How To Use Crystals for Stress Relief

We all experience stress from time to time. No one’s immune from it, especially not in our Western culture.

Its when we let it spiral out of control that stress may become too much for our bodies to handle; bamboozling our health. Stress causes energetic imbalances. If those imbalances aren’t dealt with, released or redirected that energy becomes denser & begins to manifest as poor health, injuries, inflammation, etc….in essence it’s saying:

“Oh! You’re not going to pay attention to this? Well, let’s just sideline your ass.  Now,  you have no choice but to deal with it. How do ya like them apples?”

Why let it get to that point, Chick Pea? Especially when taking care not to get to stressed out is such an enjoyable pure-bliss-out experience in the 1st place?

Having a tool box of  stress relieving tools that work for you is vital to restoring your inner peace & physical health. And crystals are the PERFECT additions to that tool box.

So here’s a useful yet practical list of ways to use crystals to relieve stress. Plus the more you enjoy your stress relief tool, the more likely you are to stick with & keep reaping the benefits of it…b/c you’ll actually look forward to doing them.

I personally have a weekly Monday evening ritual of stress relief INDULGENCE. I call Monday my Soul-Nourishment Day & do a combo of some of the things listed below. I always change it up too so I don’t ever get bored. Its totally BLISSFUL!

If you choose to start doing this…and I sure hope that you do, don’t ever feel guilty that you’re taking time out for yourself! As I said before…if you don’t do this, the universe has a way of forcing you to sit your ass down & deal with in the most uncomfortable of ways. So just do it without guilt but with complete knowing that you are benefiting everyone by doing it. Everyone gets to continue to share in your lovely gifts when you are happy, serene, peaceful & HEALTHY.

Crystal Stress Relievers

  • Crystal Bath Time– crystal baths are heavenly. I include crystals that I feel I’d like to make a deeper connection with or specific ones to work a certain chakra. I’ll also light some candles, add Epsom slats and/or essential oils. Crystals + water go hand in hand. You can watch my video here to understand why:

  • Crystal Meditation– meditation allows us to learn how a specific crystal works best for us while also reaping all the amazing health benefits of meditation. Scientists have found when we meditate we shift our brain activity to different areas; brain waves in the stress-prone area of the brain move on over to the serene-calm area leaving the test subjects more happy & calm than before they meditated. Pretty powerful stuffs this meditation!! So you get to know your crystal + you get the health benefits of meditation. 2 for the price of 1! A-N-D, meditating with a crystal makes meditation easier b/c you have a tangible object as a mental reminder to keep the focus. Once you work with & entrain with your crystal in meditation, you’ll witness their powerful magic & learn to work with your stones to manifest all sorts of dreams, intentions & needs…specific to you. meditation
  • Crystal Healing Work- Whether you have it done for you by a professional or you do this for yourself, its just a good practice & I highly recommend everyone try it & then make it a regular practice if it resonates with you. What is crystal healing work? crystal healing

    Its a ždeeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

    ž  It allows for re-alignment of energetic frequencies & removes emotional & energetic blocks while enhancing soul learning, healing & spiritual growth.

    ž  It promotes good health through physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

  • Create Sacred Space- this is the fun-destress-shiz right here! Crystals have the unique & mystical ability to transform our spaces into something magically enchanted & sacred. Used in just the right way, crystals can create a retreat allowing you to breathe…& each restorative breath allows you to spiritually replenish. Crystals can create a serene environment that uplifts your spirit, allows love to flow, restores & soothes your soul & will connect you with Source Energy. If you haven’t done so already, you can grab my Free Create Sacred Space with Crystals eKit where you’ll have everything you need to create your own stress-reducing crystal haven.

Now, go have a Stress-Free Day!