Cutting Cords Using Crystals

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First of all, you might be wondering what am I even talking about, cutting cords;  what does this mean?

Well sometimes we feel like something is tugging or pulling on our energy, our soul or holding us back or blocking us in some way;  and in the energetic healing world this is often known as “cords being hooked into our energy field”…being hooked into our actual electromagnetic field. Sort of like being caught up in cobwebs.

Some people who work with energy; energy workers, light workers or crystal healers can see or visualize these cords hooked into our aura.

Cords may be due to all kinds of things…it’s usually due to some kind of traumatic event.  Or perhaps we’ve allowed someone to overstep our boundaries; or maybe we have no boundaries.

Different people & beings may have all kinds of energetic cords hooked into us and those cords may be feeding off of our energy.

Good news is that there’s work you can do with energetic work, therapy & setting firm boundaries.

Here in this video & blog I’m going to introduce some tips on how you can work with crystals and minerals to help release and cut those cords.

Energetic Tools for Cutting Cords


I have 2 crystals I think are best for this type of work:   black obsidian & sulfur.

Black Obsidian

Now some people (like me) are cautious with black obsidian because it’s very powerful.

I’m talking specifically about black obsidian; no other kind of obsidian, not rainbow, not mahogany and all the other different types; specifically, black obsidian.

Personally, I don’t wear black obsidian as jewelry on a daily basis or for long extended periods of time nor do I work with it on a daily basis b/c I’m cautious with it. Why? Well, for some black obsidian can be too powerful & can bring your emotions down if you work with it too long, especially if you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. It’s been known to actually make some people feel depressed.

But sometimes you feel like you really need a powerful punch and for cutting cords, I do feel that black obsidian is ideal; the perfect energetic choice for this sort of work, as long as you make quick work of it.

obsidian sphere
GeoGEEK Factoid:  Black obsidian is technically not a mineral or crystal, because it’s actually a volcanic glass.  It’s created from a volcanic explosion and then cools so quickly that the molecules don’t have time to set up in that perfect geometric pattern that all crystals have.

Black Obsidian is quick + powerful.

It’s created from a violent volcanic event & then it forms very, very quickly.  So that’s much like the way that I prefer to work with obsidian, get to the point, real quick and powerful and…then get out. 

A handy black obsidian tool & exercise that I talk about in much more detail in my Advanced Crystal Masters course is a black obsidian arrowhead technique

The arrowheads are fairly easy to get and quite inexpensive considering the handy work that it takes to create them.

Now, of course, most black obsidian arrowheads are not an authentic arrowhead created by ancient peoples. Rather they’ve been created relatively recently by human hands…like within the last ten years maybe.

Without getting involved in the details & particulars of the more advanced ritual of this, if you have a black obsidian arrowhead, it’s safe to go ahead and gently “brush” it through your energetic field whenever you’re feeling like you have these energetic cords tugging on or hooking into your energy field.  Or, you can have someone else actually brush over you, much like you would do a sage smudge, and go everywhere, under your feet, around your back, your arms and just all around your body.

While you’re brushing with the obsidian arrowhead, you can say an affirmation like:

“I sever all cords and attachments that do not serve my highest good.”

Maintaining your Energetic Hygiene

I’ve learned the hard way how important our energetic hygiene is. Of course all of us slip here and there, I have for sure & I’ve learned that you’ve got to “put your own oxygen mask on first.”

Just like we take a shower every day and brush our teeth, I feel it’s very important to maintain our energetic hygiene on a regular basis. So what do I mean by that?

I like to do some sort of energy work at least weekly. 

I try to do meditations on a regular basis; shooting for a couple of times a week.

Then at least quarterly throughout the year, on the equinox or the solstices, I like to do a full chakra Crystal Healing. (To find a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer in your area, check out our alumni map so you can have a crystal healing session for yourself.)

Doing this is like pushing the reset button; by bringing all of your chakras back into gorgeous alignment, allowing you to start fresh and breathe easy in rhythm with the seasons.

When you’re maintaining your energetic hygiene it’s a lot less likely for these energetic cords to get stuck into your energetic field. Its like probiotics for your body’s immune system; preventative medicine!

But if you’ve been neglecting your energetic hygiene for a while it’s not uncommon to actually feel the symptoms of that…and if you leave those cords in place for a really long time they start to affect you on emotionally and spiritually & eventually on a physical level, condensing down to the 3D level.

So good energetic hygiene prevents energetic cords!

Layer the Energy

Before we talk about the next mineral, I also have an essential oil that I really like working with for this purpose, for cutting cords.

***Please note I am not married to any essential oil company, there are many different ones out there, many different brands, as long as they’re fair trade, sustainably harvested, organic, 100% pure essential oils, then I’m all for it.***

This blend I like for this specific purpose is made by Young Living and it’s called Release.

It’s wonderful for the purpose of cutting cords &  a great energetic support for this type of work.

I like to take a few teeny  black obsidian chips and pop them into the bottle so that the Release oil is actually also marinating in the vibrational frequencies of black obsidian.  Layering the energies baby! 

Be forewarned this oil blend ain’t cheap, so I totally get it if you’d rather make the blend up yourself. The individual essential oils used to create this blend are:

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Sandalwood
  • Blue Tansy
  • a Carrier Oil, like jojoba, coconut, almond or olive oil; that’s up to you, Jelly Bean! 

Then you can do several things with the oil;

  • You can put a few drops in a bath along with some black obsidian, but make it a quick bath! I wouldn’t be soaking in it for like an hour.  I would get in and out, five minutes and I’m done.
  • While you’re visualizing the intention of cutting the cords, you can diffuse it or heat it in an oil burner.
  • You can also apply it directly right over your liver area, because your liver is your organ for releasing anything physically stuck in your body.  So that works emotionally & spiritually as well on an energetic level.


The other mineral I’ve chosen for cutting cords is sulfur.

I’m not going to go too deep into sulfur b/c I have another video all about it over here 🙂

Sulfur is great for relieving mental stress, helping with low energy and weak willpower….all symptoms of cord attachments, BTW.

Or you can take powdered sulfur &  add it to lotions or oils and apply that directly to your skin, to help clear up skin ailments such as itchy, red skin, Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, scabies & any sort of fungal infection like ringworm.

These sorts of skin infections are cord attachments on your body, you know. Possibly energetic cords that have been left unchecked for some time & have become denser now manifesting as physical skin ailments. Literal parasites. No worries, though. Sulfur to the rescue! Sulfur is a natural antiseptic & antifungal. 🙂

Sulfur has an acrid smell, kind of like rotten eggs. So be aware of that.

It’s another common mineral that shows up relatively quickly near volcanoes.

You can do the same energetic brushing ritual I mentioned above with the sulfur and just, kind of comb your aura, your energetic field by combing or brushing the sulfur around your body.

Cutting Cords Anti-Fungal Ointment

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving medical advice of any sort. Always check with a doctor first for any medical issues.

cutting cords

This is an ointment that is great for both cutting energetic cords & quite effective for alleviating skin ailments such as the ones discussed above. Ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 black obsidian stone
  • 2 Tbs of sulfur powder
  • 7 drops of Release Essential Oil
  • Glass container (you don’t want to add essential oils to plastic as certain oils can cause the plastic to start to break down)

Warm your coconut oil to melt it (if it’s not already liquified). Then add your sulfur, black obsidian & essential oil & shake it up until well mixed. Allow it to cool before applying.

It has a pretty nice scent, but with a bit of that acrid sulfur after-smell. You have to try it out & see what you think. It also leaves a yellow cast to the skin so I wouldn’t rub this stuffs all over, just in a few inconspicuous spots or the places that you need it. Also be sure to test it with a small quantity in a very small area to see how your skin reacts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my energetic tools & tips here for cutting cords.

I would love to see your comments down below….What you think?  Do  you have other tips?  Or if you’ve tried some of these suggestions please let us all know how you did.

Crystal Blessings,

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      1. Thank you very informative, I really enjoy it
        For protection you mention Shanghai??? I haven’t been able to find any information
        I appreciate if you can answer

  1. Where I live in Utah, we have some amazing sulphur hot springs up in the mountains (yes, they smell faintly like rotten egg, but it’s not that bad).

    Do you think soaking in those hot springs would be a good way to use sulphur to help cut chords?

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  2. Hi, I find that a laser quartz works well, I ground myself with a smoky at my feet, I use the laser as a sword and slice the cords attached to my aura, then comb my aura with labradorite to seal it up tight. :-). I usually feel lighter immediately afterwards.

  3. I’ve always used my fishtail selenite blade for cutting cords, but I’ve been feeling intimidated with using a black obsidian blade on my clients because it’s a sharp object. I’ve also used my lemurian crystal point and selenite stick for extracting the roots of the cords.

  4. This video & blog post was right on time! Thank you for all you do in sharing your thoughts and knowledge on crystals 🙂

    May you continue to be blessed as you are a blessing.

  5. I recently (within the past 2 months) bought my first piece of sulfur. I’m allergic to it in medication so I’ve been gradually introducing it to my skin so I don’t have an allergic reaction to it.

  6. Great Video! You mentioned about jewelries, I wanted to ask what crystal jewelries are good to wear and combine everyday if you are a business woman. I always wear 7 chakra bracelet, clear quartz, citrine & tigers eye as bracelets and tourmalinated quartz ring. Are these good? Thank you. Your response is well appreciated.

  7. This was great and very helpful. I am empathic (too much so at times) and a Reiki Master. Thank you for your videos. They are very informative ♡

  8. Such an excellent post! I really appreciate this one. I love the concept of energy hygiene. Keep em coming! Blessings

  9. Wonderful info, thank you so much! ??❤️
    A quick question about sulfur: I’m sensitive to the smell to the point of
    gagging, eyes watering, etc. Do the larger chunks of sulfur have the same degree of stinkiness that the smaller ones or powdered form does?
    I’d like to work with it but I need the least stinky form possible.

  10. hello , it was amazing sharing this ritual 🙂 , i wonder if you can publish something for connecting or strengthen the cords to improve relationships ? thanks a lot <3

  11. Watching Topaz was a hoot! My cats are all over my obsidian pieces, I have an orb in my entry hall and when I dust it it’s always covered in little nose prints. I was curious about it several years ago and I can’t remember the book I read but it said that cats are indeed attracted to obsidian. I also read somewhere else years ago ( menopausal memory issues ) that cats will often lay in areas of negative energy and neutralize it for us so perhaps they are doing their own psychic cleansing on the obsidian. Purring cures all! Well almost all…

    Wonderful info, thanks for sharing it.

  12. This was excellent information, and perfect timing. I’ve heard to use a selenium blade for cutting chords. What are your thoughts on that?

  13. I love this post. Will definitely try this on myself and my daughters. One of which has a very stubborn patch of eczema. Thanks so much for the info!


  14. This is a great insight on my love of Sulfur!
    I am going to take that preference, and your wonderful article, and go with it!

    Thank you 🙂

  15. Your videos are always what I need. I understand about cutting cords, but sometimes I just don’t think to do it. Thank you for the most informative reminder.

  16. A friend of mine gave me a couple of black obsidian stones to put all over my place for protection and to carry with me at all times. After reading your article I didn’t know black obsidian is so powerful. Should I remove from my place? What should I do? And if so , please recommend me another stone to use. Thanks.

  17. This is perfect timing for me! I’ve been hanging on to a lot of issues from the past and haven’t been able to let go. It’s causing lots of problems in my life. I’ve decided to make a few changes in my life and I’ve been dragging my feet about it. Now it’s time to get in motion.

  18. Hi. I have seen you on Facebook a lot and have just read a couple of your articles. I would like to suggest something. You mentioned in one article that black obsidian is too powerful for some: I would like to share that this is also true for Black tourmaline. A lot of my friends and family do not like it but prefer the obsidian. Just wanted to share

    1. Hi! I love you and Topaz! You have built such an amazing community! My question is for making the Release blend, do you know how many drops of each oil I would use? Hope this message finds you well. This post is exactly what I was looking for!

  19. I think that for me(RHA-) that sulphur really makes me nauseaous. I went to a local mineral spring for one of their baths years ago and had to get out it was too strong for me. I use noviculite to cut cords and selenite to clear my aura. These two seem to work for me. So many can’t tolerate the black stones energies for long. I,myself, love them. It’s weird how we all are different this way.

  20. Is it only an obsidian arrowhead or blade that’s effective at cutting cords? Could I use a wand or obelisk or rough stone equally effectively?

  21. I need to obtain these items! I’m fairly new and have not found Crystal people I trust. Do you have any recommendations? Also in the meantime what are some protective measures I can take ? These cords can happen on a regular basis because of someone using them purposely to attach.

  22. Whoops ! Left my question in the wrong spot! 🙄😳
    MAY 9, 2019 AT 2:54 PM
    Hi! I love you and Topaz! You have built such an amazing community! My question is for making the Release blend, do you know how many drops of each oil I would use? Hope this message finds you well. This post is exactly what I was looking for!

  23. Thank you so very much for this information! I’m in an abusive relationship with a narcissist and very much in need of cutting the chords between us for good! Reading this brings a calming effect all over me and I know it’s going to work… I can feel it! Much love & gratitude for sharing this beautiful soul!

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