Although I don’t have any declared religious affiliation, I do feel I have a connection to natural celestial & earthly cycles. Therefore, I feel a strong pull to honor & celebrate our Mother Earth’s solstices & equinoxes.

Its almost time for Winter Solstice (here in the Northern Hemisphere), falling on Dec. 21 this year. Merry Summer Solstice to you in the South!!

Not to mention how special of a Winter Solstice this 1 is!! This is THE 2012 solstice made infamous by the Mayan Calendar. I’m sure you know all about that & have your own view on it. As for me…I feel it will mark the apex of an event that’s been taking place for some time…a shift of energy. I wrote more about what I feel may be going on here.

In fact, as we approach this all-important gateway, I’ve been reflecting back on what’s transpired so far, how I’ve been faring through this energy shift & cookin’ up what I want to manifest moving into 2013. So far, I’ve been pretty successful at this manifestation stuff & I intend to continue on that path for myself & my students!

Have you been doing this sort of thing too?

For the last 5 years I’ve been doing my annual Garnet Winter Solstice Meditation. Its just as yummy as it sounds.

Garnet is my go-to stone for this time of year as it helps me to focus on my meditation while helping me to entrain with the sort of vibrational frequencies that are a part of Mother Earth at this time of year. Specifically, Almandine Garnet. Here it is in all its red-delicious glory:

And here’s a classic vid on did on LUSCIOUS garnet a while back. Yum, yum. yum…Gorgeous Garnet:

So why garnet?

Garnet has an inner warmth that you’ll enjoy cozying up to at this time of year. Many are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at this time & garnet will sizzle that right on out so you can focus on the task at hand…bringing your desires to fruition.

BTW, have you seen an Almandine garnet in real life? Photos & video do it NO JUSTICE. It has a dazzling deep red color; reminiscent of the sacred Winter Solstice berry; holly.

Almandine garnet’s energy is all about safety, courage & vitality…perfect for dark winter months. It also helps us to connect to spirit & source energy.

My Winter Solstice Meditation

1. I go into my sacred space & light a few red candles & burn a combo of  cinnamon, clove, nutmeg & ginger pure essential oils in an oil burner.

2. In a comfy position, usually in my papasan chair, holding a piece of almandine garnet (a 1″ tumbled piece is fine, doesn’t have to be huge) I work on going into an alpha brainwave state with deep breathing. BTW, alpha is perfect for getting into a creative state of mind. I then visualize entering the stunning garnet stone.

3. I’ll stay in this meditation for 10-15 minutes or just whatever feels right, journaling afterwards any special messages I may have received.

4. Over the next few days, I will read over my journal entry adding to it as new meanings & revelations come to light.

This is always a relaxing, enlightening, focusing & cozy meditation for me. If you do give this a try, please come back & post here what you received from it. We’d love to hear!

Winter Crystal Blessings to you!