crystals lymphatic system

As we move through our days, it’s easy to just mindlessly keep going, moving fast on autopilot. But we may want to start paying attention and slow down long enough to take time to read the signs. You know, the messages that we receive again and again to slow down… and lately I’ve received many signs to stop and give some TLC to my lymphatic system; in particular the need to encourage Lymphatic Drainage.

So, I did 😉 and this video/blog is the result. I found some things that worked for me that I want to share with you.

I got inspired by something I read about in a few different books at the same time (gotta love those synchro-mysticisms!) all around lymphatic drainage. I thought,

“This is a Sign!”

I’d had a recent uptick in allergies not related to seasonal blooms.  I knew it was from some not-so-great food I was eating that I know better not to eatI don’t eat super bad, but it wasn’t the healthiest either and it was affecting my allergies… as could have been predicted!

I know I’ve had these issues before, so all this was telling me that I really needed to clean it up big time!  I was becoming super, super sensitive to just about anything. I’ve known for a while but just kept on ignoring that my lymphatic system, my body’s plumbing system was in need of some help.

DISCLAIMER: As always when discussing these sorts of things, let me preface this post by saying you all know I’m no doctor.  I am not giving you medical advice. I’m just telling you what worked for ME. If you choose to use any advice given here, I advise you to take this to your doctor first. This info should be used as a compliment to a sound holistic health plan.

Lymphatic Drainage

So, why do we want to actively drain our lymphatic system? Can’t our body just do it on its own like our heart pumps our blood without us doing anything to initiate that? 

crystals lymphatic system

Well, one thing I recently learned in the book, Healing is Voltage (I highly recommend this book, but it’s very heavy science stuff. If you’re not interested in that then you may not like this book):

The Lymphatic System is our plumbing system, but it doesn’t have an actual pump. If our voltage is not high enough amplitude in our body (pH is a measure of that; your looking for it to be more on the alkaline side than on the acidic side)… then the lymphatic system won’t work optimally, meaning it won’t drain itself efficiently.

What’s the Cause?

Your cells need to be surrounded by a certain voltage in the extracellular environment. Overall, your body needs to have the correct voltage to operate optimally.  If your lymph system is clogged up then the plumbing system is backed up.

Backups can be caused by pollution in our environment, pollutants we’re ingesting, things we’re putting on our skin, things we eat, etc. In a nutshell,  if you’re eating inorganic foods and toxic things that may be in that food, that all gets into your lymph system.

OR… the blockages may begin as an energetic block or clog. If things that are going on with us mentally or emotionally are not dealt with, they’ll eventually fester and get more energetically dense.  Then it condenses down until it starts affecting us on a physical level. Perhaps things that we haven’t forgiven ourselves for or forgiven others for or repressed anger against others…stuff like that gets denser and denser if it hasn’t been dealt with on an energetic level until finally, boom! It’s in your physical body and now it’s plugged up your lymphatic system.

When it gets plugged up, it ends up seeping out into the extracellular area around the lymph nodes. That sludge becomes the “electrons stealers”; stealing electrons from the rest of your body and thereby lowering your voltage. No bueno.

Just like you want your energetic vibration to be high, you want your electrical voltage to be as high as it possibly can be.

Without getting into specific numbers, you want your lymph system to be operating at its optimum level.  We can get there by eliminating acidic-forming and junk food as well as by reducing the toxic load in our environment. But even if you decide to clean up your act now, you still have to do some clean up to cleanse the system from the past “sins”. You’ve got to clean out the plumbing, right?

If you got a clogged up pipe in your house you can just say, “Okay I’m going to stop throwing junk down there” but until you remove the clog and get the system running correctly, you’re not going to correct the problem.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

For myself, I saw the signs and I decided, “Let’s jumpstart this thing”.  So I went ahead and had a lymphatic drainage massage done by a local energy healer and then I did an infrared sauna for 30 min. immediately after that at her office. I did that treatment 3 weeks in a row.

The infrared frequency, whether via sauna or a Biomat session (or whatever way you prefer to get infrared energy into your bod) helps to get the lymph system flowing along. If you do decide to use either the Infrared sauna or the Biomat, be sure to turn up the heat as high as is safe for you. My goal when I do this is to sweat out any built-up toxins and then immediately afterward I take a shower to get all the toxic-stuff off of me.

crystals lymphatic system

Crystal Body Layout

For this layout you will need:

  • 8-10 smokey quartz tumbled stones
  • 1 tsp Cream of Tartar
  • Bay Laurel organic and 100% pure essential oil

My go-to crystal for any sort of detoxing is Smokey Quartz. You can get 8-10 tumbled stones and place the crystals next to or on your body where the lymph nodes tend to cluster (reference the above chart).

Creating a crystal body layout like this is going to put the smokey quartz vibrations within your electromagnetic field, so it’s going to encourage drainage and detoxing energy into your auric field. I like to relax in a layout like this for about 15-30 minutes.

Additionally, I recently learned to put a little teaspoon of organic Cream of Tartar under my tongue while doing this crystal body layout helps to encourage the release of toxins from my lymph system. ❤

Bay Laurel essential oil actually encourages drainage of the lymph nodes. You can also apply a few drops of the oil up and down your spine before lying down in the crystal layout (check for skin sensitivity first). Either have someone else do this for you or apply to areas that you can reach. In addition to applying it or instead of, you may diffuse the essential oil into your space.

While you’re laying there in the crystal body layout, we’re going to use vibrational frequency of visualization of actually move the energy. I often teach in my Certified Crystal Healer Course about an internal energetic light column that we have – an energetic tube that goes right through the center of our body.  You’re going to visualize light going from the bottom of that column up to the top of your head, then out and around flowing around your body back down to your feet. Just like you’ve seen magnetic fields around a magnet. Your energy is doing this too.

You’ll want to visualize that energy free, clear, light and bright.

See that energy lit up, bright white rainbow light flowing in and up and around and then out and back in again, flowing beautifully without any blocks, totally free-flowing.  Clearing, cleansing your lymphatic system. Set that intention and visualize that happening and the actual effect is so much more powerful!

Other Effective Things I Do

  • Encouraged lymphatic drainage by applying gentle pressure on the lymph system.  Here’s a video that can direct you on how to do that:

  • You can also drink some herbal tea to help cleanse your system.  I recommend Dandy Blend tea; a dandelion-blend tea. It doesn’t taste like a tea at all actually if you prepare it correctly, according to the directions on the back… it tastes more like a coffee to me.  And unlike coffee, it’s actually pH alkalizing while also very efficient at cleansing out your lymph system + your liver.
  • I also use jade tools to encourage lymphatic drainage. crystals lymphatic systemVery gently, I use these jade massage tools to encourage lymphatic drainage and to break up impurities underneath the skin, while improving circulation to the area.  Jade is all about the vibrational frequency of healing, vitality, healing the body, healing energy.  Another tool I really like is a jade roller.  I like using the roller because not only does it help with the lymph drainage, you can use it all over your face for all the different lymph nodes located there so for its anti-aging benefits too! It helps with the vitality of the skin and circulation all the while you’re infusing that Jade energy – health and vitality – into your energetic body.
  • You can also layer on additional vibrational frequencies by adding a few drops of that Bay Laurel essential oil (test for skin sensitivity first!) to your fractionated coconut oil and it’ll allow the jade tools to flow a little bit easier over the skin with less resistance. crystals lymphatic system
  • Make sure you take a shower after your Lymphatic Drainage massage to wash off the oils and because toxins are going to be released.

Lymphatic Health Oil Diffusing Blend

Use this blend of the following essential oils in your oil diffuser:

  • Lemon, 3 drops
  • Frankincense, 2 drops
  • Myrrh, 2 drops
  • Oregano, 2 drops

Keep in mind with this oil blend, we’re not going for the most beautiful smell here.

We’re going for efficacy.

I hope this info was helpful and valuable to you!  If you feel it was, please share it out.

Let me know if you’ll be incorporating any of these tips and tools to drain your lymphatic system and amp up your voltage.  Notice a difference?  Feeling balanced or more energized?  What are some other things that you’ve tried?

Healing Blessings,