Should Some Crystals NEVER Be Together?

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Crystal blessings everybody!  I am back to doing videos. I decided to just do a pared-down format like I had talked about in my newsletter. It’s just easier to crank them out this way and we’ll give it a go and see how it goes.

A little while back, I asked for some more crystal related questions so that we could have some content to answer in these videos. One of the ones that I pulled for today was really interesting. I sort of keep getting the same question of variation on this:

“Are there any crystals and stones that should not be put together or in the same room because they negate each other or it’s too much power in one room?”

There are a lot of ways that you can go with this.

Sometimes people think maybe there are combinations that should never go together because it’s somehow a bad combination.

I don’t feel there are any bad combinations of crystals out there that should just never be put together.


But then … the person asking added this…”because they negate each other.”

I do think that some crystals will cancel each other out; not in a bad way at all, but like sending a confusing message to the universe as far as which vibrational frequency, because there are different frequencies you’re trying to entrain with.

The example I always give is carnelian which is a stone of energy:


It’s a stone that really helps to boost energy.

And the other stone in this combo I like to talk about is blue lace agate.

blue lace agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate does the exact opposite of what carnelian does. It calms energy down.

So if you were to put these 2 together in a combination of any kind, like maybe you were making a mojo bag or a crystal grid that would be really confusing!

You’ve got to ask yourself what are you trying to achieve here?

Do you really want to calm things down or do you want to boost the energy?  That might be a combination, (in fact I’ve noticed it myself), that would cancel each other out.  Some people may not realize it.

For most people, those are the types of energies you’re going to get from these stones. I say most because it’s not the same for everybody. But if those are the types of energies you’re getting from the stones, putting them together just willy-nilly is going to cancel them out.

Yes, there are combinations that will negate each other. But I don’t think that there are any bad combinations.

And then this person also added another component to the question … “or maybe too much power in one room”.

I actually go into this topic in this video:

Some people are extremely sensitive to crystal energies so too many crystals in one space may be too much for you. I’m not one of those people.

I have tons of crystals around me. I have some behind me. I have some in front of me. I have some by my bed & it doesn’t affect me that way. But you may be one of those people that it does affect that way. So if it does, then you’re going to want to remove some of those crystals from your space. So that’s a really kind of an individual thing.

Have you ever noticed a situation where you’ve put some stones together & you can tell, you know intuitively that those energies ain’t gonna work? Tell us about it is the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Excellent explanation. I have noticed that they cancel each other out. I need the energy but can’t seem to get goin .

    Thank You

    1. I wear a nuummite heart pendant and above it I wear a selenite pendant. For me it is about balancing. The Nuummite is black with gold flecks, it helps me manifest things I need for the day,while the selenite keeps me at a high frequency. I find that it all comes from your intuitive sense of what you need on any given day. I don’t believe there are any steadfast rules or regulations when working with these magnificent creations.Its all about programming your intentions.<3<3

      1. That is fascinating Vicki, I’m really getting into my intuition in a big way instead of using my pendulum, thank you for your comment, I would just like to say I’ve only got into buying crystals & have bought a variety of Crystal Books which are helpful, thank you

      1. Absolutely! Citrine aka “the light maker” emanates positivity and joy. It raises you to your highest vibration and rose quartz aka “the love magnet”, will open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need. Rose Quartz surrounds you with unconditional love to spread to those who come into contact with you. When you combine these two crystals together you beam brighter than the sun and love with the purest intentions.

        Very often, the crystals you choose will be absolutely relevant to your life in the present moment. It’s your intuition’s way of telling you what your soul needs. Isn’t it crazy how accurate the crystals are? Truthfully, it’s how accurate you are. Remember that you picked the stones! Something deep within your soul was telling you what you needed to remember about yourself.

  2. Responding to your comment about being sensitive to too much crystal energy. I never experienced this before until recently. I had crystals, not to many…maybe 30. But I recently started collecting in abundance. Most of the crystals I had before were in a polished form, but I prefer natural/raw forms really. It was hard to find a supplier that had a variety of raw crystals. Well I happily found one. Yayyy lol Anyway, I ordered and received approxitmately 40 crystals in raw form, different types. I had no problems until I after I cleaned them up. I picked up many at one time to move them. First trip I felt a “pang”. By the time I put them altogether and was laying them out, I got a sharp pain in my upper rib area on the back near my spine. No injuries, no prior problems. I immediately stepped out of the area. After a few minutes it stopped. I waited a few days went back to the area, removed some of the crystals to a different location within the same area. Now I have no problems. Strange. Maybe an overload of energy for me as I am a sensitive and empath. Hasn’t deterred me from my crystals, its only made me driven to “harness” their energies.☺

    1. Interesting – I have a large raw cluster on matrix that contains quartz
      and apophyllite. They grew that way together. I would like to know if there is research available on that and on other combinations that grow together.

    1. Keep in mind that all black stones are great for protection (obsidian, oynx). I prefer nuummite which can actually protect one from dark sorcery but is known as a grounding stone. Lapiz Lazuli is also very strong and tigers eye.

    2. MR.T( black tournmiline )
      JET for physic attack.
      Obsidian ,
      Really depends on what you mean by EVIL ?
      If it’s a person, shield your self & k own that it’s there own ego & energy, you don’t have to take it on !

    3. I always keep black tourmaline with anything else I carry for protection from evil people I have around me.

  3. And dI have a crystal grid around my living room. I have plants on the gridline with clear and citrine in the soil and a crystal on top in the soil connecting the grid. I have noticed that even 1 herkimier diamond amps the room up almost too much. Same result with Moldavite, Rhodizite and Phenacite. These crystals on my grid can feel like your eyes are going to pop out with too much head energy. So I go by feel and sometimes leave certain crystals out. Also the rooms will shift when you move the crystals so I put some higher frequency crystals low to the ground and in a drawer.

  4. I already receive your newsletter, but I guess when I signed up the Crystals e-kit ws not available. Is there a way I can receive this without signing up for the newsletter again?

    1. Hi i just recieved a opalite neclace and a black agate neclace, i was wondering if those things are ok to wear together? I would love some insight on this as to i am fairly new to the crytals but i looove them so much

  5. Happy New Years Blessings to you all!
    I wanted to say about the blue lace a and the Carnelean or Blue Calcedony and Carnelean.
    I do put them together & for some reason its giving me both the calming soothing effect Im after and lovely fiery energy that I need clears my head my thoughts … After all they are from the same family “Chalcedony” – they are amazing to help strategise and sort out your thoughts when your really stressed out or have too much going on or are bewildered with pain! I find they work well for me! Now that being said if I had a specific target in mind Id prob seperate them for a solely energizing effect say or opposite solely calming effect!

  6. When I was just beginning, I put some of my stones in a bag under my pillow. During the night I didn’t sleep well, and in the twilight stage kept feeling that the energies were fighting. The next day I read a bit more and separated some and it never happened again. Wierd huh.

    1. I had a crystal pyramid that put off negative vibes. I tried cleansing it with water and sound (Tibetan) singing bowl. It didn’t help and it was so bad I finally got rid of it.

  7. I don’t have a story per say about just knowing stones were not going to work, but I can say I just know they are going to! I am new to learning the crystals and there is a whole lot to learn! But I instinctivly have always used them to a small degree in enlarging my use for them I notice now that I have clients I pick up and as I prepare to go and work with the clients, I pick out stones and crystals to take with me, sometimes I don’t always know why I chose the stones and crystals I do, I often find myself standing before them and just simply running my hand over the top of them or hovering over them just asking who wants to go do some works of love and I take those that give off a vibe I guess is what I would call it! I get to go work on the client and as I am setting up they are telling me new things since their last session and it will ding in my mind, such as last week I took a piece of Amber couldn’t figure why turned out it was needed with the client but it told me of this prior to going. I smiled when I realized it’s use and that the client needed it, I feel accomplished when this happens it’s like a way that it confirms my thoughts and feelings from the stones and crystals and makes me feel like I have an awesome connection to my stones and crystals! I talk to them daily, is that strange? LOL

    Love and Light


    1. Renette how beautiful, no, speaking to your crystals and stones are magical, if you feel it do it, I speak to my parents who have passed & sometimes can smell perfume but I don’t know if it came from my mother or other females that have passed – what I’m trying to say is-don’t feel embarrassed I think that’s the wrong word! Sorry! But go with ‘the flow’ whatever you feel is right will be right, x

  8. I absolutely feel the effect of too many stones in my immediate space. I keep most of them stored away in little jewelry cases. But I will pull them out and combine them at the drop of a hat.

    I’m just starting out, but intuition is mostly what I have to go on so far (lacking research time). So yes, I feel one stone, add another, see if it feels like it matches the effect. Sometimes I do this very quickly, and I can tell when a “No” come ups. Sometimes my intuition/guide yells, “stop! Too much!” I’m usually happy with the ones I have left.

    Thanks for this topic!

  9. I had heard that you shouldn’t use Herkimer diamonds with quartz crystals because the energy is too intense. I know that the Herkimer diamonds I have are strong and really intensify other crystals but I have to have a grounding stone with them.

  10. Aquarius is not a water sign but an air sign. It is the sign of the water bearer .
    Thanks for all the info regarding stones;)

  11. Hibiscus Moon,

    I’m looking for a Shaman Healers Crystal to replace one I got some years ago. I’ve used the one I have so much to remove disease, etc that I’m feeling the need to find another. Please let me know if you have one or know where I can purchase. Thanking you in advance


    White Dove

  12. Intention is everything . Having crystals around without intention is kind of like aroma therapy, which is extremely potent . like using more than three aromas the frequencies of the crystals can get to perfumed . try twenty different incenses in one room ! I intend to store these ( i like selenite and blue kyanite to go with). I intend these crystals for my healing . I intend these crystals for casting aside /transmuting negative energy . i like selenite for separating crystal grids .

    1. What if I want to have energy but be calm and relaxed? I feel these can go together. I want to have the energy to get through my day, yet at the same time I want to feel calm and relaxed while having that energy. I am new to using crystals with intention and purpose. I am not new to collecting them having gathered a few over the years because I thought they were pretty. There is so much info out there that it is very overwhelming! I am an inveterate researcher when I am interested in something and sometimes I research so much I get confused. Lol

  13. I like having the crystals all around. I tend to group them though. I usually have an intention and then let the crystals decide. I did that recently at a mineral caves shop. I knew I wasn’t leaving without buying something 🙂 But I formed my intention and then walked around the shop – it’s amazing how clearly they present themselves. I didn’t have my handy book with me but when I made it home with my purchase I found that the crystals I had purchased absolutely aligned with my intention. Amazing stuff 🙂

  14. Put Some new ,cleansed charged,active herkimers. in 6 sided candles stick holders, ( like wee willie winky)on mantle. Heard popping middle night. Nxt day both c. holders shattered ,w herkimers on the ground. Don’t know if they were leaded glass? They are fine on natural wood,shells or selenite?

  15. Black turmoline is the best and the strongest crystal to protect you from any evil or psychic attack. I am so confident of this stone.

  16. I was going to do a grid then all of a sudden I had to do a bigger project. I was wondering if combing more then one crystal garden themes was too much. It started out with one now I have a huge project going. Is that too much?

  17. I wanted so very badly to have confidence that I put too many stones together and wound up too fearless. I was confident snout to tell the boss off. I quit wearing them together.

  18. What crystal is good for your mind? I have such anxiety, racing thoughts, ocd and more. I purchased lithium quartz and ametrine. Your help is greatly appreciated. Dorothy.

    1. what crystals are good for feeling very mental, ocd, crying, nervous. I’m not usually like that. I purchased a lithium quartz and ametrine. Can you please help? Dorothy

  19. Language is interesting. The power words and combinations of can be treated as we would a crystal or any other geometry of light. To say never as used above negates anything but all possibilities of everything. Never, or the Nevra as I have heard it called, can be symbolic of a place of no place or time of no time. A place of all space perhaps. Where all comes from and goes. The dimension of the 3 founder rays. Ra Kunda. Perhaps? So maybe it is accurate to say that all crystals shall always be together for ever and ever, as they come from the space within which we may call the never …. BL Agate and Carnelian are totally awesome together. such a wonderful passionate dance they weave. Totally complimentary. Earth and sky. heiros gamos. dance of the cosmos. law of correspondance….. does yin negate yang?The cosmos negate life on earth? On mars? The love of the father negate the freedom of the son? All things are relative and the choice
    Is ours. But an earth chrystal is such a beautiful pure source that one pure pure crystal is enough love for 10,000 lifetimes….ha ha, deep love beautiful KRYSTHL brothers and sisters, cosmic blessings, David Henry…I AM BC xxx………..PS. I only wanted to write to say i like that combo but that came out. I’m new to this comments business. Maybe my 2nd or 3rd try in the history of the internet. I’ll learn 🐬🤘🐯☘🐥

  20. I’m fairly new to crystals and have only worked with them for a couple years. I just wanted to tell my experience for those asking about crystals for anxiety. I’m usually a laid back easy going person, however, I do have anxiety attacks occasionally and have to take Xanax for the really bad ones. A few months ago I was having them all day every day and taking a pill at least once a day. I HATE taking meds!!! Anyway, I’d been working on making some crystal wrapped necklaces and wrapped a black Kyanite fan. I loved it so much I decided to start wearing it everyday. A couple weeks later I realized I hadn’t taken a single Xanax and I’ve been back to my calm self! I’ve also noticed that when I do start feeling anxious it’s a dull anxiety and not full on hyperventilating, knotted stomach, face flushing, sweat episode. Black Kyanite is an amazing stone to work with for dream recall too. Everyone should seriously have one of these! I started last night pairing it with labradorite and man! It’s a little intense, may have to ease into that combo lol! Anyway, hope this can help!

  21. I have 2 pieces of larvikite that found their way to me. I thought I was buying something else but when they came in the mail I instantly felt the powerful energy. As soon as I placed it next to some black kunzite it seemed to suddenly stop emanating energy until I separated them again do you know why this would be

  22. I want to create a statement necklace. If I could only wear one crystal or two or three, max, what should they be. Overall, without being too specific, what are the most positive and beneficial. If you need specifics, I want psychic clarity, healing and protection.

  23. I have a little pouch with (amethyst,citrine,carnelian,turquoise,howlite,chalcopyrite and moldavite).

    I chose these crystals from my travels only by the virtue of what attracted me the most at the shop

    My intentions – career success + love minus stress due to anxiety.

    I am wondering if there is something that is negating. Any advise?

  24. Hi. There I wear plenty of crystal everyday. I wear amethyst bracelet, citrine bracelet, sunstone bracelet, rutilated quartz and labordarite crystal bracelet . I wear black obsidian pendant, citrine pendant and peridot pendant . I am planning to wear prehnite pendant. I progamme them with intentions and it really works

  25. I asked if i can wear black onyx and malikite along with my clear Dragon crystal. Together. Or will it do harm to me. Where is my answer at

  26. I like to combine astrophyllite, moldavite, and a herkimer (enhydro) when I’m giving readings. I’m also a fan of a piece of nuummite with a piece of rainbow moonstone during magickal work.

  27. Will grounding/heavy stones slow or stop the vibration of other stones? Like if I have labradorite on a bracelet with black tourmaline or black onyx, will that black stone weigh down and decrease the labradorites vibes? Or the same question, but combining black stones with any other high vibrational stone like phenacite/petalite/danburite/etc. ?

  28. I have realized that also depending on the element of a stone can cancel out another stop, Hematite is a grounding stone and so is a Fire Agate, yet if I were to keep colorful light stones around them my stones immediately go missing! I try to keep hematite alone for the most part, but I does like raw grounding stones! Hematite and malachite are great together!

  29. Good Morning! My dear dear friend had a massive stroke at 62. He is on his feet but I want to make some bracelets and a necklace to help him recover. Specifically, he needs to have his right arm start to communicate with his brain, and he has lost his speech. Maybe 20 words. I want stones for nerve regeneration and communication with his brain, stability and muscle strength and a stone to help him start to speak again. Thank you so much, I search the internet for a long time to find someone with this knowledge

  30. Hi , I have a chakra bracelet another bracelet with amethyst and other gems in it and on other bracelet with other stones in it and pyrite and wanted to were all three at the same time but I have heard that amethyst and pyrite don’t mix well . can you please advise me many many thanks

  31. Hi, I was wondering if it’s okay to combine one small carnelian stone and one small citrin stone on the same bracelet OR same ring? (2 stones in one accessory)

    I will also be having a red jasper bracelet, I was wondering if I can add the amethyst or shiva stone as a necklace as well?
    Are they all in good combination to wear together and is it okay to put citrin and carnleian in the same accesroy thank you!

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