that keeps coming up for you, the chakras allow us to focus in more closely on certain areas, and then you can focus your attention without ignoring the other chakras. For instance, if I know I have certain issues that have to do with the heart chakra, I’ll do some specific energetic work on myself focusing on that area (this may include using essential oils, crystals and light therapy directly on that chakra in a session).

For example, you can focus your attention more closely on certain anxieties. Then you could choose to focus more closely on your root chakra and some intentional, deeper work there.

do the work

  • Crystal Work

Then you might try working with certain crystals to do some fine-tuning on specific issues by simply keeping them in your environment, close-by, meditating with them or by wearing them. This will allow you to laser focus on certain things that need to be resolved so that they don’t manifest themselves in your mental, emotional, physical life or body.

I’ve barely scratched the surface here.

There are many more things you can do and of course, you can get much deeper with each step that I’ve listed above.

I just wanted to open up that term “do the work” a bit and help demystify and clarify it with specific steps we can take towards doing that.

So, are you ready to do the work?  Are you willing to heal yourself and continue to clear through any issues that surface?  We all need to. I feel that’s what we’re all here on Mama Earth School to do. It’s like a video game simulation thing that we’ve come here to play and we keep playing and ascending levels until we’ve mastered the game. Hey! even famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reasons this may be the case. Then once we’ve mastered all the levels, we head off into the unknown, fantastical, mystical wonder. Who knows!? Right?

If you feel inspired to share your experience or tools that have helped you “do the work”, please post in the comments below so we can all share the experiences together.

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon