Are there some crystals that never need cleansing?

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Are there crystals that never need cleansing?

I LOVE this topic. It’s a good one. It keeps coming up b/c there are some popular crystal books that state that certain crystals just never need to be “cleansed” or re-tuned (my preferred word for it).

First, before we get into it…let me just say…if it works for you; keep on TRUCKIN’! Don’t let what I say here change your mind. See what your intuition tells you.


I feel that all crystals need to be re-tuned from time to time.

I hear this “no cleansing thing” most often about:

  • selenite
  • kyanite
  • citrine

Again, I feel that there are no crystals or stones that do not require any cleansing.

crystals that never need cleansing

Hi, I’m Selenite. Do I never need to be cleansed?

Here’s an old vid where I pondered this very question…

Do All Crystals Need to Be Cleansed?

I come at it from a physics point of view. What’s new?

Crystals have a very precise vibratory rate due to their precise molecular structure (that’s what makes a crystal a crystal). However just as an overplayed piano needs to be retuned from time to time, at some point the frequencies will probably need to be readjusted if they have been used frequently; just like any other crystal.

I also feel these vibratory frequencies do readjust themselves naturally on their own…given enough time.

crystals that never need cleansing

Blue Kyanite

I also got into this topic here…

How Do You Know When to Cleanse Your Crystals?

I’m just saying…there’s nothing molecularly different about selenite or the others that would not allow their energies to entrain with other energies at some point & need their dominant oscillary rates slightly readjusted.

This is a natural citrine with a classic point shape and light tea color.

This is a natural citrine with a classic point shape and light tea color.

So. Why would these specific crystals (selenite, kyanite or citrine) be any different from any other crystal? There is nothing drastically molecularly different about them that sets them apart.

Some say its b/c certain crystals have the power to transmute negative energy. OK. It’s well-accepted that Black Tourmaline does the best job at this, yet no one ever says it doesn’t need to be “cleansed”.

Why not?


Citrine is quartz with some iron & heating. So is amethyst. Yet, people don’t say the no-cleansing thing about amethyst. Again…why not? What makes citrine so special that it would never need to be cleansed?

To my knowledge this “no cleansing thing” did not come from the ancient teachings. I believe it’s a relatively new phenom. So it’s one of those things that makes you go “Hmmmm.”

I’m just opening this up for discussion. So please join in below! Tell us your thoughts on this so we can all share in the crystalline knowledge.

Crystal Blessings,



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  1. I believe that all crystals need retuning after being used in therapy sessions of any kind. The entity has been asked to take on a problem, so it should be given the reward of reprogramming back to its state. I also believe that selenite and kyanite can clear themselves and charge other crystals. But yes, they should be cleared, cleansed, and taken care of when used frequently to help them with thier purpose. I also do believe that crystals in the eArth take care of themselves , because they are not affected with above the mantle/crust daily innuendo of humans. But once out of thier natural environment , they are exposed . They do have the power to naturally cleanse themselves but as you said , given enough time

  2. My intuition always tells me to clean all my crystals and stones at some point, if I do nothing but lay them in a bed of salt, which works perfect for me by the way, we can feel the difference in our crystals when they need a little cleaning or a boost, all it takes is focus on what the crystal is asking you to do.

    1. A bed of salt? Please give specifics for us newbies, I am interested in doing this as an easy way to clear all the crystals! Thanks!

  3. I was always told that amethyst was the crystal that never needed cleansing,and that it had the power to cleanse other crystals.

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  5. I recharge my crystals by laying them on a HUGE piece of Amethyst or Selenite.

    As for cleansing or clearing I use the power of thought and intention to restore the rock, crystal or gemstone to its natural state. I do this more for **myself** and getting my thoughts aligned with the natural attributes of the stones. I place the stone in my non-dominant hand and with the other hand, palm down, I ask that anything that is not aligned for my best and highest good be returned to mother earth for cleansing.

    I loveeeee Citrine which to me is the power of the SUN….so I use it as a wand. l do this also with Selenite and Kyanite. I have used all 3 stones to cleanse myself and other crystals.

    Placing crystals in the light of a full moon gives them a wonderful radiant energy.

  6. I was taught the only one is Jade because it has the ability
    To cleanse it’s self. That is the only one that I’m aware of
    All others I cleanse or clear or both . Looking forward to your
    Point of view . Thank you , and enjoy your time off

  7. I let my intuition do the talking and my sage / singing bowl do the walking. In other words, when I pick up a crystal I can tell if it wants to be re-tuned or not. If I have any doubt then I cleanse it. If I use any crystals for healing then I always cleanse them afterwards. I apply this for all my crystals even for the lovelies mentioned in this fab blog.

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  10. La Luna when she is full , crystals get a moon bath
    Sometimes, early morning sunrays
    sometimes a dewfall overnight
    dust and greet! and use your intuition xxx

  11. I agree that intuition is the guiding principle here. I don’t believe there can be any one set of rules regarding crystals. In spite of the precise nature of their mineral structure, each crystal spirit has unique properties that make it singular In its identity – no two are exactly alike. Basic properties of stones are good as starting point, but if you sit with it, a crystal will tell you all about itself. .

    Simply holding a stone and intending it to be clear is usually enough to ‘reset’ it, but my favorite easy way to clear a stone is to put it under running water. Cleansing on a slab of selenite, amethyst cluster, bed of sand or sage, or sun/moon cycle are also good. I find salt to be really harsh so I only use that for cleansing if I feel the crystal has some residual negative energy that needs to be transmuted.

    As to the question of whether or not certain crystals never need clearing .. I think this is false. The way light travels through kyanite and selenite, I can see why it is thought this is true. Puzzled on the choice of citrine but I’ve always heard this, too. I know with certainty that these stones need clearing because I’ve experienced it.

    I keep a large natural wand of satin spar selenite nestled against the back of my cats’ food and water bowls to help purify them and that thing needs clearing often! I was shocked at first when I saw that it had become dull and slightly gray and light didn’t travel through it the same way. After a good clearing, it’s lovely and ready for duty again. I think it must work hard at protecting my boys!

  12. For me, all my crystals get a full moon treatment monthly. I place them on the ground, directly on the earth, where they will get as much moon light as possible. I always look forward to it. The next day they’re so renewed. Between full moons, if needed, I use spring water and sea salt.

  13. I agree about letting intuition be your guide to how and when to clear crystals. The other day when I woke up I had the feeling to put outside for the day all my calcite crystals that I had used for a body layout, plus a few others that had been beside my bed. They sat out in the sunshine and all felt brighter and happier when I brought them in that evening.
    Once every few months I put all of my crystals out overnight on the night of the full moon. They can sometimes be out for a few days if I feel they want it. I also regularly ask the crystals I am regularly working with if they want or need clearing (using a pendulum) and if so I use Nag Champa incense by wafting the smoke over them, or if it’s necklace hanging it above the burning incense stick.
    Another simple clearing method is holding a crystal under the tap for a few minutes.
    The incense method is good for crystals that can’t be put in water, like selenite.

  14. I don’t cleanse my Labradorite. I keep it with me when a loved one is passing and I use it to assist in the transition. For me, not cleansing it is a matter of honoring those that have gone before. It’s quite possible, in this case, the crystal is less about healing from an energetic perspective and has transformed into more of a talisman.

    1. Corvy, I have two stones that I keep for similar thing.
      But they came to me instead. One pendant which I buried my Mother with, so when my jeweller heard, gave me another one to have the same as my Mother, but the second one is a clear crystal with herderite. I held that crystal in between my husband hand when he was already dead, and my hand, pray to GOD. So I’ve programmed that crystal to have the ability to connect me with my husband, to have something together even in death.
      Your comment and actions with your labradorite is beautiful, and thank you for sharing, now I know I am not the only one! xxxx

      1. My 16 year old son passed away in a tragic car accident. He always brought home to me his lil gems and stones he found. I never thought twice about them. i would put them in my kitchen window sill to admire while i’m in the kitchen. I was having a really low day and very sad. In my head I heard this stone say to me… “pick me up and blow all your worries into me.” I did that immediately with no hesitation. I felt so free and happy for a few days. This is where my crystal healing journey began. I am now hooked. I receive so many blessings of visits with my son now. I know in my heart that he led me here. He knew that i admired the stones daily. I do think this crystal is a smoky quartz. I now have many healing stones that I work with during meditation on my physical ailments like neuropothy, arthritis, etc… They help so much. I so wish this journey would have began before my son passed. I would have surely done the same thing with my son. He was my best friend and my soulmate, to me. I miss him so much. I now have a 2 yr. old that I know my son sent to me. He is a blessing. I was blessed to get pregnant at 40 yrs. old. Anyway, I really enjoyed your story. It resonated with me. As I do honestly know your pain. Love to chat with you anytime. I live in South Carolina.


        1. Patty your story moved me to tears. So, so beautiful. What a way to start a journey with crystals. Love and best wishes to you and both your sons XXX.

  15. I’ve heard the same thing! I also have Blue Kyanite and Selenite Natural wands that I use in clearing spaces and place in my children’s room! One of my pendulum is Jade and I don’t feel like it’s ever weak and needs cleansing, but I’ve done it once in a blue moon!

  16. Does anyone have a comment on Jet? Or Rutilated Tourmaline for protection and dispelling negative energies around us?? I’ve been told by wiccans that the Jet is more of a Black Hole for negativity. Any thoughts on this?? Oh, and I’ve always used Amber as my birthstone ,instead of Citrine. I love the properties of both and have both and lots of them. I actually make them into jewelry for others! Would wearing and using the citrine more help me in my journey to prosperity and serenity??

  17. For me it just doesn’t make sense that they would never need re-tuning or that one crystal and cleanse and re-tune another one why is it so different that it can do that? In nature they do it themselves because we aren’t constantly barraging them with use and problems – so to me once we are using them they all need care and re-tuning (or cleansing) and none can do it for others all the time. In my mind this is like saying 2 +1 = 4 and it doesn’t so it just doesn’t make sense to me and a simple sound – my chimes or tuning fork – on a regular basis is all it takes to keep all my crystals happy and healthy. My 2 cents

  18. I am told that two crystals function as transmutation of evil energy into beneficial energy, and for this reason would not need cleansing
    Black Tourmaline
    On the other hand I was advised that Amethyst needs cleansing.

  19. I agree about using intuition as a guide, I think everyone loves the process of trusting their intuition more. My favourite way to cleanse crystals and I’ve tried a lot of ways, is to place them out on the grass in the rain. The crystals feel so cold and energised after, I leave them for over an hour. The gentle earth energy will realign your crystals. Just on the topic, I feel that all crystals need cleansing, just some more than others, and it depends on how much they are exposed to our “stuff”. Selenite has this high energy that charges everything, it’s vibration is so high and pure, I think that’s why it can hold its own for a lot longer. I feel that rose quartz needs almost constant clearing due to the hard heart- work it does. The black protective stones are very good at deflecting energies, so they too need little cleansing. All in all , it depends on the action of the stone. Thanks for this space, Sian

  20. From a physics standpoint we know that matter has memory. If you are not sure about this just think of the silver and crystals used in your laptop or cellphone to record, store and transmit information. Physics has also shown that matter can be “played” by shooting a laser across a sheet of rock. This is actually Quantum Physics. Every sound, every word, has been recorded in the surrounding earth, stone, crystals and even buildings because of the molecular makeup. It is not only important to cleanse them periodically but even from the start.

  21. For me (and I consider myself a newbie), I began working with pendulums before I really got into working with crystals. I had a small collection of stones that just sat around my house, but I did nothing with them. Working with a pendulum spoke to me more and I began all on my own- researching online and reading books, and I had some success…but then I hit a wall. I read about the pendulum needing cleansing or clearing, as well as charging it. Well I tried a number of things and it would work for a bit, but soon would start acting off or not at all. I then began reading on different types of crystals more- learned about black tourmaline, and proceeded to buy a pendulum made of it. Well I had success again- for the most part. I then took a course about pendulums and had my ah-ha moment on several levels (another topic), but learned that I could use a pendulum to do the work of clearing and charging of other pendulums, crystals, spaces, etc. Well suddenly my original green quartz pendulum that was giving me grief was now a work horse, and my black tourmaline pendulum seemed more cooperative being my go to cleaner/charger. I have since collected more pendulums, as well as have acquired more crystals that I work with now here and there, being attatracted to many high energy ones. Anyway at some point, all my pendulums began dying quickly with little use or were dead already and hadn’t been used at all in days… It was very frustrating to be using a pendulum barely 5 min and then it would stop working. I had kyanite nearby as well as some tumbled in the dish I keep my pendulums, as well as a big chunk of black tourmaline beside. Something was draining them for sure! I had wondered if it was some of the newer crystals I had acquired, or if there were negative energies that had built up in the house…but in the end, I think it was me. I have been going through spurts of being called to work with/sleep with various crystals like azurite, auralite, azeztulites, sugilite, tugtupite, ulexite, tiffany stone and many more- I literally had a handful of smaller stones I was required to put into my pillow case nightly as well as have several more larger ones on my nightstand…it was a nightly ritual for a time asking which stones I needed to take to bed. Lol. And this I think is when my pendulums began burning out so quickly. Things have settled a bit with this draining of energy, but recently this seems to have been combated with the purchase of selenite. Did not have the urge to buy any until recently, but it has aided in keeping my pendulums ready for use for the most part. I also will every few weeks use a pendulum for all my crystals that “need” clearing/charging- some like auralite I find can go quite a while without needing a tune up- so I just ask my pendulum to clear/charge any stones that “require” it and do them all at the same time. It sometimes takes a while, but I find this easier than asking if I need to tend to each individual crystal. And yes my black tourmaline pendulum that does a lot of my clearing/charging, needs to have its own tune up every so often depending on how big its workload has been.
    PS. I might add that me and electricity can be funny at times- sometimes I cannot get the touch panel on my stove to work…but it will work for everyone else. Lol. Same with other touch technologies, however so far iPads have not given me grief. Maybe that plays a part in the energy drain I have noticed too.

    1. Jocelyne,

      You keep buying and asking the pendulum, why not read and learn what crystals are for, and than decide what you need the crystal for?
      I never thought that crystals hold energy, but I knew I lack life energy through my veins.
      I just read about selenite on Amazon, bought it, and as I have unwrap the packaging, I was shocked.
      I was taken on a journey I never imagined, and ever since I have accumulated stones.
      But I crippled myself financially, so one needs to think in depth why they buy stones.
      So think darling, and get the ones which will help you on your journey.
      Yes I crippled myself financially, but I did achieve my goal.
      Good luck to you and yours! xXx

  22. I’ve collected crystals since I was a child, not knowing their purposes, but I’ve only been working with them a few months. I’ve always been abundant with energy and sometimes I have alot of anxiety, so I tend to generate a lot of body heat.

    I carry my crystals (often in my hand) to pacify myself and store all of this energy and they often get really warm.

    I tend to carry my stones for long periods of time without cleansing or retuning, and I’d later notice more deep scrapes, dents and cracks that I haven’t before, even more so with the stones I carry the most.

    I believe this is the result of changes within the stone’s structure from contact with so much energy, so I try to make it a habit to retune the stones to preserve and protect their harmonic crystalline structure.

    I do “cleanse/charge” them, but it’s more of spiritual, ritualistic practice to commune with God and retune my chakras.

    But I don’t believe that cleansing or retuning crystals increases the potency of their purposes and did effectiveness.

  23. That’s an interesting comment about electricity, do you by any chance have O Rh negative blood type ?
    Just curious.

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