Are there crystals that never need cleansing?

I LOVE this topic. It’s a good one. It keeps coming up b/c there are some popular crystal books that state that certain crystals just never need to be “cleansed” or re-tuned (my preferred word for it).

First, before we get into it…let me just say…if it works for you; keep on TRUCKIN’! Don’t let what I say here change your mind. See what your intuition tells you.


I feel that all crystals need to be re-tuned from time to time.

I hear this “no cleansing thing” most often about:

  • selenite
  • kyanite
  • citrine

Again, I feel that there are no crystals or stones that do not require any cleansing.

crystals that never need cleansing

Hi, I’m Selenite. Do I never need to be cleansed?

Here’s an old vid where I pondered this very question…

Do All Crystals Need to Be Cleansed?

I come at it from a physics point of view. What’s new?

Crystals have a very precise vibratory rate due to their precise molecular structure (that’s what makes a crystal a crystal). However just as an overplayed piano needs to be retuned from time to time, at some point the frequencies will probably need to be readjusted if they have been used frequently; just like any other crystal.

I also feel these vibratory frequencies do readjust themselves naturally on their own…given enough time.

crystals that never need cleansing

Blue Kyanite

I also got into this topic here…

How Do You Know When to Cleanse Your Crystals?

I’m just saying…there’s nothing molecularly different about selenite or the others that would not allow their energies to entrain with other energies at some point & need their dominant oscillary rates slightly readjusted.

This is a natural citrine with a classic point shape and light tea color.

This is a natural citrine with a classic point shape and light tea color.

So. Why would these specific crystals (selenite, kyanite or citrine) be any different from any other crystal? There is nothing drastically molecularly different about them that sets them apart.

Some say its b/c certain crystals have the power to transmute negative energy. OK. It’s well-accepted that Black Tourmaline does the best job at this, yet no one ever says it doesn’t need to be “cleansed”.

Why not?


Citrine is quartz with some iron & heating. So is amethyst. Yet, people don’t say the no-cleansing thing about amethyst. Again…why not? What makes citrine so special that it would never need to be cleansed?

To my knowledge this “no cleansing thing” did not come from the ancient teachings. I believe it’s a relatively new phenom. So it’s one of those things that makes you go “Hmmmm.”

I’m just opening this up for discussion. So please join in below! Tell us your thoughts on this so we can all share in the crystalline knowledge.

Crystal Blessings,