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Today I’d like to try to connect the cosmic dots between our heart chakra, the sacred geometry inherent in crystals, and one very special element; gold.

Gold Nugget gold heart chakra sacred geometry

Love this quote from one of my favorite books:

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Ready to dance?

Let me prepare you for one of my rabbit-hole sort of cosmic-journey blog posts, where I love to dive into the sacred geometry of crystals and get all tangled up in its Cosmic Connection. Want to come along with me?

HEADS UP: At first this blog post may bring you scary chemistry class flashbacks. But stick with me here. Pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!

 gold heart chakra sacred geometry

I NEVER miss the opportunity to sneak in a good Breaking Bad reference wherever I can!


Now we kind of inherently KNOW gold is special and valuable, but exactly why is that?

  • durability
  • beauty
  • usefulness (high electrical conductivity)
  • rarity

You may be surprised to find out gold is also a crystal. (We’ll get more into that later.)

So due to its rarity, gold is often recycled. Yep, the very gold in your tech device or in the pendant you may be wearing right now may have been someone’s old tooth cap or perhaps even an old Greek coin.

Eww or COOL!

Metaphysical Properties

All minerals hold their own set of metaphysical properties; even metals (although often overlooked).

While silver is known to hold a feminine vibration, gold holds the polar opposite with its male frequency — which invites in powerful solar-influenced manifestation frequencies of vitality, confidence, and creativity.

Chemistry + Cosmic Connection

Now, you may remember from chemistry class that the chemical symbol for gold is ‘Au’ [for the Latin word, “aurum”]. This word translates to “morning glow” or “shining dawn”.

As I mentioned earlier, gold is hard to come by.

RABBIT HOLE: Alchemists were always on the hunt looking to change other metals into gold due to its rarity.

The ancient alchemists were the orginators of chemistry you know. 

But alchemists of yesteryear were certainly not the first to be so obsessed with gold.

Many of our much more ancient civilizations from around the globe were into it — but even before that…

According to late author Zecheriah Sitchin, there were some technologically advanced human-like E.T.’s who came to our planet looking for? You guessed it! Gold. They found it alright but, allegedly, were too lazy to mine it themselves — so they decided to genetically engineer humans (from pre-existing proto-humans that already inhabited Earth) as slaves specifically for mining the gold.

Mind blown?

Sounds like a crazy movie, right? But also sounds familiar.

OK, back to the story at hand; gold is not just rare here on Earth but throughout our ENTIRE Universe. That’s because it’s not as easily created within the core of a star and then catapulted out into space when the star dies; as is the case with more common elements like hydrogen, carbon, or iron.

stars gold heart chakra sacred geometry

Instead, gold is created in a uniquely intense way; from two giant stars collapsing and then colliding! (All elements heavier than iron are born this way.)

It’s a more rare event that doesn’t happen as often so that makes gold universally rare and extraordinary.

It’s recycling… but on a whole other level.

Essentially, this is alchemical magic; the universe turning matter into gold!

Like this…

Is it a Crystal?

I know you may not think of gold as a crystal.

Doesn’t look like one, but I assure you it is.

It can even RARELY form as an actual visible cubic or octahedral crystal (being a member of the Cubic Crystal System — this is all sacred geometry, Babe). These are so hard to find though.

  • All crystals are minerals. In fact, one of the criteria for being a mineral is that its atoms must be arranged in an organized crystalline geometric pattern (rather than randomly as is the case with glass).
  • On the other hand, not all minerals are VISIBLE crystals, even though at the molecular level, they are.  Also interesting — that atomic geometric pattern is EXCLUSIVE to that mineral. So, changing that atomic crystalline pattern in any way would result in the creation of an entirely new mineral! I know. I get too excited about this quantum-level stuff.

Sacred geometry is inherently baked into the energy pattern of crystals. (If you’d like to dive deeper into that topic, you may be interested in my CRYSTALS; Encoded with Sacred Geometry Class Elective.)

Because gold holds the characteristic cubic form and energy at the microscopic level, if you’re wearing gold (as many people in our culture do), you’re DIRECTLY working with sacred geometric cube energy (which is a very protective and grounding-type of energy).

Heart Chakra Gold Found in the Human Body

Not just talking about gold teeth here… the human body is made up of many elements, including trace amounts of gold.

gold dust gold heart chakra

Gold dust. James St. John [CC BY 2.0 (]

Biologists have recently confirmed that we do indeed have trace amounts of gold in our body — most of which is located in our blood… with the most concentrated amount found in — you guessed it; our heart!

Not surprisingly, since ancient times, gold has been used as a heart remedy, with scientists continuing to develop new gold heart remedies today using gold nanotechnology.

And how many times do you think you’ve seen a religious painting or statue including a sacred heart surrounded by a golden aura?

gold heart chakra sacred heart

What an incredible gold-octahedral-heart chakra connection right there.

Now that “Heart of Gold” expression makes total sense!

According to chemist and researcher, Dr. John Emsley, the average person’s body contains about 0.2 milligrams of gold. If you could compress that into a cube it would be about 0.22 millimeters on each side. In other words, TEENY!

Although it’s present in only trace amounts, it’s been determined that gold plays an important role in both the health and maintenance of the joints, as well as being a key element in transmitting electrical signals throughout our body.

A 1980s episode of NOVA mentioned that without gold, your heart would not be able to beat. As you probably already know, the heart is an electrical organ as we are electrical beings. And gold is one of the most efficient energetic/electrical conductors we have available. Just too expensive to use for most practical purposes.

Being we already have gold within our body, working with or wearing gold entrains with that inherent gold within us and amplifies its energy. When you do this intentionally it’s even more powerful. 

Nanocrystal Sacred Geometry

Now let’s talk crystallography with some Noble Metal Nanocrystals. I know this is hardcore geekery, but please stick with me here.

Another reason gold is special is that it’s a member of the Noble metals; a group of metal elements that won’t tarnish, rust, corrode and no acid can destroy. Pretty indestructible stuff!

Examples of other noble metals:

Scientists find these metals to be mega-interesting because of their potential scientific applications.

A nanoparticle is a teeny-tiny particle, although larger than an atom; between 1 and 100 nanometers. Trust me, that’s super small!

You can check out the cubic gold nanoparticles here if you want to get SUPER-GEEKY (something I often enjoy).

Now, these little noble metal nanocrystals need to be chemically engineered in a lab to exist. BUT once created, they NATURALLY express themselves as teeny tiny Platonic solids of gold or silver or whatever noble metal is being used. Our entire Universe (Multiverse) is built upon the architecture of the Platonic Solids.

The sacred geometric form these nanocrystals take is NOT man-made or influenced. That’s the form they CHOOSE to take. All on their own.

Keep in mind, everything is made of vibrations of a certain frequency (information) and that specific frequency produces shapes of specific geometry.

gold nanoparticles Nanocrystal Sacred Geometry

CSIRO_ScienceImage_10976. Optical photograph showing supergene gold triangles and hexagons they appear black on a weathered surface that is coated in iron oxides and clays.

I find these nanocrystals very intriguing due to their perfect geometric beauty, symmetry, and most obvious Platonic solid shaped-crystals (with each of the five solids being represented) that they choose to embody and communicate.

As I said before, sacred geometry is inherently baked into the energy pattern of crystals.

Through vibration and sacred geometry, Source Energy has encoded ordered info into the minerals, which we get to tap into by working with them!

Promisingly, octahedral gold nanoparticles are a new up-and-coming possible cancer treatment.

Heart Chakra Gold Connection

Yeah, that’s all great and very heady deep-thinking sort of info. It’s fun to wax philosophical and take a look at all the cool connections. Right? But is there any practical use for this knowledge?

Yes — through intentional work with certain chakras and our subtle energy body.

Although gold works well with ALL the chakras, you can now see why it resonates most easily with the heart chakra.

Nanocrystal Sacred Geometry chakras

Gold can also be also used successfully with our throat chakra to help heal anger, fear, and trauma through the self-expression of our emotions. Some of us need lots of help with that. Wearing a gold necklace or pendant can be so helpful for this. 😉

Keep in mind — a bright yellow golden glow (or highly specific light frequency) is what is often described by many when doing light body activations or when visualizing the auric field on themselves or others. Back to those religious images:

gold heart chakra Our Lady of Guadelupe image. Nanocrystal Sacred Geometry

Our Lady of Guadelupe image. Image credit: Unknown [Public domain]

After all, remember that the Latin word for gold is “aurum” — which is where the word “aura” comes from.  

Then we have the higher transpersonal (above your physical body) chakras which are often described as radiating a shiny or glowing golden orb. (Remember that Latin reference above to ‘shining [or glowing] dawn’?) It’s no wonder then that gold entrains so easily with our light body/aura and the higher transpersonal chakras as it assists in strengthening or bringing them back into balance. If you want to know the basics of chakra work I have a blog series all about that — begins right here.

Now, you also have an electromagnetic field (EMF) around you (as part of your subtle energy body), very similar to the Earth’s.

One important place this EMF originates from is our heart — the place in our body where most of our gold is held (heart chakra gold). No shocker there.

By the way, your heart’s magnetic field is 5000 times strong than your brain’s, and its electrical field is 60 times stronger than the brain’s. Bear in mind that gold is the most electrically conductive metal we know of that is also resistant to oxidation. Could the fact that our heart is so powerful be that it contains that special ingredient again; gold?

Besides working with or wearing gold, you can also choose to take it internally (after doing your own due diligence please). I have a smoothie recipe over here that I like that utilizes colloidal gold. 

 ingredients for smoothie

Thanks for joining me on that short cosmic journey… for dancing just a bit “in the eddies and whirlpools” with some stardust, heart chakra, sacred geometry, and gold energy.

Please let me know in the comments if this info was a complete bore-fest or if you enjoyed it. I’d love to know either way (no hurt feelings here at all… I’m used to people telling me to get lost with this sort of heart chakra gold mumbo-jumbo). This way — I know what kind of crystal topics you want from me most. 🙂

Oh! If you want more of this sort of thing… I have a similar blog post on silver over here.