THE BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. I feel crystals should be used as a complement to a sound holistic health plan & not as a replacement for regular medical and/or psychological care & consultation. Please check with a doctor first before applying any advice given here.


This is an updated & revamped version of a classic blog post. So much new info has come out around this subject that I had to include it and update it here. Hope you find it useful! ♥

OK, have you noticed over the last few years people have become much more concerned with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation & now a new possible threat; nuclear radiation in the atmosphere? AKA, EM Pollution.

crystals for emf

We’re hearing more & more about cell phone radiation and how that can be harmful to our health. (Thank goodness the word is finally getting out about that!)

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Some symptoms of excess EMF radiation are:

  • fatigue
  • joint & muscle pain
  • decreased attention span
  • memory loss
  • difficulty focusing
  • insomnia

BTW, these are the same symptoms of being un-grounded… of feeling Yuck & Stuck!

I feel there’s no such thing as coincidence & that this is directly due to too much EMF in our environments causing us to become un-grounded.

Crystals to Ward off EMF

In my Certified Crystal Healer Courses, we discuss specific crystals & protocols for counteracting EMF pollution. Crystals you don’t want to use are any sort of silicate crystals: quartz, lepidolite, opal, etc.

Why? Well, for the simple reason that they easily slide into resonance with electronics & microwave radiation. That property is why silicon (what silicates & quartz [silicon dioxide] are made of) is so widely used in technology! It’s an excellent semi-conductor of energy.

Some ask me what sort of stones they can place around their computers and laptops to help protect them from any radiation coming from there. I feel the best stones to use for this sort of EMF protection are iron-containing stones such as:

  • lodestone/magnetite (the ONLY naturally-occurring ferromagnetic stones, these are essentially the same mineral, but lodestone is found naturally magnetized while magnetite is not)
  • hematite
  • pyrite

WARNING: be certain not to have any strongly magnetic stones near your laptop or other devices = can cause LAPTOP DEATH due to the hard drive being erased.

2 Other Minerals Ideal for This

  1. Black tourmaline – (even though it’s a silicate). The reason I throw this stone into the hat is b/c it’s got just the right combo of elements & it has the added yin-benefit of having iron in it. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute energy & due to it having piezoelectric as well as pyroelectric properties too. (You can check out those 2 blog posts if you want to really get geeky with this). black tourmaline
  2. Another recent favorite for EMF protection is shungite (You can find out why in that blog post).
These are 2 shungite pieces from my crystal grid that surrounds my wifi router.

These are 2 shungite pieces from my crystal grid that surrounds my wifi router.

3. And your iron-containing stones, like hematite!

Iron is perfect for this!! So perfect in fact that my favorite 5G EMF blocking cell phone case (DefenderShield) uses it in its proprietary blocking technology! By the way, if you choose to buy one of their products use my coupon code: hibiscus20 to get a hefty 20% off

Now! Here’s the KICKER that I’ve discovered!! Most of these are the same exact stones many cultures teach us to use to ground ourselves!!! Again, no flippin’ coincidence. Don’t you just love when the ancient knowledge & the new revelations dovetail together like that? ♥

Here are all my fav EMF-Curb-Kickin’ stones together…


Other tips + techniques:

em pollution crystal protection from emf





  • Unplug your bedroom as much as possible (listen to Warren’s recording below for how’s & why’s)
  • Reduce or eliminate your use of wireless internet (you can put it on a timer so at least part of the time it’s not radiating throughout your house, physical body & auric field).

Healing Magnesium Crystal Bath for EMF Detox

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Not only is this bath great for detoxing excess EMF build-up but this bath is super-relaxing.

Magnesium is a magical mineral that increases serotonin in our systems which creates calm relaxation in us. This bath is perfect for use after radiation exposure of any sort (going through TSA, x-ray screenings, etc.) or even too much time on your mobile device or computer.

I adapted & slightly tweaked the original recipe of this bath from the book Zapped (linked below). DISCLAIMER: (Children, pregnant women & anyone with chronic illness should avoid this bath or consult with their doctor first re: high water temp.)

  • 1 lb. Himalayan sea salt (can sub regular sea salt)
  • 1 lb. baking soda
  • 1-2 tablespoons of ionic Magnesium Concentrated trace minerals (stress from EMF & radiation pollution drains magnesium & increases adrenaline)
  • tub of very hot water (hot as you can stand)
  • 1 tumbled stone each of serpentine and rhodonite (magnesium-containing minerals safe for plopping into your bath)

Now just soak in the tub until it cools. Then after your bath, don’t dry off or shower off right away. You can choose to rub down with some magnesium oil, or if you’re going to bed, you can rub some on the bottom of your feet. You want to allow the minerals to soak into your skin.


If you’d like to learn more about residual static build-up, wireless EMF, radioactivity & how to lower your risk and avoid EMF exposure around your house here’s a great recording of an interview with Vicki Warren, the past executive director of the Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology. Here she talks about all of these things & gives excellent advice on examining your home for EMF dangers! Awesome stuff.

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. Truly eye-opening! Be informed and get protected:

I don’t like to fearmonger, but I feel so much of this info is under-reported and so easily remedied. I think it’s good to get this info out there from time to time & remind ourselves to clean up our energy + get grounded and balance.

If you have other tips or ideas, please share. We’d love to hear them here! And if you found this post useful or helpful, please share it with others. ♥

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon